Real Name: Fabian Stankowicz

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Inventor, former would-be super-hero, former would-be super-villain

Group Membership: Avengers Support Crew (Peggy Carter, John Jameson, Edwin Jarvis, M'Daka, Zach Moonhunter, Michael O'Brien)

Affiliations: Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Henry Pym, Quasar, Rage, She-Hulk), Blue Shield, Damage Control, Diamondback, Free Spirit, Gladiatrix, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jack Flag, the Protectorate, Arnie Roth, Speedball, Lord Vashti

Enemies: Blistik, Dr. Doom's Killer Robots, Machinesmith, Marilla, Masters of Evil (Dr. Octopus'), Minister Blood, Mother Night, (the Red Skull's 4th) Sleeper;
    formerly (as a super-villain) Avengers (Beast, Black Panther, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wasp, Wonder Man), Dazzler, Invisible Girl, David Letterman, Mockingbird, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Known Relatives: Unidentified father, unidentified mother (deceased)

Aliases: Mecho-Marauder, Mechano-Marauder, Mechanaut

Place of Birth: Bronx, New York City, New York

Base of Operations: last active in a warehouse, New Jersey
    formerly, the Stars and Stripes Headquarters, Brooklyn Heights, New York
    formerly, Avengers Headquarters, New York
    formerly, Avengers Island, New York Harbor

Education: High school graduate, extensively self-taught

First Appearance: Avengers I#217 (March, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Fabian Stankowicz is an inventive genius, skilled at designing armored battlesuits, robots, security devices, and accessories. Among his many inventions were his suits of Mecho-Marauder armor, which enhanced his strength and could fire energy blasts. His Mechanaut armor also had extendable limbs and knock-out gas. He also designed a personal force field, a spike-studded steamroller, a camera that could fire energy blasts, a backpack with grappling arms, a Bloodstone detector, skycycles, and Captain America's battlevest. Despite his genius, his inventions had a tendency to fail in the field.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray (originally brown)



History: (Avengers I#239 (fb) - BTS) - Fabian was fortunate enough to win a lottery and moved his family out of the Bronx. He decided to use his fortune to become a super-villain as the Mecho-Marauder.

(Avengers I#217) - Wanting to make a name for himself, the Mecho-Marauder strode up to Avengers Mansion and summoned the Avengers out to face him. When no one appeared, he started in, only to be met by Iron Man. Iron Man easily held his own against him, and the Wasp, Captain America and Thor all passed by into Avengers Mansion, ignoring the Mecho-Marauder. Finally, Iron Man smashed the Mecho-Marauder's armor, pulled Fabian Stankowicz out, and turned him over to the police.

(Avengers I#221) - Fabian decided to have his revenge upon the Avengers, and built a new suit of armor, much larger than his old one. He attacked Avengers Mansion while the Wasp was holding a membership drive, and found himself facing Dazzler, the Wasp, Invisible Girl, Black Widow, She-Hulk, and Spider-Woman. The Invisible Girl and Dazzler weren't interested in joining the Avengers-- or fighting Fabian-- and soon the Black Widow and Spider-Woman decided to depart as well, after casually knocking the Mechano-Marauder into a pool of water. Fabian attempted to charge the She-Hulk, but she shattered his armor with a single punch. Fabian flew out of the armor wearing a smaller suit of escape armor to face her in combat, but the suit was so heavy that he sunk into the ground. The Wasp then blasted a hole into his armor, flew inside, and punched him in the face.

(Marvel Two-In-One#96) - The Mecho-Marauder was one of several super-villains who attempted to attack the Thing while he was recuperating from a fight with the Champion, but Spider-Man opposed Fabian, and overloaded his armor. Spider-Man suggested that if Fabian wanted people to hate him, he should go into politics.







