full bodyNGH the UNSPEAKABLE

Real Name: Not Revealed

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional Being, source of powers unknown

Occupation: Cosmic wanderer, leader of exiles in Dimension of Exiles

Group Membership: Formerly was a component of a composite entity

Affiliations: Ahh, composite entity, winged man
    former leader of exiles in Dimension of Exiles (including Ffurg, Grogg, Orm, Xa, and others (including a Kree, a Skrull, and an Atlantean/Homo mermani);
    former leader of L.D. 50’s drug-pushers on Earth.

Enemies: Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Quasar, Rage, Sersi, She-Hulk, Thor, the Vision), Edna Staples, Tetrarchs of Entropy (Hafga, Heml, Vug, Yod)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Ahh, Xa, and the tiny winged man (all composite beings)

Base of Operations: (current) Unknown –somewhere in space or separate dimension;
    (formerly) the Dimension of Exile,

First Appearance: Avengers I#327 (December, 1990)

    (as Ngh) Super-strength; extreme long life; flight by powerful wings; ability to absorb evil intent from humans and others and turn that intent into greater strength and size; also able to turn human followers into demonic beings with greater strength; hypnotism; lip-reading.
   (Ahh) Unknown, except flight, extreme long life, and ability to draw greater powers from good in people.
   (as composite entity) Unknown, except extreme long life, ability to traverse space and dimensions, and to draw dimensional-traversing powers from others.



full bodyHistory:
(Avengers I#331(fb)) - Little known about the background of the unnamed composite being who later split into Ngh the Unspeakable and Ahh. At some point in his long existence, the being decided to undergo a ‘great experiment,’ and divided itself into two beings, representing the pure good and pure evil in him. The good half, Ahh, took the form of a woman in white with a small winged man for a companion. The evil form, Ngh, took the form of a large red winged gargoyle with a demonic-looking winged female for a companion. The experiment was flawed, however, as the winged man retained a residue of evil, and the winged female, Xa, retained a residue of good. The failure would not be known for ten thousand years.

While it is unknown what the true purpose of the experiment was, it quickly failed. The being failed to recognize the power others would now have over his two halves. The Tetrarchs of Entropy (Yod, Vug, Hafga, and Heml, four powerful beings ascribing to be universal forces) took advantage of the split being of Ngh and Ahh and transported them to the Dimension of Exile, where the powers of the pure good and evil forms were severely diminished. Ahh took on the form of an ancient woman in the Dimension of Exile, and the Tetrarchs imprisoned her and the winged man inside a tall mountain, where they remained for the next ten thousand years. The Tetrarchs simply left Ngh and Xa there to fend for themselves. Over the centuries, the Tetrarchs banished many other extra-dimensional criminals (anyone who did not fit their ideas of entropy in the universe) to the Dimension of Exile. Ngh quickly forgot the experiment completely, and focused on being ruler of anyone in the Dimension of Exile, proclaiming them his minions. Though his powers were severely lessened, he began looking for a way to escape, regain his full powers, and spread his evil influence through the world.

(Avengers I#327) - The Avengers (Thor, Captain America, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Sersi, and new ally, Rage) traveled to the Dimension of Exile while battling the Russian hero, Surge. Thor and Sersi accessed the Dimension, transporting Surge and two Russian women there (Captain Galina Ivanova and Dr. Zhukova). Upon arriving, the group was attacked by a band of monsters seeking to ‘grind their bones’ and ‘suck their fluids.’ Xa noted that the Avengers still had their powers and wondered if they had the ability to travel to and from the Dimension. Xa ordered the other exiles to flee, and flew away to report to Ngh.  The exiles worried that the Tetrarchs of Entropy sent the Avengers team there, but Xa reminded them that the Tetrarchs had already exiled each of them and could do nothing worse.

    Xa awakened Ngh, who threatened to make her pay ‘with the death of thousands.’ Xa reported the Avengers’ presence to Ngh, who determined to trick the Avengers into taking all the exiles back to their homeworld with them, allowing him to spread his evil when his powers were returned.

(Avengers 328) - The exiles attacked the Avengers again, this time to ‘crush them’ and ‘tear them limb from limb.’ Oh, and to ‘rip their puny hearts out.’ Ngh realized quickly that the Avengers had ethics, a weakness he could easily exploit. He hypnotized Xa as part of his plan to escape the Dimension of Exile. She was to befriend the Avengers, go into their world, and then use her powers to open a portal to the Dimension, allowing him to follow and regain his full power.

    When two exiles, Grogg and Ffurg, almost killed Captain America, Xa intervened and saved the day. But Ngh threw a stray boulder, injuring Xa, so that the Avengers had no choice but to take her back with them, which they did promptly. Xa received life-saving micro-surgery, and her own healing powers helped her to regain her full powers, within hours. As the Avengers consider making Xa an ally, she opened a portal to the Dimension and Ngh and the exiles broke through, prepared to ‘revel in evil for its own sake.’

(Avengers 329) - Ngh and other exiles posed as gargoyles atop a church in New York City. Ngh took the opportunity to view the public and search for evil to exploit and increase his own powers. He found drug-pusher L.D. 50 (who hated Rage) and decided to exploit his evil first. Ngh broke into the drughouse, mimicking the hoods’ talk, and offered them a deal.  As he burst through the wall, Ngh asked, “What’s popping, home? Hey, you and me, we have to talk mega-deal here, comprende?” Ngh and L.D. 50 formed a partnership –L.D. 50 and his men would work for Ngh, and Ngh would take care of Rage. As the Avengers announced their new lineup on live television, Ngh was able to read Rage’s lips and determined that Rage had a Granny Staples that he cares about. At 2 am, Ngh pounded on the door of Granny Staples home, and she mistook him for the devil.  Meanwhile, the Tetrarchs of Entropy banished the Avengers to the Dimension of Exile for releasing the exiles, and then went off searching for Ngh.

full body(Avengers 330) - After a time, the Tetrarchs released the Avengers, realizing they weren’t in league with Ngh and the exiles. The Tetrarchs allied with the Avengers to take down Ngh, but were secretly planning to banish the entire Earth to the Dimension of Exile. Back on Earth, Rage called to check in with Granny Staples, and Ngh answered and told Rage to come there immediately or his granny would be harmed. Ngh looked forward to having an Avenger in his thrall.

