Membership: Wanda Jo Bialowsky-Smith, Celardi, Eduardo, Duane Freeman, Gupta, Jorge, Karjee, Michaelson, Lou Smith, Suarez, Teodor, Jonathan Tremont, Triathlon (Delroy Garrett, Jr.), Vasquez, Vicente, Violetta, others including prominent actors and politicians;
secretly Firestar (Angelica Jones), Justice (Vance Astrovik) (the two Avengers were undercover), Lord Templar, Pagan

Purpose: To teach others how to live in the present, forgetting the past, by finding balance in the three points of life: self, world and spirit

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Taskmaster

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), the Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Living Lightning/Miguel Santos, Photon/Monica Rambeau, Quasar/Wendell Vaughn, Silverclaw/Maria de Guadalupe Santiago, Thor/Thor Odinson, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett Jr., Vision/"Victor Shade," Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Meltdown (Tabitha Smith), the Triple-Evil

Base of Operations: The Triune Understanding World Headquarters and Resource Center, Calleyville, Texas, USA; also a Triune Understanding headquarters in Manhattan, New York, USA

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes, triangle insignia first seen): Avengers III#4 (May, 1998);
(mentioned, Triune-owned building seen): Avengers III#9 (October, 1998);
(organization, seen only in shadow): Avengers III#13 (February, 1999);
(organization, fully seen): Avengers III#15 (April, 1999)

History: (Avengers III#50 (fb) - BTS) - Upon locating one of the light shards meant to be the opposite of the cosmic Triple-Evil, the man who would become Jonathan Tremont attacked Hal Chandler, the former 3-D Man whom Tremont had assisted in Chandler's search for the shard, and used the shard to resurrect the spirits of his deceased brothers and learned from the shard of the looming Triple-Evil, which Tremont intended to stop by finding a way to amass power. In order to do so, Tremont founded the religious movement known as the Triune Understanding, secretly created with the sole purpose of stopping the Triple-Evil upon its arrival on Earth.

(X-Force I#87 (fb) - BTS) - The Triune Understanding organization focused their new way of living on three points of life: self, world and spirit.

(Avengers III 2001 Annual (fb) - BTS) - Within their tenets, the Triune Understanding mentioned the coming great evil to Earth from space and that the Triunes needed to prepare to face this evil.

(Avengers III#36 (fb) - BTS) - The Triune Understanding first publicly appeared eight months following the public disappearance of Hal Chandler, the former 3-D Man.

(Avengers III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Starting small, the Triune Understanding operated out of old storefronts and church basements, and even rented out meeting halls to congregate. Their growing nature led some to dismiss them as a cult or a fad but the organization continued to persevere.

(Avengers III#50 (fb)) - During their early days, Jonathan Tremont taught small rooms of Triune Understanding members about the threefold harmonies of mind, body and spirit, past, present and future, and dream, memory and reality, all the while sensing the Triple-Evil moving closer towards Earth. After sensing a champion empowered by another light shard fall to the Triple-Evil, Tremont grew the Triune Understanding, moving from storefronts and church basements to actual full-sized churches, suggesting Triune followers seek balance instead of discord. As Triune followers grew, so did Tremont's own power as he used his light shard-based abilities to reach into the spirits of Triune Understanding members and draw off their energies into himself.

(Avengers III#9 (fb) - BTS) - As the Triune Understanding became more prominent, more began to officially consider them a religious organization, while some considered the Understanding simply a new way of thinkings and others continued to think them some sort of cult. After being banned from competition and having his three gold medals stripped from him because of illegal steroid usage during the Olympics, Delroy Garrett, Jr. wallowed in self-pity, turning down job offers, until he came across the Triune Understanding.

(Avengers III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Deciding to contact the Triune Understanding, Delroy Garrett came to the Triune Understanding seeking a way to better his life.

(Avengers III#50 (fb))  - Recognizing Delroy's spirit as matching that of Hal Chandler, Tremont sought to use Delroy to house the shard energies that Hal Chandler had once held.

(Avengers III#9 (fb) - BTS) - The Triunes taught the skeptical Delroy to let go of the anger he had for himself and had Delroy undergo an experiment that they claimed could unlock Delroy's true inner power.

(Avengers III#50 (fb)) - Under the guise of unlocking Delroy's potential, Tremont had the Triunes subject Delroy to shard energies.

(Avengers III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Successful, the Triune Understanding experiment made Delroy three times as fast, strong and agile as a normal human, which he used as the Triune's public superhero, Triathlon.

(Avengers III#26 (fb) - BTS) - The Triune Understanding established itself a skyscraper headquarters in Manhattan.

(Avengers III#4 (fb) - BTS) - Duane Freeman joined the Triune Understanding.

(Avengers III#4 - BTS) - Duane Freeman wore a Triune Understanding triangle insignia on his tie when he first met the Avengers after becoming their national security liaison.

(Avengers III#5 - BTS) - Duane Freeman wore a Triune Understanding lapel pin during a meeting with the Avengers in which he was forced to give the Avengers forty-eight hours to sort out events with the Squadron Supreme or risk losing their government clearance.

(Avengers III#9 - BTS) - While working with the Avengers against Moses Magnum, Triune Understanding member Triathlon recounted his origins with the Triunes to Hawkeye.

(X-Force I#87 (fb) - BTS) - Lou Smith joined the Triune Understanding. He soon felt as if the Triune Understanding had done him a world of good.

(Avengers III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Lord Templar was secretly tasked with publicly sowing suspicions of traditional authority by Jonathan Tremont in an effort to drive people to the Triune Understanding for solace.

(Avengers III#45 (fb) - BTS) - Triathlon was given the Avengers' priority message frequencies by the Triune Understanding.

(Avengers III#13) - After the Avengers and New Warriors battled Lord Templar, Templar returned to the Triune Understanding, where Jonathan Tremont accused Templar of failing. Templar insisted that he had not failed, noting that the Avengers had been tested and that he had introduced to the Avengers the idea that the world's governments were conspiring against the populace. Lord Templar then admitted that while he did not accuse the governments publicly, the Triune Understanding was just getting started.

