Real Name: Kenneth Reid

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Cameraman

Group Membership: Sports Inside Crew

Affiliations: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Bud Corkin, Marrisa Delgado, Jane Dixon, He'e'e Eagle, Laura Eagle, Mr. Gesserman, Happy Campers, Ron Macadon, NFL SuperPro, Protectors of the Forest (Claudio Juarez (Repulsor), Felicita Olivera, many others)

EnemiesCarl Bennings, Carragone and his customers, Constrictor, Eagles Gang, Tyler Gaunt, Head Hunters, Instant Replay, Kachinas, Hal Leech, Henry Morrison, Ripsaw, Sanction (Sanzionare), Robert Shahidi

Known RelativesClaire McClaren (sister), Ronnie McClaren (nephew)

Aliases: David Cassidy

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1 (September, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: No powers, but he could hold a camera, drive a van and knew how to use a telephone to call the police. He was also very good with conventional technology as long as it had something to do with cameras, microphones or computers.


(NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ken was one of the most respected cameramen in the field. He worked for Sports Inside and became Phil Grayfield's partner. For months Ken worked at Phil Grayfield's side and he became slowly suspicious of his partner when SuperPro popped up in every city he and Phil were in.

(NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1) - Ken went with Phil to the Giants Stadium to film something for Sports Inside. When Phil brought up that SuperPro foiled a chemical smuggling ring last night, Ken told him that it was funny how SuperPro was always around when they were in a city. He was surprised that Phil knew Ron Macedon and thought that he was probably Phil's source. Ken then took some pick-up shots while Phil and Macedon had a conversation.

  Later outside the stadium at the Sports Inside van Ken and Phil saw Carl Bennings, an overpowered rookie, taking a package from a strange guy. They followed the guy and after Phil found out his name, Ken used his computer at the Meadowlands Sheraton Hotel to find out more about this guy. When Phil left the hotel to find out more facts about Morrison, Ken started his personal investigations on Phil Grayfield.

  Ken and Phil talked about finding more incriminating material on Morrison after Phil had returned to the hotel, but Ken wanted to talk with Phil about something else first. He gave Phil an envelope with some photoreferencing he did on SuperPro and Phil. Ken knew that Phil was SuperPro and now wanted to know his whole story. Phil told him his origin and Ken decided to help Phil break apart the steroid ring. He showed Phil how Carl Bennings had changed since High School and the information on Bennings' long history with Morrison and JAKOBS.

  The next morning Ken and his camera joined Phil when he confronted Morrison, who told them everything including that Bennings was going to take the last stage of the drug an half hour before the game. When Ken and Phil arrived at the hotel the players resided in Bennings was already mutated. Ken filmed the fight between SuperPro and Carl Bennings and saw Bennings die.

(NFL SuperPro#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ken and Phil were assigned to do a report on Tim Pressman, who was accused to be connected to a gambling ring.

(NFL SuperPro#1) - In Los Angeles Ken stayed in contact with SuperPro over a microphone in SuperPro's helmet and picked him up after SuperPro couldn't catch the murderer of John Murtaugh, the only man that could clean Tim Pressman's name. Ken and Phil returned to their hotel in Los Angeles. The next morning Ken accompanied Phil to the L.A. County Courthouse to film Tim Pressman when he left the courtroom.

(NFL SuperPro#2 (fb) - BTS) - Phil and Ken were assigned to do a report on Michael Frazier's community work, but Frazier was shot.

(NFL SuperPro#2) - In Miami Ken and Phil tried to find the man who nearly killed Michael Frazier. Ken worked on his computer while Phil drove them back to the hotel after Phil had beaten up a local gang. The next morning Ken and Phil visited Frazier's Community Outreach Center and learned from two teenagers were the Los Tiburones were hiding the guns they had stolen. Ken drove Phil to the Schulmann Airport. After Quick Kick crashed into the ocean Ken arrived with the police and fire-fighters.

(NFL SuperPro#3) - In Philadelphia Ken and Phil worked on the case of the Eagles Gang, a gang that attacked Eagles fans and taped their own crimes. When they watched one of the tapes Ken recognized his nephew Ronnie as a member of this gang, but didn't tell Phil about it. They laid out a trap for the Eagles Gang by putting Eagles stickers on their van and waited inside until the gang attacked it. They got beaten up by SuperPro until Ken blocked his way with the van to give the Eagles Gang the chance to get away. Ken still kept it a secret that his nephew was one of the Eagles Gang.

