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Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Terrestrial Robot

Occupation: Conquer Worlds

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsKerwin Korman (power supply), AIM, Targoth, Wrecking Crew

Enemies: Arana (Anya Corazon), Silver Surfer, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), the Avengers (Giant-Man (Pym), Iron Man (Stark), Justice, Wasp)

Known RelativesDr. John Kronton (creator)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Silver Surfer I#13 (February, 1970)

Powers/Abilities:  The robot possessed superhuman strength (Class 80), endurance and invulnerability. It could operate in extremely hostile environmental conditions of weather, pressure, temperature and threats, from the outer space, to underwater and high gravity planets, for very long periods of time. He had a multi-laser gun on its right arm. It could swim underwater using its energy blasters as thrusters while carrying a weight of several tons. It also had a photonic disintegrator in its mouth which it could only use once every minute.
    In its second incarnation it had a vocal synthesizer which allowed it to communicate, and its right laser arm was a little longer and could also fire tachionic blasts.
    In its third incarnation it was sort of a cyborg, interconnected to a human/Kree body. Its appearance had changed, it had two identical arms and it could emit tachionic blasts from its eyebrows. It could access to and use some teleportational devices. Its ability of communicating had improved to a normal human level, probably due to its connection to a human body.
   In its fourth incarnation it was still connected to Korman, but had received several updates from AIM to all its systems.

Weaknesses: It had a little spot on its nape where a manual control switch that could shut all its systems off was hidden.
   Connected to Korman it still had some thin spots in its nape that could be used to insert little objects, bodies or energy into its body. There those could be used to damage the vulnerable inside parts. Its human reactions/needs/feelings could be used against it, to distract or to drive him to perform errors. Its endurance was not superhuman anymore. It needed a Kree empowered body as power source.
   After further enhancements to its systems by AIM its body wasn't as resistant to damage anymore.

Height: 10'3"
Weight: 3,572 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None

History: (Silver Surfer I#13 (fb)) - After the first Moon landing, the US government decided to help conquer space. The project was assigned to the famous Dr. Kronton, who had the idea to create a robot which would help astronauts and human colonizers on other hostile worlds. The robot was meant to resist to every strain in every environment so it was built extremely powerful, too powerful and indestructible.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) - BTS) - But Kronton, secretly, programmed the robot to rebel against its original purpose.

(Ms. Marvel I#4 (fb)) - The Doomsday Man was completed and waited for its final test.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) ) - The Senatorial Commission of the robot Project decided that it was too dangerous to be released. A bunker was built in the midst of the Ocean and the Robot, active, but still obeying to its orders, was transported and sealed inside the bunker. The robot control box, also considered too dangerous to exist, was destroyed.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) - BTS) - The indestructible robot, following the instructions programmed by Kronton, started freeing itself. Its work beneath the sea caused telluric movements that were noticed by instruments and then reported by the newspapers which gave a name to the robot: the Doomsday Man.

(Silver Surfer I#13) - While the Doomsday Man was scavenging and raiding under the bunker, Silver Surfer and Dr. Kronton penetrated the bunker. The Doomsday Man immediately reacted by attacking the Surfer. Doomsday Man then managed to pick up a huge Cobalt Bomb and headed underwater for the American continent.

    He reached land and was again attacked by Silver Surfer. Not damaged but only distracted by Silver Surfer's cosmic blasts, the Doomsday Man was tricked by the Surfer into falling into a deep pit, dug by a powerful cosmic ray. Kronton tried to approach the robot to help him but the Doomsday Man believed he was an enemy. With a single slap it killed its creator and then fell down into the pit. The Surfer sealed the pit.

(Ms. Marvel I#3) - AIM had retrieved the Doomsday Man and had it reprogrammed and sent aboard a missile to destroy the Kennedy Space Center. At Cape Canaveral Carol Danvers, forced to transform into Ms. Marvel by her Kree part, sensed the danger and identified the missile thanks to her Seventh Sense.

    Ms. Marvel reached the missile, over the atmosphere, where the Doomsday Man attacked her. Undamaged by her attacks, the Doomsday Man shot his destructive hand-lasers but destroyed the missile. The two fell into the atmosphere, burning during the re-entry and after 15 minutes they crashed to the ground near the cave which was the access to the Long-Lost Kree Outpost where Carol Danvers had received her super Kree powers.

    Undamaged, Doomsday Man, discarded its primary directive, and switched to its secondary directive: to destroy Ms. Marvel.