(X-Force I#87 - BTS) - Lou Smith and his fourth wife Wanda Jo Bialowsky met up with Smith's daughter Tabitha, also known as the mutant Meltdown, where Lou admitted that he was really trying to change his life as he slid a Triune Understanding triangle insignia across the table. He then told Meltdown that he owed the changes all to the Triune Understanding, prompting Meltdown to ask if the Triunes were some sort of new age cult. Correcting Meltdown, Lou Smith explained that the Triune Understanding was more a way of transcending the pain of the past to live more in the present. Assuring his daughter that no one was planning to hitch a ride on any comets, Lou further explained that the Triune Understanding focused its believers on three points of life: self, world and spirit. Feeling as if Meltdown's life had been difficult, Lou then admitted that he hoped Meltdown would accompany him and Wanda Jo to a Triune Understanding meeting after dinner and also suggested a Triune Family Triad workshop that was coming up. Meltdown refused, thinking her father's actions too weird and stormed out of the restaurant.

(Avengers III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Iron Man read that the Triune Understanding's dedication of their new world headquarters would be later that day.

(Avengers III#15) - The Triune Understanding held their dedication rally in Calleyville, Texas, where Triathlon appeared to a cheering crowd. The Triune followers then marveled for twenty minutes as Triathlon displayed his triple-agility going through a series of gymnastics. As Triathlon landed perfectly, Triune announcer Jorge reminded the Triune Understanding followers that Triathlon was their hero and that he had come to the Triune Understanding seeking a better life just like the followers had. Jorge then revealed that Triathlon was there to help dedicate the new Triune Understanding World Headquarters and Resource Center and reminded the followers that they could now spread their message of threefold wisdom to the world from their new stage before turning the podium over to Triathlon himself. Triathlon then revealed his true identity to the followers, reminding them that he was just a man who had been given a second chance, then introduced them to the Triune Understanding's founder, Jonathan Tremont. Tremont thanked his followers for the applause but reminded them that he could not do anything alone and that only from a threefold balance could anything happen. He then proclaimed that the Triune Understanding had come far but still had farther to go as the Triune Understanding followers hung on Tremont's every word. The dedication ceremony was soon interrupted by the Avengers, who had tracked the energy trail of their enemy, Lord Templar, to the Triune Understanding World Headquarters. Curious as to why the energy trail led to the Triune Understanding's main temple, Iron Man questioned what Lord Templar would want with the Triunes as the Avengers traced the energy trail right up the world headquarters' back door. The Avengers were greeted by nervous Triune follower Violetta, who reminded the Avengers that the door led to a private area but the Avengers calmly explained that they had reason to believe a supervillain might be present. Triathlon calmed Violetta and entered the conversation, asking what the Avengers needed and as Captain America explained the trail of Lord Templar, Justice quietly noticed that the Triune Understanding's security guards seemed awfully well-armed with familiar weapons. Noticing the Avengers, a Triune follower named Teodor informed Jonathan Tremont that the Avengers seemed suspicious, which could mean disaster, but Tremont assured Teodor it would be well taken care of. The chaotic Pagan shortly after appeared and announced the Triune Understanding was another place for humans to huddle against the dark. Triathlon immediately rushed at Pagan, proclaiming that Pagan was Triune business to handle, but he was easily swatted aside, bringing the Avengers into the conflict for Triathlon's protection. During the battle against Pagan, Justice protected the Triune Understanding followers using his telekinesis while Thor battled Pagan. Lord Templar subsequently appeared and teleported Pagan away, gaining popularity among the Triunes, who wished for the Avengers to leave after the destruction their battle with Pagan had caused. Hours later, Jonathan Tremont spoke to his congregation, promising to rebuild the damage and forge past the unpleasantness that had occurred that day. He then expressed regret that the Avengers wished to search the Triune world headquarters and felt that they were implicating the attack's victims to cover their own failures. Tremont then expressed hopes to the Triune Understanding that the Avengers would seek their own improvement and understanding but when the press asked Captain America for a comment, Cap admitted that something didn't add and that the Avengers would find out what. Later that evening, Jonathan Tremont met with Lord Templar and the two discussed how, despite being rebuffed, the Avengers remained suspicious. When Templar remarked that he had done his part to sow suspicion of traditional authority to drive people to the Triune Understanding, Tremont admitted that the Triune needed a public enemy and the Avengers would suffice.

(Avengers III#0) - The press soon began to swirl with questions about the Avengers' perceived implication of the Triune Understanding in the attack on their world headquarters and the press caught up with Iron Man to question him about the implications. Iron Man assured the press that the Avengers were not implicating the Triune Understanding but rather, only had a lot of unanswered questions about the Triune Understanding. Iron Man then insisted that the Triunes weren't being accused of anything and that the Avengers had only tracked a supervillain to their world headquarters. As Iron Man admitted his disappointment that the Triune Understanding had blocked any further investigation, the Triunes themselves were watching the interview on television and an angry Triathlon suggested the Triune Understanding hold a press conference to tell Iron Man where to stick it. Tremont calmly reminded Triathlon that it was not the Triune Understanding way to act confrontationally or publicly squabble but he assured Triathlon that the Triune Understanding would deal with the Avengers' slanders in their own way. Later, following a battle with Firebrand, the Avengers were again questioned by the press and one reporter asked the Avengers if their hostility towards the Triunes was religious bigotry.

(Avengers III#24 (fb) - BTS) - The Triune Understanding's higher-ups began a smear campaign against the Avengers, hiring protesters as well as public-manipulating reporters to appear outside Avengers Mansion while the general Triune Understanding members were unaware of the Understanding's true plans.

(X-Force I#96) - An agent of the Triune Understanding watched X-Force's Meltdown and Bedlam from afar, confirming that Meltdown was indeed a mutant and that she would serve the Triune Understanding well once she had been enlightened to their cause.

(Avengers III#24 (fb) - BTS) - The Triune Understanding's reach also made its way to the mutant nation of Genosha, where it became popular among the disenfranchised.

(Avengers III#24 - BTS) - Duane Freeman wore a Triune Understanding pin on his tie during a meeting with the Avengers, where the group discussed the recent protesting of the team's lack of darker-skinned members. The Avengers discussed recruitment but Thor remarked that while they had fought subtle foes before, these recent attacks on the Avengers came about following their battle at the Triune Understanding's world headquarters. Duane interjected, nearly questioning Thor's implications, before Avengers butler Edwin Jarvis interrupted with the mail. Duane then continued, asking what the Avengers planned to do about the protests and hate mail. A short time later, former Avengers member Quicksilver visited Avengers Mansion and found reporters going through the team's trash. Routing the reporters, Quicksilver found that all of the reporters and some of the protesters had Triune Understanding insignias on them. When Quicksilver remarked that he had heard of the Triune Understanding, as their reach had spread to Genosha, and that he had saw on CNN that the Avengers had a recent run-in with the Triunes, Duane Freeman vehemently stood up from his chair and announced that the Avengers couldn't seriously be considering that the Triune Understanding had orchestrated all of their recent media woes. Insisting that the Triune Understanding was a philosophical movement rather than a conspiracy, Duane reminded the Avengers of the Triunes' charity work and then revealed himself to be a follower of the Triune Understanding. Before the Avengers could react to Freeman's revelation, their priority alarm went off.

