Membership: Grace Mercy, Mary Mercy

Purpose: Serial killers

Affiliations: Each other;
formerly Mr. Grant (superintendent), Mr. Propeus (doorman)

Enemies: Bitsy, Deadpool, Detective Fonti, Florinda, Arnold Huff, Killer Dick, Sarah Moreels, Mr. & Mrs. Peters, unidentified delivery boy and many other victims (including their parents)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents (deceased)

Aliases: Switchblade Sisters

Base of Operations: Summer house in Southampton, Long Island & an apartment in the Barrucci Luxury Living building in New York City

First Appearance: (In shadows) Deadpool III#49 (February, 2001); (fully seen) Deadpool III#52 (May, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: They were two athletic and extremely psychotic twins. In combat they mostly used knives and handguns (.357 Magnum), but if necessary they also used common items like hockey sticks or cars to kill somebody. Most of the time they wore headsets to stay connected with each other. Mary more cunning and stable and did most of the planning. Grace on the other hand was very impulsive and crueler in her actions.


(Deadpool III#53 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Mary and Grace killed their parents. After that they continued to murder people and stashed them in the barn of their families' Southampton summer residence.

(Deadpool III#52 (fb) - BTS) - The Mercy Sisters killed more people in NYC where they lived in a luxurious apartment building. The police was clueless who the murderers were and put out a reward on the head of the serial killers.

(Deadpool III#49 (fb) - BTS) - Mary, Grace and their school's team played soccer against the team of the Lady of Passion School for Girls and lost due to an incredible performance of Bitsy.

(Deadpool III#49) - The next day Mary visited Bitsy in her school's locker room and talked to her while Grace pushed over the locker cabinet behind Bitsy, which crushed her. Afterwards Grace decided to make sure that Bitsy never played soccer again in case she survived. With a saw in her hand she wanted to get the job done (suggested that Bitsy got her legs or at least her feet cut off).

(Deadpool III#51 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Grace and Mary stopped attending school.

(Deadpool III#50 (fb) - BTS) - The Mercy Sisters sent a box to their NYC apartment (supposedly from Southampton; these were most likely their parents' corpses). The delivery boy, who was told not to look inside, took a glimpse when he delivered. The box fell apart and he was screwed.

(Deadpool III#50) - Mary and Grace tied the delivery boy to a chair and Mary killed him with a knife because he had seen what was inside the box. Grace joked that it was Mary's fault because she did a bad packing job on the box and then they laughed while dragging the delivery boy's corpse away.

(Deadpool III#51) - The sisters were visited by Sarah Moreels from their school district. She wanted to talk to their parents because Mary and Grace weren't attending school anymore. They were angry when the doorman let her in and Mary immediately got a knife. Mary and Grace sat on their couch and told Moreels that their parents were out of the country for a very long time. Sarah wanted to wait until someone with responsibility came home. Mary went to her bedroom, called Grace from there and asked her to distract Moreels. Mary took a hockey stick, returned with it to the living room and killed Moreels with it.

(Deadpool III#52 (fb) - BTS) - Mary killed someone for two front row tickets for Killer Dick's concert at the Ritz Club.

(Deadpool III#52) - The Mercy Sisters attended the Killer Dick concert in the Ritz Club. They both wore headsets so they could hear each other all the time. During the concert they were invited backstage by Killer Dick himself. They got backstage passes and after drinking some alcohol and taking other illegal substances Mary found herself on the backseat of Dick's limousine. They talked a little bit and Mary told Dick that she and her twin sister did everything together. In return Dick told her that his stage name had a reason his wife knew best about. It broke Mary's heart when she learned that Dick was married. No more kisses or anything else from her. Grace, who had shot Dick's driver in the head, was now the limousine driver and opened the window to the backseat. She had already heard the bad news over the microphone. She locked the doors and drove away with Dick, Mary and the dead driver Chuck.

(Deadpool III#52 - BTS) - The girls brutally slaughtered Killer Dick. They cut off his fingers and seemingly sold them at a Hot Dog vendor. After this murder the reward was bumped up to 100,000 $ by Killer Dick's record label and his parents. With the hair, skin and nail samples they had found on the crime scene they now knew what they were searching for.

(Deadpool III#52) - Grace and Mary watched TV as Detective Huff informed the media that the police now knew that the serial killers were Caucasian twin females. It ruined the sisters' day to hear this and Grace asked Mary for the White Pages to find Huff's address.

  Pretending to be a girl scout Grace knocked at Huff's door with a box with cookies in her hands. When he opened the door it was tackled by Mary. Huff fell to the ground and Mary gave Grace a knife. Huff was stabbed in the arm by Grace, who asked him to stop chasing them. She told him that Dick deserved death because he hurt Mary's feelings. In that moment Florinda came through the door with a gun. She was surprised by Mary, who was eating a chicken wing and then shot Florinda in the head. Grace asked Huff again to drop the case, but he couldn't. She stabbed him a few more times until he passed out.