(Ms. Marvel I#4) - Doomsday Man pursued Ms. Marvel to the cave and shot her. Her suit partially protected her, but her blows did nothing to Doomsday Man and only her speed let her avoid its lethal Photonic Blasts. Her Kree super senses found a spot on the robot's nape not present in the original projects. She managed to open it and extract the manual control but Doomsday Man smashed her against the wall. Ms. Marvel launched a stone which hit the switch of the manual control, shutting down the robot's systems. The Doomsday Man fell to the ground like a felled tree. But Kerwin Korman, as Destructor, had also entered the cave. He stunned Ms. Marvel with his Tachi-Ray and opened the box of the Psyche-Magnitron Power Core. The burning radiation of the core blinded him.

(Avengers III#17 (fb)) - Ms. Marvel escaped, while the Power Core exploded merging Korman's body to the Doomsday Man shell. A short time later AIM found them and placed a false Doomsday Man shell in the cave.

(Ms. Marvel I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Major Adamson sent a pick-up crew to get the remains of the robot.

(Ms. Marvel I#5) - Carol Danvers remembered her fight against the Doomsday Man.

(Avengers III#17 (fb)) - AIM scientists completed the merge, rebuilding the Doomsday Man with Korman inside, whose body served as power unit for the robot.

(Avengers I#288 - BTS) - Doomsday Man was listed on the Avengers' computer as one of the Super-Adaptoid's possible recruits for Heavy Metal. Captain Marvel (Rambeau) found the false Doomsday Man and melted him.

(Avengers III#17 (fb)) - MODOK forgot its new creation, Doomsday Man was left idle in one of the AIM warehouses in the Bronx and years passed. Doomsday Man thought of itself not as a robot but as a Kree product.

(Avengers III#14) - The battle between the New Warriors and AIM, and between the Avengers and Lord Templar, destroyed the AIM base in the Bronx where the Doomsday Man was contained.

(Avengers III#16 (fb) - BTS) - Doomsday Man escaped and set its base under the destroyed warehouse. It reckoned that Korman's body was decaying, so it decided to find a suitable bio-replacement for him, one who shared the same Kree heritage and the same link with the Psyche-Magnitron: Ms. Marvel.

(Avengers III#15 - BTS/16) - Doomsday Man helped the Wrecking Crew to escape from prison then hired them to kidnap Ms. Marvel. But the four criminals wrongly assumed that the person wanted by Doomsday Man was Monica Rambeau. The robot, then searched with its machineries for the Kree genetic matrix all over New York and finally found Carol Danvers and teleported her to its base.

(Avengers III#17) - Doomsday Man imprisoned Carol Danvers and dressed her up with her old Ms. Marvel costume. It explained that it needed her Kree bio-matter but Ms. Marvel/Warbird succeeded in freeing herself and a fight started. Meanwhile, the Avengers had reached the AIM base and joined the fight. The combined physical strength of Giant-Man, Warbird and Iron Man didn't stop the huge robot, which proved to be indestructible. But a strong, sharp telekinetic field inserted inside Doomsday's nape by Justice, wrecked the robot. Inside the robot's chest, the Avengers found Korman entrapped and entangled to the robot's systems.

(Avengers III#18) - Korman still inside the Doomsday Man was linked to a vital support system, meanwhile Henry Pym took the Doomsday Man's head off to find a way to free the man from the robot.

Some time later Pym was still studying the robot's head when he was kidnapped by a group of Ultron-like robots.

(Ms. Marvel II#11 (fb) ) - AIM retrieved Doomsday Man with Korman still inside. For some time AIM tried to find figure out how the fused entity of Korman and Doomsday Man worked and how they evolved. When they couldn't figure it out they kept Doomsday Man in storage.

(Ms. Marvel II#11) - In AIM Sub-Base #94 Doomsday Man seemed to dream about his fight with Ms. Marvel. Two scientists checked on him when he started talking and opened the robot to check the connections between Korman and Doomsday Man. They realized too late that it wasn't Doomsday Man that had woken up, but Korman. Korman now in full control of Doomsday Man attacked everyone inside the base. Doomsday Man tried to resist Korman's control, but Korman just overrode his programming. Doomsday Man was then used by Korman to free the Targoth shortly before Ms. Marvel arrived.

(Ms. Marvel II#12) - Korman used Doomsday Man to fight Ms. Marvel and after knocking her out went on a search for weapons in the storage rooms. Ms. Marvel returned and was helped by Arana, who was attacked by Doomsday Man. Ms. Marvel now attacked the robot like a mad woman and after tossing a car onto him, ripped apart the robot's chest and pulled Korman out. Korman thanked her and then passed out.







Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), John Buscema (pencils), Dan Adkins (inks).

