Real Name: Psykos

Identity/Class: Eternal of Earth

Occupation: Police negotiator, adventurer

Group Membership: Eternals/New Breed

Affiliations: Agent Findlay, Ransak the Reject

Enemies: Apocalypse, Harold, Karkas

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Psyche, Ronnie Sykes

Base of Operations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Olympia, Greece

First Appearance: New Eternals#1 (February, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Pyskos is a member of the Eternals race, and posssess all the conventional abilities of an Eternal. He can manipulate all forms of matter and energy, including the atoms of his own body, granting himself virtual immortality; he can teleport; manipulate gravitons in order to fly; and project energy from his body. His is especially adept in the use of his psychic powers, possessing telepathy, and the ability to control the minds of others.

History: Psykos is an Eternal of an unknown age who has chosen to develop his mental powers more than any other ability. At some point in his life, he chose to become a police negotiator named "Ronnie Sykes", using his psychic powers to out-think criminals. He does not seem to get along well with his fellow Eternals.

(New Eternals#1) - In his identity of Ronnie Sykes, Psykos confronted a hostage-taker named Harold in the CN Tower, just as a summons to Olympia reached him telepathically. He shook the momentary distraction off, and used his mental powers to take control of Harold, forcing him to shoot himself in the leg. He then sped off for Olympia to investigate the summons.



In Olympia, Psykos met with many of his fellow Eternals, and learned that one of their dead was about to be resurrected. Just then, Olympia was invaded by Ransak, who had been badly mutated as the result of manipulations by Apocalypse. Not recognizing him, the Eternals fought him, a battle which Psykos did not make a good accounting for himself in. After learning who he was, the Eternals tended to him, restoring him to normal.

The Eternal on the verge of returning proved to be Virako, father of Ikaris. Virako strongly disaproved of Ikaris' judgement as leader, and his desire to aid the Deviants, but of the Eternals, Psykos was one of those to side with Ikaris, and joined him in journeying to San Francisco, where the Eternals' former Deviant ally Karkas had appeared, now horribly mutated into a giant monster.

Psykos attempted to take control of Karkas' mind, but was struck by backlash, because he was already under the mental control of another--one who proved to be Apocalypse. Ultimately, Karkas was defeated, and Apocalypse fled, leaving the Eternals to deal with the humans who had sighted them. Ikaris chose to introduce themselves to the humans as super-heroes called "the New Breed". In this guise, Psykos took the alias "Psyche".

Comments: Created by Karl Bollers, Mike Higgins and Joe Bennett.

None of the New Eternals were particularly memorable, but Psykos at least had that Dr. Druid-like charm. Plus, he's Canadian.

by Prime Eternal

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