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Real Name:  Argo

Identity/Class:  Extratemporal (Alternate timeline, Earth-MC2/Earth-982) Human/Olympian hybrid (demi-god)

Occupation:  Adventurer, hero

Group Membership:  Reserve member of Avengers (Earth-982), Olympian Gods

Affiliations:  Avengers (American Dream, Bluestreak, Crimson Curse, Freebooter, J2, Mainframe, Stinger, Thunderstrike), Blacklight, Coal Tiger, Earth Sentry, Edwin Jarvis, Hawkeye, Dr. Scott Lang, Spider-Girl

Enemies:  Dominas the Waverider, Galactus, Loki, Revengers (Big Man, Ion Man, Killerwatt, Red Queen, Sabreclaw), Sylene

Known Relatives Hercules (father), unidentified mother (deceased)

Aliases:  None

Base of Operations:  New York City, New York (Earth-982);
    formerly San Diego, California (Earth-982)

First Appearance:  A-Next#6 (March, 1999)

Powers/Abilities:  Argo possessed super-human strength (class 50) and durability, demonstrating the ability to go toe-to-toe with such heroes as J2 and Thunderstrike in his first appearance (but later shown to be no match for the Hulk). His abilities stemmed from his father, the Olympian Hercules; it is not known if he possessed other qualities of the Olympian gods, such as their virtual immortality or longevity. He was a skilled combatant, employing a pair of battle-staves and exhibiting some knowledge of unarmed combat.


(A-Next#6 (fb) - BTS) - Argo was born to Hercules and an unidentified woman from San Diego.

(A-Next#6 (fb) - BTS) <10 years before the main story>- Hercules went off on a mission with the Avengers and never returned, seemingly abandoning Argo and his mother, who died of a broken heart some time later.

(A-Next#6) - Argo, now an angry young man, traveled from San Diego to New York City, seeking to confront his father. He launched an attack on the Avengers, but after they subdued him, he revealed that he only sought to introduce himself and enlist their aid in finding Hercules. Records uncovered by Mainframe then led the joint team to SHIELD's super-secure Mount Athena prison facility. After making their way past a number of traps and security systems, the team was confronted by a maddened Hercules. Argo attacked his father in a rage, forcing Thunderstrike to beat him back. When Hercules revealed that his madness was a product of grief and shame, following the death of many of the original Avengers, Argo took pity on him.

Argo's face

(A-Next#12) - When the Avengers were held captive by the Revengers, Tony Stark fooled the villains into activating another of the Mainframe robot duplicates. Mainframe then gathered a rescue team consisting of Argo, Blacklight, the Earth Sentry, and the Coal Tiger. Argo and Earth Sentry assisted American Dream in taking down Sabreclaw. Following the battle, Argo and his fellows were inducted into the Avengers as reserve Avengers members.

(Spider-Girl#58) - In order to help Spider-Girl battle Seth, the Serpent God of Death, Stinger and the Avengers summoned all the heroes they could muster. Argo appeared alongside many others, including the Fantastic Five, Darkdevil, Wild Thing, Nova, and the X-People. When Spider-Girl left Avengers Mansion, Seth surrounded it with an entropy field, trapping the others.

(Spider-Girl#59) - While Spider-Girl fought Seth and the Soldiers of the Serpent outside, Argo and many other heroes were trapped on the Avengers Mansion grounds, inside a shrinking entropy field that threatened to destroy them all. After Seth was distracted long enough to disrupt the field, the heroes escaped, and brought him down while Spider-Girl was unconscious (an event not actually pictured).

(Last Hero Standing#2) - After a number of heroes disappeared (in a plot engineered by Loki), Argo was part of a group gathered at Avengers Mansion, working to find out what happened. He and Bluestreak were then seen leaving to accompany Nova and Speedball on a mission to determine whether Terrax was behind the events.

(Last Hero Standing#3) - The outcome of the mission to find Terrax was not revealed, but Nova was somehow taken captive by Loki, while Argo and Bluestreak were among the group confronting the "grim and gritty" force of heroes possessed by the Asgardian.

(Last Hero Standing#4) - Argo was among the heroes gathered in the Avengers war room, arguing with those possessed by Loki. He later tried to fight a maddened Hulk, who rather easily swatted him aside.

(Last Hero Standing#5) - In the aftermath of battle with Loki and an enchanted Hulk, Argo was one of the witnesses to Captain America's death and transformation into a star by Thor. Thor.

(Last Planet Standing#4) - As Galactus prepared his universal destruction device, Argo joined many other heroes in attacking the force field surrounding him. Argo was one of the few heroes still standing after Galactus destroys much of New York City in an immense earthquake.

(Last Planet Standing#5) - Argo was dazed and banged up during battle against Galactus. Later, he witnessed the Silver Surfer's absorption and co-option of Galactus' powers.

(Amazing Spider-Girl#15) - Argo was among the large collection of heroes who stormed the warehouse where Spider-Girl was being held captive by Hobgoblin and Mindworm.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Al Milgrom.

When Courtney Duran fantasized about being Spider-Girl, Argo appeared among a crowd of heroes confronting the Green Goblin in Spider-Girl#19.

When Felicity Hardy fantasized about being the Scarlet Spider, Argo appeared as a member of the Avengers, battling Apox the Omega Skrull in Spider-Girl#52.

Argo appeared among the heroes targeted by Sylene for replacement as an Energy Duplicate in Avengers Next#4.

Profile by OmegaTherion.

Argo has no known connections to, and should not be confused with:

Argo Energy Duplicate (Sylene's Pawn) Argo Energy Duplicate

An energy-based version of Argo, created by Sylene as part of her plan for world domination. Like the other duplicates, it was able to fly, wield energy attacks, and convert other beings to similar form using eye-beams. Destroyed when Jarvis reversed Sylene's spell.

--Avengers Next#4 (Avengers Next#4-5

Hercules (MC2) Hercules

Father of Argo, with an unidentified woman from San Diego. Seemed to have abandoned his family after going on a mission with the Avengers. It turned out that when many of the Avengers were killed or injured in battle with the alternate-reality Thunderguard, Hercules was driven mad with grief and rage. For his own protection, and that of others, he was then imprisoned for a decade by SHIELD, in the Mount Athena super-secure facility in upstate New York. Reunited with his son, Hercules began the process of trying to come to terms with his past.

--A-Next#6 (A-Next#6 (fb - BTS), A-Next#7 (fb), 6, 9 (fb)

A-Next#6, p3, pan3 (Argo)
A-Next#6, p1, pan2 (Argo headshot)
Avengers Next#5, p3, pan1 (Energy Duplicate)
A-Next#6, p14, pan1 (Hercules)

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