Real Name: Argus

Identity/Class: Cyclops/Olympian god

Occupation: Sentry of Olympus

Group Membership: The Cyclopes (Polyphemus, others)

Affiliations: Olympian gods, Yellow-Crested Titans

Enemies: Odin, Thor (Odinson)

Known Relatives: Poseidon (father), Thoosa (mother), Polyphemus (brother), various relations to other Olympian gods through his father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Olympus;
   formerly Sicily, Italy

First Appearance: Thor I#289 (November, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Argus possesses several conventional attributes with the Olympian Gods such as superhuman strength (Class 50 at least), stamina, resistance to injury and an immortality enchantment.

Unusual Features: In addition to his great size, Argus like the rest of the Cyclopes has only one eye in the center of his head.

(Greek/Roman Myth) - Argus is one of the Cyclopes born to Poseidon and the Nereid, Thoosa.

(Thor I#289)- Acting as sentry at the gates of Olympus, Argus stood fast to his position as Odin, Ruler of the Asgardian Gods, arrived to confer with Zeus about the Celestials. When Odin attempted to force himself through, Argus called upon the Yellow-Crested Titans to fend him off with thunderbolts, which only served to anger Odin further. Frustrated by their insolence, Odin fought them off as Zeus, Athena, Hercules and Ares arrived to investigate the disturbance.

Comments: Adapted by Roy Thomas, Keith Pollard and Chic Stone

Argus was part of the second set of Cyclopes, sons of Poseidon and the Nereid, Thoosa. Living as shepards on Sicily, one of them, Polyphemus, encountered Odysseus during his wandering and was both blinded and humiliated by his craftiness.

In Greek-Roman myth, the two-faced god Janus, a son of Apollo, is considered the sentry of Olympus in the years after Argus Panoptes, the many-eyed seer was slain by Hermes. So far, Janus has not yet been depicted in the Marvel Universe. He is not to be confused with Janus, the son of Dracula from Tomb of Dracula I#51.

These first three Cyclopes were different from the others encountered in mythology, such as Polyphemus.

Profile by Will U

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Images taken from:
Thor I#289, page 15, top right
Thor I#289, page 14, middle

Thor I#289 (November, 1979) - Roy Thomas (writer), Keith Pollard (pencils), Chic Stone (inks), Jim Shooter (editor)

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