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Membership: Diane Arliss-Newell (secretary), Peggy Carter (communications liaison), Robert Frank Jr (groundskeeper), John Jameson (pilot), Edwin Jarvis (senior support staff/butler), Dr. Kenneth 'Keith' Kincaid (physician), M'Daka (engineer), Talia Kruma (engineer), Walter Newell (oceanic expert), Zachary Moonhunter (pilot), Michael O'Brien (chief security), Genji Odashu (pilot), Donna Maria Puentes (administrator/secretary), Arnold Roth (publicist), Inger Sullivan (attorney), Fabian Stankowicz (inventor), Gilbert Vaughn (scientist), Frank, unnamed others)

Purpose: Support staff

Aliases: "Hypno helpmates" (nicknamed used by Machinesmith)

Affiliations: Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, D-Man/Dennis Dunphy, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hercules/Heracles, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Quasar/Wendell Elvis Vaughn, Rage/Elvin Haliday, Sandman/William Baker, Sersi, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Thor, Thor/Eric Masterson, Vision, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Binary (Carol Danvers), Diamondback (Rachel Leighton), S.H.I.E.L.D., Doctor Stephen Strange

Enemies: Doctor Doom, Doctor Doom's Killer Robots, Machinesmith, Minister Blood, Mother Night, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt)

Base of Operations: Avengers Mansion, New York City, New York,
                                  formerly Avengers headquarters, New York City, New York;
                                  formerly Avengers Island (Hydrobase), New York

First Appearance: Avengers I#311 (December, 1989)


(Avengers I#300 - BTS) - Shortly after Captain America reformed the Avengers following a demonic infestation in New York City, it was decided the recently injured Edwin Jarvis could no longer solely be responsible for taking care of the team's needs. Drawing on the members' large network of capable friends, colleagues and relations, a full fledged, permanent support crew was assembled. They were tasked to help facilitate the day to day operations of Avengers Island (see comments).

(Avengers I#301) - Captain America sought out Michael O'Brien, former head of security at Project Pegasus, to provide security for the Avengers. O'Brien met Cap and Jarvis on Hydrobase, where the team's headquarters was located. Cap explained to Michael that he'd be hiring a full team of specialists, with Jarvis in charge of coordinating everyone.

(Avengers Annual 18 I#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - Captain America picked Peggy Carter to serve as the Crew's communications liaison.

(Captain America I#354) - Captain America decided to recruit Fabian Stankowicz as the Avengers Support Crew's inventor.

(Avengers Annual I#18/4) - Both Peggy Carter and Michael O'Brien got on Cap's case to get started on the performance reviews of the individual Avengers. He promised O'Brien his analyses would be logged within the hour.

(Captain America I#363) - Michael O'Brien was on hand to welcome Captain America and his pilot John Jameson back after their recent mission fighting Baron Zemo for the bloodstones. Jameson was ready to get out of his Avengers Support Crew uniform after wearing it for a week, while O'Brien tried to inform Cap about the security check he ran on the missing Diamondback. Later that night, Peggy Carter received a call for Cap from an anonymous source who claimed to know where Diamondback is. He roused Jameson out of bed and took off again.

(Avengers I#311) - Upon arriving at Avengers Island, the newly inducted Quasar passed Robert Frank Jr. who was tending the grounds. Inside the mansion, he met with Peggy Carter and M'Daka to inform them of his recent fight against the alien Quantum. Carter updated Quasar on the ongoing attacks on superheroes by villains they were unfamiliar with (an affair known as the Acts of Vengeance). After explaining to the young hero what their role as support crew was, the members were forced to take on an active role in defending Avengers Island. Doctor Doom sent a battalion of his Killer Robots to destroy Hydrobase. Carter, O'Brien, doctor Kincaid, M'Daka and Fabian Stankowicz in his Mechano-Marauder suit aided Quasar in fighting off their assailants, but they were soon overwhelmed by their sheer numbers and the fact their initial attack had ruptured all of Hydrobase's flotation cylinders. Rushing to the Quinjets as the artificial island slowly sank to the bottom of the Hudson river, the Crew got away moments before the fuel dump exploded.

(Captain America I#365) - The Avengers Support Crew made it to New York harbor where they met up with Captain America, his pilot John Jameson and Diamondback who were shocked to learn of the fate of Avengers Island. After Jarvis filled him on the situation, Captain America considered their next move. Figuring they needed a new command center to deal with the ongoing crisis, Edwin Jarvis suggested moving into the sub-basements of the old mansion beneath Avengers Park. After setting up shop there, Peggy Carter and the others began to coordinate the individual Avengers' activities.

(Quasar I#5 - BTS) - Michael O'Brien was tasked to mount a salvage operation for all the sensitive Avengers equipment that went under with Hydrobase  He contracted a garbage scow and asked Stingray and Quasar to help out.

