Real Name: Tode

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Deviant) (pre-modern to modern era) 

Occupation: Ruler of the Deviants

Group Membership: None; formerly Royal Family of the Deviants

Affiliations: Deviant astronauts, Dragona, Ghaur, Kro, Metabo (it's safe to assume Tode was known by all Deviants)

Enemies: Celestials (Arishem, Eson, others), Eternals (Ajak, Aginar, Ikaris, Sersi, Thena, Valkin, Zarin, Zuras, presumably all others), Iron Man (James Rhodes), Karkas, Ransak the Reject, Thor (Thor Odinson)

Known Relatives: Vira (wife, deceased), Ranar (son, deceased), unidentified ancestors (presumed deceased)

Aliases: "Great Tode," "Sire" (nicknames used by Kro)

Base of Operations: "City of Toads," Deviant Lemuria, beneath the southern Atlantic Ocean

First Appearance: Eternals I#1 (July,1976)

Powers/Abilities: Brother Tode possessed no known superhuman abilities. As a result of the Deviants' unpredictable genetic structure, he was born with a head that was oversized compared to his relatively diminutive form. Highly intelligent and a natural, ruthless schemer, Tode envied the Eternals for their longevity and tried to achieve immortality for himself. Some, like Kro, considered it an obsession.

Height: 6'
Weight: 675 lbs.
Eyes: White, no visible pupils
Hair: None

History: (Eternals I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Deviant royal bloodline consisted of Tode's ancestors who led the conquest of Earth, raising giant, towering cities on island-continents like Lemuria. The Deviants enslaved much of mankind, using them as beasts of burden. However, Deviant society fell when they opposed the Celestials' Second Host. In retaliation, the space gods dropped an atomic weapon that caused Lemuria to sink to the bottom of the ocean. These disastrous events became known as the Great Cataclysm.

(Eternals I#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some unrevealed point in time, the highborn Tode assumed the throne of Deviant Lemuria and became its ruler. He was frustrated by the fact the Deviants were cursed with unstable genes, making it impossible to breed in consistent form. As such, he had no qualms continuing the existent policies of purifying the truly horrific looking members of Deviant society.

(Eternals II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tode married but his wife died during the birth of their son Ranar, who was so huge that he tore his mother to shreds when he made his way from her womb. These horrific events were witnessed by the Deviant priest Ghaur.

(Eternals I#1) - Tode became aware that the arrival of the Celestials' Fourth Host was imminent. In order to prevent the space gods from reaching Earth, he ordered the military commander Kro to take some troops and destroy the cosmic beacon in the Inca chamber used by the Celestials during their last visit. When he felt Kro didn't share his concerns, Tode called Kro a complacent fool, comparing the warlord to the hare sneering at the tortoise as a reminder that the Eternals might find the beacon before they would. Properly chastised, Kro left immediately.

(Eternals I#3 - BTS) - Tode learned of the Celestials' presence on Earth. Realizing Kro had failed him, Tode had him taken into custody as soon as the warlord arrived in Lemuria.

(Eternals I#3) - Brother Tode had Kro publicly tortured for his failure, though Kro eventually managed to convince Tode he could still defeat the gods. Kro suggested to rile up mankind, scare them to such a degree they would fight the Celestials and be destroyed just like the Deviants of old were. Tode was initially skeptical, aware humanity was no longer primitive or easily scared. However, Kro grew devil like horns and told his leader that even modern man had exploitable fears when it came to the Devil. Tode saw the wisdom of Kro's words and gleefully agreed to his plan, cackling that mankind's war would be their opportunity.

(Eternals I#8) - Tode bore witness to Ransak the Reject's impressive fighting skills on the eve of the Deviants' gladiatorial combat. The Reject was masked to cover up his Eternal-like features, which made him an outcast in the eyes of his fellow Deviants. Tode ordered his underlings to find Ransak a fitting opponent. Not too long after that, Tode welcomed Kro and the visiting Eternal Thena to his royal chambers. To celebrate the tentative alliance between Eternals and Deviants, Tode invited Thena to the arena as his guest of honor. Kro reminded his sire that death meant nothing to an Eternal but Thena accepted nonetheless. Tode added that, to Deviants, killing serves a practical purpose: it helps them get rid of the unwanted.

