Classification: Terrestrial series of warehouse space

Creator: Unrevealed; further modified by Mr. Fantastic

User/Possessors: Caledonia (Alysande Stuart of Earth-9809), The Fantastic Four (Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Woman (Sue Richards), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Thing (Ben Grimm)), Gideon Trust, Franklin Richards, H.E.R.B.I.E., Puppy

First Appearance: Fantastic Four III#2 (February, 1998)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Pier Four existed as a series of dockside warehouses in the New York City area. Altogether, it was equipped to house all sorts of things, including the various advanced technological devices designed by Mr. Fantastic. After the Fantastic Four took up residence in the Pier, the Pier was upgraded and equipped with a hangar to house the Fantastic Four's Pogo Plane and a security system that activated whenever a newcomer entered Pier Four until proper identification was provided. Pier Four was also equipped with high-tech defense systems, including a rotating armored shell blaster, beam blasters capable of cutting through Adamantium, neuro-neutralizer beam blasters, and hydro-blasters capable of firing intense, pressurized water.

Pier Four also housed a sophisticated computer A.I. system that responded to the vocal commands of the Fantastic Four members and their friends and family. The artificial intelligence of the computer system could communicate vocally through Pier Four's speaker systems and playback telephone messages received at the Pier. It could trace the location of incoming phone calls and download navigational coordinates of the location directly  into the Fantastic Four's Fantasticar vehicle. Upon command, the computer system could disengage docking locks to allow takeoff and landing of the Fantastic Four's vehicles and could remotely generate invisible force fields over the entrances and exits of specific rooms for security purposes.

The Pier also had an antique London police box located on the outside of the Pier Four property that secretly housed an area of infinite storage space warehouses. The warehouses could also be sectioned off as separate rooms that existed as tesseracts in time and space, allowing them to be infinitely expandable in time and space to accomodate any guests. Each room in Pier Four was equipped with a panic button that projected the Fantastic-Flare to signal the Fantastic Four members if needed and the rooms had electronic doors capable of sealing off certain areas to protect the experimental equipment stored within the Pier. The Pier Four living room also contained a big screen television. Various doors within the Pier acted as portals to various alternate dimensions and realities if the Fantastic Four needed to traverse other dimensions.

The underground sub-basements of the Pier housed Reed Richards' laboratory. The lab was equipped with a sophisticated computer system that could take data input from Reed's Scanalyzer device and project it as a three-dimensional, life-like projection of the item or person scanned. The holographic projection capabilities could also project holograms over the windows of Reed's lab to prevent visual intrusion from anyone in the river surrounding the Pier and could be used in conjunction with programmed exercise programs to project three-dimensional combat simulations.


(Fantastic Four III#2 (fb) – BTS) – After their previous headquarters of Four Freedoms Plaza had been given to the Thunderbolts in the Fantastic Four’s absence, Mr. Fantastic moved the Fantastic Four into Manhattan’s Hudson River front warehouses located on West Side Highway, where Mr. Fantastic housed many of his inventions. The warehouses were soon rechristened Pier Four.

(Howard the Duck IV#4 (fb) - BTS) - When the Human Torch moved into Pier Four, he brought with him a strange gem that he had earlier acquired during the Beyonder's Secret Wars.

(Fantastic Four III#2) – Inside the warehouses, Mr. Fantastic tested his Psiotactile furniture by having the other members of the Fantastic Four try out the furniture. The Thing and Human Torch both tried to get on the couch, causing the couch to mutate while attempting to convert itself into both of the heroes’ ideas of ideal comfort. When the couch grabbed up Franklin Richards while trying to convert itself into a carnival ride for him, the Invisible Woman attempted to rescue Franklin, causing more mutations due to her own ideas of comfort. Eventually, the entire psiotactile couch exploded into a goo-like mass, prompting the Thing to storm out of the room grumbling about having to stay in a warehouse. While Thing and the Human Torch met the Fantastic Four’s new mail carrier, Billie Lumpkin, the Invisible Woman spoke with Mr. Fantastic about his decision to move the team into his warehouses, frustrated that he had made the decision without consulting her and unaware that they were being watched by the invisible Iconoclast. Later that night, Mr. Fantastic tucked Franklin into bed and the Invisible Woman arrived to view Mr. Fantastic watching his son fall asleep. Their moment was quickly interrupted when the Iconoclast, whom only the Invisible Woman could see and hear, attacked the Invisible Woman. Taking the fight outside, the Invisible Woman began battling the Iconoclast while Mr. Fantastic ordered Pier Four’s computer system to secure Franklin in his bedroom. Mr. Fantastic then joined the fray but proved unable to touch the Iconoclast. Franklin, realizing that his parents needed help, hit a button on his wall that caused the Pier to project the Fantastic Four’s “4” flare into the air, signaling the Thing and Human Torch to the danger. When the Thing and Human Torch also proved unable to harm the Iconoclast, Invisible Woman tricked the Iconoclast into following her off of Pier Four’s roof and out over the water on one of Invisible Woman’s invisible force bridges. She then removed the bridge from under the Iconoclast, causing him to fall into the river, shorting out his cloaking system and causing a large explosion over the water. Despite scanning the area, the Fantastic Four could find no trace of the Iconoclast following the explosion.

(Avengers III#1) – From Pier Four, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the Thing contacted the Avengers to tell them that, while all three of them had once served as Avengers, their first duty was to the Fantastic Four. Therefore, they would be unable to aid the Avengers, as they were tied up with their own concerns.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#28) – At the Pier Four kitchen table, the Fantastic Four watched an NNB news special about the "new hero" Hornet (secretly Peter Parker/Spider-Man). The Invisible Woman expressed concern, given recent events with the Thunderbolts team, and Mr. Fantastic agreed with her that not every new "hero" could be of verified integrity. The Thing  reminded them that if the Hornet gave them any trouble, they would do what they always did: clobber him. 

(Fantastic Four III#3) – At Pier Four, the Thing, Human Torch and the Invisible Woman were rushing to get ready for a New Year’s charity event they had promised to attend. Worried that Mr. Fantastic would miss the event if he did not leave his lab and get ready, the Invisible Woman allowed the Thing to pry open the electronic doors to Mr. Fantastic’s lab, where they found Mr. Fantastic seemingly performing an autopsy on Iconoclast. Mr. Fantastic quickly explained that he was actually performing a virtual autopsy on a three-dimensional, holographic copy of the Iconoclast. Having learned that the Iconoclast was a single-celled organism, Mr. Fantastic explained that he would know more after further genetic tests. When Invisible Woman commented that the research could take hours, Mr. Fantastic assured her that his tuxedo was ready and waiting for the charity event and promised that he would join the other Fantastic Four after he finished the genetic tests. Later, at 11:09 p.m., H.E.R.B.I.E. entered Mr. Fantastic’s lab and reminded him of the time, having been ordered to bypass Mr. Fantastic’s "not now" commands by the Invisible Woman. After Mr. Fantastic vocally deactivated H.E.R.B.I.E. using a specific sequence, the computer system itself announced that a phone call had been received by Pier Four. Playing back a distress message to Mr. Fantastic from Empire State University’s Cathy Polombo, the computer system was ordered by Mr. Fantastic to trace the address then download navigation coordinates into the Fantasticar. Mr. Fantastic then had the computer disengage the locks on the Fantasticar and as he flew off, he ordered the computer to contact the rest of the Fantastic Four immediately.

