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Real Name: Technarx

Identity/Class: Techno-organic mutant (Counter-Earth (Franklin) )

Occupation: Primal Node of the Westchester Nexus of the Host

Group Membership: Doom's Generals (Divinity, Dorma, Lancer/Samantha Dunbar, Shakti)

Affiliations:Ashema, Doctor Victor von Doom

Enemies: Apostate (Dreaming Celestial), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards-Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Marvel Girl (Valeria Richards), Weaponeers of Al Khalad

Known Relatives: Unnamed Host hive members

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                    formerly Wakanda (Counter-Earth (Franklin) );
                                    formerly Baxter Building, New York (Counter-Earth (Franklin) );
                                    formerly Westchester, New York (Counter-Earth (Franklin) )

First Appearance: Heroes Reborn: Doom I#1 (January, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: As a techno-organic lifeform, Technarx is the ultimate expression of bio-mechanical sentience. His form is wholly malleable and able to take any shape or manifest any tool or (energy) weapon it can conceive of. Technarx can infect most organic life with the technarch transmode virus. A mere touch is enough to guarantee instantaneous infection, allowing Technarx to control his victims within moments as they turn into techno-organic creatures. Technarx can add them to his collective or consume their energies which he calls 'lifeglow'. There is no known limit to the number of people Technarx can control at one time.

Height: 6'8" (variable)
Weight: 400 lbs. (variable)
Eyes: None
Hair: None


(Fantastic Four III#25 (fb) - BTS) - Technarx served as primal node of the Westchester nexus of a nascent species of techno-organic mutants known as The Host (see comments).

(Heroes Reborn: Doom#1 (fb) - BTS) - Stuck on the Franklin Richards created Counter-Earth, Doctor Doom decided to make the best of the situation and set out to rule the ravaged, war and disaster torn planet. To do so, he assembled a team of rivals, ambitious and powerful opponents who he offered a place in his coming new world order. Technarx was one of the beings he approached. Eager for the opportunity to expand the Host's sphere of influence outside of Westchester, Technarx accepted the offer and took his place among Divinity, Shakti and Dorma as one of Doom's Generals. Doom forged alliances with other nations such as Wakanda.

(Heroes Reborn: Doom#1) - Technarx, along with his fellow Generals, Doom and his bodyguard Lancer attacked the Weaponeers of Al-Khalad to stop their invasion of Wakanda. Technarx methodically infected the self styled Arabian Knights with the transmode virus, draining their lifeglow as he went. Doom and the others stopped the Weaponeers, but not before Wakanda's ruling family was killed. This led Doom to annex the country, telling his Generals that the surviving Arabian Knights could join them if they swore the usual oath of fealty. Technarx initially opposed the idea, feeling Al-Khalad was cruel and could not be trusted. The argument was interrupted by the attack of Wakanda's surviving crown prince who lunged at Doom with a knife. Technarx noticed the boy but did nothing, feeling Doom should be able to defend himself. Instead, Lancer acted and took the teenager down. Impressed, Doom offered the boy his hospitality.

(Heroes Reborn: Doom#1 - BTS) - In the weeks that followed, Doom started work on his plan to save the troubled Counter-Earth. He came up with a way to transport the entire world from its pocket dimension to Earth-616 using a combination of Technarx's transmode technology and Shakti's magics. Doom and the Generals traveled across the world to place massive spires needed to carry out the plan.

 (Heroes Reborn: Doom#1) - Technarx attended a secret meeting of the generals called by Dorma (actually the Dreaming Celestial) in Shakti's enclave in San Francisco. The Generals discussed their leader Doom, with 'Dorma' feeling that since they were all monarchs in their own right, Doom shouldn't be allowed to rule over them. Dorma proposed to put Doom in his proper place and then split the world up to rule between the four of them. Though Technarx and Divinity were hesitant to take Doom head on, it was decided to first take on his strong and capable bodyguard Lancer. She managed to stave off Shakti's mind control magic, which left her open for Technarx's attack. He infected her with the transmode virus but much to his amazement she proved immune to its effects. Before she could retaliate, Divinity intervened and ended the fight.

(Heroes Reborn: Doom#1 - BTS) - While Technarx, Shakti and Divinity were keeping Lancer occupied, the Dreaming Celestial tried to lure Doom in a trap. However, Victor von Doom wasn't fooled by the entity and saw through the Dorma disguise. Playing along, Doom had the Celestial Ashema don a makeshift copy of his armor and sent her out to meet with "Dorma". In the end, the energy generated by the two Celestials fighting powered Doom's dimensional pylons. Properly powered, the pylons created a sidereal transmat field that shifted Counter-Earth from its pocket dimension to Earth-616.

(Fantastic Four III#25) - Doom and his Generals boarded a giant, Doom designed spaceship to fly from Counter-Earth to Earth. Appearing over New York City, they soon found themselves in conflict with the Fantastic Four and the alternate reality future version of Valeria Richards called Marvel Girl. When the FF refused to leave the ship upon Doom's orders, the Generals attacked. Technarx tried to breach the Invisible Woman's forcefields, but was ultimately taken out by Thing who threw Dorma on top of him. Furious she might get infected with the transmode virus, the warrior queen attacked Technarx. The fight between the two teams was interrupted when the Dreaming Celestial resumed its attack on Doom and the ship. Briefly teaming up, the FF, Doom and his Generals headed to the Keewazi reservation where the underground vault was located that the Celestial had been trapped in since the Fourth Host. As they made their way inside, the Celestial defenses quickly took out Technarx and the other heroes and villains until only Doom and Mr. Fantastic were left. They freed Ashema who made sure the Dreaming Celestial met its fate. In the aftermath, only Doom seemed to have survived.

