Real Name: Ceyote

Identity/Class: Eternal

Occupation: Sculptor, adventurer

Affiliations: Eternals/New Breed, Ransak the Reject

Enemies: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Karkas

Known Relatives: Iris Devereaux (half-human daughter)

Aliases: Tomorrow Hawk, Thomas Hawk

Base of Operations: New Mexico; Olympia, Greece

First Appearance: New Eternals#1 (February, 2000)



Powers/Abilities: Ceyote is a member of the Eternals race, and posssess all the conventional abilities of an Eternal. He can manipulate all forms of matter and energy, including the atoms of his own body, granting himself virtual immortality; he can teleport; manipulate gravitons in order to fly; communicate telepathically; and project energy from his body. Ceyote is particularly adept in controlling aspects of nature, including summoning storms, commanding winds, and animating inanimate objects to do his bidding, such as his Ani-Mates. He is so highly attuned to nature that he is able to sense great disturbances elsewhere in the world.


History: The specifics of the Eternal known as Ceyote's history are not known. At some point in his long life, he fathered a daughter, Iris Devereaux, with a human, and created for himself a human identity as "Thomas Hawk", a sculptor. The name "Ceyote" suggests that he may have been mistaken for the Native American god Coyote in times past, as many Eternals were.

(New Eternals#1)- As "Thomas Hawk", Ceyote was about to meet with a potential client brought to him by his daughter (now an old woman), when he sensed Apocalypse's assault upon Deviant Lemuria. The detonation of nuclear warheads there kicked up a wind that nearly brought his daughter's helicopter out of the sky, but he animated a statue to catch the helicopter, and brought them to safety. He then left them to answer the summons from Olympia that he had received.

In Olympia, Ceyote witnessed the return from the dead of Ikaris' father Virako, and aided his fellow Eternals in fighting the then-mutated Ransak, whom they did not recognize. When Ransak was restored to normal, he requested the Eternals to aid his fellow Deviants, which disgusted Virako, who strongly disaproved of his son's policies. Ikaris chose to defy his father, and Ceyote was among those Eternals who joined Ikaris in journeying to San Francisco to oppose the now-mutated Karkas.

In the course of their battle, Ceyote's fellow Eternal Phastos was able to discern that Karkas was being controlled by technology, and had Ceyote provide a distraction with his Ani-Mates while he probed him. They ultimately learnt that Karkas was controlled by Apocalypse, who fled, and they defeated Karkas.

Having been noticed by human reporters, Ikaris decided to introduce him and his fellow Eternals to them as super-heroes, called "the New Breed". In this guise, Ceyote took the alias of "Tomorrow Hawk".

Comments: Created by Karl Bollers, Mike Higgins and Joe Bennett.

The Ani-Mates are miniature totems which Ceyote is able to animate and send into battle, such as when he fought Karkas and used them as a distraction. They are composed of unknown materials, and, when animated, can fly. -New Eternals#1











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