(Fantastic Four III#4) – Early in the morning, the Thing awoke at Pier Four and went out onto the deck, where he enjoyed the morning air and the passing boats. He was soon hit with a brick wrapped in a newspaper, only to find that the Yancy Street Gang had torn out the sports section and wrote “Good morning, Brickhead!” on the front of the paper. The Thing's plot for revenge against the Yancy Street Gang was interrupted by Billie Lumpkin, who was delivering Pier Four’s mail. Their conversation was interrupted, in turn, by a large cosmic energy flash emanating from the Fantastic Four’s former headquarters, Four Freedoms Plaza. The Thing quickly said his goodbyes to Billie, asked for kind thoughts, and boarded a Sky Cycle toward the Four Freedoms Plaza skyscraper.  

(Fantastic Four III#5) – At Pier Four, Invisible Woman paid the Fantastic Four’s bills while the Human Torch and Franklin Richards relaxed nearby. Shortly thereafter, Invisible Woman received a phone call from Mr. Fantastic who, along with the Thing, was in Stockholm, Sweden. While on the phone, Invisible Woman began to warn the Human Torch not to play with his fire powers inside the house as they were still trying to calibrate the sprinkler system, but then screamed when the Human Torch’s powers activated the sprinklers.

(Fantastic Four III#6 (fb) – BTS) – After all of the furniture was hit by the sprinkler system, the Invisible Woman made the Human Torch clean the entirety of Pier Four, draping cloth over the water-damaged furniture until the Torch could clean it.

(Fantastic Four III#6) – The Invisible Woman jogged around Pier Four on an invisible force bridge and grew concerned about a white police Range Rover that had been seemingly following her. The Human Torch met her as she came around the side of the Pier and announced that she needed to come inside, as there was something she had to see. Upon arriving inside, the Invisible Woman found the entire foyer filled with roses and Mr. Fantastic in a suit. Mr. Fantastic announced that he had missed the Invisible Woman during his trip to Sweden and decided that it had been too long since he had bought her flowers. He also announced that he had tickets to Yankee Stadium for himself and Franklin Richards, explaining that the Invisible Woman would be getting fitted for an evening gown so that they could go dancing at the Rainbow Room. After the Thing introduced Invisible Woman to scientist Alyssa Moy, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman began talking about their first date, prompting the Thing to show Alyssa around Pier Four. Taking Alyssa to the hanger, the Thing showed Alyssa the FF’s Pogo Plane and Alyssa asked the Thing if Mr. Fantastic seemed to be acting different since his encounter with the enigmatic Crucible in Sweden. The Thing replied that perhaps Mr. Fantastic was finally letting himself be human for a change. The following night, Mr. Fantastic changed into a suit to meet Invisible Woman for dinner, prompting the Thing, Human Torch and Alyssa Moy to compliment him on his fashion sense. As Mr. Fantastic left, Alyssa Moy mentioned a chess move and despite not having time, Mr. Fantastic indulged Alyssa by verbally countering her chess move with his own, placing the king in check. While Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman were out dancing, the Thing made dinner for Franklin and Alyssa. Alyssa could not get over how Mr. Fantastic had countered her chess move with a move that would trap his king in six moves, knowing that prior to his encounter with Crucible, Mr. Fantastic would have never made such a mistake. The egg that the Thing was preparing for dinner soon hatched, spawning Hard-Boiled Henwy, a strange talking chick that doubled as a time bomb. Within seconds, Hard-Boiled Henwy had exploded, blowing out part of the kitchen wall at Pier Four. Gatecrasher’s Technet quickly made themselves known, announcing to Alyssa Moy and the Thing that they were there to apprehend Franklin Richards. After Ringtoss briefly captured the Thing in her rings, Gatecrasher ordered Ferro2 to track down the escaping Alyssa and Franklin while the rest of Technet dealt with the Thing.

(Fantastic Four III#7 – BTS) – When Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic phoned home after seeing a “4” in the windows of the World Trade Center towers, they found that the entirety of Pier Four was offline in both voice and data.

(Fantastic Four III#9) – Early in the morning, NPR-TV reporters Neal Conan and Manoli Wetherell arrived at Pier Four to film a documentary about a normal day in the life of the Fantastic Four. As soon as Human Torch led them into Pier Four, the security systems went off, prompting the Torch to ask the reporters for their IDs. The Thing then led Neal and Manoli further into Pier Four, stopping in the dining room to invite Alyssa Moy and Franklin to go into town with him for brunch. While they were out, the Human Torch gave an interview and a display of powers for Neal and Manoli. Thing and the others returned with bagels shortly thereafter, prompting the Human Torch to leave on a date as fashion designer Kay Cera arrived as requested by the Invisible Woman. Later, Neal and Manoli interviewed the Thing while Mr. Fantastic played ball with Franklin outside the Pier. Later still, after an adventure involving Spider-Man and the alternate reality Alysande Stuart, the Human Torch invited his new allies to Pier Four, where Invisible Woman was arguing with Mr. Fantastic about their son’s fears of monsters. Interrupting them, the Human Torch announced that he might have a solution to Franklin’s fears out back. When he opened the backdoor, a puppy was tied to one of the Pier’s boat ties.

(Uncanny X-Men/Fantastic Four '98 Annual) – Mr. Fantastic held a press conference at Pier Four about the importance of science to society's youth. He then announced that he was proud to help contribute to NASA's space program with his Miniaturizer invention. As Reed shook hands with a military officer, who announced that on behalf of NASA and the US government, he was proud to accept Reed's donation, Stark-Fujikawa scientist Dr. Bradley Beynon was escorted away from the press conference, exclaiming that Reed had spies within Stark-Fujikawa and had stolen his miniaturizing device idea. Days later, on a Friday evening, the Thing helped Mr. Fantastic move a power core module before Reed and Sue left  for a showing of "La Bludgeon." The Thing then explained to the Human Torch that he had a poker game planned for the night and ordered the Human Torch to cancel on his date so he could join in. Shortly thereafter, the Thing's poker buddy Wolverine and Cannonball arrived at Pier Four for the poker game. As the poker game progressed, Cannonball was winning most of the pot but the game was interrupted by the arrival of a Psycho-Man robot, whom the assembled heroes made swift work of. Almost immediately following the defeat of the Psycho-Man robot, the Human Torch noticed the Fantasti-Flare blocks away and both he and Cannonball flew to investigate. The Thing promised to follow in the Fantasti-Car, only to find that their battle with the Psycho-Man robot had demolished both the Fantasti-Car and Wolverine's motorcycle. Wolverine and Thing quickly hailed a cab, not realizing that the Psycho-Man robot had come back online within Pier Four. Following the defeat of the Psycho-Man robot, Bradley Beynon and the true Psycho-Man at the combined hands of the Fantastic Four and X-Men, the two heroic teams returned to Pier Four, where Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman discussed the ending of "La Bludgeon" with Dr. Cecilia Reyes and Beast while Wolverine, Human Torch, Thing and Cannonball attempted to finish their poker game.

