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Real Name: Alysande Stuart

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-9809) human mutate

Occupation: Protector, babysitter

Group Membership: The Corps

Affiliations: The Avengers (Captain America (Steve Rogers), Firestar (Angelica Jones), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Thor (Thor Odinson), Wonder Man (Simon Williams)), Bounty, Chris Claremont, Neal Conan, Valerie Cooper, Dione, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Woman (Sue Richards), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Thing (Ben Grimm)), Hercules (Alcaeus), Jeryn Hogarth, Det. Charlotte Jones, Billie Lumpkin, Marvel Girl (Valeria von Doom of Earth-99315), Alyssa Moy, Matt Murdock, Carlos Pacheco, Persphone, Puppy, Franklin Richards, Sinbad, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Manoli Wetherell

Enemies: Awesome Android, the Bacchae (Hippolyta, others), Blackheart, Bounty's employer, Cerberus, Core Continuum slavers, Guladkin (Kraven's lion), Hydra, Jihad, Kraven the Hunter (Alyosha Kravinoff), Pluto (Hades), S.K.U.L.L.;
    formerly Bounty

Known Relatives: Unidentified royal ancestors (deceased)

Aliases: "Sandy"

Base of Operations: Pier Four, Manhattan, New York, USA
    formerly the Core Continuum; Earth-9809

First Appearance: Fantastic Four III#9 (September, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Alysande Stuart could transform from her normal human form to her superpowered Caledonia almost instantaneously at will. In either form, she was an extremely skilled fighter and swordswoman.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: (as Alysande): Black; (as Caledonia): Red


(Fantastic Four III#13 (fb) - BTS) - Alysande Stuart descended from a lineage of Earth-9809 Scottish royalty.

(FF: 50 Fantastic Years - Caledonia entry) - Alysande Stuart was Earth-9809's representative in the Corps as Caledonia.

(Fantastic Four III#10 (fb) - BTS) - Invaders took over much of Earth-9809 and when they came for Scotland, the Scottish highlanders refused to surrender themselves to the invaders. Because of this, the invaders slaughtered every man, woman and child north of Hadrian's Wall, England. The last survivor, Alysande Stuart was sold into slavery to the Emperor.

(Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four - Caledonia entry) - Upon her capture, Alysande Stuart was taken to the Core Continuum, home of the extradimensional Roma, by members of the Corps.

(Fantastic Four III#9 (fb)) - While visiting the Core Continuum, the Fantastic Four's Human Torch found himself feeling lonely and bored. Witnessing Earth-9809's Alysande Stuart battling members of the Corps, the Human Torch flew to her rescue. While the Human Torch drew the Corps slavers away with his flames, Alysande took a punch that knocked her unconscious. Feeling that the Core Continuum was no place for a woman like Alysande, the Human Torch smuggled her back to Earth-616 when the Fantastic Four returned to their home dimension.

(Fantastic Four III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Once back on Earth-616, the Human Torch hid Alysande within the infinite storage space of the Fantastic Four's headquarters, Pier Four.

(Fantastic Four III#9) - When the Human Torch entered the infinite storage space of Pier Four to check on Alysande, she attacked him, brandishing a knife. The Torch quickly reminded her about their previous encounter in the Core Continuum and explained how she had wound up in Pier Four. Knowing that he could not continue to hide Alysande inside Pier Four, the Torch flew her to the ruined Four Freedoms Plaza, where they were met by Spider-Man, who had seen the Human Torch's flame trail. When the Torch and Spider-Man began discussing Spider-Man's recent bounty and whether or not Alysande was telling the truth of her background, Alysande grew agitated and soon jumped off one of the skyscraper's upper areas after hearing a strange sound. Down below, Alysande discovered that Kraven the Hunter was also inside the ruined Four Freedoms Plaza, having been hired to remove creatures from the ruins by the building's foreman. Alysande announced herself the protector of the creatures and then transformed into a superhuman being calling herself Caledonia, prompting Kraven to unleash his lion Guladkin upon her. The fight was eventually interrupted by a loud roar coming from within the Plaza, which Kraven announced was the creature he was hired to eradicate. Deciding to leave the heroes for the creature to kill, Kraven fled and Caledonia ventured further into the ruined Plaza, assuring the Human Torch and Spider-Man that they were in no danger. Caledonia then retrieved the Inhuman Puppy from the wreckage. Later that evening, after the Torch had introduced Caledonia to the other Fantastic Four members, Caledonia and the Torch suggested that the Fantastic Four keep Puppy as a pet to help ease Franklin Richards' fear of monsters.

(Fantastic Four III#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Human Torch managed to remove the shackles around Alysande Stuart's wrists and ankles but proved unable to remove the one around her neck.