(Avengers III#25 - BTS) - As the Avengers prepared for battle against the Exemplars, Iron Man thought how relaxed Hank Pym was and how Warbird had been in A.A. for weeks at that point, feeling that things were finally starting to look up for the Avengers except for the protests that were whipped up by the Triune Understanding. Thor and Hercules discussed the recent protests outside Avengers Mansion while Duane Freeman, wearing a Triune Understanding lapel pin, brought Captain America data on the Exemplars. Feeling as if something seemed off about Cap, Duane reminded Captain America that while he might be a member of the Triune Understanding, he was still the same man he had always been and explained how the Triune Understanding had been nothing but good to him. When Duane asked if Captain America could hold that against him, Cap replied that he couldn't and suggested they both dig into the data to learn more about the Exemplars. The data review was interrupted by Edwin Jarvis, who informed Captain America and Duane Freeman that a group of protesters had climbed the outer Mansion wall and were detained by the Mansion's automatic security systems. Jarvis also mentioned that reporters were requesting a word from Captain America, who told Jarvis to tell them nothing, prompting Duane to ask Cap if that were a wise solution since the reporters would print negative pubilicity but Cap told Duane that they could print whatever they wanted before suggesting they get back to the data. When Duane consulted with the National Security Council and deduced that the Exemplars wanted to execute the Juggernaut, asking if it was so bad if the Exemplars did, Captain America reminded Duane that the Avengers would not stand for such a breach in due process, no matter the target. Cap then apologized for overreacting to Duane's suggestion and thought about how he had overreacted because of his uneasiness about Duane being a member of the Triune Understanding. Despite the Triune's claims of helping others, Captain America thought about he wasn't sure if he could trust Duane after learning of the Triune Understanding's smear campaign against the Avengers. Following the Avengers' battle against the Exemplars, the Avengers held a meeting where Captain America announced that someone was definitely targeting the Avengers using the media and gave the Triunes the benefit of the doubt, mentioning that whether the smear campaign was concocted by the Triunes or not, the Avengers needed a leader better suited to dealing with the media and he then opted to leave the team.

(Avengers III#26 (fb) - BTS) - The Triune Understanding placed an order with the Taskmaster for a small army of agents, offering him a substantial fee in exchange for not only providing the trained agents but also for posing as Captain America and leading some of the Avengers' allies in a raid on a Triune Understanding facility as part of their smear campaign against the heroic team. While not usually involving himself personally, the Taskmaster agreed to the deal, unable to pass up the amount of money the Triune Understanding offered.

(Avengers III#26) - Posing as Captain America, Taskmaster recruited Silverclaw, Warbird (Carol Danvers) and Ant-Man (Scott Lang), telling them (as Cap) that he had publicly quit the Avengers as a cover story so that the Triune Understanding would think Captain America was gone. Continuing to give the assembled heroes a false story, Taskmaster told them that the Triune Understanding was hiding secrets and had began their smear campaign against the Avengers when the Avengers had attempted to investigate. Suggesting the heroes take the fight directly to the Triune Understanding, Taskmaster explained that each of the heroes had backgrounds suitable for the secret raid against the Triunes but Taskmaster's speech was interrupted by the arrival of Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), who had sensed trouble from Los Angeles. While Captain Marvel's cosmic awareness sensed something off about the entire assembly, Triune Understanding leader Jonathan Tremont reveled in the sheer amount of people gathered at a Hawaiian Triune rally. At the end of the rally, Tremont announced that he must spread the word of the Triune Understanding to other cities and reminded the followers that if they followed the ways of the Triune Understanding, they would prosper in health, wealth and friendship. Tremont then left the rally and Triune member Eduardo helped Tremont board his plan, remarking on how sales of Triune books and tapes were growing and how they had raised three-quarters of a million dollars at the rally. When Eduardo remarked that it must be very rewarding to see such a believing crowd, Tremont ominously remarked that Eduardo had no idea before losing his balance on the plane. Eduardo and others rushed to Tremont's side and Tremont admitted that it was so hard to act normal and human when he had absorbed so much power from his believing sheep. As the power-addled Tremont remarked on how his sheep continued to believe and believe, Taskmaster (still disguised as Captain America) led his assembled heroes to the Triune Understanding's Manhattan headquarters, where Warbird commented that the Triune Understanding must be doing pretty well for itself if they could afford such a lavish Manhattan headquarters in the short time they had been in existence. Leading the Avengers allies into the Manhattan skyscraper, Taskmaster revealed a Will-Suppressor machine that he claimed would enthrall all of Manhattan by the next morning's rush hour and announced that the assembled heroes needed to destroy the machine. As the heroes questioned their orders, Jonathan Tremont spoke with Triune member Michaelson about their smear campaign against the Avengers and noted that events with Taskmaster would soon bring the Triune Understanding back into the news. In New York, the heroes assembled by Taskmaster continued to question "Captain America," with Warbird asking why they didn't confiscate the Will-Suppressor as evidence against the Triune Understanding and Captain Marvel still sensing something wrong with his cosmic awareness. When Silverclaw outright accused "Captain America" of being an imposter, Taskmaster revealed himself and sent his Split-Second Squad against the heroes as he admitted that he had been paid by the Triune Understanding to lure the heroes there. He then announced that if he couldn't dupe the heroes into destroying Triune Understanding machinery, he would just have to knock them unconscious, destroy the machine himself and leave the heroes to be blamed for the destruction. As the Avengers allies battled Taskmaster, Jonathan Tremont viewed the fight from afar, noting that while events didn't transpire as he had hoped, they were still quite promising. Tremont then contacted Triathlon, informing the hero that there was trouble at the Triune Understanding's New York offices, and told Triathlon to go there and Tremont would meet him. Before Triathlon could ask how Tremont planned to get there so quickly, Tremont ended the communication and summoned Lord Templar, who Tremont asked to borrow both power and speed. When the Avengers allies managed to defeat Taskmaster, Lord Templar appeared before them and generated an immensely powerful explosion, destroying the Triune Understanding's Manhattan offices and leaving the unconscious heroes behind. Upon regaining consciousness, Warbird found herself facing Traithlon, Jonathan Tremont, the police and reporters, telling them all the story of how they were duped by Taskmaster into trying to destroy Triune property. Tremont calmly remarked that they had done more than try and asked where Taskmaster was and why the Triunes would hire Taskmaster to destroy their own facility, insinuating Warbird's story to be false. Announcing that the Triune Understanding had spent several million dollars constructing the office building, Jonathan Tremont then told the press that the building had contained research that the Triunes hoped to better the world. When asked if he was pressing charges against the Avengers, Tremont replied in the negative, stating that he found it sad that so much energy was wasted with prejudice and hostility and that he didn't want to add to that. Tremont then departed to speak more with the press as Triathlon began wondering to himself why Tremont kept referring to assembled heroes as the Avengers and how Tremont had gotten to New York so fast from Hawaii. Captain Marvel commented that he still sensed something off about Jonathan Tremont as Warbird overheard the press talking about the rest of the Avengers leaving the team, prompting her to worry about how badly they had just hurt the Avengers' image.