(Thor II#5) – The radio in the Thing's Pier Four bedroom blared the Chucky Diamond radio show, waking the Thing and prompting him to comment that he was going to kill the Human Torch for setting his alarm to blare the radio loudly.

(Avengers III#10) – At Pier Four, the Thing watched the Avengers Day parade on television, hosted by the Stunt-Master, actress Chili Storm and reporter Megan McLaren. Thing continued to watch until the Grim Reaper appeared in a bright flash of light. Thing immediately called for the other Fantastic Four members.

(Spectacular Spider-Man I#263) – Mr. Fantastic was working in his lab at Pier Four when Spider-Man brought an unconscious May  Parker to the Pier in hopes of having Mr. Fantastic verify if it was the real May Parker or a clone or double used by Norman Osborn to fool Spider-Man. Mr. Fantastic ran every test he knew of on May, ultimately deciding that she was definitely not a clone or any sort of artificial lifeform. He then explained that while she was real, he could not verify for sure if it was truly May Parker without a  DNA sample of the original May Parker. Spider-Man quickly left to find a sample as Mr. Fantastic tried to tell him one more thing. Spider-Man exclaimed that it would have to wait. A short time later, Spider-Man returned with a blood sample from May Parker, taken during Peter Parker's high school days, and Mr. Fantastic confirmed via the blood sample that it was the true, original May Parker. He also explained to Spider-Man that  May had a device implanted in her brain that would stop her heart if not removed soon. Mr. Fantastic commented that he had contacted a top surgeon but would need the approval of May's next of kin. Spider-Man announced that he would contact the next of kin then left to confront the Green Goblin in hopes of determining what exactly the implant was.

(Silver Surfer III#146) - When the cosmic Firelord rampaged through the small country of Kakistia, Captain America contacted the Fantastic Four at Pier Four, where Mr. Fantastic explained that the Fantastic Four would be glad to lend a hand against Firelord. Mr. Fantastic also commented that, in the time it would take both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to get to Kakistia, many lives could be lost. He also admitted that he could think of only one person that could get there instantly and also stand a chance against Firelord, to which Captain America replied that he thought he knew who Mr. Fantastic was referring to.

(Fantastic Four III#10) – Inside his lab in Pier Four, Mr. Fantastic attempted to analyze a data packet given to him by the Omniversal guardian Roma. Despite the best efforts of Pier Four’s cybernetic systems, Mr. Fantastic was only able to analyze a small fraction of the packet’s information. After wrestling with many options, Mr. Fantastic decided to take his mind off of the situation by starting an exercise program. Later that evening, Mr. Fantastic tucked Franklin in for the night, monologuing to himself about how, once, science was his entire life and that now, it was his family. Early the next morning, the Thing returned to Pier Four following a night on the town with Alyssa Moy and found the Human Torch attempting to find a way to destroy the metal that composed the slave shackles of the alternate reality Alysande Stuart. Angry that he could not focus his fire enough to burn through the metal, the Human Torch flew out of the Pier. As the day progressed, Invisible Woman mentioned that someone needed to wake up the Human Torch, prompting the Thing to inform them of the Torch’s earlier leave. Mr. Fantastic deduced that the Torch had left to check on Alysande, whom all of the Fantastic Four knew about despite the Torch’s attempts to keep her a secret. Mr. Fantastic then left for a meeting at Empire State University but upon entering his taxi outside the Pier, he was attacked by the super-powered Press Gang.

(Fantastic Four III#11 (fb) – BTS) – Based on 911 reports of a superhuman battle near the Pier, Det. Charlotte Jones arrived at the Pier to find the superhumans gone and declared it a crime scene, with the victim being Mr. Fantastic.

(Fantastic Four III#11) – The other members of the Fantastic Four met with Det. Jones outside Pier Four and used a Resonance Scanner to trace Mr. Fantastic’s path to a nearby pay phone booth. While the Thing attempted to have Det. Jones trace the last phone call made on the pay phone, Invisible Woman’s Resonance Scanner detected a second signature, that of the Genoshan Press Gang member Pipeline. Since Genosha was an outlaw nation, Det. Jones informed the Fantastic Four that the NYPD had no jurisdiction in Genosha. Later, Dr. Valerie Cooper visited Pier Four in an attempt to further explain the situation in Genosha, hinting that the Fantastic Four could venture into Genosha to find Mr. Fantastic but warning that if they did, they would no official government support.

(Fantastic Four III#12) – Upon the rescue of Mr. Fantastic and the defeat of his captor, Crucible, Dr. Valerie Cooper once again visited Pier Four to explain that the Fantastic Four’s actions in Genosha could possibly cause some unwanted repercussions to America-Genoshan relations. She also warned the team could yet be prosecuted for their “crimes” against Genosha, warning that the US government tended to let Genosha be. After Cooper left, Mr. Fantastic decided to take the Invisible Woman and Franklin to a playoff game.

(Thor II 1999 Annual) – The Fantastic Four invited Thor to Pier Four, where they surprised him with a party to thank him for recently saving the life of Franklin Richards when Doctor Doom sought to use Franklin for his own ends. When Franklin gave Thor a present, Thor thought back on the events that had ultimately led to the party. When Thor began to tell the story of what had happened following his rescue of Franklin, Mr. Fantastic asked what had happened to Doctor Doom but Thor did not know of Doom's present whereabouts. Franklin then exclaimed that Thor had not yet opened the present Franklin had given him and Thor rectified that immediately by opening the present to find that Franklin had given him a hammer inscribed with the phrase "Whosoever holdeths this hammer is a true and valued friend of Franklin Richards and the Fantastic Four." Thor then exclaimed that Franklin had made Thor's heart soar that day.

(Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#1) – In Pier Four, Franklin Richards was playing with a baseball and accidentally bounced it away from himself. Chasing the ball, Franklin retrieved it from his father Reed's closet, where Franklin found a strange, ornate box. Inside, Franklin found a strange ball and, thinking it was a Pokeball, Franklin prepared to throw it, pretending to be releasing the Pokemon known as Pikachu. Reed soon noticed Franklin and scolded Franklin for going through Reed's personal belongings and treating them as if Franklin himself owned them. Reed then tried to explain to Franklin that the stuff in the box were personal items from just after Reed's time in the military. Franklin then asked if Reed had any adventures back then and Reed began to tell Franklin of a story set in the Himalayas.

(Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#2) – As it began snowing outside Pier Four, Reed continued to tell the tale of his adventure in the Himalayas to Franklin, who asked again who the professor in the story was and where they were heading. Reed reminded Franklin that the professor was Professor Francesca Fisher and they were on their way to Egypt. He explained to Franklin about how the item they were seeking in Egypt was the Claw of Bast, whom Reed was informed had magical healing properties. When Franklin asked why Reed didn't believe its magical properties, Reed explained that, when he was younger, he was skeptical of such things but as he aged, he had begun to realize how his past experiences with the Claw of Bast had changed his skeptical nature. Franklin called into question the truthfulness of Reed's story and Reed slyly commented that perhaps it were best if he stopped the story since Franklin didn't believe him but Franklin begged for Reed to continue, which Reed did. As Reed continued, Franklin's excitement grew.

(Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#3) - Reed continued telling Franklin the story of his search for the Claw of Bast and how he ended up fighting Victor von Doom prior to gaining superhuman powers. When Reed told a part involving the Egyptian Sphinx coming to life, Franklin finally admitted that he thought Reed had been making the story up as he went along. Reed attempted to prove to Franklin that the story was true but was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Lao-Tse the Mystic, a "character" from Reed's story. Lao-Tse revealed that he had been studying the mystic arts for years, waiting for the time in which he could gain vengeance on Reed. Franklin quickly threw the ball he had found in the box earlier, which hit Lao-Tse and froze him in suspended animation. Reed then carried the frozen Lao-Tse into another room within Pier Four and promised Franklin he would tell him about the time Reed and Alyssa Moy encountered the Giant Rat of Sumatra. Franklin replied that he couldn't wait.
(Amazing Spider-Man II#4 (fb)) - Having recently been away from heroics, a returned Spider-Man decided to pay a visit to the Human Torch at Pier Four and once there, Mr. Fantastic opted to run several experiments on the wall-crawler to make sure he was indeed the actual Spider-Man. Once Reed had determined it was the real Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four welcomed Spider-Man back and a short time later, Spider-Man relaxed with the Human Torch by watching wrestling on television. Pier Four soon briefly lost power and when its auxillary systems came back online, Mr. Fantastic explained that the entirety of New York had experienced a blackout. He then commented that the systems had experienced an anomalous magnetic pulse shortly before the blackout and that he wanted to investigate further. Spider-Man then caught a glimpse of the Sandman on the Fantastic Four's monitors and asked about it, prompting the Thing to inform Spider-Man that he had occasionally kept an eye on the Sandman ever since the Sandman had reformed.

(Superman/Fantastic Four) – In Pier Four, Franklin Richards was watching the “Superman” cartoon series and playing with his action figures when he overheard the Thing from another room. Running in to tell Thing about the latest episode of “Superman,” Franklin found the Thing holding up an hydraulic press that Mr. Fantastic was running tests on. Invisible Woman soon ushered Franklin out of the room but quickly noticed that Pier Four’s defense systems were offline. Investigating, Invisible Woman was met with the true Superman, who had traveled to Earth-616 with the help of Access. Invisible Woman led Superman to the other Fantastic Four members, where Superman informed Mr. Fantastic that Galactus had been in Superman’s home universe. Before much more could be said, the Kryptonian crystal that Superman had brought along with him began glowing and soon, Pier Four’s security systems began attacking all of the heroes present. The hydraulic press immediately began pressing on the Thing and the Human Torch attempted to fuse the control board with his flames but the security system hit the Human Torch with a hydro-blaster, dousing his flames. Eventually, Superman punched the press, destroying it enough for the Thing to lift his way from the debris. Before he spout his catchphrase, the Thing was hit by a blast emanating from an alien ship just outside Pier Four. The ship then blasted Superman, causing him to disappear, and Mr. Fantastic deduced that the ship was one of Galactus’. Wondering how Galactus could instigate the corruption of Pier Four’s defense systems, Mr. Fantastic’s questions were answered by the appearance of the Cyborg Superman from Superman’s home universe. Admitting that he wanted to work with Galactus, the Cyborg Superman blasted the Thing while the Human Torch went outside to attack Galactus’ ship. Finding Superman inside, the Human Torch’s attack was interrupted when Galactus began transforming Superman into his newest herald. The Cyborg Superman quickly halted his own attack, pleading with Galactus to take him instead, but the Invisible Woman erected an invisible force field to prevent the Cyborg Superman from entering Galactus’ ship. After being given the Power Cosmic by Galactus, Superman became the gold-skinned herald and, recognizing the sheer power of a Power Cosmic-infused Superman, Mr. Fantastic attempted to hold Superman in place but Superman quickly teleported away with Mr. Fantastic in tow. Invisible Woman quickly captured Cyborg Superman in an invisible force bubble and began questioning him. After learning that Cyborg Superman could track the Kryptonian crystal that Superman carried, Invisible Woman agreed to release the Cyborg Superman as long as he agreed to follow her orders and help them find Mr. Fantastic. Cyborg Superman agreed to the terms as long as he was allowed access to Galactus. Later, in order to find Superman and Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman allowed the Cyborg Superman to modify the Fantastic Four’s Pogo Plane to allow for their travel into space. Once the modifications were complete, Invisible Woman left Franklin with Caledonia at Pier Four and the FF and Cyborg Superman rocketed into space. After Superman was restored to normal and the Cyborg Superman reduced to a tiny shard of perfect metal by Galactus, the Fantastic Four and Superman returned to Pier Four, where Superman gave Franklin the gift of his cape then said his goodbyes before returning to his home universe.

(Fantastic Four III#13) – Billie Lumpkin arrived at Pier Four to deliver the mail and was surprised to see Caledonia standing atop the Pier. When she knocked on the door, the Thing answered, commented that he didn’t sleep well the night before and explained that Caledonia was a friend of the Human Torch’s. On the roof of Pier Four, the Human Torch brought a mug of cocoa to Caledonia and asked her why she had been keeping guard all morning. The Torch was then told by Caledonia that she had been guarding because of a nightmare she had, surprisingly the Torch, as he and the other Fantastic Four members had had the same dream involving an attack by the Kree Ronan the Accuser. Later that morning, the Fantastic Four and Caledonia spoke about their shared dream, with Mr. Fantastic commenting how, in the dream, Ronan was battling the FF of years past. Mr. Fantastic also mentioned that, in the time since their last battle with Ronan, the Fantastic Four’s tactics had changed but he also warned that Ronan’s might have changed as well. When Caledonia asked who Ronan was, the Human Torch explained to her Ronan’s history. After Caledonia and Human Torch later participated in a faux duel to test their abilities near Stuyvesant School, executive vice principal Mr. Bermudez phoned Mr. Fantastic at Pier Four to express his anger at the distraction caused by Caledonia and the Torch’s duel. Once the rest of the Fantastic Four had chewed the Torch out, the Invisible Woman pointed out that the Fantastic Four seemed to be denied their usual access to government, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Avengers databases. To prove her point to the others, Invisible Woman phoned Stark Solutions, only to be brushed off by Tony Stark’s secretary. The Thing attempted to contact the Avengers to both speak with Carol Danvers and obtain their files on the Kree but was told by Firestar that she was not allowed to give out such information. The Thing was then met with the Vision, who explained that the government had forced the Avengers to forbid interaction with the Fantastic Four. Vision then terminated the video call, prompting the Human Torch to inform the others that Cape Canaveral had been abuzz with shuttle launches as of late. Mr. Fantastic also announced that he was detecting an unique energy signature emanating from the FF’s former headquarters of Four Freedoms Plaza, one that matched the signatures of a Kree Sentry robot the team had battled in the past. Mr. Fantastic then explained that it appeared Four Freedoms Plaza was being used a landing platform for the Kree.