(Quasar I#5) - O'Brien sorted the salvaged machinery Quasar and Stingray recovered from the mansion, the latest batch being mostly from the communications facility. After one final inspection, the heroes retired for the night.

(Captain America I#368) - Captain America made his way to Avengers Park but before he could access the sub-basements, he was grabbed by the restraint tentacle-arms that didn't recognize his bio-signature yet. Fabian Stankowicz apologized for the inconvenience and then assisted Cap in getting some recent information on Magneto. Several days later, Cap was visiting the Avengers Support Crew in the subbasements, with Jarvis about to serve tea when Peggy Carter received a priority red Magneto sighting in Washington (actually one of Machinesmith's robots). John Jameson stood ready to fly Cap to Washington.

(Captain America I#370) - Cap took Diamondback with him to the Avengers subbasements where Cap met with architect Eric Masterson to discuss the design of the new Avengers Headquarters. During the meeting, Diamondback spent her time playing cards against Fabian Stankowicz, M'Daka and Michael O'Brien. By the time Cap joined them, she had cleaned the crew out. Moments later, Peggy Carter informed Cap there were signs of activity at the Red Skull's old base Skullhouse, leading Cap and Diamondback to investigate with John Jameson flying them there.

(Captain America I#371) - Cap greeted Michael O'Brien, Fabian Stankowicz and John Jameson during a visit to Avengers Headquarters. He had come to see Jarvis for some advice on appropriate clothing for a night on the town with Diamondback. Jarvis took him shopping, surprising Peggy when they returned a little later with a brand new outfit. Carter was happy to see Steve taking some time off and gave him a kiss for good luck.

(Avengers I#319) - Peggy Carter relayed an incoming transmission from the president of the United States who asked the Avengers to help deal with terrorists taking over the nuclear submarine Waterwind. With Namor unavailable, Captain America asked Peggy Carter to contact Stingray and ask him to help out.

(Avengers I#324/2 (fb) - BTS)- Mother Night and Machinesmith decided to surprise Red Skull on his birthday by bugging the new Avengers Headquarters currently under construction on Park Avenue. Night set out to sway the individual members of the Support Crew.

(Avengers I#324/2) - Taking the form of a woman walking her dog, Mother Night placed Edwin Jarvis under her control, this allowed her to gain access to the headquarters where she proceeded to seek out other members of the Support Crew.

(Avengers I#322/2) - Peggy Carter was reviewing the communications complex inside Avengers Headquarters. While testing the facilities various functions, she was shocked to encounter her deceased sister Sharon (actually Mother Night). Using Peggy's guilt over her younger sister's tragic demise, the apparition tricked her into touching it, knocking out Carter instantly.

 (Avengers I#323/2) - John Jameson was checking out the new underground shuttle system when he came across what looked like the moonstone that transformed him into Man-Wolf. Unable to resist the jewel's might, he succumbed and became the creature again, attacking the members of the Support Crew. It was all part of a powerful illusion, used to bend the Avengers Support Crew to will. He summoned Peggy Carter, Edwin Jarvis, John Jameson, Fabian Stankowicz and Michael O'Brien to come outside in Avengers Park.

(Avengers I#324/2) - The Avengers Support Crew was taken inside Mother Night's mobile command base where she and Minister Blood, using Machinesmith's technology, placed complex post hypnotic suggestions into their minds. After they were set free, all they could remember was agreeing to donate blood.

(Avengers I#325 - BTS) - Acting on Machinesmith's orders, the Support Crew began to place bugs in the mansion that allowed the villain and his allies to keep tabs on everyone and everything. Machinesmith was most pleased with his "hypno helpmates".

(Avengers I#325) - After the Avengers returned from their most recent mission, they were greeted by O'Brien and other members of the Support Crew who were all acting like themselves, even though their every word was being monitored by Machinesmith, Mother Night and Minister Blood. They listened in to the various conversations, including Sersi inviting everyone to one of her beloved parties.

(Avengers I#325 - BTS) - Vision detected Machinesmith's bugs and traced their signal back to the mobile command base where he was knocked out taking down the villain. Machinesmith's consciousness was in the van's computers, he told Mother Night to dump his derelict form and Vision in the East River while he waited for a replacement body. Some time later, the bugs all seemed to cut out at once (caused by the newly restored Vision). This led the trio of villains to go undercover to Sersi's party to deal with the matter themselves.

(Avengers I#325) - At Sersi's party, Mother Night and the others reestablished their control over the five members of the Avengers Support Crew. Armed with neuronic neutralizers, the Support Crew was sent back to the party where their post-hypnotic suggestion caused them to mistake friends and loves ones for villains. Before the crew could open fire, the various Avengers disarmed them. Thanks to Vision explaining the situation and taking in Mother Night and Minister Blood, it wasn't long before the Avengers Support Crew was back to normal.