(Avengers III#27 - BTS) - Duane Freeman, again wearing a Triune Understanding lapel pin, met with the Avengers to discuss doing something about the group's recent media troubles. While Duane went over each of the issues, Iron Man thought about how Duane wasn't mentioning the fact that the Triune Understanding, a group Duane was a part of, was engineering the media woes. After the team restructured itself, Duane Freeman noted that they were improving their media image by reducing the number of mutants on the team and suggested they find an African-American member to complete the roster, prompting the Avengers to remind Duane that they didn't recruit to fill quotas. Duane managed to calm Iron Man down by explaining how it could improve their image and Duane and the Avengers came to agreement by agreeing to reach out to their African-American and Latino past members before recruiting elsewhere. Edwin Jarvis then interrupted the meeting to inform the Avengers of the situation with Taskmaster duping their allies into attacking a Triune Understanding complex. Duane confirmed the story and announced that he had invited Jonathan Tremont to Avengers Mansion to confer with the Avengers and hopefully have the entire situation smoothed over. As Iron Man pondered whether Tremont had paid Taskmaster to dupe the Avengers' allies, Duane Freeman moved on to the topic of Thor apologizing for an earlier altercation with reporters. The group of Avengers allies that had attacked the Triune Understanding complex soon arrived and Iron Man suggested to Duane that Warbird rejoin the active roster, an idea Duane agreed to. Shortly after, Jonathan Tremont and Triathlon arrived to meet with the Avengers and, after Triathlon defeated a group of violent anti-mutant protesters, the duo posed for photographers with the Avengers as Tremont attempted to spread the Triune Understanding's message to the public. Once inside the Mansion, Duane suggested Triathlon for Avengers membership but Iron Man declined, secretly thinking about the possibility of Triathlon being placed on the team as a spy for the Triune Understanding. When Duane questioned Iron Man, Iron Man explained his suspicions that the Triune Understanding was hiding something and admitted that he didn't want Triathlon on the team because of his Triune ties. Duane grew angry, suggesting that Iron Man's declination was based on religious prejudice and demanding Iron Man show any proof he had that the Triune Understanding, Triathlon or even himself had committed a crime. When Iron Man couldn't produce anything, Duane warned that he couldn't order them to accept Triathlon but the government could prevent the team from legally acting if they refused a qualified African-American member on the grounds of religion. Overhearing the argument, Triathlon agreed to join but admitted he was doing so to prove himself, and the Triune Understanding, innocent of the accusations brought up by Iron Man. Later inviting She-Hulk to join their new roster, the Avengers publicly announced their new members as Duane hung his head and watched, worrying if he had made the right choices and hoping for the best.

(Avengers III 2001 Annual (fb) - BTS) - While publicly announcing themselves on an extended vacation together, Avengers Justice and Firestar were secretly sent undercover within the Triune Understanding by Iron Man.

(Avengers III#28 - BTS) - As the Avengers participated in an abandoned tenement demolition for charity, Edwin Jarvis made Wasp's favorite tea-cookies and thought to himself how the Triune Understanding may have gotten what they wanted out of their smear campaign since the Triune-hired protesters and media seemed to have given up trying to make the Avengers look bad, with only a few staggling protesters left outside. Later, prior to the Avengers' battle against Kulan Gath, Iron Man pulled Triathlon aside and admitted his concerns about the Triune Understanding, suggesting that it was possible he was wrong about Triathlon and extended his hand for shake, hoping for there to no longer be hard feelings between the two heroes. Triathlon, however, slapped Iron Man's hand away and angrily remarked on Iron Man's attempt to ignore the opinion that Iron Man didn't want Triathlon on the team because of his skin color and Iron Man's perceived attempt to excuse the prejudice by claiming the Triune Understanding, the people who turned Triathlon's life around, was corrupt.

(Avengers III#31 - BTS) - Duane Freeman again wore his Triune Understanding lapel pin on his suit jacket as he watched the Avengers run tests on their teammate Goliath and later when Vision informed the Avengers of a meeting of the Maggia crime families. Duane suggested the idea of the Avengers tackling organized crime would help their public image and as the team left, Duane thought about how he still wasn't fitting in and how effective a security liaison he was if the Avengers didn't trust him.

(Avengers III#32 - BTS) - Edwin Jarvis interrupted an Avengers meeting to let Triathlon know that he had a phone call from Triune Understanding leader Jonathan Tremont. As Jarvis led Triathlon to the video phone, Triathlon asked Jarvis if he shared the sentiment of the other Avengers that Tremont was a con man and the Triune Understanding was a pseudo-religious cult and Jarvis merely answered that he couldn't say. After answering the call, Triathlon learned that the Triune Understanding was having a rally on the upcoming Friday in Boston, Massachusetts and that Tremont wished Triathlon to be there. When Traithlon mentioned that he would try to make it, commenting that the Avengers were in the middle of a case and might need him, Tremont reminded Triathlon that the Triune Understanding had been the ones to turn Triathlon's life around. Tremont continued, noting that Triathlon was their highest-profile member and interest in the Triune Understanding's teachings had soared since Triathlon had joined the Avengers. Triathlon admitted that while he was extremely grateful to the Triune Understanding for helping him, he did join the Avengers and his responsibilities to the Avengers had to take priority over a Triune rally.

(Thunderbolts I#44 - BTS) - Duane Freeman wore his usual Triune Understanding lapel pin as he attended a meeting between the Avengers and the Thunderbolts, in which the two groups discussed Count Nefaria.

(Avengers III#36 (fb) - BTS) - Having seen Triathlon on television, Peggy Chandler, wife of the disappeared 3-D Man, saw interviews with Triathlon and learned of his connection to the Triune Understanding, prompting her to pick up literature on the Triunes.