(Fantastic Four III#20) - While the Fantastic Four were away, Alysande Stuart, Alyssa Moy, Franklin Richards and Puppy watched television at Pier Four before Earth-99315's Marvel Girl emerged from the bathrooms unaware she had been transported to Earth-616. Before proper explanations could be made, the extradimensional Bounty attacked, claiming she had a retrieval warrant for Alysande. A fight soon ensued that was ended when the amazonian Bacchae appeared and knocked everyone out with a grenade.

(Black Panther III#6) - The Thing and Franklin Richards watched from Pier Four via television as New York townspeople gathered together to catch a glimpse of the Black Panther, whom they saw as a hero of the people.

(Fantastic Four III#22) - From his lab in Pier Four, Mr. Fantastic viewed holographic iterations of the facts he knew of Earth-99315 from his earlier viewing of it. Invisible Woman caught him doing so and the two began to argue about the true origins of Earth-99315's Marvel Girl, unaware that Marvel Girl was eavesdropping on their conversation. Saddened by the negative remarks exclaimed by the Invisible Woman, who was her mother on Earth-99315, Marvel Girl fled through one of Pier Four's interdimensional doorways.

(Fantastic Four III#23 (fb)) - Lawyers Matt Murdock and Jeryn Hogarth visited Pier Four, where they spoke with Invisible Woman about the recent situation in which the Thing and She-Hulk were infected by mind-altering nanites. While they spoke with Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic and Alysande Stuart investigated Marvel Girl's bedroom, which had been entirely transported from Earth-99315 when Marvel Girl had arrived on Earth-616. In Reed's lab, Marvel Girl researched possible cures to the nanites while Franklin witnessed Namorita's costumes change as she swam by the underground lab. Mr. Fantastic witnessed the brief reality warp of Namorita as well as he returned from the investigation of Marvel Girl's bedroom.

(Galactus the Devourer#1) - At Pier Four, Mr. Fantastic had the Thing hold up a hovercraft while the Human Torch did a spot weld on it. The Invisible Woman interrupted their work to let them know that the Fantastic Four had received an invitation in the mail to Alicia Masters' newest sculpture exhibit: The Heroes of the Millennium. Human Torch replied that they weren't going but the Thing explained that just because he and Alicia had broken up did not mean that they weren't still friends.

(Galactus the Devourer#2) - Silver Surfer and the Invisible Woman took the alien's wrecked ship back to Pier Four for Mr. Fantastic to analyze. Upon analyzing the ship, Mr. Fantastic commented that the alien's earlier comments of "He is coming" might soon come to pass, as Reed was getting anomalous readings from his sub-space monitor. Later, after the Silver Surfer and newly superpowered Alicia Masters battled Galactus' herald, Red Shift, Alicia left Silver Surfer behind and flew to Pier Four, where she explained the recent battle to the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four contacted other heroes and began keeping an eye out for Galactus.

(Galactus the Devourer#3) - The Avengers arrived at Pier Four, where Firestar asked Mr. Fantastic about once being put on trial for saving Galactus from death. Mr. Fantastic explained that while he no longer could recall the true nature of Galactus in the universe, as told by Eternity himself, he was absolved of his crimes by the alien jury. The Thing commented on a plan thanks to the Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters. Mr. Fantastic then explained to the gathered heroes their plan of using Reed's modified Photon-Drill to bore through Galactus' armor and cause him to hemorrhage energy, thereby weakening him enough for the heroes to defeat.

(Galactus the Devourer#4) - After the Silver Surfer agreed to serve as Galactus' herald once more, prompting Galactus to leave Earth, the Fantastic Four and Alicia Masters returned to Pier Four, where Mr. Fantastic tested Alicia's Cy-Phyrr armor. Alicia commented that with the armor's goggles, she could track Galactus' energy trail and wondered if she could follow it. Mr. Fantastic deduced that the armor responded to her mental commands, so she only needed to think it to do it, but warned that the armor's energy reserves would take time to recharge for a space warp. When Alicia asked how long, the Thing explained his promise to the Silver Surfer to keep Alicia safe and warned that if he had to handcuff Alicia to him day and night to keep her safe, he would do it. A short time later, at Pier Four, Alicia commented that she couldn't let Earth remain safe from Galactus at the expense of other worlds. She then blasted the Thing and escaped into space despite the Thing's best efforts to follow her.

(Galactus the Devourer#5) - Alicia returned to Pier Four on Earth, interrupting a get-together between the Fantastic Four and Avengers. Alicia explained to the Thing that the Silver Surfer had spared Earth of Galactus' hunger but, after witnessing the destruction of another world, she had become determined to stop Galactus. The Thing replied that Mr. Fantastic had come up with several devices that could possibly stop Galactus and that the two super teams had gathered together for what could be their final feast. The two teams and Alicia then discussed Mr. Fantastic's devices and Mr. Fantastic admitted that since he had once saved Galactus, there were many who would not trust him to aid them against Galactus.

(Domination Factor: Fantastic Four#1.1) - As the Fantastic Four returned to Pier Four following an air fight to protect Air Force One, they found a gigantic wooden figure standing in the waters outside Pier Four. Deducing the moving figure to be alive, Mr. Fantastic attempted to communicate with it, only to be blasted by its eye beams. After the figure swatted away the Thing, Mr. Fantastic sent a message to his lab in Pier Four to cycle the Spectral Analyzer into Pier Four's access port. Mr. Fantastic then briefly entered his lab to retrieve the Spectral Analyzer, warning the playing Marvel Girl and Franklin to remain inside Pier Four, as they were safer inside, unaware that Marvel Girl and Franklin were not moving. Soon  learning that the figure was emitting a chronal force that froze time around it, the Fantastic Four were visited by Doctor Strange's astral form, who announced that in order to stop the chronal force, the Fantastic Four would need to travel through time to retrieve pieces of a golden apple to prevent its power from falling into corrupt hands. Strange then cast a spell that sent the Fantastic Four's consciousnesses into their past selves at various points in time.

