Real Name: Unknown; last name may be Tremont

Identity/Class: Human, possible mutant or mutate

Occupation: Agent of Jonathon Tremont;
In his own words, "My crusade is to bring peace and the blessings of universal law to all of Earth"...but he usually ends up fighting someone.

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Jonathan Tremont, Pagan (briefly posed as his enemy), Split-Second Squad, Taskmaster;
He also can summon up the
Avatars of Templar--counterparts to himself who do his bidding

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Living Lightning/Miguel Santos, Photon/Monica Rambeau, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Thor/Thor Odinson, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett, Jr., Vision/"Victor Shade," Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Jack of Hearts (Jack Hart), Rick Jones, New Warriors (Firestar/Angelica Jones, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Night Thrasher/Dwayne Taylor, Nova/Rich Rider, Rage/Elvin Halliday, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin), Silverclaw (Maria de Guadalupe Santiago), Triple Threat (a shard of extradimensional evil from the Trion)

Known Relatives: Jonathon Tremont, Pagan (brothers)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
originally Naga Hills, India

First Appearance: Avengers III#13 (February, 1999)

Powers: Lord Templar displayed the ability to fire energy blasts, repel others and teleport. He also had some degree of superhuman durability (sufficient to shrug off microwave blasts from Firestar and telekinetic blasts from Justice at the same time!). He was capable of summoning the Avatars of Templar, who appeared to be counterparts of himself. Each of the Avatars had a separate power including (1) superhuman strength, (2) the ability to fire energy blasts, (3) the ability to ricochet off walls, (4) the ability to drain power from others, (5) the ability to phase through solid objects, and (6) the ability to transform his hands into blades. 

History: (Avengers III#50 (fb)) - One of three brothers growing up in the Naga Hills of India, the boy who would someday become Lord Templar demonstrated exceptional intelligence as a young age but unfortunately, his intelligence did not save him from a sickness sweeping through his village and he was ultimately killed alongside one of his brothers by the sickness. Somehow, the third brother (who would later call himself Jonathon Tremont) managed to absorb both of his brothers' dying life forces into himself. Years later, Tremont obtained one of the three energy pyramids created by the universe itself as antibodies against the Trion evil shard and used power gained from the pyramid to resurrect his two deceased brothers as Lord Templar and Pagan. The three brothers then worked together to gain the energy of the remaining two energy pyramids, primarily through the creation of the Triune Understanding movement.

(Avengers III#13) - When the New Warriors showed up to bust up an A. I. M. warehouse full of weaponry, Lord Templar blasted out the side wall, introducing himself and battling the New Warriors to his prevail. Firestar summoned the Avengers to the scene and Templar got blasted by a hex sphere from the Scarlet Witch. He then unleashed the Avatars of Templar to battle the Avengers and the New Warriors combined. Thor went toe-to-toe with Templar himself, only to have Templar repel him away as Templar teleported from the scene. Back at his headquarters, Templar was berated for his failure but Templar insisted that they had barely started.

(Avengers III#14 - BTS) - During a battle between the Avengers and Pagan, Pagan looked over a video screen displaying news footage of Lord Templar and gloated that not even the "sneering fool" Lord Templar could stop him. Pagan's remarks made Scarlet Witch think that perhaps Pagan knew Lord Templar.

(Avengers III#15) - Pagan tore New York City apart as the Avengers desperately fought him and Lord Templar made his entrance by floating down from the sky and blasting Pagan. Templar then unleashed the Avatars of Templar again to battle Pagan and ultimately hurled Pagan into outer space. Later, after the battle, Lord Templar phased through the wall of the meditation Jonathon Tremont, head of the Triune Understanding, and seemed to merge his ghostly form with Tremont.

(Avengers III#22 - BTS) - When the Avenger Justice rushed out of Avengers Mansion despite his recent injuries, butler Edwin Jarvis noticed on the computer screen that Justice had been researching Lord Templar, A.I.M. and the Doomsday Man.

(Avengers III#26) - After a small group of heroes were duped by the Taskmaster into battling him at a Triune Understanding building, Jonathon Tremont, who had arranged the attack on the Triune Understanding to discredit the Avengers, communed with Lord Templar, who asked Tremont how he could serve Tremont. Tremont informed Templar that he needed to borrow Templar's power and speed and a short time time later, Captain Marvel warned the other heroes about danger behind them just before Lord Templar seemingly appeared in a flash of bright white light that enveloped all present. When the heroes awoke following Templar's flash, they found the building destroyed with them sitting in the crater where it once stood.

(Avengers III#36-37) - Lord Templar assisted Pagan in busting into the home of Mrs. Chandler, wife of the 1950s hero 3-D Man. Later battling the Avengers, Templar revealed that Pagan was now working for him and how he wanted to "re-educate" the Avengers by turning them into his own personal foot soldiers. Templar eventually again released the Avatars of Templar to battle the Avengers but the team had to split into squads, with half the team battling the Bloodwraith in Slorenia and the other half (including Photon and Jack of Hearts) taking out Lord Templar's goons, Pagan and the Avatars of Templar. Traithlon eventually took on the Avatars and Lord Templar directly and both Pagan and Lord Templar vanished after being defeated.

