Real Name: Karkas

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Deviant) mutate

Occupation: Scholar, warrior

Group Membership: Negative Force (Jannor, Koly, Ransak the Reject);
    formerly Kro's Kommandos (Kro, Ransak the Reject), Delta Force (Dragona, Enigmo, Ransak the Reject, Toro Rojo, Tzabaoth)

Affiliations: Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Hercules/Heracles/Alcaeus, Namor/Namor Mackenzie, Sersi, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Thor Odinson), Black Panther (T'Challa), Dave Chatterton, Cyclops (Scott Summers), Margo Damian, Deadpool (Jack/"Wade Wilson"), Eternals (Aurelle, Ceyote, Cybele, Delphan Brothers, Domo, Gilgamesh, Ikaris, Khoryphos, Suyin King, Kingo Sunen, Makkari, Phastos, Psykos, Sersi, Sprite, Thena, Tomorrow Hawk, Virako, Zuras), Georgie, Heroes for Hire (Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Luke Cage, Iron Fist/Daniel Rand, White Tiger), High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham), Sam Holden, Janie, Reject (Ransak), Deborah Ritter, Donald Ritter, Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Super-Skrull (Kl'rt), Thor Odinson, Warlord Kro

Enemies: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Blastaar, Brother Karygmax, Brother Tode, Brother Visara, Ereshkigal, Eson the Celestial, Ghaur, Humanoids, Leader (Samuel Sterns), Maelstrom, Maelstrom's Minions (Gronk, Helio, Phobius), Metabo, Tutinax, Weird Sisters (Beauty, Charm, Truth), Yellow-Crested Titans, Yrdisis, Zakka the Tool-Master

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother

Aliases: Karkas the Kind, Karkas Eternal-Friend, Karkas the Regularly Defeated, Killing Machine, Mutate Marauder

Base of Operations: Somewhere in the Negative Zone;
   formerly Olympia, Greece;
   formerly "City of Toads" in Lemuria, beneath the Pacific Ocean

First Appearance: Eternals I#8 (February, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Standing over 8 feet tall and weighing over 1200 pounds, Karkas has bright red skin (although it sometimes appears green or brown) that can withstand concussive blasts without injury. Karkas has six unique clawed appendages on each hand and foot and a massive gaping mouth with jagged teeth. Karkas has superhuman strength (capable of lifting 25 tons), and he can heal twice as fast as humans, though he only moves at 75% of the speed of most humans. 

    Karkas has a large brain and is smarter than many Deviants, capable of philosophical thought. A gentle creature who despises fighting, Karkas has been trained as a gladiator in the Deviant Arena, and is an effective warrior. Karkas has written a memoir, and has maintained a farm for himself. Karkas has taken on a giant form while under the control of Apocalypse, who presumably mutated Karkas further. Karkas has used holograms and illusions to disguise his appearance.

Height: 8'3"
Weight: 1260 lbs.
Eyes: Black (sometimes appear white)
Hair: None

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#6 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas' mother was desperate to stabilize her genes, as each Deviant born had an entirely new genetic code, and she subjected herself to involuntary experiments in the Breeding Pits in the "City of Toads." The experiment failed, and her son Karkas was born more monstrously mutated than the standard Deviant. 

    Karkas was raised by a gladiator in the Arena, and he was to be sentenced to death as soon as he was legally old enough to be killed. Karkas hated fighting and found himself drawn to matters of the heart and brain, so he did as little as he could in the Arena, where his size and powers gave him an unnatural advantage over his opponents.

(Wolverine II#144 (fb) - BTS) - In a plot to fight the Hulk, the Leader kidnapped Karkas and Hercules.

(Wolverine II#144) - The Leader captured Wolverine as well, after which the Leader prepared to force the heroes to fight the Hulk. Wolverine escaped, freeing the others, and Karkas joined his new allies in fighting the Leader's Humanoid robots. The Leader's plans were soon thwarted.

(Eternals I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas, sometimes called the Killing Machine, was regularly used in arena combat in Lemuria for the amusement of their leader Brother Tode. Karkas was known to be particularly savage and destructive in combat.

(Eternals I#8) - Karkas was released to participate in arena combat with the Reject, a human-looking Deviant who was a trained warrior. Karkas burst into the arena enraged, seeing Brother Tode, Warlord Kro, and Thena among the royalty watching.