 (Fantastic Four III#26) - Unaware the Dreaming Celestial had actually locked Reed Richards inside Doom's armor, Technarx and the other Generals rallied around their leader. To prevent immediate conflict, "Doom" had everyone transported to his ship. While Lancer was aware of the deception, Technarx and his allies retreated to a training area where they fought and destroyed robotic replicas of the Fantastic Four in preparation for killing the actual heroes. Dorma grew furious with Technarx who analyzed the fight and concluded that the Atlantean queen had become obsessed with Sue Richards, which invalidated the operational parameters and the outcome of the simulation. Fed up, Dorma spit back that they should have killed the FF already. Renewing their alliance, the Generals went forth to confront the Fantastic Four. They were shocked to find "Doom" consorting with their enemies (who by now knew it was Reed inside the armor). Forced to prove his superiority over his Generals, "Doom" took them all on single-handedly. Fearing Technarx's abilities, he managed to dispatch him by hitting him with an energy based quarterstaff that drained its power. After the battle, Dorma and Shakti forced "Doom" to prove his proposed alliance with the FF was really necessary by taking Susan Richards as his bride. Much to the Generals' surprise, Sue accepted the proposal to become the Baroness von Doom.

(Fantastic Four III#27) - Technarx and the other Generals attended the televised wedding of "Doctor Doom" and the Invisible Woman on Doom's flagship hovering over New York harbor. At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, "Doom" announced to the world he was joining the Fantastic Four.

(Fantastic Four III#28) - Days after the wedding, tensions were beginning to mount between Earth's forces and Doom's Generals. Both sides were quietly running simulations to see who would win, with Doom's forces consistently coming out on top. Emboldened by this prospect, Shakti, Dorma, Technarx and Divinity gathered their forces in Doom's ship to prepare for a first strike against Earth. "Doom" and Lancer learned Dorma had ordered her men to fire the ship's main guns to start off the bloody conflict. Lancer nearly sacrificed herself to stop the attack, while "Doom" managed to deflect the cannons' energies into space. Before the Generals were aware of this, the Fantastic Four engaged them to keep them occupied. Though Shakti sensed the fight was a deception, she did not inform Technarx, Divinity and Dorma who were soon defeated by the FF. In the aftermath, "Doom" handed his four Generals over to the Avengers who had arrived in response to the botched attack. "Doom" remained with the Fantastic Four while ordering Lancer to covertly return to Counter-Earth to find the real Victor von Doom.

 (Fantastic Four Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Doom's Generals were freed from custody by unknown forces, though they believed Dr. Doom had arranged their release so they would end up attacking and destroying the Fantastic Four.

(Fantastic Four Annual 2000) - After learning that the "Doom" they had been dealing with was actually Reed Richards trapped in Victor von Doom's armor, the Generals planned to take their revenge. Technarx lay in wait outside the team's Pier 4 headquarters. He shot down the FF's approaching pogoplane, making his presence known and rattling the heroes before vanishing. Hours after that initial attack, Shakti, using her magic to appear as a water elemental, made contact with the heroes followed by Lady Dorma who proposed an alliance. The FF was offered to return with them to Planet Doom (the new name for Counter-Earth) to help get their revenge on Doom. When the Fantastic Four flat out refused, they attacked but soon had to retreat when the teams proved too evenly matched. Some time later, Technarx proposed a plan to attack 'local bioforms' to draw out the FF. The Generals targeted a nearby construction site which indeed lured the Fantastic Four from Pier 4. Technarx forced the Human Torch to dive into the water to rescue a baby, which left him vulnerable to a sonic pulse that knocked Johnny Storm out. Using Johnny as a hostage, the Generals forced Reed Richards to help them come up with a way to return to Planet Doom. Reed seemingly complied, whipping up a transport device that he promised would send them to Doom. Shakti entered first, followed by Technarx who was eager to return to his world and defend the interests of the Host. But after Divinity went through, Dorma refused and fled. The Atlantean queen's instincts were on the money, Mr. Fantastic had lured Shakti, Technarx and Divinity into new, portable containment units that he forwarded to Doom.

(Exiles I#81 (fb) - BTS) - On their hunt for the dimension hopping Proteus, the Exiles visited Counter-Earth and encountered the Young Allies. They filled the visiting heroes in on the many tragedies that had befallen their world, including the brief reign of Doom, Technarx and the other Generals.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Mike McKone & Mark McKenna.

There were no mutants on Franklin Richards' Counter Earth, so just how much of a 'mutant' Technarx is supposed to be is never made clear. He doesn't seem to have any different powers and abilities than any other 'non-mutant' techno-organic creature.

Technarx's origins were never really fleshed out and might not matter too much since basically he's little more than a figment of Franklin Richards' overactive imagination. There's also blessedly little difference between Technarx and his teammate Divinity. Both dominate those around them by infecting them with parts of themselves, in Technarx' case the transmode virus. 

This profile was completed 8/09/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Norvo.

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Heroes Reborn Doom I#1 p3, pan3 (main image)
Heroes Reborn Doom I#1 p6, pan8 (makes an observation)
Heroes Reborn Doom I#1 p32, pans 2&3 (spit a mouthful of chipflakes)
Fantastic Four III#25, p14, pan1 (manifests handcannon)
Fantastic Four Annual 2000, p18, pan5 (suggests attacking local bioforms)

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