The way to control Doomsday Man which Dr. Kronton referred to was probably the manual switch in Doomsday Man's nape. Rather dangerous to use, considering the power and the rage shown by the robot.

Doomsday Man fully earned its name in its third appearance, before it should have been called Doomsday ROBOT. What if he had succeeded in assimilating Carol Danvers in its body? Doomsday WOMAN?
Someone could consider Doomsday Man's third incarnation as a cyborg. I tend to think of Korman simply as the robot's power supply, even if he was so interconnected with the robot. In fact he could be replaced by Carol Danvers. Or did Doomsday Man need a mate? BRRR!

Korman really was nothing more than a battery until he gained control over the robot in Ms. Marvel II#11. Reminds me of Matrix!
--Markus Raymond

Doomsday Man didn't meet Sentry #372 because it was still a few feet away to activate it. If it had went down to the Outpost's lower level it'd have been cool to see the fight between an indestructible Terrestrial Robot built to conquer other planets vs. a powerful Kree robot built to guard planets already conquered or visited, I think Mark Gruenwald would have liked the idea!

In Avengers West Coast#80, the Avengers found the Psyche-Magnitron subterranean-base in New Mexico, but Salia Petrie and Major Adamson reached the cave where Ms. Marvel and Doomsday had fought and they were in Northern Florida!

Doomsday Man has an entry in the All-New OHotMU#3. Kronton's first name was revealed in Doomsday Man's profile in OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover#3.

Markus Raymond added Avengers I#288 and the recent Ms. Marvel appearances.

Profile by Spidermay.

Doomsday Man has no known connections to

Dr. Kronton has no known connections to any other character with a similar name.

Dr. John Kronton

Dr. Kronton was a normal human, but a genius in projecting robots. 

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) ) - Dr. Kronton was assigned the responsibility of the Project to build a robot which had to help mankind in conquering other planets. He had a big, powerful, resistant and nearly indestructible robot built.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) - BTS) - But Kronton also wanted more fame, honor and money. He set up a plan which had to lead him to be considered a saviour and a hero. Not only had he the robot built as indestructible, but he also programmed it to not follow the original program of the Project.

(Ms. Marvel I#4 (fb)) - Carol Danvers, Dr. Kronton's project supervisor told the Doctor that the robot was too dangerous to be released. Despite Kronton's assurances, Carol warned the Senatorial Commission about the extreme danger posed by the robot.

(Ms. Marvel I#4 (fb) - BTS) - However, Kronton, aware of the great danger, spent the two following weeks to install a manual control box in the robot's nape.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) ) - It was decided to banish the robot in a bunker in a little island in the Ocean.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Kronton, then, programmed the robot to free itself from the prison and also to bring with him the Cobalt Bomb hidden in the same bunker. His purpose was to stop the robot in the one way known only to him and thereby become a hero, and rich.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) ) - The robot was transported into the bunker and its control box destroyed.

(Silver Surfer I#13 (fb) - BTS) - The robot started freeing itself.

(Silver Surfer I#13) - The news was spread all over the world, the frightening robot was named the Doomsday Man and Kronton was called to the UNO to help stopping him. The Silver Surfer offered his help and picked Kronton up to his board and they reached the bunker. Once inside, the Doomsday Robot attacked the Surfer and captured Kronton but let him free soon, following its program and bringing the Cobalt Bomb with him.
    While Silver Surfer and Kronton were pursuing the robot, Surfer understood that something was wrong in Kronton's words and behaviour and forced him to confess his plans.
Arrived again in the USA territory, the Surfer didn't succeed in damaging the robot with his cosmic rays, so he created a deep pit under Doomsday Man's feet. The robot fell but his hand grasped the border. Kronton, trying to help the robot went near him but was believed by the robot to be an enemy and was mortally injured with a slap. The Doomsday Men fell into the deep pit, and Dr. Kronton died.

--Silver Surfer I#13 (Silver Surfer I#13(fb), Ms. Marvel I#2 (fb), Silver Surfer I#13

The Cobalt Bomb

The Cobalt Bomb, was the first Cobalt Bomb ever created by the man. 

The Bomb was extremely powerful and dangerous, a fall or an impact could let it explode. So, it was hidden in the same subterranean bunker in the same little Oceanic island where the Doomsday Man was transported.

Dr. Kronton knew about the Cobalt Bomb and programmed the Robot to carry it to the US.

The Robot performed its program and managed to transport the Bomb to the US.
After Silver Surfer had defeated Doomsday Man, he cosmically launched the Bomb into space where it exploded without harming anyone.

--Silver Surfer I#13



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