(Eternals I#9) - When the Reject hit Karkas with a blast, Karkas cried out, wondering why everyone kept hurting him. Ransak hit Karkas with a few energy blasts, then savagely beat him with the power-rod before turning on the guards and seizing one of their guns. 

(Eternals I#10) - After Kro and Thena sparred with the Reject, they realized that Karkas was still alive, though wounded. He asked them for a sanctuary to pursue a happy life in, free of combat. Thena offered them both a happy life in Olympia, and teleported away with the duo.

(Eternals I#12) - After landing in Olympia, Karkas collapsed from his wounds, and Thena used her powers to tend to him. Even as he realized that the Eternals found him hideous, Karkas heard Thena defend him, explaining that his was a soul that wanted respite. When Thena tasked the Reject with watching over Karkas, Karkas was amused, and he wondered if he might be able to pursue philosophy in his new home.

(Eternals Annual I#1) - Thena introduced Karkas and Ransak to Zuras, who insulted them by calling them monsters before asking them to help find their old foe, Zakka the Tool-Master. Karkas used an illusion created by Thena to disguise himself, after which he checked into a hotel with Thena and Ransak. 

    Ransak grew suspicious of the humans around and accosted the bellboy, though Karkas helped stop him. Karkas fought time-traveling warriors who served Attila the Hun (summoned by Zakka) to protect young Georgie and his babysitter Janie. Karkas revealed his true form, causing the civilians around him to rush away in a panic. Zakka then revealed his existence, shooting Karkas with an energy gun multiple times before fleeing. Thena helped heal Karkas and then restored his human disguise. 

    Zakka subsequently summoned the super-strong warrior, Tutinax, who attacked Zakka before fighting Ransak, Thena, and Karkas. Thena set up a gladiatorial combat with Tutinax, but he disappeared in time before the winner could be determined.

(Thor I#285 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas began studying the works of Thoreau. Thena began to realize Karkas had a poet's heart.

(Thor I#285 (fb)) - Thena took Karkas and Reject aboard her airship with other warriors, and they soon brought Ikaris and Margo Damian aboard, explaining that they had intel on the new civilization of the Deviants. Thena used her powers to give Reject and Karkas civilian appearances again, and they soon boarded the subway, avoiding a cop along the way. Diverting into the tunnels, the group found the Deviants, and a fight immediately broke out. When Kro placed a bomb on Margo, the others surrendered to keep her alive, but Karkas burst through the wall, escaping, believing one of them should remain free. He disguised himself as a human for a time, then sought out Sersi's apartment for aid, finding it in shambles.

(Thor I#285) - In Sersi's apartment, in his human guise, Karkas saw Dr. Donald Blake enter, looking for Sersi. Perceiving Blake to be a threat, Karkas changed back to his monstrous form and then saw Blake change into Thor. Karkas initially attacked Thor until he realized he was an ally and heard that Thor was seeking the Eternals. Using Sersi's magic mirror on the wall, Karkas showed Thor his recent adventures, after which Sersi revealed she'd been hiding in the corner, disguised, the entire time. She then revealed two Deviants tied up in the room whom she'd briefly transformed into ornamental cats. Hearing the approaching police, Karkas left with Sersi and Thor, who held one of the Deviants, and the captive revealed where the Deviants were hiding with their captives.

(Thor I#286) - Karkas, Sersi, and Thor descended into the tunnels, where they were attacked by Deviants, and Karkas was hit with a massive energy weapon during the fight. Kro intervened, vowing to kill Karkas unless the others surrendered, and they agreed. The trio were placed in bonds (the Belts of Bemusement) and reunited with Thena, Ikaris, Margo Damian, and Ransak, after which all of them were taken before Brother Tode. Sersi used illusions, revealing Thor was free, and then Kro launched the mutate Metabo at the group, though Thor soon defeated him.
    Brother Tode escaped, collapsing the city behind him, and Thor helped the group escape to Olympia.

(Thor I#287) - After Thor returned Margo to Earth, Karkas bantered with Ransak as they arrived in Olympia, where a thrown discus caused their ship to crash. Unharmed, the group discovered the Eternals engaging in a set of Olympic games, which were the source of the hurled discus. 
    The Eternal Hero (formerly the Forgotten One) subsequently attacked the city, toppling the arena to warn the Eternals not to interfere in the upcoming judgment of Earth by the Celestials.