(Avengers III#36) - When Peggy Chandler visited Avengers Mansion demanding to speak with Triathlon, whom she thought had done something to her husband, Triathlon explained that he had received his powers from the Triune Understanding. Admitting that she had read up on the Triune Understanding, Peggy began crying, wondering where the Triune Understanding had picked up 3-D Man's chest insignia and how they were able to give someone else 3-D Man's powers. Meanwhile, Jonathan Tremont called a meeting of the Triune Understanding council to discuss the Avengers. Michaelson admitted that he felt it was about time the council did so, as recruitment into the Triune Understanding had went down in the past few months since they had engineered distrust of the Avengers and stopped after Triathlon joined the team. Tremont explained that it was easy to gain temporary sympathy when it appeared they were being bullied and another council member, Vicente, suggested they pull Triathlon from the Avengers to continue sowing distrust. Tremont disagreed, commenting that he didn't think Triathlon would leave willingly, and announced that the Triune Understanding must have more converts, as the threat was real and was coming. Tremont then ordered council member Karjee to start a public relations campaign to praise the Avengers and thank them for defending Earth during the recent alien crisis while subtlely reminding the public of the Avengers' past failures and how they had improved since Triathlon had joined. When Karjee replied that they would need some sort of event to call attention to the matter, Tremont ominously remarked that he could arrange such an event. A short time later, Lord Templar and the destructive Pagan directly attacked Avengers Mansion while Captain America also sent out a communication requesting the Avengers' aid against a gigantic Bloodwraith in Slorenia.

(Avengers III#37) - Jonathan Tremont and the Triune Understanding inner council watched the battle between the Avengers, Lord Templar and Pagan unfold, prompting one of the council members, Suarez, to question how the fight would make the Triune Understanding look better if the Avengers, who boasted Triune member Triathlon as a teammate, lost the fight. Tremont agreed that Suarez's words were true but admitted that losing the fight would certainly remind the public of the Avengers' past failures and also make Triathlon look good as he heroically struggled against Pagan.

(Avengers III#38 - BTS) - When the Avengers became more proactive, they began monitoring their various enemies and threats, including the Triune Understanding, whose status was unknown to the Avengers but their last known location was flagged as both Texas and worldwide. Later, Duane Freeman, again wearing his Triune Understanding lapel pin, contacted the Avengers to inform them of a disaster in the town of Kalkhimithia, Greece.

(Avengers III#55 (fb) - BTS) - Despite being a member of the Triune Understanding, Avengers security liaison Duane Freeman began his own search into why the Triune Understanding had obtained the Avengers' priority-level communication frequencies. While his notes weren't conclusive, Duane Freeman did note his suspicions that when a Triune Understanding memeber underwent mental cleansing rituals, Jonathan Tremont was able to read their minds. Worried that Tremont might be reading his mind, allowing for leaks of Avengers information, Duane began writing up a resignation letter.

(Avengers III#41 - BTS) - Triathlon began looking into the situation of 3-D Man and how he disappeared right before the Triune Understanding started up and how the Triune Understanding had given Triathlon powers identical to 3-D Man. Unfortunately, Triathlon could not find any straight answers and began to slightly suspect people were ducking his inquiries. When Edwin Jarvis found Triathlon searching for food in the Avengers Mansion kitchen, Jarvis heard Triathlon's plight and suggested he ask the Avengers for assistance but Triathlon admitted that he didn't feel close enough to the team plus the Avengers seemed to be sure that the Triune Understanding was dirty.

(Avengers III 2001 Annual) - After a bio-duplicate who had been posing as Goliath (and later, Yellowjacket) infiltrated the Avengers and fell to the ground, seemingly fading away, Triathlon viewed the Avengers' status globe and looked up the Triune Understanding, whose status was still unknown. When Dr. Jane Foster proved unable to help the duplicate or the true Hank Pym, Triathlon offered the suggestion of the Triune Understanding since they were known to heal spiritual rifts within people. At first very unsure about contacting the Triune Understanding after their smear campaign against the Avengers, Wasp reluctantly agreed, worried that she would lose Hank otherwise. A short time later, the Avengers arrived at the Triune Understanding's World Headquarters in Texas and were greeted by Jonathan Tremont, who announced himself at their service. After having been briefed on Pym's situation, Tremont had Triune agents move Pym to their headquarters' medical bay, where he used machines to channel spiritual energy to enter the two Hank Pyms' minds. Using this power, Tremont forced the two Pyms to confront one another within their own mindscape but soon realized they were missing a third part, perhaps a part they were fighting over and Wasp suggested that it was herself. Wasp then allowed Tremont to place her soul within the Pyms' mindscape as Photon spoke with Triathlon about the Triune Understanding. When Triathlon refused to talk about the Triunes, grumbling that the other Avengers thought him a spy for the religious organization and he didn't want to be accused to trying to convert anyone, Photon respected Triathlon's wishes and decided to talk a walk to learn more about the Triune Understanding by herself. Soon accidentally stumbling into the undercover Justice and Firestar, Photon was led to an area of the Triune's World Headquarters where a large spaceship was being constructed. Explaining how the Triune Understanding were preparing to confront a great evil from space, Firestar informed Photon that the spaceship would be powered by the spirits of the Triune Understanding followers and admitted her worries that the act of utilizing those spirits would kill the Triune followers. Photon admitted she needed time to process it all and returned to Triathlon, where she remarked that she hadn't realized how deep the hostility between the Avengers and the Triune Understanding went and asked if Triathlon was angry about the hostility. Triathlon revealed that he wasn't mad but just unsure whether the hostility was due to him specifically or his association with the Triunes, who had helped turn his life around. Photon told Triathlon he was worrying too much and that his worries were just due to him being a newer member of the Avengers, suggesting he hang in there regardless of whether the Triune Understanding was dirty or not. She then informed Triathlon about the spaceship within the Triune World Headquarters, which Triathlon deduced must be to combat the supposed Triple-Evil that Jonathan Tremont often spoke about. Once Hank Pym had been re-merged with his bio-duplicate, the Avengers prepared to depart the Triune Understanding World Headquarters and Jonathan Tremont told Wasp not to hesitate if she needed anything in the future. As the Avengers left, Photon slightly nodded at the undercover Justice and Firestar, who acknowledged her.

(Avengers III#44 - BTS) - Duane Freeman, yet again wearing his Triune Understanding lapel pin, interrupted a communication between Wasp and other Avengers to inform them that the Avengers leadership was needed in Washington to confer about the situation involving Kang's intended world takeover. After the Wasp agreed, Duane ended the communication and informed Valerie Cooper that the Avengers would attend the meeting, admitting that he didn't like the alternate involving robotic Sentinels.

