Real Name: Coyote

Identity/Class: Native American God

Occupation: Trickster-god, God of earth and fire

Affiliations: The Anasazi (Native American Gods), ally of Calumet and Hotamintanio

Enemies: Owayadota, Red Wolf, Black Crow, Dr. Strange, indirectly Wolverine

Known Relatives: Gaoh (father), Awenhai (mother), Chibiabos, Wabasso, Manitou (brothers), Utset (wife), Cirape, Idlirvirissong (sons), Tawa, Hino, Hotamintanio, Owayadota (nephews), Pawa, Omamama (neices), Susstinnako (mother-in-law), Inktomi (father-in-law)

Aliases: Maslum (Algonquin name), Nhenebush (Chippewa), Wisgatcak (Tsimshian), Amarok (Eskimo), Isakawate (Crow), Italpas (Haida), Sedit (Wintun), Inagiutasunhi (Cherokee), Taswiscara (Iroquois), Coyote (Navajo), (Nanabozho is his Cheyenne name)

Base of Operations: Shipolo (Native American Heaven)

First Appearance: Doctor Strange III#25 (January, 1991)

Powers: Nanabozho possesses greater than normal powers than any other Native American God except for perhaps Manabozho (Manitou), Chibiabos or perhaps Hino. He has superhuman strength (Class 85 perhaps), stamina and resistance to harm plus the ability to tap into the othon, the negative elemental energies of the universe. He represents a force of nature more cruel than kind as well as the destructive force, and can command magical energies into crossing dimensions and firing rays of force. He is also a shapeshifter and can take the form of a coyote and control the beasts of earth such as bears and wolves. He has also demonstrated the ability to augment a human as a bringer of vengeance, such as the Navajo Coyote.



(Native American Myths)- Nanabozho is the son of Gaoh, the old wind god and Awenhai, the earth goddess. The brother of Manabozho (Manitou), the two of them were enemies before they were born and even fought in their mother's womb. Their birth ended up killing their mother, a crime for which Nanabozho blamed Manabozho who fled to the great goddess Nokomis (Gaea in her role as the Native American Mother Earth). Living as a mortal, Manabozho established heaven and earth and the first laws of man as Nanabozho taught them suffering and hardship. Indirectly establishing his brother as the positive force of the universe, Nanabozho became Coyote, a Native American Name for "Trickster." Manabozho became the Manitou and ruler of the Native American Gods. (Considering that they have two other brothers, Awenhai may have been restored to life or Manabozho and Nanabozho are the youngest of the four brothers).

(Dr Strange III#25) - Over several thousands of years, Nanabozho developed a hatred for the white man, the European settlers who took over North America and ignored Native American beliefs while they stole the land of his worshippers.

(Wolverine Annual II#2 (fb)) - Some time in the 19th Century, Nanabozho granted the prayer of a boy, the lone survivor of a Navajo tribe slaughtered by American military, who craved vengeance against the white invaders.

(Dr Strange III#25) - Provoked by the spirits of countless slaughtered Native Americans, he was joined by two supporters, the war-god Hotamintanio and Calumet, the god of the peace pipe. They tried to get Owayodata to join their cause, but ended up restraining him and torturing his apprentice, Red Wolf of the Cheyenne tribes. Black Crow of the Navaho, however, enlisted Doctor Strange on a rescue attempt on behalf of Red Wolf and Owayodata, and dissuaded Nanabozho from his mission of venegeance.

(Wolverine Annual II#2) - The Navajo child augmented by Nanabozho and encased in a massive, beastial coyote, known locally as theNavajo Coyote, went on a rampage killing many white locals until stopped by Wolverine.

Comments: Adapted by Fabian Nicieza and Ron Lim.

Nanabozho's history is outlined and pieced together from Algonquin, Iroquois, Micmac and Chippewa sources as well as presented in a likely Marvel Comics scenario.

Coyote is a popular character in fiction, having also appeared in an episode of Gargoyles.

In the Marvel Universe, Gaea admitted to being the Mother Earth of all the pantheons of Earth. It is very likely she was Nokomis as well.

The only other Native American Gods depicted in the Marvel Universe beyond Nanabozho are Tawa (Thor Annual 10) and Manitou (Infinity Gauntlet #2).

Nanabozho's connection to the Adversary--the Trickster God, who has fought the X-groups, @ Uncanny X-Men#187, 227--is uncertain, but I think they're likely the same guy--Snood.

by Will Uchtman

Nanabozho should not be confused with:

Doctor Strange III#25 (January, 1991) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Ron Lim (art), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Wolverine Annual II#2 (November, 2008) - Duane Swierczynski (writer), Mike Deodato (art), Axel Alonso (editor)

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