(Thor I#288) - Karkas and Ransak saw the Eternals, including Zuras, Domo, and Makkari, plan to form the Uni-Mind to fight against the One Above All.

(Thor I#289) - Thor returned with Hero, who was revealed as the Forgotten One, and Karkas and Ransak were amused to see the Eternals (including the Delphan Brothers) and Thor argue about tactics.

(Thor I#291) - The Celestial One Above All manipulated Thor and the Eternals, along with Karkas and the Reject, into a massive battle with the Olympian and Asgardian gods. During the fight, Karkas and the Reject sparred with Yellow-Crested Titans.

(Thor I#292) - Karkas and Ransak saw the battle end and the gods all depart.

(Contest of Champions I#1) - Karkas was among the heroes selected for the Contest of Champions, but he was held in stasis.

(Eternals II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas began learning the complicated history of the Eternals.

(Eternals II#1) - After the death of Zuras, Thena ruled Olympia, and she called a meeting of many Eternals (Ikaris, Makkari, Sprite, Khoryphos, Phastos, Kingo Sunen, Cybele) as well as Karkas. Karkas witnessed the ritual of Thena receiving the mantle of power, after which he saw her disappointment as she realized that everyone but Karkas and Makkari were holograms, revealing that the others hadn't seen the event as important enough to attend in person.

(Eternals II#2) - As Makkari nervously paced, Karkas played chess with Thena, and he grew concerned when she threw the game. Ikaris and Margo Damian arrived to inform Thena of a threat by the Deviants.

(Eternals II#4) - Karkas was with Thena in Olympia when she received reports of a Deviant fleet of ships above Earth, and they both learned that Kro was now in charge of the Deviants. Thena angrily ordered Karkas to prepare the destructive Alpha Craft, threatening to badly wound him if he didn't listen. They activated the Alpha Craft against the Deviants, but it proved ineffective, and the Deviants escaped.

(Eternals II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Ikaris accused Thena of treason for activating the weapon, and they prepared to put her on trial in Olympia.

(Eternals II#5) - The Eternals (including Khoryphos, Phastos, Kingo Sunen, Sersi, Makkari, and Ikaris) gathered in Olympia with Margo Damian, Reject, and Karkas for the trial of Thena. Ikaris demanded that Karkas testify against Thena, but Karkas refused, knowing his testimony as a Deviant would be inadmissible anyway. Thena lashed out at Ikaris, but she then agreed to a more reasonable trial the next day.

(Eternals II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas spent time watching over Olympia. No one entered during his watch except for Thena and Kro.

(Eternals II#9) - Ikaris and Ransak returned to Olympia and met with Makkari, Karkas, Kingo Sunen, Argos, and Cybelle to discuss the betrayal of Thena. When the Forgotten One arrived, he informed them that Ghaur had plans to overthrow the Celestials. After Karkas wondered aloud if the Forgotten One could be trusted, the Reject struck him in frustration. Ikaris intervened, calling Karkas a creature of honor. 

    The group sought out Thena and Kro and restrained them (with Karkas holding Kro in place), after which they entered the Great Machine, where a recording of Zuras appeared and instructed Ikaris and Thena to battle for the role of the Prime Eternal, with Ikaris soon winning. As Thena and Kro teleported away, Karkas wrestled with his own guilt.

(Eternals II#10) - Knowing that the Deviants possessed a weapon capable of planetary destruction, Ikaris readied his allies for battle and changed their molecules to look like Deviants, leaving the unaltered Cybele and Karkas behind to monitor events. Ghaur subsequently communicated with Olympia and revealed that he had Margo hostage; to appease him, Karkas used holograms to pretend to be Ikaris, and then Karkas sent a warning to his allies' ship. Karkas soon after took a call from Dave Chatterton and Samuel Holden, looking for Sersi, but he refused to give them her whereabouts.

(Eternals II#11) - Karkas and Cybele greeted Dave Chatterton when he arrived in Olympia, and they gave him a tour and explained recent events. They used a crystal to monitor Sersi's whereabouts and learned that Ghaur was controlling Sersi, Thena, and Kro, and he had plans to access Celestial weapons, so Cybele sent Dave to Lemuria to warn Ikaris.

