Real Name: Hino (his Iroquois name; Haokah is his Sioux name)

Identity/Class: Native American god

Occupation: God of storm and thunder

Group Membership: The Anasazi

Affiliations: Inali Redpath and his grandfather

Enemies: the Anamaqkui, the Anaye, Barricade, Captain America (Rogers), Nanabozho, SHIELD, Thor

Known Relatives: Manabozho (father, alias Manitou), Onatah (possible mother), Wabasso, Nanabozho (uncles), Hotamintanio, Owayodata (brothers), Omamama (sister), Hasteoltoi (niece), Tawa (half-brother), Pawa (half-sister), Amitolane (wife/cousin), Anpa, Glendenwitha (cousins), The Asgayas (sons)

Aliases: Heno (Cayuga name), Heng (Huron), Wakinya (Dakota), Kadlu (Inuit), Awahili (Navaho), Asgaya (Cherokee), Henga (Osage), Tlanuwa (Choctaw)

Base of Operations: Shipolo (Native American Heaven)

First Appearance: (BTS) Captain America IV#7 (February, 2003), (Full appearance) Captain America IV#11 (May, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Haokah possesses greater powers than most of the Anasazi gods except for Manitou and possibly Nanabozho. He has superhuman strength (possibly Class 100), stamina and resistance to injury and aging. He also has limited mystical skills and can call upon storm clouds with his drum. He can generate hurricane level storms and is powerful enough to combat Thor.

In myth, he is sometimes accompanied by Oshadagea, his eagle partner.

History: (Native American Myth)- Haokah is the son of the sky-god Manitou and Onatah , the corn goddess. His wife is Amitolane, the rainbow-goddess, who follows behind him after a storm and cleans up after him. The sworn enemy of all things evil, Haokah is the eternal enemy of Nanabozho (“Coyote”) the trickster who would teach evil to mortals, demons known as the Anaye and evil spirits known as the Anamaqkiu. In the years before North America was settled by Europeans, Haokah was sometimes followed by his mortal partner in arms, Gunnodoya who might have been one of the Asgayas, his mortal sons. While exploring the banks of modern Lake Champlain, Gunnodoya was swallowed by the great serpent Misikinebek. Haokah allowed himself to be swallowed as well and then saved his young ward by ripping open the side of the serpent from within.

(Captain America IV#11 (fb)) - When Inali Redpath, a Sioux working for SHIELD, was slain in a clone facility, he called on the spirits of his ancestors. Apparently aided by his grandfather, Inali was reborn in a cloned body, backed by the power of Haokah. Inali used the power and a group of cloned bodies watched over by his father to try to retake America for the Native Americans. Haokah's power burned out Inali's bodies as they used the power, but each time they were replaced in the body of a clone.

(Captain America IV#7-10 - BTS, 11) - Inali slew another SHIELD agent, Barricade, then confronted and overpowered Captain America. He brought a powerful storm to terrorize Miami, but Captain America summoned Thor to quell the storm. Ultimately, Inali released Haokah to oppose Thor directly, but this left him powerless and Cap quickly dropped him. When SHIELD destroyed Inali's clone supply, Inali was rapidly consumed by Haokah's power. Without a host, Haokah apparently vanished back to Shipolo.

Comments: Adapted by Chuck Austen and Jae Lee.

The lake where the Iroquois story of Misikinebek occurs is not identified, but I have placed it at Lake Champlain which is already famous for lake monster sightings. There are twelve other such lakes in New York where it could just as easily have happened.

    In Captain America IV#7, Captain America identified Inali as a Cherokee (or, more specifically, he identified his equipment as that of a Cherokee shaman). Either Cap was mistaken, or they just didn't like the sound of Asgaya, so they just made his a Sioux in the latter half of the story.

    I found this story very hard to follow. I don't know what the deal was with Barricade, and I couldn't handle reading it yet again. Based on his Cap stories and the...stuff he's doing in Uncanny X-Men, I am VERY concerned for the fate of the Avengers (and the dramatic changes he feels to be necessary to tell a story) when Austen takes over. I miss Kurt Busiek!!!

"Inali" is Cherokee for "black fox." So, Agent Redpath could have been of mixed parentage: Cherokee mother and Dakota Sioux father.
Furthermore, from what I've read up on the subject, Iroquoian tribes consider a husband to be part of his mother-in-law's clan. And, I believe the Cherokee are an offshoot of the Tuscarora Iroquois. So, the shamanic paraphernalia most likely was Cherokee, even if it was Agent Redpath's paternal grandfather employing it.

by Will U (myth) and Snood (comics)

Haokah is not to be confused with:

Inali Redpath has no known connection to:

Inali Redpath

A Sioux, he was a former member of SHIELD II. In the past, he had befriended Captain America during a mission to break a Prisoner of War camp in the Balkans. Captain America impressed him by taking down the guards without killing anyone. Five years later, he was part of another SHIELD mission to investigate a clone creating plant in Florida. Inali tried to take down the the scientists running the plant, but was shot and killed by them. As he lay dying, Inali pulled out his prayer stick, calling on the spirit of his ancestors, offering his heart to do their will.

    Inali was reborn in the body of a clone, via the power of Haokah. Thirty clones were located in Red Cloud, the reservation of the Lakota Sioux, in North Dakota, where they were watched over by Inali's grandfather. Haokah's power burned out Inali's bodies as they used the power, but each time they were replaced in the body of a clone.

    Inali first encountered and had a body slain by Barricade (apparently another SHIELD agent), but he reformed. When Barricade fought Captain America, Inali used his powers to nearly shred Barricade, but he was too far away and he was unable to maintain control over the wind. However, he soon created a whirlwind to bring him closer, and he then slew Barricade. Inali then revealed to Cap his plan to return America to the Natives who were its rightful owners, and demonstrated his powers by battering Cap to the ground. He drugged Captain America with vision causing bitters, and then flew a helicopter into the sky where he sent a devastating storm to devastate the city of Miami.

    Cap recovered and joined with SHIELD and Thor to oppose Inali on multiple fronts. Cap himself confronted Inali directly, but Thor challenged his storm abilities. As Inali fought back, he ultimately released Haokah to fight Thor god-to-god. Soon, Cap had gained the advantage of the now powerless Inali, and he had sent SHIELD to his grandfather's reservation. When they destroyed the stock of clones, Inali's stock of bodies was gone, and he vanished into nothingness soon after.

--Captain America IV#7 (mentioned), 8 (8(fb), 11(fb), [7], 8-11

Inali Redpath's grandfather


A bitter resident of the reservation of the Lakota Sioux, in North Dakota, he taught his grandson that someday their people must retake control of the USA. When Inali was slain while working for SHIELD, his grandfather was apparently involved in bonding Haokah to Inali and then watching over the clones with which Inali maintained his life. Eventually, however, Cap recalled Inali talking about his bitter grandfather, and he sent SHIELD to the reservation. They found Inali's grandfather, removed him from the clone facility, and then destroyed it.



--Captain America IV#8-BTS, 11




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Captain America IV#7-9 (February-April, 2003) - John Ney Rieber & Chuck Austein (#8) (writer), Trevor Hairsine (pencils), Danny Miki & Allen Martinez (#9) (inks), Joe Quesada (editor)
Captain America IV#10-11 (May, 2003) - Chuck Austein (writer), Jae Lee (artist), Joe Quesada (editor)

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