(Avengers I#239) - When the Avengers were set to appear on Late Night With David Letterman, Fabian decided to have his revenge. Donning a disguise and filling the studio with death-traps, he attacked the Avengers on national television, and came close to defeating them. When the Avengers' defeat seemed imminent, Fabian went up on stage and sat down with David Letterman, revealing himself to be behind the devices attacking the Avengers. Letterman saved the day by hitting Fabian over the head with a giant door knob, then turned off his weapons by shutting down his power pack. Fabian tried to run away, but was caught by Mockingbird.

(Captain America I#352) - Having decided to reform, Fabian became the Mechanaut, and tried out for Avengers membership alongside Speedball, Blue Shield, and Gladiatrix. Before Captain America could dismiss them, he was distracted by other matters, and the four would-be Avengers witnessed the arrival of Darkstar, Vanguard and Ursa Major. Thinking that it would impress the Avengers to take down their seeming enemies, they attacked them. Mechanaut fought Vanguard, but was flung into the Blue Shield. The battle ended when Captain America arrived. He told the four would-be Avengers that they weren't ready for membership yet, but to call him again in six months.

(Captain America I#354) - Captain America summoned Fabian back to Avengers Island. Fabian hoped that he would joining the Avengers, but the Captain revealed that he wanted Fabian to serve as their inventor. Fabian agreed, and for his first mission, aided Cap in recovering the Red Skull's fourth Sleeper from Massachusetts. Just as they were about to load it into a stasis field on Avengers Island, the Sleeper came to life, animated by Machinesmith. Ultimately, the Captain defeated the Sleeper.

(Captain America I#358) - Cap gave Fabian the skull of Ulysses Bloodstone, and Fabian attached a radiometer to it so that it could lead him to the fragments of the Bloodstone. Captain America took off immediately to begin his search.

(Avengers I#311) - Fabian Stankowicz was present on Avengers Island with the rest of the support crew and Quasar discussing the recent attacks on the Avengers during "Acts of Vengeance" when the island was attacked by Dr. Doom's Killer Robots. Fabian donned his Mecho Marauder armor to help fight the robots off, and had some success in battle, but his inexperience made him a liability to Quasar, who had to save him from the robots. He was ultimately evacuated from the island just before it was destroyed by explosives the robots planted.

(Captain America I#365) - Fabian and the rest of the support crew were reunited with Captain America when he returned from his search for the Bloodstones, and described to him what had happened. They moved their base of operations to the sub-basement of the original Avengers Mansion.

(Captain America I#366) - After the Sub-Mariner turned up under the control of the Controller, Cap assigned Fabian to assist Dr. Pym in finding a safe way to remove the Controller's device.

(Captain America I#367) - Fabian watched as the Sub-Mariner revived, thanks to Pym's efforts at removing the Controller's control disc.

(Captain America I#368) - As Captain America arrived at the sub-basement, he was attacked by the security tendrils, which Fabian had been testing out. Fabian apologized to him for the error, then helped Cap research information on Magneto.

(Damage Control II#3) - After the Daily Bugle building was shifted by Graviton, the Avengers assisted Damage Control during a labor strike by having She-Hulk pull the building back into place. Fabian assisted the She-Hulk by providing a series of pulleys and levers to straighten the building out, but the effort proved unsuccessful.

(Captain America I#370) - When Captain America needed to occupy Diamondback while he met with architect Eric Masterson he had M'Daka, Fabian Stankowicz and John Jameson play a game of poker with her.

(Captain America I#371) - Fabian welcomed Captain America back to the Avengers Headquarters.

(Avengers I#319/2, 321/2, 323/2, 324/2) - Fabian fell under the sway of Mother Night, who used a hypnotic vision of his mother, who claimed that she had left him after his first birthday because she couldn't stand him. She also made Fabian think he had killed her. Mother Night placed Fabian and the other support crew members under her control and had them place bugs throughout Avengers Headquarters so that she could collect information for the Red Skull.