(Domination Factor: Fantastic Four#3.5) - Once the Asgardian Golden Apple artifact had been half assembled by the Fantastic Four in various time periods, Doctor Strange returned the Fantastic Four to Pier Four, where the gigantic wooden figure and their physical bodies remained. Tired of being led around by Doctor Strange, the Thing angrily tried to enter his body and the Human Torch followed suit. Hitting a temporal barrier when they tried to enter their bodies, the Fantastic Four's consciousnesses were flung away from their bodies on Pier Four into an alternate reality.

(Domination Factor: Avengers#4.8 - BTS) - The Fantastic Four's consciousnesses were restored to their proper, Earth-616 bodies at Pier Four.

(Fantastic Four 1999 Annual) - Outside Pier Four, the Fantastic Four and Alyssa Moy test drove a flying vehicle designed by Moy while Marvel Girl, Franklin, Puppy and Alysande Stuart watched from the Pier. When a mystic energy wave destroyed the vehicle and rendered Alyssa Moy unconscious, the Fantastic Four took Alyssa to Reed's lab where Moy's injuries were confirmed to be of a mystical nature. Determined to save her, Reed Richards attempted to contact numerous mystics without much luck until Doctor Strange's servant Wong suggested they contact Margali Szardos. The Fantastic Four then left to request the aid of Margali and later returned, following a battle against the demon Blackheart, to the Pier, where the Fantastic Four said their goodbyes to their allies Daimon Hellstrom and the Shadow-Hunters.

(X-Man#59 (fb) - BTS) - Earth-295 native X-Man visited Pier Four, seeking the Fantastic Four's help in finding a method to track other Earth-295 denizens that had originally arrived on Earth-616 along with X-Man himself. Following recent events in his own life, X-Man had decided to become more pro-active and had become inspired by the Fantastic Four's "charge forward" attitude. Knowing that charging forward also needed prior planning, Mr. Fantastic decided to stage a test of X-Man's powers on the Pier Four grounds.

(X-Man#59) - Shortly after, X-Man tested his powers by battling Mr. Fantastic, the Thing and the Human Torch all at once on the Pier Four property. Pier Four's security beam-blasters targetted X-Man and hit him as the Thing pinned X-Man's arms in a bear hug, allowing the Human Torch to also blast X-Man with a flame blast. X-Man soon succeeded in freeing himself from the Thing's blast with a concentrated telekinetic punch. The Human Torch then pressed the attack on X-Man, who flew away until the Thing catapulted into the air, where X-Man telepathically tricked the Thing into thinking the Torch was X-Man. After punching the Torch, whom he thought was X-Man, the Thing angrily attacked "X-Man" again, but was once again telepathically tricked by X-Man, who made the Thing see Mr. Fantastic as X-Man. X-Man continued telepathically manipulating the Thing until Mr. Fantastic announced that he had seen enough and had the Invisible Woman squeeze X-Man with an invisible force field until he released everyone from his telepathic hold. With the power test ended, Mr. Fantastic returned to his Pier Four lab to go over the results of the power tests run by his remote-sensors. Mr. Fantastic then informed that he had enough data to start defining the frequency-parameters of those from Earth-295. As Reed began verbally announcing his findings and proposed ways of tracking Earth-295 natives, X-Man took that at his cue to leave Reed to his findings. X-Man then visited Pier Four's showers, where the Thing announced he was done with his shower, unable to deal with both the Human Torch and X-Man's "caterwaulin'." The Human Torch reminded the Thing to be nice then he and X-Man discussed their lives before the Thing snuck back in and lowered their shower temperatures to 20 degrees. Unaware that a creature had emerged from Reed's lab and was accessing information on X-Man, X-Man continued enjoying his time at Pier Four by eating with Franklin Richards in Pier Four's dining room. Eventually, X-Man sensed something was wrong and asked Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, who had been watching X-Man's interactions with Franklin from afar, to join him on Pier Four's rooftop. X-Man then said quick goodbyes to Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Franklin and flew off, thinking to himself what his senses could have been telling him. As X-Man flew off, Invisible Woman asked Mr. Fantastic if there was anything he could have done for X-Man and Mr. Fantastic replied that there was not.

(Fantastic Four III#24) - Puppy instictively sensed an approaching chaos storm and warned the Fantastic Four and their allies at Pier Four. The heroes gathered on the roof of Pier Four, where they witnessed several reality warps in the span of a few seconds. Shortly after, Billie Lumpkin arrived at Pier Four to deliver the mail, unaware that anything had just occurred despite the mail being from the various realities just glimpsed. Mr. Fantastic immediately set about trying to prevent the impending chaos storm while the other heroes had breakfast. As the day progressed, Marvel Girl played soccer with Franklin and Caledonia watched as a stir-crazy Human Torch flew off to seek distraction. Invisible Woman began preparing a protective shuttle for Franklin in the event that he would need to be rocketed away from the chaos storm and later, she prepared a dinner for everyone within Pier Four. After the dinner, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman put Franklin to bed. The following morning, the chaos storm hit Pier Four. After sending Franklin, Puppy and Caledonia away in a protective rocket, the Fantastic Four went onto the roof of Pier Four, where they witnessed a giant tsunami flooding New York.

(Hulk II#9) - At Pier Four, the Thing monologued to a bust of Reed Richards that despite his mixing up with Galactus from time to time, he still seemed to get defeated by the Hulk every time they tussled. He then mentioned that he was being sent out against the then-savage Hulk once more. Following the Thing's fight with the near-mindless Hulk, he once again monologued to the Reed statue that perhaps the death of Betty Banner had pushed the Hulk over the edge. The Thing then thanked

(Fantastic Four III#25) - Watching as Doctor Doom's ship flew overhead through the tsunami, the Fantastic Four were soon swept from the Pier Four roof and into the New York streets.

(Fantastic Four III#27) - When news that the Invisible Woman was going to marry Doctor Doom (actually Reed Richards trapped within Doom's armor), the media surrounded Pier Four, hoping to get an exclusive story. After using holographic technology to keep the paparazzi from seeing him, Reed Richards used a makeshift command module chair in an attempt to interface with the command network of Doctor Doom's armor and escape it. After failing, Reed was comforted by the Invisible Woman. Later, the wedding party gathered together at Pier Four to make the marriage official and crown the Invisible Woman as Baroness von Doom.

(Fantastic Four III#28) - From his lab in Pier Four, Reed Richards (still in Doctor Doom's armor) ran virtual reality scenarios in which Doom took over the entire world, hoping to find a way to defeat the true Doom.