(Avengers III#45 - BTS) - When Triathlon decided to set up a night out for himself and the Avengers' newest recruit, Jack of Hearts, he wore a Triune Understanding polo shirt as part of his civilian clothes. Before they could leave, however, Warbird and Vision met with the two and Vision revealed Justice and Firestar's undercover mission within the Triune Understanding. When Warbird admitted Justice and Firestar were slightly inexperienced as espionage and suggested that they needed another on the inside, Triathlon reminded Warbird that he was still a member of the Triune Understanding and he believed in their principles even if the Avengers thought they were a bizarre cult. Putting Triathlon on the spot, Warbird asked Triathlon how he had obtained the Avengers' priority frequency before he had joined the team, to which Triathlon reluctantly admitted that the Triune Understanding had given it to him. When Warbird further questioned Triathlon's opinion on the Triunes by asking if they had been on the up-and-up regarding his connection to the missing 3-D Man, Triathlon again proved to be at a loss for words. Warbird then suggested that the Avengers should find out for sure if the Triune Understanding were good or not in order to potentially save lives if the Triunes decided to launch the spaceship within their world headquarters. Reluctantly admitting that he would like to know if the Triune Understanding really was dirty, Triathlon agreed to help the Avengers infiltrate the Triunes further and Warbird came up with the story that Triathlon had spoken about the Triune Understanding during his time with the team and gotten some of the members interested. After agreeing to the story, Vision volunteered himself, as his android body was capable of data analysis and escape, if necessary, plus he admitted that he found the Triune Understanding intriguing. As Triathlon and Jack of Hearts' taxi arrived, Warbird informed Triathlon that she honestly hoped there was nothing to be found within the Triune Understanding. Triathlon thanked her and jokingly admitted it was the first time someone asked him to spy on his church in an effort to cheer him up, and he then invited Vision and Warbird to join Jack of Hearts and himself during their night out.

(Avengers III#46) - Triathlon accompanied Vision to the Triune Understanding World Headquarters in Calleyville, Texas, where the two began their secret information gathering mission. Unaware of their true motives, Jonathan Tremont greeted Triathlon and Vision and noted his contentment at seeing an Avenger seek enlightenment. As Tremont had Triune members Celardi and Gupta arrange quarters for Vision, another Triune member ran up and announced the coming of the Triune's perceived Triple-Evil within a matter of days. When Vision whispered that perhaps they needed to focus on the worldwide threat of Kang, Triathlon suggested they stay at the Triune Understanding upon hearing about the Triple-Evil.

(Avengers III#48) - When Jonathan Tremont prepared to launch the psychically-powered spacecraft the Triune Understanding had built to combat the Triple-Evil, Vision was forced to reveal his knowledge of the spacecraft and his concerns for the lives of the Triune Understanding whose minds would be powering the ship, which Tremont dubbed the Prayer-Ship. Assuring Vision and Triathlon that the Prayer-Ship was safe and explaining that the Triunes had nothing to hide, Tremont revealed his knowledge that Justice and Firestar had been undercover within the Triune Understanding and invited them to assist in the launch of the Prayer-Ship. With a small squad of Avengers in tow, Tremont launched the Prayer-Ship, causing many Triune members to fall as their psyches powered the ship and Tremont assured the Avengers that Triune medical staff would take care of the fallen as he ordered pilot Vasquez to stay their course towards the Triple-Evil.

(Avengers III#50) - The Triune Understanding's Prayer-Ship, still powered by the Triune members' psyches, rescued a group of stranded Avengers at they located and confronted the Triple-Evil. As Jonathan Tremont filled Captain America in on their Prayer-Ship and the Triple-Evil, Cap admitted he didn't like the idea of a spacecraft powered by the psyches or the idea of Avengers spying on private citizens like the Triune Understanding. While further explaining the Triple-Evil, Tremont revealed that combatting the Triple-Evil was the entire reason the Triune Understanding was formed. Agreeing to assist Tremont and the Triunes onboard the Prayer-Ship in investigating the Triple-Evil, Captain America had Quasar used his quantum energy to enter the Triple-Evil pyramid, where the Avengers and the Triunes were immediately captured and outfitted with energy pyramids that forced them to dream of their perfect lives. Breaking free of the Triple-Evil's control, Captain America freed the other Avengers and Triune Understanding members and together, the two groups fought back against the Triple-Evil. During the fight, Jonathan Tremont was trapped and forced to release his spiritual brothers, Pagan and Lord Templar, revealing to the Avengers that Tremont had worked with the two to further discredit the Avengers during the Triune's earlier smear campaign against the Avengers. When Triathlon began recalling Hal Chandler's memories and the truth behind the uncaring Jonathan Tremont and how he had used the Triune Understanding as a way to gain power to combat the Triple-Evil, Tremont insisted that he guided people towards harmony and that he needed the power he gained from the Triune Understanding for his mission against the Triple-Evil. Growing larger by feeding off the energies of his followers, Tremont continued absorbing energy, killing the Triune Understanding members assisting against the Triple-Evil to fuel his own powers. Somewhat mad with power, Tremont then turned on Pagan and Lord Templar, absorbing their energies into himself as he realized the true power of the Triple-Evil. Blasting Triathlon as well, Tremont attempted to absorb the power of Hal Chandler's light shard from Triathlon but Triathlon resisted, revealing the spirits of both Hal and Chuck Chandler within himself, thanks to the power of the second light shard that Tremont had bestowed on Triathlon when he gave Triathlon his powers. The power of three spirits within his body, Triathlon sensed the first light shard, left behind years ago when an alien champion failed against the Triple-Evil and upon grasping it, used the power of two shards to asborb Tremont's shard. Triathlon, together with the spirits of Hal and Chuck Chandler, then used all three shards to destroy the Triple-Evil as the depowered Jonathan Tremont tried to explain that destiny had manipulated him into gathering all three shards together against the Triple-Evil. When he was taken into Avengers custody, Tremont rambled about the three shards should have been his to control.

(Avengers III#53 - BTS) - While captive aboard the Triple-Evil's pyramid, Jonathan Tremont laughed to himself, remarking how, despite Triathlon being the Triune Understanding's foremost following, he had been judged a criminal by Triathlon. He then commented that the three shards, the very power Triathlon possessed to control the Triple-Evil's pyramid, was stolen just as Tremont's power had been. Tremont then asked, given what both he and Triathlon knew about the shards' natures, if he were truly evil. Triathlon ultimately began considering returning the power and an angry Jonathan Tremont announced that they couldn't have scruples when Earth laid in the balance before Tremont busted from his prison and used the last vestiges of his power to assault the Damocles Base, headquarters of Kang, who had conquered Earth.

