Happy Campers Membership: Almighty Dollar, Calculator, Girth, Streak

Identity/Class: Human mutates

Affiliations: NFL SuperPro, Ken Reid

Enemies: Carragone, Hubert Carlyle, Pete Petunia and Edwin Dood

Base of Operations: formerly Camp Runamuk; currently unknown

First Appearance: NFL SuperPro#10 (July, 1992)

The Happy Campers

History: (NFL SuperPro#10) - The Happy Campers are four college buddies who joined Camp Runamuk's program to "awaken the inner super-hero" for old time's sake. They were subjected to silly rituals along with the investigative reporters Phil Grayfield (aka the NFL SuperPro) and Ken Reid (his cameraman). They were also subjected to the same experimental ray Grayfield was, which Carragone was using to try and grant superpowers. It didn't work for Grayfield (who was already super-powerful), but it gave Kwong, Walsh, Moody and Pennypacker powers based on characteristics of their personalities and lives. With their newfound powers, they helped the SuperPro defeat Carragone and his sportsmen backers (Hubert Carlyle, Pete Petunia, Edwin Dood and The Surfer). Atop a pile of their defeated enemies, they chose their aliases and their team's name -- much to SuperPro's despair.




Comments: Created by Buzz Dixon, Jose Delbo and Mike de Carlo.

You know, of all the costumed folks out there, the NFL SuperPro is the last you'd think in position to bitch about lame aliases, and yet he dismisses the Happy Campers. Sheesh.

by Cisco

Clarifications: The Almighty Dollar should not be confused with:

Calculator should not be confused with:

Streak should not be confused with:

Girth should not be confused with:

  • Girth, of the Lilin, @ Marvel Comics Presents#143

The Almighty Dollar

The Almighty Dollar

Real Name: J. Pennington Pennypacker

Occupation: CPA

Powers: Pennypacker can project pennies from his wrists in torrents.



Real Name: Kwong Dae

Occupation: Actuary

Powers: As Kwong put it, he has the ability to "instantly assess all probabilities and variables -- thus guaranteeing an optimum outcome!"



Real Name: "Tubby" Walsh

Occupation: GS-8 Clerk



Powers: Walsh has control of and apparent super-strength related to his large abdomen.



Real Name: Frank Moody

Occupation: Mortician

Powers: A jogger, Moody developed super-speed, and he is immune to the heat caused by the friction against the air.

CarragoneCarragone was a scientist trying to give ordinary men superpowers, thus empowering the Happy Campers. He was financed by Greedy sportsmen. He had poor understanding of bio-ethics, and a odd habit of petting a purple stuffed kitty. He was devastated when his machine was destroyed by the NFL SuperPro.
--NFL SuperPro#10









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NFL SuperPro#10, p20, pan1 (main image)

p22, pan3 (group shot)
p21, pan3 (Almighty Dollar)
p20, pan2 (Calculator)
p20, pan6 (Girth)
p21, pan1 (Streak)
p4, pan2 (Carragone)

NFL SuperPro#10 (July, 1992) - Buzz Dixon (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils), Mike DeCarlo & Don Hudson (inks), David Wohl (editor)

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