  The next morning Ken visited his sister and nephew and talked with Ronnie about his involvement with the Eagles Gang. Ken told Ronnie to stop or he would go to the police. Ken then left the house.

  That night Ken filmed SuperPro and the police at a Football Fanshop that got attacked by the Eagles Gang. Suddenly Instant Replay attacked SuperPro and Ken could film a good fight. Afterwards Ken told the police that his nephew Ronnie McClaren was behind the Eagles Gang and led them to his home. He watched as Ronnie was arrested and tried to comfort his sister.

(NFL SuperPro#4 (fb) - BTS) - Ken started to improve the SuperPro armor.

(NFL SuperPro#4) - In L.A. Ken filmed an interview Phil had with Phil Simms and Carl Banks. Ken was happy with the material he got, but stayed a little bit longer to shoot more exteriors.

  At the L.A. Sheraton hotel Ken finished his improvements to the SuperPro armor. He had built in a camera into the helmet to enable himself to see what was behind Phil. He was surprised when Phil entered his room and told him that Jane was in trouble.

  Some time later in front of Sanzionare's home Ken explained Phil how he could now see what was happening behind Phil. He helped SuperPro during his fight against Sanction by telling him where Sanction's armor had weak spots. When SuperPro and Jane had arrived on the roof Ken tried to find an air vent duct for them. After Sanction was defeated SuperPro and Jane met Ken on the street and Ken welcomed her in their team because she was now aware of Phil's secret identity as well.

(NFL SuperPro#5) - In New Jersey Phil and Ken attended the Giants VS Dolphins game and Ken took some footage from the edge of the playing field for their later interview with Lawrence Taylor. A minute before the game ended they watched as Taylor was pulled into a hole on the field. Ken and Phil went into the hole and crawled through a tunnel to the stadium's parking lot where they saw L.T. and his kidnappers, the Head Hunters. Ken distracted them until Phil was dressed up as SuperPro and saved Ken only to be beaten up himself by the Head Hunters.

(NFL SuperPro#6) - Ken and Phil watched figure skating world champion Laura Eagle when suddenly the Kachinas broke through the skylight and attacked her. Ken called the cops while Phil saved Laura as SuperPro. Afterwards they took Laura to Phil's girlfriend Jane where Laura told them her life story and who was possibly behind the attack.

  Two days later Ken and Phil arrived with Laura at her pueblo and accompanied her to her radical sister He'e'e. After they had left her sister they were attacked again by the Kachinas. Laura was kidnapped and their car was blown up, but Ken survived thanks to Phil, who pulled him out. Phil then sent Ken away to get some help which arrived after SuperPro had defeated the Kachinas and their boss Tyler Gaunt.

(NFL SuperPro#7) - In Brazil Ken and Phil planned to interview soccer player Claudio Juarez after a game between Brazil and Argentina. They watched the game from the media lobby until fans started to riot. Ken saw it first and told Phil about it, who then stopped the riot as SuperPro. They didn't get the chance to interview Juarez, who wanted to do the interview where he lived.

  Ken and Phil flew to Amapa where they met Claudio, who then took them into the rainforest. When Ken tried to adjust his camera for the interview he saw the arrival of Ripsaw, who destroyed Ken's camera. Phil jumped over Ripsaw and Ken got the chance to tell him that the SuperPro armor fell from the jeep when the Protectors of the Forest fled. Ken then tossed rocks at Ripsaw until Phil was dressed up as SuperPro. Ripsaw was defeated when Juarez returned with the jeep. Twenty minutes later Ken got a waterproof camcorder from Juarez to film their protests against the destruction of the rainforest.

(NFL SuperPro#8) - At Soldier Field Ken and Phil were ready to do a report on the Anti-Drug Campaign led by John Macaphee and several NFL personalities including Ron Macedon. Ken didn't like Macaphee because of his looks and was happy when he had left the podium. In the middle of Macedon's speech Macaphee returned to the podium with two policemen and a search warrant. They found drugs in Macedon's locker and Macedon was arrested. Ken then ran outside to tell SuperPro what had happened inside during his fight against Crossbones.

  Later at Ken's apartment Ken and Phil searched for clues in the case. They went to the tailor that made the coat Crossbones had lost and it led them to a big mansion. Ken stayed in contact with SuperPro and told him how to get into the house through the skylight. Inside the house SuperPro fought Crossbones and Sanzionare, who both got away.

  The next day the charges against Macedon were dropped and Ken got the chance to say hello to Captain America.