(Avengers III#50) - Aboard the Trion energy shard, Tremont released Lord Templar and Pagan to help battle the shard's defenders. Ultimately, however, Tremont drained both of their life forces back into himself in an effort to destroy the shard, and steal the power of all three triangles for himself. Tremont's energy was subsequently siphoned by Triathalon...and the fate of Lord Templar is unknown.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, Al Vey and Scott Koblish.

Courtesy of Marcus Seamus O'Murcadha, some info about the Knights Templar in the real world: "Here are a couple of places which may be of some use to
you -
www.Templarhistory.com. Also, although some of the theories it advances are er, just a bit kooky the book, "The Sign and The Seal," by Graham Hancock although it is not primarily about the Knights Templar has a good, informative section on them.
If you know anyone with a copy of Alan Moore's, "From Hell", have a leaf through the end notes for some information as well."

Jonathan Tremont has a full entry in All-New OHotMU A-Z#11 (2006).

Profile by Proto-Man and Snood.

Lord Templar has no KNOWN connections to:

Jonathon Tremont

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 267 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray with white streaks

Born in the Naga Hills, India, Tremont was the youngest of three brothers. He was well known for his ability to charm others. However, a sickness swept through his village, and his two brothers fell before it. He spent much of his following years wondering why he alone had been spared. Years passed and eventually he developed some psychic abilities that allowed him to contact Chuck Chandler (the retired hero known as the 3D Man). When Chuck arrived, he & Tremont went on an expedition to find "the reason Chuck felt he had to leave home" (which was secretly a psychic suggestion by Tremont). The duo searched until Chuck found one of the cosmic triangles which had originally gave him his power (these triangles were actually fragments created by the Universe as a defense against a powerful shard of evil from the extra-dimensional Trion). Tremont knocked Chuck out and took the triangle to gain power. He captured Chuck and, using this new power, he resurrected his two brothers (Pagan & Lord Templar).

As the years went by, Tremont decided to gain more power in the public by founding the Triune Understanding. A short time after the Understanding's founding, Delroy Garrett Jr. (later Triathlon) came to them seeking redemption for his shame in the Olympics. Tremont used the two triangles he had gained to merge 3D Man's spirit with Triathlon, unbeknowst to Delroy. Jonathan Tremont prophecized the coming of a "Triple-Threat" which he claims to be a threat to Earth that only the Triune Understanding could combat. This Triple Threat was the shard of Trion evil.

While he preached peace and harmony, and a balance of the mind, body, and spirit, he clearly manipulated the his followers, his apparent allies, and especially the Avengers--all in order to gain the power to stop the "Triple Threat". He remained a close ally of Triathalon, despite his joining of the Avengers (in fact, Tremont directed him to join them). Initially, Tremont stimulated public suspicion and distrust of the Avengers. Tremont later used Triathalon's involvement in the Avengers to bolster interest in the Triune, while at the same time he has used Triathalon's Triune connections to improve public opinion of the Avengers. Tremont was instrumental in Hank Pym's resolution of his then-recent identity crisis, merging the disparate aspects of his personality and the two separate forms they had taken. Tremont was clearly aware that Firestar and Justice had infiltrated the Triune, but claimed to have allowed them to do so because he had nothing to hide.

As the Triple Threat arrived, he convinced Firestar, Justice, Triathalon, and the Vision to join him aboard his Prayer Ship, which took them into space to confront the Triple Threat. The Ship drew on the mental power of the Triune followers, causing them to collapse in agony as the ship lifted off. Tremont appeared unconcerned, claiming that the Triune's medical staff would take care of them. Actually, Tremont was planning on gaining the third cosmic triangle hidden deep within the pyramid (the Trion shard). When he arrived, he was confronted by the Avengers. The team teamed up with Tremont as they battled the guardians of the triangle, since the Avengers were unaware that the triangles even existed. After absorbing the lifeforces of his guards, Tremont grew to enormous size and began battling the alien guardians of the triangle. Eventually, he even absorbed the lifeforces of his two resurrected brothers, Pagan & Lord Templar. The Avengers were having no luck battling the giant Tremont, until Triathlon found the third triangle and used its power to unlock the power of Hal & Chuck Chandler and battled Tremont, absorbing all of his cosmic triangle-given abilities. Triathlon became extremely powerful and defeated the Triple Threat. Tremont was despondent at having lost his opportunity to gain the power and rule the world. Bereft of power, he was presumably sent to prison (following the Avengers return to Earth and assaults on Kang, of course...)

Tremont has been shown to absorb power from the belief of his followers. This sudden absorption of power has made him drunk with power, and he has made it clear he thinks of his followers as sheep. In the process of helping Hank Pym, he demonstrated psychic powers, allowing the two personalities to meet consciously on the astral plane.

He possesses various telepathic and energy manipulation powers, which at their peak are sufficient to combat an entire contingent of Avengers. He also serves as the host of Lord Templar and Pagan, whom he can release at will.

--AvIII#15 (50(fb), 15, #0, 26, 27, 32 36, 37, Annual 2001, Av46, 48, 50


images: (without ads)
Avengers III#13, p12, right side (main image)

#13, p17, lower half of the side (Avatars of Templar)
#14, p17, pan5 (Lord Templar head shot)
#15, p5, pan1 (Jonathan Tremont)
             #26, p8, pan5 (Tremont hands raised)

Other appearances:
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