(Avengers I#325) - Fabian attended a party at Sersi's loft alongside several of the Avengers, but was visited again by Mother Night and her brother Minister Blood, who placed the support crew under hypnotic control to assassinate the Avengers, outfitting them with guns. However, Sersi turned Fabian's gun into a toy prop, preventing him from becoming a killer. Mother Night and Minister Blood were eventually forced to release Fabian and the others from their control.

(Captain America I#372 (fb) - BTS) - At a friend's party, Fabian began taking Ice, a drug from a dealer named Kid Gloves in Queens, feeling that he needed them to cope with all of the pressure working for the Avengers. He lost a lot of weight quickly, and began to hear voices in his head. Michael O'Brien began to suspect that something was wrong with Fabian.

(Captain America I#372) - When Captain America confronted Fabian, he claimed that the Masters of Evil had placed a bugging device in his brain, and accused Captain America of being an imposter because his hair was parted on the wrong side. He finally broke down and admitted that he was on drugs. Captain America promised that he would given help, and had him prepare to go to a rehabilitation clinic. Fabian noted that Captain America also used a drug, his super-soldier serum, but Cap insisted that it was a different matter.

(Captain America I#380) - Fabian was finally given a clean bill of health, and returned to his work for the Avengers. Captain America confided to him that he had lost his super-soldier serum, and that from now, they would be drug-free together.

(Captain America I#383) - Fabian joined with the Avengers and the support crew at a 50th birthday party for Captain America held at the Avengers Headquarters.

(Avengers I#330) - Fabian assisted the rest of the support crew in processing Rage's security clearance check at the Avengers Headquarters. The security check turned out to be successful.

(Avengers I#331) - Fabian joined the support crew in assisting Captain America while he monitored the Avengers' battle with Ngh the Unspeakable.

(Captain America I#386) - Fabian assisted Captain America in his search for the Watchdogs by providing him with a list of missing people whose moral conduct was reprehensible in the eyes of the Watchdogs.

(Captain America I#393) - After returning from a mission, Cap asked Fabian if he had seen Jameson, but Fabian hadn't.

(Avengers I#332) - As the Avengers held their grand opening of the Avengers Headquarters, Fabian remained with O'Brien, Carter and Jameson in the security area, monitoring their guests. He witnessed the intrusion of several Doombots, which Captain America, Sandman and the Vision dealt with.

(Namor Annual#1) - When Lord Vashti was found beaten by a gang, the Sub-Mariner brought him to Avengers Headquarters for treatment, and Fabian helped the support crew in caring for Vashti.

(Guardians of the Galaxy#28) - Fabian joined the Avengers support crew and Guardians of the Galaxy in repelling an attempted invasion by the Masters of Evil while the Avengers were caught up in the events of the "Infinity War."

(Captain America I#408/3) - Fabian had Captain America's new pilot Zach Moonhunter test fly a new skycycle he had built.

(Captain America I#422) - After one of his robots upset Marilla, Luna's nanny at Avengers Headquarters, Marilla threatened to have Fabian fired. Convinced that his career was over, Fabian gave into despair and wrote a suicide note. He went to a bridge and prepared to leap off, but couldn't bring himself to do it. The vigilante Blistik appeared and attempted to goad Fabian into jumping, claiming that he wouldn't be missed, but Captain America arrived and defeated Blistik. When he learned why Fabian had become so distressed, Cap revealed that he intended to leave the Avengers, and asked Fabian to come with him and continue to aid him as his personal inventor. Fabian agreed to the deal.

(Captain America I#424) - Captain America and Diamondback attempted to help Fabian pack up his belongings, but Fabian insisted in doing all of the work himself, making for slow progress.

(Captain America I#426) - As Captain America began to move into his new base, Fabian complained that his materials still hadn't been sent from the Avengers Headquarters.

(Captain America I#427) - Fabian met with Cap as he tried to determine who had been impersonating him and battling seemingly-dead super-villains.