(Eternals I#9) - Moments before the Reject would fight in the arena, Tode told Thena the fight was being held in her honor. Not wanting any part of this, the Eternal countered that it was hardly a fair fight. Fearing Thena's abrasive attitude might anger Tode, Kro told her to keep quiet as the Reject faced the grotesque Deviant Karkas. Thena was convinced that Ransak was the first truly beautiful thing Deviant society had produced and could not understand why the Deviants risked losing him. Tode watched quietly while Ransak fought and defeated Karkas. When the Reject refused to stop beating on his downed opponent, attacked the guards who tried to restrain him and promised to kill Tode, Kro and all the other spectators, Tode ordered his death. At that exact moment, the Celestial Eson arrived at Lemuria, causing a massive earthquake in the process. Lemuria's defense batteries fired on the space god, who responded by draining the undersea city of all power.

(Eternals I#10 - BTS) - With no power to sustain the energy shield that kept the sea out, Lemuria started to flood. Lemuria's forces scrambled to defend the city and keep Tode and the other members of the ruling body safe while futilely fighting off Eson.

(Eternals II#2 (fb) - BTS) - In Tode's absence, his son Ranar remained in Lemuria and oversaw the reconstruction and rebuilding of the city.

(Eternals I#13 - BTS) - Eventually, Tode returned to Lemuria. Furious at the indignity of being chased out of his own kingdom, he ordered the construction of a massive rocket that he planned to launch at the Celestial mothership stationed in Earth's orbit. Tode figured that the missile would not only destroy the vessel, it would also scorch vast areas of Earth, killing millions of humans in the process.

(Eternals I#13) - When then gigantic, spaceworthy bomb was ready for launch, Tode and Kro toured the production plant. Unwilling to breathe the foul air, Tode had himself carried around in a see-through case. Tode introduced Kro to the three Deviants chosen to pilot the bomb. He told these Deviant astronauts to feel pride in the fact they got to offer their lives in so monumental a feat, assuring the trio that to destroy was to triumph. Tode and Kro then watched the launch of the rocket, which was soon after taken care of by the Celestials themselves.

(Thor I#286 - BTS) - Kro and his forces ran into Ikaris, Karkas, Thena and "Thor" (secretly the Eternal Sersi disguised as the thunder god), who were trying to make their way to see Brother Tode. During the fight, Kro defeated Thor and afterwards even lifted "Mjolnir" (secretly a disguised cane of Don Blake).

(Thor I#286) - Tode was pleased when Kro brought in his prisoners. Ikaris' pleas to join forces and help defend Earth against the Celestials fell on deaf ears. Tode rejected the notion of working with mere humans, claiming he did not need them. Not only was Deviant weaponry now far more advanced than during the Third Host, he figured that with Kro controlling Thor's hammer they needed no one's help. However, since there was no more reason to continue the charade, Sersi revealed herself and freed the others which led to another confrontation between Eternals and the Deviants. Don Blake emerged from the shadows to claim his cane and turn into the real Thor. Furious at this turn of events, Tode told Kro he had failed him once again. The warlord tried to save the day by bringing in the creature called Metabo, specifically designed to fight Eternals. Kro then guided Tode and his companion Dragona to safety, planning to join them aboard a waiting escape pod. Tode launched the pod and left with Dragona.

(Iron Man Annual I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Obsessed with the Eternals' Celestial-granted immortality, Brother Tode came up with a plan to achieve eternal life as well. Tode ordered his troops to invade Olympia during a time when the Eternals had abandoned their city following a final conflict against the space gods, which had ended with the death of their leader Zuras. When the Eternals returned home, they were all captured by the Deviants and rendered defenseless with brain mines. Tode's scientists had come up with a procedure that molecularized an Eternal's form into a breathable mist that, when inhaled, should theoretically extend life. Tode planned to process all the Eternals but feared Warlord Kro might have trouble seeing his one time love Thena perish. Planning for this eventuality, Tode ordered the troops to immediately kill Kro if it seemed he was about to betray them in favor of Thena.