(Fantastic Four III#29) - Billie Lumpkin arrived at Pier Four to deliver the mail and was shocked to see Doctor Doom (still Reed Richards trapped in Doom's armor) answer the door. After retrieving the mail from Billie, Reed visited the Thing in Pier Four's hangar and asked him to join Reed for breakfast. After the Thing declined, Reed walked past Johnny Storm, who was arriving from a late date, and sat down for breakfast, where the Invisible Woman stole his cup of coffee. Reed reacted as Doctor Doom would, prompting the Invisible Woman to argue back and generate a force field to prevent Reed from embracing her. Their argument was interrupted when the Human Torch came between them to get toast. The Torch later signaled the Fantasti-Flare to summon the other Fantastic Four members for a mission. Upon hearing that the Torch had received a distress call from Wyatt Wingfoot, Invisible Woman asked the other members to suit up before Reed sternly reminded her who was the team leader, acting more like Doctor Doom than ever.

(Fantastic Four 2000 Annual) - After having defeated the true Doctor Doom in Latveria and restored Reed Richards to his proper form, the Fantastic Four returned home to New York and landed in the river near Pier Four. Upon their emergence from their Pogo-Plane, the Fantastic Four were bombarded by reporters seeking to learn why the Invisible Woman was with Reed when they had all thought she had recently married Doctor Doom. The team was soon attacked by one of Doctor Doom's generals, Technarx, and Invisible Woman quickly got Reed inside Pier Four while Thing and Human Torch battled Technarx, who managed to escape. Shortly thereafter, while Mr. Fantastic rested, the Invisible Woman contacted Marvel Girl and Franklin in Haven to inform them about Reed's return. Almost immediately following the end of the Invisible Woman's contact with Haven, Doctor Doom's other generals attacked Pier Four before offering the Fantastic Four a chance to join them in attacking Doctor Doom on Planet Doom. When they refused, Doctor Doom's generals announced that they would destroy the Fantastic Four before departing Pier Four. When Thing, Human Torch and Invisible Woman left Pier Four to track Doctor Doom's generals, Dorma returned to Pier Four and ordered the weakened Reed Richards to build the generals a transporter so the generals could return to Planet Doom. Agreeing to aid the generals in exchange for the now-captive other Fantastic Four members' freedom, Reed succeeded in designing a transporter and successfully tricked the generals into freeing the other FF members before entering the portal created by Reed's device. Dorma refused to enter the portal but angrily departed once her allies had stepped through the portals. Once the generals had departed and the Fantastic Four had been freed, Reed explained to his teammates that the portals took each of Doctor  Doom's generals into their own prisons, which were then transported to Planet Doom.

(Fantastic Four III#33) - On a summer day in New York City, Pier Four was left virtually empty when both Reed and Sue Richards went to a matinee, Johnny Storm visited the park, and the Thing participated in a celebrity softball game for a children's hospital. While it was empty, an unseen intruder broke into Pier Four and placed a spider-like bomb on one of the Fantastic Four's interstellar transceivers. The intruder then exited Pier Four before the bomb exploded, decimating the laboratory wing of Pier Four.

(Fantastic Four III#33 - BTS) - The Fantastic Four spent 24 hours combing through the rubble of the laboratory wing in hopes of finding clues to the location of Pier Four's saboteur.

(Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad) - Caledonia, Franklin Richards, Marvel Girl and Puppy returned to Pier Four from Haven to visit with their Fantastic Four family, none aware of an ancient ship sailing past the Pier. The group shared a pizza dinner before everyone began winding down, still unaware of the ancient ship drawing ever closer. As the ship sailed past the Pier, the fog that surrounded it penetrated the Pier itself, generating elemental beings that attacked the Fantastic Four members while a giant hydra creature attacked Marvel Girl, Puppy, Caledonia and Franklin. The mystical Jihad soon appeared, announcing that the Fantastic Four would bow to him before transporting the heroes aboard an ancient wooden ship. After teaming with the legendary Sinbad the Sailor against Jihad, the Fantastic Four and their allies were returned to Pier Four via their ship.

(Thunderbolts I#43) - Moonstone, seeking the origins of her powers, visited Pier Four, spying on the Fantastic Four until Mr. Fantastic learned of her presence and confronted her, asking why she had broken into his lab.

(Thunderbolts I#44) - Rather than explain herself, Moonstone attempted to battle Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, who could not touch her due to Moonstone's intangibility powers. Mr. Fantastic offered to help Moonstone but Moonstone accessed the Fantastic Four's computer banks before Invisible Woman tried to corral Moonstone in an invisible force field. Escaping the field and exclaimed an ancient Kree dialect, Moonstone fled, leaving Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman to discern her motives. Mr. Fantastic deduced that Moonstone's presence in Pier Four had nothing to do with Moonstone's Thunderbolts team and more to do about the origins of Moonstone's powers, given that Mr. Fantastic was able to translate Moonstone's Kree dialect into "I have to look within the Lifestones."

(Iron Fist/Wolverine#2) - Having been studying the mysterious wall that had surrounded Tokyo, the Fantastic Four contacted Avengers Mansion in hopes that Vision or Hank Pym might have some insights about the wall to share with Mr. Fantastic.

(Fantastic Four III#39 (fb) - BTS) - The Gideon Trust, who planned to mine the riches of the Negative Zone, took an interest in Pier Four due to the Negative Zone portal contained within.

(Fantastic Four III#35) - After reading Johnny Storm's dreams of stardom in a magazine, the Thing made fun of the Torch at Pier Four, prompting a fight over the magazine that was interrupted when Billie Lumpkin delivered a large mirror as a mail package. When the Human Torch opened the mirror and touched it, hands grabbed him and several small simulacra attacked both the Torch and Thing. The hands eventually came further through the mirror, revealing their owner, Diablo. While Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman met with their lawyers and those of the Gideon Trust, to whom they sold Pier Four and the inventions contained within, Diablo stepped completely through the mirror and attacked the Thing and Torch himself, releasing a large stone golem to battle the Thing and catching the Human Torch in a whirlwind. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman shortly thereafter arrived back at Pier Four to find it completely within a gigantic water elemental. In order to enter Pier Four, the Invisible Woman generated an invisible force barrier and created a path through the water elemental. Shortly thereafter, Pier Four seemingly exploded.

(Fantastic Four III#36) - While the wrecked Pier Four was held aloft by a water elemental, heroes such as Spider-Man and Daredevil aided in the rescue efforts of those outside of the wreckage. Inside the wrecked Pier Four, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman battled Diablo, who had captured the Human Torch and Thing. After the Fantastic Four had all been defeated, Diablo traveled with them back through the mystic mirror to his Sanctum Sanctorum. Without Diablo's elemental to hold the wrecked Pier Four aloft, the remnants of the Pier collapsed. After the Fantastic Four had witnessed Diablo's eventual defeat, they rushed back through the mirror, arriving in the flaming wreckage of Pier Four. A woman representing the Gideon Trust soon arrived and demanded to know what the Fantastic Four had done to their property but Mr. Fantastic reminded her that they still owned the property and the patent on the inventions inside, and that their insurance would cover damages. The Fantastic Four then left the scene as Lt. Stone of the NYPD's Code: Blue picked up a shard of the mystic mirror, in which he saw a rose.