(NFL SuperPro#10) - Gesserman sent Ken and Phil to Camp Runamuk, a camp that promised to awaken the super hero in every man (for those with low self-esteem and other personal problems). Ken thought it was embarrassing to go there and registered under the pseudonym David Cassidy. At the camp Ken and Phil met a bunch of losers and professional athletes, who were working at the camp. That evening Ken and Phil wore togas and sat around a campfire with other customers of the camp. Ken wasn't taken away during this like Phil and a few others. Phil was brought back hours later and Ken asked him what had happened, but Phil couldn't remember. The next morning Ken watched as Phil was taken away by an athlete. When Phil didn't return Ken decided to call help and ran away, but he was seen. Phil as SuperPro stopped him and brought him out of sight. Ken and SuperPro then went to the mansion nearby to call the cops, but there they also found the bad guys and the losers from the camp, who gained superpowers from Carragone's process. Ken watched the fight and thought it was funny when the Happy Campers wished to become SuperPro's partners.

(NFL SuperPro#11) - Jane Dixon and Ken Reid attended SuperPro's charity game against the Gulls. Some time later Ken helped Phil in his investigation of Hal Leech and it led them to Clinton University and Dean Shahidi. They visited him, but didn't get any answers. Outside Shahidi's office Mrs. Morrissey told them to look at the test scores of the athletes. Ken and Phil found out that the scores of many athletes at Clinton University were tinkered with. Some time later Ken met with Bud Corkin, who wanted to reveal everything to Phil, at the university's basketball court. At the court Bud and Ken were attacked by Constrictor, who was hired by Hal Leech, but SuperPro saved them and told Ken to call the police. Soon afterwards Ken arrived with the police. A few days later Ken broadcasted live from the County Courthouse where Phil reported on the verdict of Leech's case. Afterwards Ken and Phil visited Clinton University where Ken filmed Phil's speech on the changes at the university.

(NFL SuperPro#12) - Gesserman met with Phil and Ken and wanted new innovative reports from them instead of SuperPro footage. Some guy then showed Gesserman, Phil and Ken footage of Repulsor attacking WRGN Channel 23. They were surprised to hear Repulsor tell the world that SuperPro was on his side. Afterwards Gesserman gave Phil and Ken tickets for a Baseball game between the Rye Metros and Sarasota Panthers. Ken and Phil arrived late at the game, but not too early to see Repulsor's attack on Roxxon associates. SuperPro saved the day, but Repulsor, who revealed himself to be Claudio Juarez, attacked him viciously. Ken tried to distract Repulsor and then recognized Claudio's voice. Soon afterwards Claudio surrendered and Ken filmed it.



Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils) and various inkers.

David Cassidy (the pseudonym Ken used at Camp Runamuk) is an American actor and musician, who is famous for his role as Keith Douglas Partridge in "The Patridge Family".

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Ken Reid has no known connection to:

Claire & Ronnie McClaren have no known connection to:

The Eagles Gang/Ski Mask Gang has no known connection to:

Claire McClaren

She was Ken's sister. Like the rest of their family she didn't like Ken's lifestyle. She wasn't aware that her son was part of a gang and was shocked when he turned himself in police's custody.

--NFL SuperPro#3




Ronnie McClaren

He was Claire's son and the leader of the Eagles Gang. He was a free agent Football player (a punt returner), who was angry at the Eagles because they cut him. He founded the Eagles Gang to get his revenge by scaring their fans and destroying everything connected to the team. His uncle Ken knew that he was involved with the Eagles Gang and talked to him. One night his comrades began to become dangerous and Ronnie beat them up to save a family. Afterwards he went home, turned himself into police's custody and told them where the stolen money was and who his partners were.

--NFL SuperPro#3




Eagles Gang

They were a gang founded by Ronnie McClaren to destroy everything connected to the Philadelphia Eagles. The gang consisted of six members including Ronnie, Cray, Hansom, Fudge and two other unidentified members. They robbed Eagles fans, destroyed fan shops and heckled everyone wearing Eagles clothes. They filmed their attacks and had their fun, but they became slowly more violent and dangerous. After a run-in with SuperPro they only got away with Ken Reid's help, who knew that Ronnie was one of them since watching an Eagles Gang tape. One night after taking apart a fan shop they went after a family. Ronnie had enough when the others attacked children. He beat up his gang, disbanded it and then went home. There the police already waited for him. Ronnie surrendered and revealed to them the identities of the other gang members.

--NFL SuperPro#3

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NFL SuperPro#3, p13, pan6 (Claire McClaren)

p8, pan3 (Ronnie McClaren)
p12, pan1 (Ski Mask Gang)

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