(Captain America I#428) - When Arnie Roth joined Cap's team at the Stars and Stripes Headquarters, he had Fabian give him a tour.

(Captain America I#431) - To help Captain America cope with his deteriorating physical condition due to the breaking-down of the super-soldier serum, Fabian designed a battle-vest for him which contained several gadgets that would give him an edge in battle.

(Captain America I#438) - After donning a suit of armor built for him by Iron Man, Captain America gathered together Fabian, Arnie Roth, Moonhunter, Free Spirit and Jack Flag at the Stars and Stripes Headquarters, where he informed them that he didn't have long to live, but intended to keep fighting for as long as he could.

(Captain America I#439) - Fabian aided Jack Flag and Free Spirit in a training session by donning one of his suits of armor, but the duo easily trounced him.

(Captain America I#440) - Fabian accompanied Jack Flag and Free Spirit to the hospital to visit Arnie Roth after he suffered a heart attack, then set out with Captain America to invade AIM Island. Fabian brought along an army of robots to serve as a diversion while Captain America, the Falcon, Jack Flag and Free Spirit invaded the island.

(Captain America I#441) - Fabian remained aboard the Freedom's Flight with Moonhunter while Cap's mission continued.

(Avengers I#388) - As AIM Island was torn apart by AIM's attempt at creating a new Cosmic Cube, Fabian helped evacuate the civilians into the Freedom's Flight.

(Captain America I#442) - After the homeless man who had once been the Angel was found stabbed in a subway, Fabian revealed to Cap that he was carrying an invitation to a party which Cap had also been invited to. Cap decided to investigate.

(Captain America I#443) - After learning from the Black Crow that he would be dead within 24 hours, Captain America summoned Jack Flag, Free Spirit, Fabian and Moonhunter to a meeting, and gave them the paperwork needed to keep the Stars and Stripes hotline running. All four of his allies moved in and hugged Cap, just in case it was their last chance.

(Avengers Annual 1999 (fb)) - Fabian returned to the Avengers' employ, but was soon laid off when the Avengers apparently died battling Onslaught. Fabian refused to accept the Avengers' disbanding and was convinced that new heroes should take their place. He set to work cannibalizing Sentinel technology left behind from Onslaught's attack, and threw himself into the work, soon losing weight and gaining a beard. He ran into Jarvis one day on the street, and alarmed him by his mutterings and appearance. Fabian designed a cybernetic helmet to control the Sentinels he had rebuilt into the Protectorate, modeled after the Avengers, but the Sentinel programming began to take an effect upon his fragile psyche, and he fell under the program's control.

(Avengers Annual 1999) - The Protectorate set out to defend New York, but their Sentinel programming was still active, and they regarded the Avengers themselves as foes because they had mutants amongst their members. Jarvis suspected Fabian's involvement and sought him out, locating him at the warehouse where the Protectorate had been built. Jarvis made Fabian realize that the Avengers had indeed returned, and Fabian was mortified to realize that he was their enemy. He had Jarvis remove his cybernetic helmet, and then smash the motherboard controlling the Protectorate. Fabian was reunited with the Avengers as he was sent to a hospital, and apologized to them for what he had done.

Comments: Created by Jim Shooter, Bob Hall and Dan Green.

Fabian's last name is often misspelled as "Stankowitz."

Fabian is identified as "Dr. Stankowitz" in Namor Annual#1-- apparently the writer confused his role with that of Dr. Kincaid.

Poor Fabian...from a wannabe super-villain to an Alan Moore-lookalike.

Fabian got an entry in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#10.

by Prime Eternal

Fabian Stankowicz should not be confused with:


Fabian's father disapproved of his son's attempted vocation of super-thievery, but Fabian never seemed to take his father's advice.

--Avengers I#239


Fabian's mother died when he was just an infant. Mother Night assumed her form and claimed that she had actually left him after his first birthday, and then made Fabian think he had killed her.

--[Avengers I#321/2]

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