(Captain America I#372) - Michael O'Brien told Cap he was worried about fellow Avengers Support Crew member Fabian Stankowicz. He was acting paranoid and had lost a lot of weight. Cap soon discovered Stankowicz had become addicted to a dangerous crack-like street drug called Ice.

(Captain America I#373) - When Captain America seemingly perished during an undercover drug sting, Michael O'Brien contacted Peggy Carter at Avengers Headquarters for back up. Carter went through the roster, but with all active duty members unavailable she sent in reservist Black Widow and even contacted Cap's friend Diamondback who hurried to the scene. Once there, Cap emerged from the rubble seemingly unscathed (he was actually on the drug Ice himself, making him volatile and dangerous). Cap called on the resources of the Support Crew to start a war on street pushers.

(Captain America I#374) - Still hopped up on Ice and furious for having lost a fight against Bullseye, Cap returned to Avengers Headquarters in a foul and paranoid mood, chewing out Peggy Carter for calling in the Black Widow without his permission and sending Diamondback away because she was convinced she was gossiping about him behind his back. John Jameson saw Rachel out, but gave her his private number in case of an emergency. Cap read the Support Crew the riot act when they suggested bringing in the DEA. If they didn't want to support him, he'd handle the drug war all by himself.

(Captain America I#377) - After Black Widow brought in the drugged out Captain America, it was up to Keith Kincaid to keep him sedated. Henry Pym came up with a solution to break Cap's ice addiction: a full blood cleansing. Kincaid assisted with the procedure that also rid Cap of the Super Soldier Serum. Sometime later, Peggy was on monitor duty and watched the still weakened Steve get up to continue his fight.

(Captain America I#380) - Captain America was busy putting Peggy Carter, John Jameson and Michael O'Brien through their paces in the Avengers' gym when Jarvis brought in Fabian Stankowicz who was newly clean and sober. Everyone stopped to welcome Fabian back to the crew.

 (Avengers I#329) - The Avengers Support Crew stood by outside the conference room where the membership continued their closed meeting on the new charter. Joking among themselves about never having seen the reserved Jarvis and the android Vision in the same room, they took note of prospective new members Rage and Sandman waiting outside.   

(Avengers I#331) - Captain America came to the communications complex for an update on the team's ongoing fight against Ngh the Unspeakable in Brooklyn. Moments later, they fielded a call from Doctor Strange who contacted them to announce he had no information on the self-proclaimed 'elemental forces' known as the Tetrarchs of Entropy.

(Avengers I#332) - On Thursday, March 21st 1991 the Avengers threw an official gala celebrating the opening of their new headquarters. The Avengers Support Crew was on hand to handle security, using their advanced systems to confirm the identity of all their guests. Despite these tight measures, they were unable to prevent two self-assembling Doombots from sneaking into the building, though the security systems did pick up a breach. Alerting the Avengers using the day's discreet code word "opportunity" the Support Crew coordinated the systematic search of their headquarters until their entire system was hacked by Doctor Doom (hiding in a limo outside, but speaking through a third Doombot that sneaked in using a makeshift Iron Man armor).

(Avengers I#333 - BTS) - Doom demanded the Avengers' aid, offering to tell them how he breached their headquarters in return. Even though communications were hacked, Vision contacted Peggy Carter on his communicard. She informed him of the one possible way the Doombots gained access: a small vent in the subbasement barely enough for a head to fit through. Thanks to this information, Doom lost his leverage.

(Captain America I#383) - The Avengers Support Crew attended a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Captain America's existence.

(Captain America I#384) - Dr. Kincaid tested Cap's stamina and cold endurance when Peggy Carter showed him a newspaper story on a mysterious frozen man in the arctic. Thinking this might be his missing friend D-Man, Cap took off with John Jameson to investigate the story.

(Avengers I#341) - Following the brutal beating of inner city youth Carmello Martinez by the police, Rage went on national television to comment on racial issues, presenting himself as "Avengers spokesperson". His passionate tirade was watched by Peggy Carter and Michael O'Brien who were concerned about the implications. Rage's comments sparked a series of protests that Peggy soon found out were instigated by former Sons of the Serpent member Leonard Martin Kryzewski.

(Captain America I#398) - Captain America chastised Peggy Carter for logging way too many hours in the communications complex. Their friendly discussion was interrupted by an incoming call for aid from Rick Jones. Cap responded to the distress call, asking Peggy to reach out to his pilot John Jameson.

(Quasar I#34) - Doctor Keith Kincaid and Edwin Jarvis stood ready to help when Quasar returned from space with the seriously injured Carol Danvers who had just spent her Binary powers to rescue Earth's Sun. Kincaid waited for Jarvis to punch up Danvers' old medical file while he made sure his patient was secure on the bed.