(Avengers 331) - Rage, not falling for Ngh’s trick, took the Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Quasar, Sersi, She-Hulk, Thor, Vision) with him to Granny Staples house. Ngh was furious and vowed to make Granny Staples suffer. To showcase his powers, he turned L.D. 50 and his men into demonic beings.  The Tetrarchs of Entropy joined the fray, but Ngh dismissed them with scorn, stating that the Tetrarchs have no power over him as the evil around him makes him stronger. Ngh fought the Tetrarchs off and drew more power, increasing his size. The Tetrarchs slipped, revealing their ultimate plans for the Earth.

    Meanwhile, Thor and Sersi traveled to the Dimension of Exile and Sersi sensed a presence locked within a mountain. When Thor cleaved the mountain in two, a small winged man and an elderly woman exited, stating it had been 10,000 years since they were free.

    Back on earth, Ngh turned three civilians into demonic beings by tempting them with evil money, and Ngh vowed to do the same to Granny Staples, taunting Rage. The old woman arrived, with Thor and Sersi, and shed her form, becoming a beautiful woman in white spandex. Ahh and Ngh were reunited! Ahh was a force for good, balancing Ngh’s evil powers. She turned the civilians back to normal. Ahh reminded Ngh of the experiment, and initiated their merge into their original form, though Ngh was reluctant. Ngh, Ahh, Xa, and the winged man combined into the form of the composite entity again.






full body



The entity told of his origins, then took the Tetrarchs’ ability to transverse dimensions away from them, ending their ability to send others to the Dimension of Exile. Ngh’s minions begged for restitution, but the entity showed disinterest. He flew away, professing he would ‘[save] entire civilizations and [bask] in their praise.’







full body




The Avengers banished the Tetrarchs of Entropy to the Dimension of Exile, where they remain. The fate of the exiles left on Earth is unknown. The final fate of the composite being is also unknown.










Comments: Created by Larry Hama, Paul Ryan, and Tom Palmer.

    That was a lot of story told!  Dimension-hopping, power-shifting, granny-threatening, and finally, a shift to a surprise-ending leaving the villain wandering in space. Now that’s story-telling.  Plus, here you get the weirdest Avengers line-up change ever: the Reserve Substitute Avengers!

    No name for the "winged man"? He could be Guh, or some other single syllable, grunt-type sound.


Profile by Chadman


full bodyGrogg


   Grogg was once banished by the Tetrarchs of Entropy to the Dimension of Exile, where he joined with the hordes of Ngh the Unspeakable. Grogg fought Captain America, but was beat, with the help of Xa. Presumably, Grogg was among the exiles who followed Ngh to Earth. His current whereabouts are unknown.


   Grogg’s full powers are unknown, outside of super-strength.  He has a vulnerable eye.


--Avengers I#328 (329-331 - BTS






full bodyFfurg


   Ffurg was once banished by the Tetrarchs of Entropy to the Dimension of Exile, where he joined with the hordes of Ngh the Unspeakable.  Ffurg had Captain America trapped in a hold until Iron Man intervened, blasting Ffurg. Presumably, Ffurg was among the exiles who followed Ngh to Earth. His current whereabouts are unknown.


    Ffurg’s full powers are unknown, outside of super-strength.


--Avengers I#328 (329-331 - BTS






full bodyOrm


   Orm was once banished by the Tetrarchs of Entropy to the Dimension of Exile, where he joined with the hordes of Ngh the Unspeakable.  Orm tried to attack Sersi, but was toppled by Xa. Presumably, Orm was among the exiles who followed Ngh to Earth. His current whereabouts are unknown.


   Orm’s powers are unknown, though he looked an awful lot like a Dire Wraith.


--Avengers I#328 (329-331 - BTS






full bodyXa

   Xa was one aspect of the composite being that split into Ngh and Ahh. Xa took on an ‘evil’ appearance, but maintained a remnant of goodness. Xa was hypnotized by Ngh the Unspeakable to help the Avengers in battle, and then journey back to Earth with them. Once on Earth, Xa opened a portal, allowing Ngh and his hordes to travel to Earth. Later, Xa helped Ngh in his battle with the Avengers. Xa reformed with her other parts into the composite being.

Xa’s powers include flight (via bat-wings), super-strength, a healing ability, and the ability to open dimensional portals.

--Avengers I#327 (331(fb), 327-331)




full bodyfull body Ahh & the winged man


   Ahh was the good half of the composite being that split into good and evil. Ahh was trapped by the Tetrarchs of Entropy at the bottom of a mountain in the Dimension of Exile, along with the tiny winged man (also a part of the composite being) who retained a remnant of evil. Ahh was freed by Thor and Sersi after ten thousand years, in the guise of an old woman in a fur coat and with a cane.  Ahh confronted Ngh and retained her true appearance by drawing the good from some corrupted mortals. She convinced Ngh to re-merge with her, and the two became the composite being once again.


    Ahh had the powers of extremely long life, and the ability to absorb the good from beings and increase her own strength. When Ahh was separated from good, she became a withered old woman.


--Avengers I#331 (331(fb), 331)






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Avengers I#328-331 (January-April, 1991) - Larry Hama (writer), Paul Ryan (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Howard Mackie (editor)

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