(Fantastic Four III#10) - The Human Torch visited Alysande in the ruined Four Freedoms Plaza and, appreciative of his recue of her, Alysande bowed to the Torch, asking if her attempts to bring order to the chaos of the ruins met his satisfaction. The Torch quickly reminded her that, between friends, bowing was not necessary. He then explained that he had brought her some new clothes and food, and offered her a chance to visit Earth-616's Scotland but Alysande revealed the story of Scotland's slaughter on Earth-9809 and didn't think she could handle seeing Scotland full of life. Alysande then admitted that she hoped to pay back the Emperor for his slaughter of Earth-9809's Scotland at some point, to which the Human Torch to call him when that day came.

(Fantastic Four III#11) - After the Fantastic Four agreed to infiltrate the island nation Genosha to rescue Mr. Fantastic, they asked Alysande Stuart to watch over Franklin Richards while they were gone. As the Fantastic Four left for Genosha, Alysande assured the Human Torch on her word that Franklin would be safe.

(Fantastic Four III#12) - Days after the Fantastic Four returned from Genosha, Alysande played action figures with Franklin Richards while Valerie Cooper warned the Fantastic Four about how their actions in Genosha could affect their future.

(Superman/Fantastic Four - BTS) - As the Invisible Woman, Thing and Human Torch prepared to travel into space with the alternate reality Cyborg Superman, Franklin Richards was left in the safety of Caledonia's watchful eye.

Hologram of Caledonia(Fantastic Four III#13) - Caledonia stood watch atop the roof of Pier Four as Billie Lumpkin delivered mail to Pier Four. While on guard, Johnny Storm came up to check on here after she had been up all night. After Johnny gave her a cup of cocoa, Caledonia expressed concern over a dream she had the night before, in which Ronan the Accuser killed the Fantastic Four. She admitted that in the dream, she had been helpless to save them and after being helpless to stop the slaughter of her own people, Caledonia explained that she would not be caught off guard. A little bit later, Alysande Stuart joined the other Fantastic Four members for breakfast and later sparred with the Human Torch in her Caledonia form outside of Stuyvesant High School, near the south pier of Pier Four. When Caledonia and Johnny returned to Pier Four, the Human Torch was chewed out for not being considerate of the school nearby.

(Fantastic Four III#14 - BTS) - A mysterious woman hired the extradimensional tracker Bounty to recapture Caledonia.

(Fantastic Four III#20) - Alysande was watching television at Pier Four with Franklin Richards, Alyssa Moy and Puppy when Earth-99315's Marvel Girl emerged from the Pier Four, still thinking she was on Earth-99315. Before a proper explanation could be made, the group was attacked by the extradimensional Bounty, who announced that she had been hired to retrieve Alysande Stuart. Marvel Girl quickly donned her armor and began fighting Bounty, prompting Alysande to transform into her Caledonia form. Before the battle could continue further, a grenade hurled by some of the amazonian Bacchae exploded, knocking out everyone in the vicinity.

(Fantastic Four III#21) - Brought to Club Danae by the Bacchae, Caledonia fiercely fought the Bacchae's leader Hippolyta in defense of Franklin and Marvel Girl. While she fought Hippolyta, Caledonia ordered Marvel Girl, Alyssa Moy, Puppy, Franklin and Bounty to get to safety but they were cornered by other members of the Bacchae. When Caledonia defeated Hippolyta in battle, the other Bacchae came to her defense, dogpiling on top of Caledonia. Pluto soon opened a portal to Tartarus, pulling all of the Bacchae and Caledonia through it and leaving the others behind. By the time, Marvel Girl and the others made their way to Tartarus by way of Puppy's teleportation powers, Caledonia had been knocked unconscious by Cerberus. She regained consciousness just as Hippolyta arrived with the armies of Hades. Soon finding themselves surrounded, Caledonia ordered Marvel Girl to take Alyssa and Franklin and teleport away via Puppy's powers while Caledonia held off the armies. When Puppy proved unable to teleport due to fear, Hercules and the Fantastic Four stormed into Tartarus and forced Pluto to release Caledonia and the others. Upon seeing the Fantastic Four, Caledonia apologized for her perceived failure at watching Franklin Richards but Franklin quickly turned the subject toward the arrival of Earth-99315's Marvel Girl.

(Fantastic Four III#23 (fb)) - Alysande accompanied Reed Richards in investigating Marvel Girl's bedroom, which seemed to be transported wholly from Earth-99315 into one of Pier Four's empty space rooms. Finding a photo of the wedding of Earth-99315's Invisible Woman and Doctor Doom, Alysande asked Reed if it was a photo of Reed's wife Sue then apologized after feeling she had unintentionally upset Reed. When Reed expressed concern over how much the Fantastic Four had grown to care for Marvel Girl, Alysande commented that her connection to Doctor Doom would theoretically make her an ideal trojan horse. Reed agreed that it was a possibility but also commented that there was a possibility that Marvel Girl was only a figment of their imagination, prompting Alysande to ask how that would be possible. Reed then replied that Marvel Girl could have been unknowingly created by Franklin Richards' reality-altering powers. Later, after the Fantastic Four had tracked nanites that had recently infected the Thing and She-Hulk to San Diego, Alysande accompanied the Human Torch to the San Diego Comic Con as a distraction while Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Marvel Girl and Puppy investigated the source of the nanites. During the convention, terrorist group S.K.U.L.L. doused the special guest Avengers with the mind-controlling nanites, prompting them into a rampage with the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android. The other Fantastic Four members soon arrived and helped quell the rampages.