(Eternals II#12) - Karkas saw Ikaris and his allies return to Olympia, having been overwhelmed by the powers of Ghaur, who was now wielding the power of a fallen Celestial. The Eternals sought to form the Uni-Mind, but the giant-sized Ghaur attacked with his forces of Deviants, though Ghaur was soon defeated. 

    Karkas later stood at the grave or Margo Damian with Ikaris.

(Silver Surfer Annual I#1) - Karkas stood in Olympia with Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, and Makkari when the High Evolutionary entered the city, asking the Eternals to help map the Silver Surfer's DNA, which he claimed he would use to better all life on Earth. Karkas found himself annoyed with the High Evolutionary's arrogance. 

    Karkas then accompanied the Eternals into space where they intervened in a battle between Silver Surfer and Super-Skrull. The Surfer refused to let the Eternals take a genetic map of him, so they transported him and the Super-Skrull to Olympia against their will. Silver Surfer and Super-Skrull soon after broke free and fought the Eternals, with Karkas attacking the Surfer directly, but the Super-Skrull and Silver Surfer swiftly escaped.

(Avengers I#310 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas was with the Eternals (including Phastos and Sprite) when they found Blastaar and restored him to health. Blastaar then attacked, seemingly killing the Eternals and Karkas.

(Avengers I#310) - The Eternals returned from seeming death, having restored their atoms and forms to normal. They interacted with the Avengers in Olympia.

(Eternals: The Herod Factor#1) - Ransak and Karkas joined the Eternals in hearing about monsters slaughtering human twins, and Phastos soon determined that it was the prophecied "Ordained Ones," Human/Deviant offspring, that were committing the murders. Thena brought her human children, Donald and Deborah Ritter, to Olympia, and Karkas and Ransak agreed to watch over them for a time. A monstrous mutate (secretly Ajak) attacked and knocked out both Karkas and Ransak, kidnapping the two children. When the Eternals returned, Karkas and Reject explained what had happened. As the Eternals departed, Karkas and Ranask wondered if they were truly trusted, after which Thena invited them to accompany her on a mission to the Eternal Polar base, where they found a seemingly aged Kro, living in the Pyramid of the Winds.

(Eternals: The Herod Factor#1 - BTS) - Kro returned himself to his normal appearance and then accompanied Thena, Karkas, and Ransak to Lemuria, where Brother Visara had captured the twins and the Eternals. Thena used her powers to disguise she and Ransak as the twins, after which they attacked.

(Eternals: The Herod Factor#1) - Kro turned the Deviants against their new ruler, Brother Visara. As the Deviants fled, the Eternals, Karnak, and Ransak returned to Daniel Damian (the father of the deceased Margo Damian) and exposed him as the villain behind the attacks and kidnappings, knowing he still had the twins. The mutate attacked again, holding its own against the Eternals until Sersi defeated the mutate, revealing it was a corrupted Ajak. The twins were saved, and Damian was apparently killed in the battle.

(Avengers I#370) - Ransak and Karkas sparred against Kingo Sunen in Olympia. When the Avengers were captured by Deviants (led by Ghaur), Sersi worked with Kro to assemble a team called the Delta Force to find them. Members included Karkas, Reject, Enigmo, Toro Rojo, Tzabaoth, and Dragona. Kro sent Karkas, Ransak, Enigmo, and Toro Rojo to the arena, where two of the mind-controlled Avengers were being held.

(Avengers I#371) - Karkas and Ransak faced off against Giant-Man and Black Knight (who were being mind-controlled by Karygmax's brain-mines) in the arena, and Enigmo and Toro Rojo helped win the fight when Karkas and Ransak were nearly defeated. When the Avengers broke free from the mind control, Karkas and Ransak led them to the others through the tunnels of Lemuria, and they soon faced off with Ghaur alongside the rest of the Avengers. After the battle concluded, Delta Force left Ghaur in power, but Kro promised they would come back to stop him.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#10 (fb) - BTS ) - Ikaris called a meeting of the Eternals, and Ransak and Karkas were asked to remain outside in Olympia.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#10) - The Fantastic Four members Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and Thing seemingly arrived in Olympia and attacked Karkas and Ransak, who soon exposed the trio as Helio, Phobos, and Gronk in disguise. The villains captured Karkas and Ransak and teleported away before the Eternals could save them. Karkas and Ransak were kept captive in a device that painfully withdrew their kinetic energy, and they saw the Weird Sisters (Beauty, Charm, Truth) apprehend Yrdisis as well.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#10 - BTS) - Karkas and Ransak were given truth serum, and they revealed the existence of the Ritter twins. The villains believed that draining the energy of the twins would help restore to life their master, Maelstrom.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#10) - The Fantastic Four and the Eternals arrived to help save the captives, but Maelstrom was already draining the life of Karkas, Reject, Yrdisis, and the twins, aging them as he reconstituted himself. Maelstrom's connection was severed when he realized that Ransak was his own son. The life forces of the captives were returned to them.

