Real Name: William Wesley

Identity/Class: Human, used energy weapons

Occupation: Former test pilot

Group Membership: former weapons tester for SHIELD I

Affiliations: SHIELD I, briefly worked under Gilbert Vaughn

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: United States

Appearances: Quasar#1 (October, 1989)

Powers: Wesley was a skilled pilot, especially talented with testing new crafts, weapons, etc. He was presumably trained in armed and unarmed combat. For a few hours, he had access to the power of the Quantum Bands.

History: (Quasar#1) - William Wesley was a test pilot for the intelligence agency known as SHIELD I. He tested numerous weapons, crafts, devices, etc. for them. When the super hero known as Marvel Boy (Robert Grayson) was disintegrated by his energy wristbands, the bands came under the possession of SHIELD. While their scientist Gilbert Vaughn examined them, Wesley was brought in to field test them. He rapidly became skilled with their use, but when it came time to remove them, he found that he could not. Panicking, Wesley struggled against the energy with all of his might, causing it build in power until it overloaded and killed him.

It was at that time that an AIM double agent within SHIELD led AIM to attack and try to steal the bands. SHIELD agent Wendell Vaughn put them on and fought off the AIM attack. When the power began to build, he calmed himself in preparation for his imminent death, which caused the power surge to subside. Vaughn went on to become the Protector of the Universe known as Quasar.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Ryan.

I believe the fact that Wesley was not chosen by Eon to wear the Bands contributed to his disintegration.

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Quasar#1, p11, pan6-7 (main image)

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