(Avengers III#54 - BTS) - Following Kang's defeat, Triathlon informed the Avengers that he wouldn't be returning to New York permanently until he dissolved the remnants of the Triple-Evil and figured out some things with his life, especially involving the Triune Understanding.

(Avengers III#55 - BTS) - When Duane Freeman died during Kang's worldwide assault, Captain America informed Yellowjacket that Iron Man was taking the death pretty hard due to Iron Man and Duane not getting along well after the Triune Understanding's smear campaign had come to light. While the Avengers dealt with the fallout of Kang's assault, Triathlon visited Peg Chandler, where he restored Hal and Chuck Chandler to physical forms. When Peg asked what Triathlon was going to do now, Triathlon revealed that the Triune Understanding was trying to reorganize following Jonathan Tremont's death and he admitted that he hoped the Triune Understanding could successfully reorganize. Also informing the Chandlers that he had been invited back into the Triune Understanding, Triathlon admitted that he didn't think he would return to the Triunes for the time being. When Iron Man asked to meet with Duane Freeman's brother Derek, Iron Man admitted to Derek that he wasn't sure why. Explaining how the Avengers had trouble with the Triune Understanding and that he didn't originally take it well when he learned Duane was a member, Iron Man hung his head and revealed how the Triune Understanding itself wasn't corrupt, only its leader Jonathan Tremont, which the Avengers didn't learn until after Duane's death. When Iron Man remarked that he had wanted to apologize to Duane ever since the Avengers had learned of Tremont's corruption, Derek then revealed that Duane had worried that Avengers information was being unwittingly leaked to the Triune Understanding as Tremont read Duane's mind and that Duane had been writing up a resignation, much to the unknowing Iron Man's shock. Iron Man quickly came to Duane's defense, saying it wasn't his fault, and Derek informed Iron Man that Duane thought highly of Iron Man.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#16 - BTS) - When Delroy Garrett, Jr., now calling himself the new 3-D Man, met up with the remnants of the Skrull Kill Krew during the Skrulls' Secret Invasion, he visited the Chandlers in New Mexico and after Hal Chandler recounted his origins, Delroy mentioned his own origins with the Triune Understanding and how they transferred Hal's energies and powers into him.

(Heroic Age: Heroes#1 - BTS) - After becoming head of the United States' superhuman forces, Steve Rogers researched several of Earth's superhumans, including 3-D Man, noting how Delroy Garrett, Jr. had become the heroic Triathlon through the Triune Understanding.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, George Perez and Al Vey.

Many of the Triune Understanding's appearances were behind-the-scenes, as the comic might've only shown Jonathan Tremont and not a large grouping of the organization itself.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Celardi & Gupta

Celardi and Gupta were members of the Triune Understanding who greeted the Vision when Triathlon brought Vision to the Triune Understanding World Headquarters on a secret information gathering mission disguised as the Vision seeking enlightenment. The two were ordered to establish quarters for the Vision before they were interrupted by another Triune member announcing the coming of the Triune's proposed Triple-Evil.

--Avengers III#46


Eduardo was a member of the Triune Understanding who acted as an assistant for Jonathan Tremont. Following a rally in Hawaii, Eduardo was told the rally went well by Tremont, whom Eduardo informed that the Triune Understanding had raised a substantial amount of money at the rally and that book and tape sales were growing. When Tremont admitted that he was referring to the crowd and their belief, Eduardo remarked that it must be very rewarding to see such a crowd. Tremont then remarked that Eduardo had no idea before faltering, prompting Eduardo to rush to Tremont's aid.

--Avengers III#26


Jorge was one of the Triune Understanding's public speakers, a job that allowed him to speak at the dedication of the Triune Understanding World Headquarters and Resource Center in Calleyville, Texas, where he introduced the crowd of followers to the Triune's superhero Triathlon before turning the podium over to the hero.

--Avengers III#15


Karjee was a member of the Triune Understanding inner council who attended a meeting organized by Jonathan Tremont at the Triune Understanding World Headquarters, where the council discussed the Avengers. After deciding not to continue the Triunes public smear campaign against the Avengers, Jonathan Tremont ordered Karjee to begin a new public relations campaign in which they would praise the Avengers while subtlely reminding the public of the Avengers' past failures and how the team had improved since Triune member Triathlon had joined the team. Karjee replied that they would need an event to draw attention to their plan and Tremont remarked that he could arrange one.

--Avengers III#36


Michaelson was a member of the Triune Understanding's council who reported directly to founder Jonathan Tremont. He was aware of the Triune's deal with Taskmaster to pose as Captain America and lure Avengers allies into attacking a Triune building and was on a first name basis with Jonathan Tremont. Michaelson later interrupted one of Tremont's meditation sessions to give Tremont the Triune Understanding operational report, in which Michaelson reported that Triune recruiting numbers were way up, especially among minorities and those who distrusted super heroes, thanks to the Triune Understanding's smear campaign against the Avengers. When Michaelson remarked that the positive reports would eventually fade as the Triune Understanding became old news, Tremont told Michaelson not to worry, as he was sure things were about to change, and then asked Michaelson how things were going with the Triune Understanding's New York operation involving Taskmaster. Michaelson later attended a Triune council meeting to discuss the Avengers, where Michaelson reported that new recruits to the Triune Understanding had declined since the Triune Understanding halted their smear campaign against the Avengers following Triathlon's joining of the team.

