Real Name: Gilbert Vaughn

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Research Scientist

Group Membership: Former member of Avengers Support Crew, former employee of Stark International

Affiliations: Eon, Quasar; SHIELD, Tony Stark, and William Wesley (former associates)

Enemies: Maelstrom

Known Relatives: Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) (son), Gayle (daughter), Lisa (ex-wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Fairfield, Connecticut; formerly Stark International

First Appearance: Marvel Two-In-One#53 (July, 1979)

Powers: None. Gilbert was extremely intelligent, specializing in the study of extraterrestrial artifacts. His personality frequently tended towards logic over emotion.

History: (MTIO#53(fb)/ Quasar#2 (fb1), #2, #3, #5, #7, #9) - Gilbert's history has not been revealed in its entirety. He married Lisa and had two children, Wendell and Gayle, although the two were divorced at some point after that. Gilbert's dedication to his work and his highly logical manner may have led in part to that separation. He maintained only strained relations with his other family members.

Gilbert was employed by Stark International, and specialized in the study of extraterrestrial artifacts. He claimed to have had more experience in that field than any other scientist except Reed Richards. Tony Stark was called in to participate in the investigation of the Quantum Bands, the wristbands formerly worn by the superhero Marvel Boy (Robert Grayson), and recovered by the organization SHIELD after Grayson's death. Stark brought in Gilbert as his expert, and Gilbert headed the investigation and testing of the Bands.

SHIELD test pilot William Wesley was chosen to wear and test the Bands, but overloaded them and was killed in the process. At that point, a co-investigator, Dr. Stanley Zane, revealed himself as a traitor for AIM, who attempted to steal the bands. Gilbert's own son, Wendell, was a SHIELD trainee at the time and put on the bands in order to use them against AIM and protect them from damage or theft. Wendell mastered the Bands, and became the superhero Marvel Man, later rechristened as Quasar.

(Quasar#1-2) - Gilbert provided technological assistance and communication to Quasar's trip to the planet Uranus in an effort to investigate the origin of the Bands. After Quasar's return, Gilbert was introduced to Eon, the cosmic entity who had created the position of Protector of the Universe and was to serve as Quasar's mentor. Gilbert was fascinated by Eon's history and experience, and the two quickly became friends, spending a significant amount of time together.

(Quasar#12 - BTS) - A short time later, the deviant/inhuman hybrid named Maelstrom embarked on a plot to slay Eon in order to steal his cosmic awareness. In an effort to render Quasar (Eon's defender) off-balance, Maelstrom caused a massive cerebral hemorrhage in Gilbert, killing him instantly.

(Quasar#14, #17, #20) - Not understanding the nature of human life and emotions, and not wanting to distress Quasar, Eon formed a replica of Gilbert, which interacted with Quasar on a few occasions. Shortly thereafter, however, Quasar learned the truth, and the deception angered him further, causing a temporary rift between him and Eon. Maesltrom succeeded in slaying Eon, and nearly killing Quasar, but Quasar defeated him with assistance from the cosmic entities Infinity and Origin.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and John Byrne.

According to Marvel Year-In-Review 1989 page 25, he served as a professor of psychics at MIT.
--John McDonagh

Profile by Snood, reformatted by Luis Dantas

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Other appearances:
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Quasar#20 (March, 1991) - Mark Gruenwald (writer), Greg Capullo (pencils), Keith Williams (inks), Len Kaminski (editor)

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