(Fantastic Four III#37) - Damage Control was hired to clean up the wreckage that was Pier Four. The organization began their cleanup as the Thing spoke with Damage Control employee, Lenny. Thing eventually suggested that Lenny get back to work before the Gideon Trust returned to make sure Lenny was working. Just then, one of Damage Control's cranes accidentally dropped some debris, prompting the Thing to jump into action, hitting the debris away with a lamppost. Damage Control's manager, Kathleen O'Meara then chewed the Thing out, claiming that she had complete control of the debris that was dropped and reminding the Thing that the Pier Four site was not a playground.

(Sentry I#2) - A confused Bob Reynolds, his memories of being the heroic Sentry jumbled within his own mind, donned a cape and stood atop one of the cranes at the Pier Four cleanup site. Bob posed as if he were flying, thinking to himself of the lingering feeling that he was once someone important. Mr. Fantastic soon arrived and asked Bob who he was but Bob replied that it didn't matter, as everyone seemed to be conditioned to forget Bob's actions as the Sentry had ever existed. Mr. Fantastic commented that Bob was crazy and asked how Bob managed to both get past the Pier Four site's security and to the top of a crane, but Bob instead asked Mr. Fantastic to try to remember one thing, a wedding, hoping that if Mr. Fantastic could remember the wedding, he might be able to recall his memories of the Sentry and aid Bob against a looming threat. When Mr. Fantastic asked if Bob had somehow hacked into the Pier Four cleanup site's security, Bob simply said the word "unicorn," which caused Mr. Fantastic to remember that he had been forced to forget something. Mr. Fantastic then noticed that Bob had left.

(Fantastic Four III#38 - BTS) - The Gideon Trust continued to own the rubble of Pier Four and the patents to all of Reed Richards' inventions contained within.

(Fantastic Four III#39 - BTS) - The Gideon Trust continued with their plan to mine the Negative Zone, prompting a military colonel within their ranks to comment that the Trust's plan would have been easier if they had acquired the Negative Zone portal prior to Pier Four's destruction. He then grumbled about how the Gideon Trust were now left with nothing but wreckage.

(Fantastic Four III#43 (fb) - BTS) - Using plans and patents left in the Pier Four wreckage, the Gideon Trust constructed a small army of H.E.R.B.I.E. robots to act as pest control, as well as a facsimile of the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android to act as security in their Gideon Tower headquarters.

(Howard the Duck IV#4 (fb) - BTS) - Following Pier Four's destruction, the Human Torch lost track of the strange gem he had acquired during the Secret Wars and assumed it was lost amongst Pier Four's rubble. Eventually, the lot once belonging to Pier Four was purchased and a series of condominiums called Bohemian Valhalla were constructed over the rubble.

(Howard the Duck IV#4 - BTS) - When Howard the Duck sought out Doctor Strange to aid against the Abundant Glove-wielding Talos the Untamed, Doctor Strange tapped into the mystic ether and sensed cosmic energy near the Hudson River. When Strange exclaimed that he sensed a man on fire, Howard the Duck immediately realized that Strange's senses must be leading them to Pier Four, the Fantastic Four's one-time headquarters, and the man on fire must be the Human Torch. Commending Howard for his deduction work, Dr. Strange asked Wong to contact the Human Torch and have him meet Dr. Strange and Howard near Pier Four. Arriving at the Hudson River piers early, Howard the Duck, Dr. Strange and Howard's ally Tara met the Human Torch and Strange quickly asked the Torch if, during his time living in Pier Four, if he owned a strange gem, which Strange predicted was a missing gem for the Abundant Glove. Human Torch uncaringly explained that he did once have a gem and that he had lost track of it during Pier Four's destruction. After being berated for his irresponsibility in not taking care of a potentially world-destroying gem, Human Torch led Dr. Strange, Howard and Tara to the former location of Pier Four, which had since been replaced by the Bohemian Valhalla condominiums, set to open the following fall. Using his Eye of Agamotto, Dr. Strange located the missing gem under the corner of one of the Bohemian Valhalla buildings. Having also tracked the gem there, Talos blasted out the corner of the building to retrieve the gem. Despite Howard's attempts to grab the gem before Talos, the gem was drawn to its sister gems on the Abundant Glove. Claiming all of the gems for himself, Talos announced the beginning of the Talos Empire after swatting aside the Human Torch.

(Howard the Duck IV#5 - BTS) - Many of New York's heroes were immediately drawn to the battle against Talos, with Invisible Woman holding up the trashed Bohemian Valhalla building as Howard the Duck and Tara took cover. Eventually, Howard managed to steal the Abundant Glove from Talos and end the fight. The assembled heroes helped clean up the rubble from the damaged Bohemian Valhalla building as Howard and Tara departed the scene.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

Pier Four was not actually seen in Domination Factor: Avengers#4.8, but presumably, when the FF's consciousnesses returned to their bodies, their bodies were still waiting at Pier Four. Hence, the BTS appearance.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Pier Four has no known connections to

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Fantastic Four III#22, p4, pan4 (one of Pier Four's interdimensional doorways)
Fantastic Four III#29, p4, pan3 (Pier Four's hangar)
Fantastic Four III#36, p12, pan6 (Pier Four collapsing)
Howard the Duck IV#4, p13, pan5 (Bohemian Valhalla condominiums, built over Pier Four's rubble)

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Fantastic Four III#38 (February, 2001) - Jeph "Loudmouth" Loeb (script), Rafael "The Magic" Marin (co-plotter), Carlos "The Prince" Pacheco (co-plotter, art), Jesus "Mercury" Merino (inks), Bobbie "Da Bomb" Chase (editor)
Fantastic Four III#39 (March, 2001) - Jeph "Rockhead" Loeb (script), Rafael "Emerald" Marin (co-plotter), Carlos "Diamond" Pacheco (co-plotter, art), Jesus "Ruby" Merino (inks), Bobbie "Opal" Chase (editor)
Fantastic Four III#43 (July, 2001) - Jeph Loeb (script), Rafael Marin, Carlos Pacheco (co-plotters), Joe Bennett (pencils), Sandu Florea (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
The Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad (September, 2001) - Chris Claremont (writer), Pascual Ferry (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Howard the Duck IV#4 (August, 2015) - Chip "Stan Lee" Zdarsky (writer), Joe "Stanley Lieber" Quinones (pencils, inks), Joe "The Man" Rivera (inks), Wil Moss (editor)
Howard the Duck IV#5 (October, 2015) - Chip Zdarsky (writer), Joe Quinones (pencils), Joe Rivera, Paolo Rivera (inks), Wil Moss (editor)

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