 (Captain America I#401) - After Captain America and the Avengers returned from a lengthy outerspace mission to the warring Kree and Shi'ar empires, the Support Crew welcomed them home. Especially Peggy Carter was overjoyed to see Steve again, apologizing for her acting like a mother hen before bringing him up to speed on the whereabouts of his friends like the missing Diamondback and John Jameson. Later, Carter got a lead on Diamondback that the Black Widow decided to check out in Cap's stead.

(Captain America I#409) - Cap's pilot Zachary Moonhunter was chatting up Avengers secretary Donna Maria, inviting her to go out with him after her shift when Cap stormed into the lobby, requesting his services. Moonhunter agreed to help out, apologizing to Puentes for having to postpone their date, but the amused Donna Maria replied she hadn't even agreed to go yet. Moonhunter fired back with a playful "you haven't said "no" either!".

(Avengers I#363 - BTS) - With Donna Maria off for the night, the Avengers Headquarters' computer system automatically informed all in house team members of visitors. Sersi went out to the lobby to meet NYPD homicide detective Joseph MacNamara and his associate.

(Avengers I#373-375 - BTS) - None of the Avengers Support Crew were present when the maddened Sersi destroyed Avengers Headquarters, nor were they on the premises when the ruins were replaced by an other-dimensional copy of Avengers Mansion.

(Captain America I#422) - Captain America and the Support Crew investigated the willful destruction of Avengers statues in the park near their headquarters. Later that same day Fabian Stankowitz ran afoul of Marilla who threatened to have him fired for his incompetence. So distraught over the prospect of being fired, and fearing he was superfluous as inventor with Hank Pym back on the team, Fabian decided to end his life. Cap managed to convince him otherwise, taking Fabian away from the mansion to live with him in Brooklyn Heights.

(Captain America I#431) - Captain America visited the Avengers Support Crew to have doctor Keith Kincaid give him a discreet medical checkup. The team's physician sadly concluded Cap's physical condition was continuing to deteriorate at an alarming rate. After this prognosis, Cap asked Peggy Carter to contact Fabian Stankowitz. He requested the inventive genius came up with some new gadgets to compensate for his severely diminished physical abilities.

(Avengers Annual 1999 I#1) - After most of the Avengers seemingly perished fighting Onslaught, the team's chairman Black Widow was forced to suspend operations. Jarvis informed his colleagues Peggy Carter, Michael O'Brien and Fabian Stankowicz their services were no longer required.

Comments: Created by John Byrne, Paul Ryan, Tom Palmer.

The Avengers Support Crew was a fixture from the late 80s to the very early 90s. Larry Hama prominently featured them in his brief run and Mark Gruenwald did what he could with them in Captain America. The Support Crew worked as a concept, especially after the Avengers adopted their new charter and became sanctioned by the United Nations. You need a support staff, not just a butler who cooks, cleans and fuels your jets.

However, the Avengers Support Crew got quietly phased out as soon as Bob Harras took over as writer in 1992. All of a sudden, it was Jarvis (and Luna's nanny Marilla) with the individual members pitching in to perform tasks previously assigned to the Support Crew, including monitor duty and vehicle maintenance. I guess that's why they started to wear those leather jackets...

So, when did the Avengers Support Crew get started? Several members have been making appearances for years, with Jarvis even going back to the founding of the Avengers. For clarity's sake, this profile focuses on the Support Crew assembled post-Inferno and only lists appearances where at least two confirmed Avengers Support Crew members are present. 

The crew is easily recognizable by their overalls-style uniforms with black boots,  red undershirts and a stylized 'A' on the chest and arm. Firearms of unknown make are optional to the uniform. Jarvis and Donna Maria Puentes are the only members of the Support Crew who didn't appear on panel in these overall. Puentes manned the front desk in her regular clothes while Jarvis opted for his traditional, formal butler attire.

The Support Crew was first mentioned in Avengers I#300 in the Edwin Jarvis/Avengers Park handbook entries included in the issue, but they weren't seen until #311.

A number of Support Crew members were listed, but never seen on panel in that capacity. They include Talia Kruma, Walter & Diane Newell, Genji Odashu, Arnold Roth, Inger Sullivan and Gilbert Vaughn. The Newell's inclusion is mostly explained by the fact the team resided on the couple's floating island Hydrobase at the time. Talia Kruma appears Avengers I#344-345 as a member of Dr. Peter Corbeau's team on Starcore One and Gilbert Vaughn died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Quasar I#12, chronologically not too long after the formation of the Support Crew. It seems likely most of these Support Crew members were only called on when their specific expertise was required.

The Avengers Support Crew obviously knew all (in)active Avengers on both coasts, though only active members they interacted with on panel are included under 'affiliations'.

The Avengers Support Crew were included in 1994's Avengers' Log.

This profile was completed 8/16/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Norvo.

The Avengers Support Crew has no known connections to:

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