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Real Name: Salia Petrie

Identity/Class: Human, unconventional technology user

Occupation: Astronaut

Group Membership: NASA, Skylab project, Athena One crew

Affiliations: Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Major David Adamson, Dr. Fredericks

EnemiesFaceless One

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
formerly Drydock Space Station, Earth orbit;
formerly Cape Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA.

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel I#3 (March, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Salia had the special training of a NASA astronaut and was a very skilled pilot.
    After Faceless One's conditioning and using the special suit he gave her, her will, reflexes and hand-to-hand combat ability were rather improved. She could fire stunning eyebeams. Her costume could shot intelligent mini-missiles from the forearms, which could follow its target. The costume protected her with a defensive field capable to resist to Vance Astro's telekinetic blasts. She also used an Ionic Sword.

History: (Ms. Marvel I#7 (fb)/Ms. Marvel I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Salia Petrie started working for the NASA. There she met Carol Danvers, who was one of her instructors. She became Carol's best friend and often Carol helped Salia training and improving herself.

(Ms. Marvel I#3 - BTS) - Salia Petrie was part of the Skylab project, a secret NASA research laboratory situated in space. She was chosen as crew member of the Shuttle.

(Ms. Marvel I#3) - Carol Danvers contacted Salia to write an article on her and the two old friends met at Cape Canaveral. The day after, Salia and Major Adamson let Carol visit the Kennedy Space Center. During the walk, Carol had to transform into Ms. Marvel. She disappeared and went to fight the Doomsday Man, sent by AIM to stop the Space Shuttle Project.

(Ms. Marvel I#4) - Petrie and Adamson searched for Carol all over the base. Meanwhile the Centre had gone in alarm, quakes and radiations were spreading from a region at north of the Base (due to a Psyche-Magnitron Power Core). The General sent Petrie and Adamson to investigate. They took a helicopter and flew there.
    Still in flight, the radiations ceased, and after 30 minutes they reached the epicenter of the radiations' origin. They found the ground shattered and the entrance of a cavern buried (the Long-Lost Kree Outpost), as consequence of an explosion and, luckily, they found also Carol Danvers, wounded and weakened, who managed to tell them some words about the Doomsday Man.
    They transported Carol to the Space Center hospital and Adamson sent a squad to retrieve the robot.

(Ms. Marvel I#10 (fb) - BTS) - AIM had prepared to assault the Skylab for stealing a Cavorite Crystal which had to be used in the experiments in space.

(Ms. Marvel I#11) - Salia was chosen as first pilot of the Athena One, the Space Shuttle that had to transport the Cavorite Crystal to the Skylab, where Salia and another pilot would have to make experiments on it.
    Months later the radiation storm, the day of the launch arrived. Salia hosted Carol Danvers at her flat. While Salia was preparing for the launch, Carol had a Seventh Sense flashforward about an accident involving Salia. The Space Shuttle took off.

(Ms. Marvel I#12/Ms. Marvel I#11 (ff)) - The Shuttle in orbit lost contact with the NASA Saracen Cay station. The energetic field originated by the Ruby Scarab and Hecate while fighting at Saracen Cay reached the Shuttle. The great energies charged the Cavorite Crystal whose energies started to interfere with the Shuttle console. Salia transmitted a Mayday, but the Cavorite Crystal disrupted all the electric circuits. Salia opened the box containing the Crystal but it was too late, with a flashing light the Cavorite reached the critical point and exploded. Salia was hurled into space floating into the direction of Earth.

(Ms. Marvel I#13) - Salia was believed dead.

(Ms. Marvel I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Actually, Salia was saved by the Faceless One just before entering the atmosphere. She was transported aboard the Drydock, Guardians of the Galaxy's space station, where Faceless One hid. There she was brainwashed and enslaved by the alien through a Psychic Module inserted in Salia's brain. She was trained to be ruthless in combat and she was given a special suit and an Ionic Sword. 

