Real Name: Tutinax

Identity/Class: Deviant Mutate

Occupation: Gladiator

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ally of Dromedan, servant of the Deviants

Enemies: Karkas, Ransak the Reject, Thena, Zakka, Druig, Thor, Ajak, Valkin, Virako, Quasar

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Mountain Mover"

Base of Operations: Deviant Lemuria

First Appearance: Eternals Annual I#1 (1977)

Powers: Tutinax possesses superhuman strength of an unknown degree, possibly in the 100 ton range. His greatest weapon, however, is the ability to cause fear in others; this power manifests itself as an illusion, with Tutinax taking on the appearance of whatever his opponent most fears.



(Thor Annual I#7 (fb) ) - 1000 years ago, Dromedan, a Deviant Mutate with great psionic powers, was released from the prison the Eternals had placed him in by the treacherous Eternal Druig; taking over Druig's mind, Dromedan proceded to enthrall the local Incas into slaves. When the Asgardian Thor arrived with three other Eternals -- Virako, Valkin and Ajak -- Dromedan unleashed his allies Thunder and Tutianx upon them.

Even all these years ago, Tutinax was known and feared by the Eternals, and he was called "the most powerful of the Mutates". While Thor dealt with Thunder, the three Eternals fought Tutinax, but his strength was far too great; Dromedan caused the area around them to become dark, and Tutinax proceeded to hurl objects at his foes, but a blast of lightning from Thor illuminated him, and the Eternals knocked him unconscious with their eye-beams. Before Dromedan could revive him, Tutinax vanished, pulled into the future by the Deviant Zakka.




(Eternals Annual I#1) - In modern times, Zakka had been creating chaos by bringing his "Time-Killers" (including Jack the Ripper) from the past to rampage about, but the Eternal Thena was on his trail, along with her Deviant companions Ransak and Karkas. Zakka decided to summon up Tutinax from the past to aid him.

However, Zakka made the fatal mistake of looking at Tutinax. Overcome by fear, he was easily killed. Tutinax then proceeded to battle Thena, Ransak and Karkas himself. Ransak, a one-time gladiator, was determined to combat Tutinax himself, seeing this as a great honor. Tutinax agreed to face him, but ignored Karaks' challenge. Though Ransak and Karkas fought well, they could not seem to overcome Tutinax's immense power. Finally, they combined forces in a desperate attempt to defeat him -- just as Tutinax vanished, pulled back into the past.



(Quasar#12) - In modern times, Tutinax and Ransak again fought each other, this time in the Arena of Combat in Lemuria. Tutinax had nearly defeated Ransak when Quasar appeared. Quasar had come to help his friend Makkari rescue his mentor Elo, and, itching for a physical confrontation, challenged Tutinax to battle. Although Quasar was cocky at first, he was undone by Tutinax's power, which allowed him to assume the appearance of Quasar's father, Gilbert Vaughn. Unable to strike back, Quasar was badly beaten, but this allowed Ransak time to recover, and defeat Tutinax by beating him with his Power-Lance.

Comments: Created by Jack "King" Kirby.

What I don't understand about Thor Annual#7 is after Tutinax is brought into the future by Zakka to appear in Eternals Annual#1, why doesn't he return to the battlefield in the past? Shouldn't he have re-appeared only seconds after disappearing when he was sent home?

Also, if Tutinax is still alive in modern times, why did Zakka decide to bring him from 1,000 years ago? Why not snatch him from yesterday?

I would be remiss if I did not observe that you can learn more about the Eternals and Deviants at my website, Sersi's Loft.

...And here's what it looks like when someone who actually knows how to clean up an image does it. Courtesy of Titanos, from the Prime Eternal's own page. I wish I could do that (actually, the images take me too long as it is--now if I could recruit someone...)--Snood

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images: (without ads)
Quasar#12, Cover (main)
Thor Annual I#7, p22, pan4 (Tutinax attacks)
Eternals Annual I#1, p29, pan2 (Tutinax destroys)

Eternals Annual I#1 (1977) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Mike Royer (inks)
Thor Annual I#7 (1978) - Roy Thomas (writer/editor), Walt Simonson (pencils), Ernie Chan (editor)
Quasar#12 (July, 1990) - Mark Gruenwald (writer), Mike Manley (pencils), Fred Fredricks (inks), Howard Mackie (editor)

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