Classification: Human, apparently either deceased and existing as shades or elevated to the status of godhood

Location/Base of Operations: A realm of Hades or Mt. Olympus;
formerly Phthia and Aegina (now parts of modern-day Greece)

Known Members: Myrmidon, Actor, Eurytion (former leaders, all deceased)

Affiliations: Allies of Aeacus, Peleus and Achilles (all deceased);
now allies of Pluto and Hippolyta,
as well as the Bacchae, Yellow Crested Titans, and Centaurs

Enemies: Mikaboshi

First Appearance:
Fantastic Four III#21 (September, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: The Myrmidons are fierce warriors. They wear metal body armor and carry swords, either or both of which may be magically enhanced. They may also possess some degree of superhuman physical power.
Like the ants to which they have been likened, they will swarm over their enemies in an effort to overwhelm them.


History: (Graeco-Roman myth)- The Myrmidons were an ancient tribe of people who once existed in ancient Greece and who take their name from the ancient Thessalian king Myrmidon. Son of Zeus and the mortal princess Eurymedusa, he succeeded Aeolus as king of Phthia. He called upon his father to send him a band of great warriors and Zeus transformed several ants into soldiers to serve him.

(This myth is also attributed to Peleus with some variation. Considering this occurs one generation or so after the date of the Greek Flood, this may be an invention to explain why men still existed in Greece after the flood. At this time, Cadmus also created men from the soil and King Erichthonius (Cecrops) sprang from the soil to resume his monarchy.)

Myrmidon was succeeded by his son Actor who was succeeded by his son Eurytion. Several Myrmidons emigrated with Aeacus, another son of Zeus, to Aegina although later myth says they were created from ants already there. Aeacus's son, Peleus, came to Eurytion to be pardoned by the accidental murder of his half-brother Phocis. Eurytion named him as his successor, but after Eurytion was killed in a hunting accident, Peleus went into exile for two years before assuming rule of the Myrmidons.

Several of the myrmidons followed Peleus's son, Achilles, into the Trojan War where they proved their worth in battle. Many of them lost their lives.

(Fantastic Four III#21) - Hippolyta (allied with Pluto, the Olympian god of the dead) used the Myrmidons against Bounty and Valeria Von Doom, the protectors of young Franklin Richards who had come to rescue Caledonia.

(Ares#2) - The Myrmidons were assigned by Achilles to guard Alex Aaron, the son of Ares, while Achilles and two of the Myrmidons journeyed to Earth to bring Ares into the battle. While Achilles was away, the Japanese demon Mikaboshi attacked the Myrmidons and killed all but one of the Myrmidons. With only three of the Myrmidons remaining, Achilles continued to lead his men into battle.

Comments: Adapted by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca.

Genealogically, the legend of the Greek Flood occurs about three hundred years before the Trojan War (1194-1184 BC) around 1490 BC and a thousand years after the Biblical deluge (2404 BC). 1490 BC is also when the island of Thera (modern-day Santorini) exploded which is where most believe Atlantis was. (Marvel's Atlantis disappeared about 16,000 BC, ten thousand years before the Iron Age).

The above image is the only picture of the Myrmidons. Also in that picture are Hippolyta and the Bacchae, Yellow Crested Titans, and Centaurs (the Myrmidons' allies) and Bounty, Caledonia, Alyssa Moy, Franklin Richards and his Puppy, Valeria von Doom (fighting for the other side). So, anyone who's not one of those mentioned is a Myrmidon--Snood.

by Will Uchtman and Prime Eternal

Myrmidon and the Myrmidons from Greek myth are the namesakes for, but should be differentiated from:

Fantastic Four III#21 (September, 1999) - Chris Claremont (writer), Salvador Larroca (penciler), Art Thibert (inker), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Ares#2 (April, 2006) - Michael Avon Oeming (writer), Travel Foreman (penciler), Derek Fridolfs (inker), Warren Simons (editor)

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