Membership: Buck Sutter (coach), Bullet, Flinch, Hans Schulmann, Kabuki-Back, 7 unnamed members

Purpose: Defeat the best players of the NFL in their own game

: Ron Macedon, NFL SuperPro, Ken Reid, Lawrence Taylor, other NFL key players

Base of Operations
: An abandoned Football Stadium somewhere in the United States

First Appearance
: NFL SuperPro#5 (February, 1992)





History: (NFL SuperPro#5 (fb) - BTS) - Buck Sutter, his daughter and a bunch of unfair players wanted revenge on the NFL because they never got a fair shot. They became the Head Hunters and kidnapped several key players of the NFL.

(NFL SuperPro#5) - The setting: Giants Stadium! New York Giants VS Miami Dolphins! Dolphins drop the ball, Lawrence Taylor jumps after it and suddenly the ground opens up in front of him and he gets pulled down into the hole. Phil Grayfield and Ken Reid follow L.T. and his kidnapper through the freshly dug tunnel which leads them to the stadium's parking lot. There L.T. was already tied up and thrown into a truck by three members of the Head Hunters. They need no witnesses and attack immediately. Reid gets caught while Phil becomes NFL SuperPro, who tackles the evildoers until he got whacked over the head by their fourth member Kabuki-Back. Hans takes a swing and SuperPro smashed onto a car and the Head Hunters get away.

After using his brain Phil found out that each kidnapped player played on another position. A quarterback was still missing and Phil knew that their target would be his old friend Ron Macedon. Phil visited him in the Chicago Bears' training camp and explained the situation to Ron. After a small joke Ron poured Gatorade over Phil and Mercy Sutter, the assistant of the stadium's owner got Phil a towel. She brought Phil to the stadiums luxury suite to use the shower and offered him to send his clothes to a cleaner. They talked about the kidnappings and Mercy assured him that there wouldn't be any more kidnappings because the NFL was taking extra precautions. She trusted the NFL, but at the same moment the Head Hunters appeared in a blimp and took Ron Macedon after Flinch took everyone out with a two thousand volt shot. Phil jumped onto the blimp as SuperPro, but first Flinch shocked him and then he cut of the ladder SuperPro was holding onto. Head Hunters get away again, but unnoticed by them SuperPro hung onto their truck. After ditching the blimp they drove to their secret hideout, an abandoned football stadium. There they brought Macedon to the cages where the other kidnapped players were imprisoned. Coach Sutter was angry because they were late and ordered them to do twenty laps after they put Macedon into a cage. SuperPro watched them from the bleachers. Kabuki-Back saw him and tossed a football bomb at him. Boom! SuperPro fell unconscsious from the bleachers and awakened again in a cage. Coach Sutter introduced him to the Head Hunters, a team consisting of the malcontents, rough tacklers and dirty players that were too nasty for the NFL. According to Buck they were back in the game and would proof it by beating the best players of the NFL. Mercy appeared and asked SuperPro not to be cruel to her father, but for SuperPro Buck was just crazy which made Mercy sad.

The setting: An abandoned Football Stadium! Head Hunters VS NFL All-Stars! Some of NFL players were kept in the electrified cages to force the others to play. Kick-off for the Head Hunters. No fair catch! SuperPro breaks out of his cage and interferes. Buck Sutter thought this was unfair. All Head Hunters attacked SuperPro, but they were overpowered. Kabuki-Back tossed a Football bomb again, but this time SuperPro kicked it in time and it hit the generator for the cages. All NFL players were free again and ready to play the Head Hunters. In the meantime SuperPro tackled Kabuki-Back, who lost her mask to reveal Mercy Sutter. The shocking Flinch was taken out by SuperPro with water. Sploosh! Kzap! Buck and Mercy ran away. Others like Bullet tried to follow, but Bullet's thigh jets were manipulated in the last second by SuperPro and he hit the ground hard and surprisingly survived the crash. The Head Hunters were put into their own cages while Mercy and Buck drove away with revenge on their mind because Buck was ready to get out his reserve roster.

Comments: Created by Buzz Dixon (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils), Mike DeCarlo (inks).

All real players mentioned should be topical.

I wonder if Hans had a friend named Franz. This issue was another SuperPro classic! I was really surprised that SuperPro didn't tell Mercy that a woman can't play Football, but that would be sexist and SuperPro is maybe racist, ignorant, naive and stupid, but not sexist because it would ruin his chances to score with chicks.

Hans' last name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

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He was a trained Football player. He was too unfair for the NFL and became a loyal follower of Buck Sutter. He wore jets on his thighs and used guns. Alongside Flinch, Hans and Kabuki-Back he kidnapped Lawrence Taylor and later Ron Macedon. Bullet tried to escape with the Sutters, but SuperPro manipulated his jets and Bullet took a nasty dive into the field. SuperPro pulled him out of the hole created by Bullet's crash and tossed him into a cage.


--NFL SuperPro#5











He was a trained Football player. He was too unfair for the NFL and became a loyal follower of Buck Sutter. His armor was built to charge itself up with electricity which could be released with two thousand volts frequency. He also used guns and knives. Together with Bullet, Hans and Kabuki-Back he kidnapped Lawrence Taylor and Ron Macedon. His armor got short-circuited by SuperPro, who tossed a barrel with water at him. He was possibly put into a cage with the other Head Hunters (or he died).


--NFL SuperPro#5










Hans Schulmann

He was a trained Football player. He was too unfair for the NFL and became a loyal follower of Buck Sutter. Der Hans was big and strong and used guns. He mixed up German and English a lot while talking. Together with Bullet, Flinch and Kabuki-Back he captured Lawrence Taylor and Ron Macedon. He was defeated by SuperPro and the best NFL players and put into ein Käfig with the other Head Hunters.


--NFL SuperPro#5











Mercy Sutter was the daughter of Buck Sutter and assistant to a stadium owner. She never got a chance to play Football for the NFL, so she decided to help her father get his revenge on the NFL. With Hans, Flinch and Bullet she kidnapped Lawrence Taylor and she was also present when Ron Macedon was captured by them. Although at that point she was talking to Phil Grayfield as Mercy. As Kabuki-Back she used a kendo stick and bombs shaped like a Football. SuperPro accidentally unmasked her after a tackle. She was able to escape with her father. While they drove away she only thought about beating SuperPro on her own.


--NFL SuperPro#5








Buck Sutter

Buck thought that the NFL never gave him a fair chance to prove his abilities as a coach. As revenge for this Buck built the Head Hunters and kidnapped the best NFL players to proof that the Head Hunters are better than the NFL. His daughter helped him and SuperPro thought he was crazy. When his team was taken apart by SuperPro and the NFL players, Buck took his daughter and fled with her from the scene. He already planned his revenge while they drove away in the Head Hunters' truck.


--NFL SuperPro#5










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NFL SuperPro#5, p15, pan5 (main image)

p3, pan2 (Bullet)
p3, pan2 (Flinch)
p3, pan2 (Hans)
p8, pan3 (Head Hunters Blimp)
p16, pan6 (Mercy Sutter)
p5, pan2 (Kabuki-Back)
p14, pan1 (Buck Sutter)

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