 (Ms. Marvel I#23) - Months after, Salia went to Carol Danvers' house dressed with her astronaut suit. Carol believed she had somehow survived the accident and helped her, but Salia hit her at betrayal stunning her, then, teleported Carol on the Drydock.
    The Faceless One tried to subjugate Carol, too, as he had done with Salia, but Carol managed to escape and to transform into Ms. Marvel. Salia pursued her and fought with Vance Astro and Ms. Marvel, holding them back, then ran away luring the two heroes into a trap. Vance Astro violently hit Salia with a Psycho-kinetic blast while Ms. Marvel fought against the Faceless One. Having lost its body, the Faceless One's spider-shaped head fled in a teportation field, he ordered Salia to join him but Ms. Marvel succeeded in grabbing her while Vance Astro forced the Faceless One's teleport. Vance Astro used his telekinesis to destroy the enslaving module in Salia's body but Salia was too shocked, so, Ms. Marvel unmasked herself and embraced her friend.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont and Jerry Conway (writer), John Buscema (pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks).

(ff) stands for "flashforward" as (fb) stands for "flashback"

Profile by Spidermay.

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Major David Adamson

    David Adamson was a normal human.
    He was a Major in the US Air Force and worked for the NASA as pilot at the Kennedy Space Center, he was Salia Petrie's colleague and friend.

(Ms. Marvel I#3) - Adamson and Petrie worked on the Space Shuttle Project which had to study the Cavorite Crystal in space; David was involved in the Skylab creation.

    Adamson accompanied Salia Petrie and Carol Danvers to do a tour around the Kennedy Space Center, but Carol had to abandon them because of one of her uncontrolled transformations into Ms. Marvel.

(Ms. Marvel I#4) - Dave and Salia searched for Carol without result, then they were sent by the General to explore the place of origin of incredible radiations and quakes north of the Space Center.
    They reached the place by helicopter and found Carol Danvers wounded, who told them about the Doomsday Man.
After having transported Carol back to the Space Center, Adamson sent a squad to take the robot's remnants.

(Ms. Marvel I#11 - BTS) - Dave helped Salia in taking care of her house while she was away for the mission in Space.

--Ms. Marvel I#3 (Ms. Marvel I#3-4, 11 - BTS

Dr. Fredericks

    Dr. Fredericks was a normal human.
    He was a scientist, involved in the Skylab project and in the studies about the Cavorite Crystal.

    Fredericks, working for NASA, knew Carol Danvers. He was very grateful to Carol when she helped them to find the Crystal stolen by Grotesk. He was involved in the research project regarding the Cavorite Crystal and let Carol be present to the Space Shuttle launch piloted by Salia Petrie.

--Ms. Marvel I#11



Will Robinson

    Will Robinson was a normal human. He was the Manager of the Flight Operations of the Houston Space Center.

    Robinson was present at the Houston Center when the Athena One Shuttle exploded due to the Cavorite Crystal energy release and was sure that Salia Petrie was dead because her bio-signal ceased when she entered Earth's atmosphere.

    Months later, Robison was called at night by Carol Danvers because she was just visited by Salia. He told Carol what he knew.

--Ms. Marvel I#23

Doctor Confort, Len, Mac, Marv and Morgan

    Doctor Confort, Mac, Len, Marv and Morgan were part of the NASA personnel of the observation post on Saracen Cay island.
    Doctor Confort was the highest in rank.
Len was a radio-technician.



    The NASA Observatory Station was observing the Athena One flight when Ms. Marvel arrived and picked up a parabolic antenna and used it to fight some sand creatures created by Magnum.
    Marv and Len observed the fight between Ms. Marvel and Hecate and the Elementals. Meanwhile Mac lost the radio contact with Cape Canaveral. Confort ordered a test on the checking systems. Although Salia's transmission arrived to the station, Len could not contact the Athena One, the Saracen Cay station only had the laser-link with the Shuttle.
    Len and another doctor found two guns, but could not use them when the fight between Ms. Marvel and Hellfire crushed into the Observatory. Salia's Mayday wasn't heard by anyone. Shortly later an enormous wave of seawater submerged the Observatory, destroying it and driving everybody into the sea. Luckily, Ms. Marvel fetched all the personnel back to the beach and continued the fight.

--Ms. Marvel I#12 ([11], 12


Tom Boardman

    Tom Boardman was a commander in the USAF. Years before he had been an astronaut and commander of the Apollo 18 mission. He had known Carol Danvers and Salia Petrie.

    Boardman, now working in Boston, went to the party of the Indian Summer on the USS Constitution and there met Carol Danvers after years. He welcomed Carol and condoled for Salia's death. Shortly after, an alarm and an explosion came from USS Halsey so Boardman asked Mike Barnett to bring Carol far away to the beach.

--Ms. Marvel I#13


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