(Heroes for Hire I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Ghaur captured Sersi, Thena, and the Ritter twins and began draining their energy in Lemuria, so Kro assembled a team he called Kro's Kommandos, including Karkas and Ransak.

(Heroes for Hire I#5 (fb)) - Kro's Kommandos stormed Lemuria to free the captives, but they were all captured after Karkas freed Sersi, who escaped.

(Heroes for Hire I#5) - Sersi returned with the Heroes for Hire, and they battled Ghaur's legions, which now included the mind-controlled Karkas and Ransak.

(Heroes for Hire I#6) - Karkas was forced to battle Luke Cage, and Karkas apologized even as he hit Cage. Karkas was later forced to stand guard over Luke Cage and White Tiger in their cells, but Ant-Man was able to free Karkas by destroying his control device. They joined with Iron Fist to fight Lord Ghaur while Karkas held off Ransak.

(Heroes for Hire I#7) - Ghaur was defeated, and Karkas remained behind in Lemuria to help the Deviants.

green Karkasgreen & monstrous(New Eternals: Apocalypse Now#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ransak and Karkas formed a rebel base with like-minded Deviants in Lemuria.

(New Eternals: Apocalypse Now#1) - When Ghaur declared war on the surface world, Ransak and Karkas (now mysteriously green) stood against him, but Lemuria was soon attacked with nuclear weapons by Apocalypse. 

     Karkas was mutated into an enormous monster, and Apocalypse kidnapped him and other mutated Deviants, forcing them to battle for a time. 

     Apocalypse subsequently sent Karkas down to attack Earth inside of an obelisk, that cracked open to free Karkas. At giant-size, Karkas began lashing out, and a group of Eternals (Sersi, Thena, Ikaris, Aurelle, Tomorrow Hawk, Chi Demon, Psykos) and Reject soon defeated Karkas by jamming his power lance into Karkas' giant spine, causing the monster to scream in pain.

(Black Panther III#27) - When Black Panther brought warships to Lemuria in a standoff over a Deviant child seeking asylum on Earth, Kro went to the surface with Karkas and Ransak flanking him to confront Black Panther. 

     Kro escalated tensions by punching Black Panther while Karkas and Ransak held back.

(Daughters of the Dragon I#3) - Karkas was asking for directions at the Rascal Tavern in Greenwich Village when the Daughters of the Dragon entered to ask questions about 8-Ball and Freezer Burn. 

     A fight broke out and between the villains at the bar and the Daughters of the Dragon. During the scuffle Karkas fell through a window to the outside.

(Thor: The Deviants Saga#2) - Back in Olympia with Ransak, Karkas was amused that they stood watch over a city in which they didn't belong. Thor subsequently arrived, seeking the Eternals, but he found only Virako and Phastos present in Olympia. Kro then attacked with a group of Deviants, including Tutinax, seeking to steal the resurrection machine, but he realized it was broken. As Thor battled Tutinax, Karkas was briefly caught up in hologram light from a machine that made him appear human, and he found himself beautiful. The Deviants badly wounded Virako, after which they escaped with a captured Phastos and the resurrection machine.

(Thor: The Deviants Saga#3) - Ransak and Karkas guided Thor back to Lemuria, where they were shot down, and Karkas and Ransak were captured. Ghaur, realizing that he could not manipulate the mind of Ransak, forced Karkas to attack his ally, and they continued battling as Thor and Phastos sought to repair the broken machine.

(Thor: The Deviants Saga#4) - Ghaur continued forcing Karkas to battle Ransak.

(Thor: The Deviants Saga#5) - Thor and Phastos attacked anew, forcing Ghaur to release Karkas from his control. Karkas and Ransak joined their allies in defeating Ghaur and the other threats to Lemuria, including Ereshkigal and Tutinax. 

