Classification: Extra-dimensional life-form, humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Olympus

Known Members: None; Yellow-Crested Titans are so primitive that they do not use names

Affiliations: Ampharon, Ares, Arges, Argus, Bacchae, Centaurs, Cerberus, Enchantress, Harpies, Hippolyta, Kottus, Loki, Myrmidons, Pluto, Typhon, Zeus

Enemies: Bounty, Avengers (Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Thor, Thunderstrike, Vision), Caledonia, Defenders (Dr. Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner), Eternals, Hercules, Karkas, Marvel Girl (Valeria von Doom), Alyssa Moy, Odin, Puppy, Ransak the Reject, Franklin Richards

First Appearance: Thor I#129 (June, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Yellow-Crested Titans stand at least twice the height of a typical human, and possesses superhuman strength. They are slow-witted, and have been used as lackeys by the Olympians time and again. Some Titans have wielded thunderbolts crafted by Argus.

History: (Thor I#129) - When Hercules came to Olympus for aid against the Olympian contract Pluto had tricked him into, a Yellow-Crested Titan barred his path. He quickly bested it, and continued along his way.

(Avengers I#100 (fb)) - When Ares and the Enchantress took command of Olympus, transforming the Olympians into crystal, the two gods employed a pair of Yellow-Crested Titans to pin Hercules down, then cast him out of Olympus, hurling him to Earth.

(Avengers I#100) - When the Avengers came to restore Olympus for Hercules, Ares used a Yellow-Crested Titan as a lackey, but Thor and the Black Knight defeated it.

(Thor I#289) - A pair of Yellow-Crested Titans armed with thunderbolts by Argus guarded the gates of Olympus from Odin when he came to meet with Zeus, but Odin caught their thunderbolts and hurled them back, knocking out both Titans.

(Thor I#291-292) - Several Yellow-Crested Titans were employed by Zeus when he and Odin led the armies of Olympus to the Eternals' city of Olympia. Karkas and Ransak the Reject bested many of the Titans, before Zeus ultimately decided to end the battle, and returned to Olympus with his forces.

(Avengers Annual#23) - As part of a plot to destroy Hercules, Loki set Typhon free from Tartarus, along with a Harpy, a Yellow-Crested Titan, Kottus, and Arges to serve as his lackeys. They helped Typhon best Hercules on Earth, then dunked him in the River Lethe to remove his memory so that he would aid them in conquering Olympus. The Avengers came to oppose Typhon, and Giant-Man beat the Yellow-Crested Titan. He was returned to Tartarus with Typhon and his other minions.

(Fantastic Four III#21) - When Pluto captured Caledonia, her friends Franklin Richards, Marvel Girl, Puppy, Bounty and Alyssa Moy invaded Hades to get her back, and Pluto had Hippolyta lead Yellow-Crested Titans, Cerberus, Bacchae, Centaurs, and Myrmidons against them. The battle ultimately ceased when Persephone forced Pluto to stand down.

(Defenders II#2) - Pluto commanded a force of Yellow-Crested Titans to Earth alongside Ampharon, and sent them to fight the Defenders. The Sub-Mariner and Hulk toppled a mountain onto the Titans, crushing them all.

(Herc#6.1 (fb) ) - Hercules broke into the Armory of Ares on Mount Olympus and blew aside the Yellow-Crested Titans, who were guarding the armory, with an FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missile before stealing numerous weapons.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta.

Profile by Prime Eternal. Herc update by Markus Raymond.

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Avengers Annual#23, page 26, panel 3
Avengers I#100, page 11, panel 5

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