(Iron Man Annual I#6) - With the Thena-summoned Iron Man (James Rhodes) watching from a distance, all the Deviants gathered in Olympia's great hall where the molecular converter was set up. Tode instructed Kro to process an Eternal. The warlord placed one of the helpless immortals on a slab near the device, briefly reviving the Eternal so he could strain and suffer to the amusement of the Deviants. Kro finally killed him by inflicting such pain that the Eternal's mind collapsed. Without mental control over his molecular structure, the Eternal's body was processed and converted into mist form. Tode hungrily put the breathing mask over his face and consumed the vapors. Tode told Kro that he knew the warlord didn't believe this would lead to immortality but Kro assured his leader that he felt no one was more deserving of immortality than Tode. Later seeking to prove his loyalty, Kro explained that an earlier denouncement of the Deviants was just a ruse. To back up his claims, he volunteered the comatose Thena to be Tode's next victim. Impressed, Tode assured Kro that he was cleared of all taint and then ordered Kro to kill the Eternal. Kro craftily suggested that it might be wise if they executed Zuras first, considering his massive powers. The intrigued Tode agreed. Tode was ready to consume Zuras but the Eternal's energies were so potent he overloaded and destroyed the converter. Once again furious with Kro because it would take days to replace the device, Tode was then stunned to find Thena, Iron Man and all the other freed Eternals storming in. Easily overcome, the Deviants were led to cells while the Eternals contemplated their fate.

(Eternals II#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Eternals decided that turnabout was fair play. Following a suggestion by Valkin, leader of the Polar Eternals, they used Celestial technology to shift the bodies of Tode and all the other captured Deviants into a gigantic, organic cube.

(Avengers I#247 (fb) - BTS) - The Deviant cube was lowered into the foundation of Olympia and used as if it were an ordinary town square.

(Avengers I#248 - BTS) - Moments before the bulk of Earth's Eternals left for outer space in their Uni-Mind form, they decided to take the cube of Deviants with them in order to keep mankind safe from the Deviant threat.

(Eternals II#2 (fb) - BTS) - The unexpected death of Tode and most of the Deviants' ruling body left a power vacuum in Lemuria. The ambitious, dark minded high priest Ghaur acted and successfully grabbed power.

(Eternals II#2 - BTS) - Kro returned to Lemuria, figuring that Deviant society had by now succumbed to chaos, which would allow him to restore order and usurp the throne. However, he was surprised to find it relatively peaceful in the wake of Tode's death. Covertly meeting with old associates at a pub, he revealed how he was still alive after the Eternals killed Tode and the others (Thena had freed him shortly before the scheduled transformation). His allies informed him of how Ghaur and the priests had taken over, quelling any uprisings. Kro was not impressed by the priesthood. That later changed when he witnessed how Tode's son Ranar attempted to stake a claim to the throne, only to be killed by Ghaur who claimed the usefulness of the house of Tode had come to an end.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby (writer & pencils) and John Verpoorten (inks).

It goes without saying that "Tode" is a thinly disguised reference to the fact the Deviant ruler resembled a giant toad.

Tode received a profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition I#9 (though he was featured in the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe appendix).

An image of Brother Tode is included in a flashback in Silver Surfer III Annual#3, which shows the Celestials creating the Deviants. Given that Tode's had ancestors from the royal Deviant bloodline, it is likely that, despite Tode appearing there, he was not one of the first Deviants and that Ghaur was probably just thinking of various Deviants when thinking of their creation. --Proto-Man
Tode is of the royal, ruling family of Deviants. They place great pride in genetic stability, given the fact they were cursed by the Celestials with ever mutating genetics, so it stands to reason being able to produce offspring that resembles you is a badge of honor and even a sign of being "purebred" Deviant. Tode's son Ranar resembled him, so it's not unthinkable that he stems from a long line of ancestors who look alike.

Thanks to Ron Fredricks for the cleaned up handbook image.

Profile by Norvo.

Brother Tode should not be confused with

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