     Kro took over ruling Lemuria again and reported that most Deviant males had now been rendered sterile, and he ordered a horrified Ransak, as one of the only Deviants to still be virile, to stay in Lemuria and father a new generation of Deviants. Thor offered to fight to defend Ransak's right to choose, but Phastos proposed a solution, offering to stay in Lemuria and help them solve their problems. 

     Back in Olympia, Ransak and Karkas saw the Uni-Mind return, bringing the rest of the Eternals back to Earth.


(Spider-Man/Deadpool#44 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas established a farm on a distant planet on the edge of the universe where he could live alone. He raised crops, took care of farm animals, cooked for himself, raised a horned green dog, and began working on writing his life story.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#45 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas became gluten free.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#44) - Karkas saw a beacon activated in his drawer that indicated Ransak was in danger. Karkas, dressed in a suit, followed the beacon to the Negative Zone and found Ransak under the control of Blastaar, forced to battle Spider-Man, Deadpool, Jannor, and Koly. Karkas knocked Blastaar aside and then helped pin Ransak, who was soon webbed to the wall by Spider-MAn, and Karkas used reasoning to get Ransak back in control of his own form. Ransak then explained how Blastaar had controlled him and channeled his rage, and he worried that rage was all he was now. As Karkas comforted Ransak, Blastaar took mental control of Deadpool and Koly, as well as Ransak again, and ordered them to attack.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#45) - Ransak was forced to attack Karkas, and Blastaar soon took over Karkas and the others. After they were freed from control and Blastaar was arrested, Karkas and Ransak were thrilled to be reunited, and they agreed to join Koly and Jannor in the Negative Force.

(Eternals Forever#1) - Confiding in Gilgamesh about his poetic soul, Karkas watched Ransak training against Thena, but the Deviants soon attacked the city. The Deviants were soon defeated.

(Eternals V#8 (fb) - BTS) - Karkas and Ransak began sparring in Lemuria, letting Deviants pay admission to watch them as a way to make a living.

(Eternals V#8) - Karkas and Ransak were fighting when Ikaris approached them, asking for help in learning how to fight as if he was mortal. Soon, Thanos attacked.

(Eternals V#9) - Karkas and Ransak saw Thanos kill thousands in Lemuria before he departed, the Eternals leaving soon after.

(A.X.E.: Judgment Day#3) - When the Eternals declared war on the mutants, the Deviants, including Kro, Karkas, and Ransak, passed through the Krakoan gates and met Ccylops, there to ally with the mutants against the Eternals.

(A.X.E.: Death to the Mutants#2) - Karkas and Ransak were among the Deviants to go to Krakoa to aid the mutants.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.

    Thanks to Markus Raymond for adding Karkas' Daughters of the Dragon appearance.

    Karkas received handbook profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#6 (June, 1983), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#6 (May, 1986) and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#21 (1992).

    This profile was completed 4/24/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Chadman.

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Avengers I#370 (January, 1994) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Geof Isherwood (penciler), Al Milgrom, Kevin Yates (inkers), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Avengers I#371 (February, 1994) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Mike Gustovich (penciler), Tom Palmer (inker), Ralph Macchio (Editor)
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New Eternals: Apocalypse Now#1 (February, 2000) - Karl Bollers, Mike Higgins (writers), Joe Bennett (penciler), Scott Hanna (inker), Ralph Machio (ediotr)
Black Panther III#27 (February, 2001) - Christopher Priest (writer), Sal Velluto (penciler), Bob Almond (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Daughters of the Dragon I#3 (May, 2006) - Justin Gray (writer), Jimmy Palmiotti (writer/inker), Khari Evans (penciler), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Thor: The Deviants Saga#2 (February, 2012) - Robert Rodi (writer), Stephen Segovia (penciler), Jason Paz (inker), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Thor: The Deviants Saga#3-5 (March-May, 2012) - Robert Rodi (writer), Stephen Segovia (penciler), Jason Paz, Jeff Huet (inkers), Ralph Macchio (editor)
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Eternals V#9 (March, 2022) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Esad Ribic, Guiu Vilanova (artists), Darren Shan (editor)
A.X.E.: Judgment Day#3 (October, 2022) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Valerio Schiti (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
A.X.E.: Death to the Mutants#2 (November, 2022) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Giui Vilanova (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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