(Fantastic Four III#23) - Alysande Stuart went to the court, where she sat in the audience for the trial during the case of the People of the State of California vs. the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and others. As she watched, the charges against the two superhero teams were dismissed.

(Fantastic Four III 1999 Annual) - Alysande watched Franklin, Marvel Girl and Puppy as the Fantastic Four and Alyssa Moy test drove Moy's new flying vehicle. When Blackheart's image appeared over the Pier and downed the flying vehicle with an mystic energy wave, Alysande instinctively transformed into her Caledonia form, preparing to protect the children. When the Fantastic Four escaped the exploding vehicle inside one of the Invisible Woman's invisible force fields, Caledonia watched as the force bubble traveled back to the Pier, where it collided with Marvel Girl's protective force field and exploded. The Fantastic Four soon emerged with only minor injuries but Alyssa Moy was rendered unconscious.

(Fantastic Four III#24) - When Puppy sensed an approaching chaos storm, the Fantastic Four, Caledonia, Franklin Richards and Marvel Girl all went to the roof, where they witnessed several reality warps in the span of a few seconds. Billie Lumpkin interrupted their huddling to deliver the mail, unaware that anything had just occurred. Shortly thereafter, Alysande set the table for breakfast as Mr. Fantastic frantically searched for a way to prevent the impending storm. Later that evening, Caledonia watched as the Human Torch flew off seeking a distraction from the impending danger. Shortly thereafter, Alysande joined the Fantastic Four in a dinner together. The following morning, the chaos storm struck and the Fantastic Four had Caledonia accompany Franklin and Puppy in a protective rocket away from the storm.

(Fantastic Four III#26 - BTS) - The rocket arrived in a secret location known as Haven, that only Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman knew of. Once in Haven, Caledonia continued to protect Franklin Richards.

(Fantastic Four III 2000 Annual) - The Invisible Woman contacted Haven to inform Marvel Girl, Franklin and Caledonia that Mr. Fantastic had returned.

(The Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad) - Alysande Stuart returned to Pier Four from Haven alongside Marvel Girl, Franklin Richards and Puppy. Later that evening, Alysande joined the Fantastic Four, Marvel Girl and Franklin for pizza. After everyone had went to bed, the ancient sorcerer Jihad appeared within Pier Four and let loose a multi-headed hydra, which Caledonia and Puppy attempted to fend off until the other Fantastic Four arrived at its location. During the battle against Jihad, Alysande and the others were transported onboard an ancient Arabic ship, where Mr. Fantastic immediately set to translating the Arabic navigational maps. Voyaging in an attempt to return home, the Fantastic Four participated in a giant chess game during their 2nd voyage as Alysande, Franklin and Marvel Girl watched. During their 4th Voyage, Alysande was mystically transformed into wood alongside Puppy, Franklin and Marvel Girl by Jihad and taken to his stronghold. Teaming with the sailor Sinbad, the Fantastic Four rescued Alysande and the others and defeated Jihad. Following the battle, Sinbad sailed the Fantastic Four and their allies back to Pier Four, where they said their goodbyes.

(FF: 50 Fantastic Years - Caledonia entry) - Caledonia left the Fantastic Four's company.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Salvador Larroca and Art Thibert.

Caledonia had a Handbook entry in Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four (2004) and FF: 50 Fantastic Years (2011). Her entry in the Marvel Encyclopedia stated her height at 5'6" and weight as 130 lbs. while her entry in FF: 50 Fantastic Years listed her as 5'8", 145 lbs. I suppose at some point she grew two inches and gained a little more weight, or perhaps the Marvel Encyclopedia's info is her height/weight as Alysande while the FF: 50 Fantastic Years' info is her height/weight as Caledonia.

In Domination Factor: Fantastic Four#1.1, Mr. Fantastic briefly visits his lab and tells "Alysande" and Franklin to stay put, as they were safe there. The art in the book appears to show Franklin and Marvel Girl (Valeria), rather than Alysande, so I'm thinking that this was meant to be an appearance of Marvel Girl instead of Caledonia, especially when various online sources also do not list it as an appearance of Caledonia. I think this could be chalked up to a printing or script error.

There's no evidence that the invaders who conquered Scotland and England were not native to that reality. Given the woman who hired Bounty looked Asian, and that the men who were escorting Caledonia as a prisoner in FF #9 appear to be wearing Samurai style armor with (per the Torch's comments, if not the art) Captain Britain-esque designs, the invaders might have been a Japanese or Chinese Empire. However, there's no way to be sure without additional information coming forth in future stories. The invaders do appear to have interdimensional travel capacity, given that (a) Caledonia ended up on the Core Continuum and (b) that the place where Bounty was recruited was definitely not on Earth as we know it (full of aliens).

Thanks to Loki for the main and hologram images.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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