--Avengers III#26 (seen on a video screen) (#36,

The Prayer-Ship

The Prayer-Ship was a spacecraft constructed by the Triune Understanding to combat the perceived impending threat of the Triple-Evil. When Avengers Justice and Firestar went undercover within the Triune Understanding, they located the Prayer-Ship and soon learned that it would be powered by the minds of the entire Triune Understanding. Concerned that the act of psychically powering the spacecraft might kill the Triune Understanding followers, Justice and Firestar noticed fellow Avenger Photon walking around the Understanding's World Headquarters during a time when the Triunes were aiding the Avengers in healing a spiritual rift within Hank Pym. Secretly informing Photon of their findings, Justice and Firestar remained undercover while Photon went on to inform the Avengers about the Prayer-Ship. Seeking to investigate, the Avengers convinced their teammate and Triune member Triathlon to bring Vision to the Triune's World Headquarters, who would claim to be seeking enlightenment while he gathered information. Unfortunately, the Triple-Evil began drawing near Earth, forcing Vision to admit his knowledge of the Prayer-Ship and his concerns for the Triune Understanding lives. Jonathan Tremont admitted he understood Vision's concerns but warned that the Triple-Evil was coming closer and the Triune Understanding had no choice but to launch the Prayer-Ship without a proper test. He then assured Vision that the Prayer-Ship was safe and would harm no one before revealing his knowledge that Justice and Firestar were undercover within the Triune Understanding. Tremont then boarded the Prayer-Ship alongside Triathlon, Vision, Justice, Firestar and pilot Vasquez and as the ship launched, many of the Triune Understanding doubled over in pain. When Triathlon argued that Tremont had assured them no one would be harmed, Tremont calmly replied that his followers had voluntarily done what was necessary to combat the Triple-Evil, as he must also do. Assuring Triathlon that medical staff would take care of the fallen Triunes, Tremont ordered the pilot Vasquez to stay on course for the Triple-Evil. As the Prayer-Ship traveled into space, they noticed several stranded Avengers with a quantum energy bubble created by Quasar after their own ship was destroyed by Kang. Greeting the Avengers from the Prayer-Ship, Tremont invited them onboard the Prayer-Ship and revealed the threat of the Triple-Evil.

--Avengers III 2001 Annual (#45-46 - BTS, #48, #50, 


Suarez was a member of the Triune Understanding council who watched the Avengers' battle against Lord Templar and Pagan from afar alongside Jonathan Tremont and other council members.

--Avengers III#37


Teodor was one of the Triune Understanding followers who assisted Jonathan Tremont. When the Avengers first arrived, having tracked the energy trail of Lord Templar to the Triune's world headquarters, Teodor remarked to Jonathan Tremont that the Avengers' presence could mean disaster but Tremont assured Teodor it would be taken care of.

--Avengers III#15

Triune Understanding World Headquarters & Resource Center

The Triune Understanding World Headquarters and Resource Center was the base of operations for the Triune Understanding in Calleyville, Texas. Originally operating out of old storefronts, church basements and rented meeting halls, the Triune Understanding eventually grew large enough to build their own world headquarters. At the dedication ceremony for the new building, a large number of Triune followers gathered and the Triune's personal superhero, Triathlon, appeared and gave the crowd a display of his triple-agility. The World Headquarters later hosted a Triune Understanding inner council meeting organized by Jonathan Tremont to discuss the Avengers. The Avengers later brought Hank Pym and his bio-duplicate to the Triune Understanding's World Headquarters, where Jonathan Tremont allowed the two to merge together into a renewed Hank Pym. When Vision and Triathlon devised an undercover information gathering mission against the Triune Understanding, Triathlon led Vision, who was claiming to be seeking enlightenment, to the Triune's World Headquarters, where they were greeted by Jonathan Tremont before another Triune member announced the impending arriving of the Triune's perceived enemy, the Triple-Evil. Forced to reveal their true motives and concerns for the lives of the Triunes that would power the Triune's Prayer-Ship, Vision and Triathlon attempted to talk Jonathan Tremont out of launching the Prayer-Ship but Tremont claimed he was doing what was necessary. Accompanied by Triathlon and Vision as well as the undercover Justice and Firestar, Tremont launched the Prayer-Ship from the Triune's World Headquarters.

--Avengers III#15 (#36, 2001 Annual, #46, #48,


Vasquez was a member of the Triune Understanding who was trained to fly the Triune's psychically-powered Prayer-Ship. When Jonathan Tremont and a small squad of Avengers boarded the Prayer-Ship to combat the Triple-Evil, Vasquez piloted the ship and when several Triunes fell due to powering the ship with their psyches, Vasquez was ordered to stay the course to honor the fallen and Vasquez reluctantly continued. After the Prayer-Ship picked up a group of stranded Avengers, Vasquez presumably continued piloting the Prayer-Ship as the Triune Understanding confronted the Triple-Evil. He was not seen among the Triune Understanding members who accompanied Jonathan Tremont and the Avengers inside the Triple-Evil's pyramid so it remains unrevealed if he remained behind in the Prayer-Ship while Tremont absorbed the Triune's energies and died bringing down Kang's shields.

--Avengers III#48 (#50 - BTS, 


Vicente was a member of the Triune Understanding inner council and attended a council meeting at the Triune World Headquarters organized by Jonathan Tremont to discuss the Avengers. When Michaelson reported that recruitment was down since the Triune Understanding had halted their public smear campaign against the Avengers following Triathlon joining the team, Vicente suggested recalling Triathlon from the Avengers and focusing the praise on Triathlon alone but Tremont disagreed, remarking that he didn't think Triathlon would leave willingly.

--Avengers III#36


Violetta was a rather nervous Triune Understanding follower who was suspicious of the Avengers when they arrived at the Triune world headquarters. She nervously told the Avengers that they shouldn't be there, as it was a private area, but Triathlon appearead and calmed Violetta, taking over the conversation himself.

--Avengers III#15

images: (without ads)
Avengers III#15, p1, pan1-2 (Triune Understanding, cheering crowd at the Triune World Headquarters)
Avengers III#50, p26, pan1 (Triune Understanding, early days)
Avengers III#50, p26, pan5 (Triune Understanding, early churches)
Avengers III#26, p9, pan1 (Jonathan Tremont basking in Triune followers at a Hawaiian rally)
Avengers III#26, p10, pan3 (Triune Understanding's Manhattan office building)
Avengers III#36, p11, pan2 (Triune Understanding council)
Avengers III 2001 Annual, p31, pan1 (Avengers leaving Triune Understanding World Headquarters)
Avengers III#48, p9, pan1-2 (Triune members in pain as the Prayer-Ship launched)
Avengers III#46, p11, pan2 (Celardi & Gupta)
Avengers III#26, p9, pan4 (Eduardo)
Avengers III#15, p4, pan1 (Jorge)
Avengers III#36, p12, pan4 (Karjee)
Avengers III#36, p11, pan3 (Michaelson)
Avengers III#48, p8, pan1 (Prayer-Ship)
Avengers III#37, p12, pan3 (Suarez)
Avengers III#15, p10, pan7 (Teodor)
Avengers III#15, p2-3, pan10 (Triune Understanding World Headquarters and Resource Center)
Avengers III#48, p9, pan4 (Vasquez)
Avengers III#36, p11, pan6 (Vicente)
Avengers III#15, p10, pan1 (Violetta)

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