  Dressed as nurses, the Mercy Sisters kept watching Huff after he was brought to a hospital. They saw a man talking to Huff and Grace followed him to the roof. She was surprised when she saw that the guy was Deadpool. She shot him when she moved and he fell from the building. Grace ran down the stairs and was contacted by Mary, who told her that she was down near the cars and that Grace had to hurry down. When Deadpool landed on the street Mary and Grace sandwiched him between their cars. Mary, who had forgotten to buckle herself crashed through the front window.

(Deadpool III#52 - BTS) - Grace put Mary into her car and they fled to their families' summer residence in Southampton, Long Island.

I'm waiting for my bullet!

(Deadpool III#53) - Grace put band aids on all of Mary's wounds and told her that she looked great. Mary coughed up blood and only wanted to know if the hero was dead. The doorbell rang and Grace received a box from a delivery boy, who was surprised to see her in her families' summer residence before summer. Meanwhile the police was in their NYC apartment and found the corpses of their parents.

  Some time later after eating a nice meal, Mary asked her sister to shoot her, but not in the face. Grace followed her sisters' wish and then left.

  Two hours later Detectives Fonti and Huff arrived in Southampton with a squad and found Mary's corpse in bed and several other victims in the house's barn.

  On her way out of Long Island, Deadpool contacted Grace over her headset. She didn't know how he could get the frequency, but he had listened to her for some hours and knew that Grace had shot Mary. He promised to kill Grace as well, who lost her temper pretty fast. She stopped her car and took a child's dog with her while Deadpool continued to annoy her. The police was after Grace, but she tossed the dog out of the car and it crashed through the police car's window. Grace wasn't followed anymore after said police car flipped over. Deadpool continued to mock and told her where she could find him. Grace drove back to NYC, but on her way over Brooklyn Bridge she had to stop at a police checkpoint. Wielding her gun she left her car and shot a cop when he asked her to relax.

  She reached the Staten Island ferry and threatened to kill everyone if she didn't find Deadpool. The ferry took off and Grace waited. Deadpool, who couldn't walk after Mary and Grace had crushed his legs with their cars, waited at home in his warehouse with a sniper rifle until the ferry passed by. He shot Grace as soon as he had a clear sight on her head.

Comments: Created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Buddy Scalera, Darick Robertson, Anthony Williams, Jon Holdredge & Andy Lanning.

There was an easy way to tell them apart (except for the covers). Grace had braided pigtails. Mary only had a braided ponytail.

Oh, and they didn't like it to be compared with Britney Spears, which happened a lot.

The media called them Switchblade Sisters as a play on the 1975 released movie by the same name.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

The Mercy Sisters should not be confused with:

Bitsy should not be confused with:

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Bitsy was a member of the Lady of Passion School for Girls' soccer team. One day after she won with her team against the team the Mercy Sisters belonged to; she was visited by them in her schools' locker room. She was surprised to see Mary, who she recognized from the play from the day before. After some smalltalk with Mary, Bitsy was buried under a locker cabinet, which was pushed over by Grace. Mary thought that Bitsy was dead, but in case she wasn't dead, Grace wanted to be sure Bitsy never played soccer again.

--Deadpool III#49





Detective Fonti

In Huff's absence after his run-in with the Mercy Sisters, Fonti continued the investigations. After the police found out the identities of the Mercy Sisters over their plate numbers (eyewitnesses saw them when they tried to kill Deadpool), Fonti waited with a squad in front of their residence and called Huff. He stormed the apartment with his men, but the sisters were gone. He called Huff to tell him about the situation.

  A few hours later Fonti led another squad to the Mercy's second home in Southampton. He was soon joined by Huff. Inside the house they found Grace dead in her bed. They also found more dead bodies in the house's barn.

--Deadpool III#53






She was a cop living in the same house as Huff. With her gun pulled she came into Huff's apartment to aid him when he was attacked by the Mercy Sisters. Huff warned her that there were two of the girls, but it was already too late. Mary killed Florinda with a bullet to the head.

--Deadpool III#52




Arnold Huff

(Deadpool III#52) - Detective Huff worked for the NYPD on the "Switchblade Sisters" case. As chief investigator he was held responsible by the media that they weren't caught yet. After Killer Dick was killed by them the original reward was bumped up to 100,000 $ by Dick's parents and his record label.

  Huff listened to a Killer Dick song and didn't like it. At that moment Dick's parents the Peters entered his office. Huff couldn't explain to them at the moment why they couldn't see their son's body and wanted to talk about with Mr. Peters the next morning. When they left the building the media wanted to know from Huff if all the rumors about Dick's murder were true (they revealed some of the cruel stuff Mrs. Peters shouldn't hear in Huff's opinion). Huff revealed that the police now knew that the murderers were Caucasian twin females and that the reward was up to 100,000 $. Deadpool and the Mercy Sisters watched this on TV. Deadpool wanted the money and the Mercy Sisters wanted Huff to stop the investigations.

  The twins visited Huff at home and he was stabbed several times by Grace, who tried to persuade him to stop going after them. He had to watch as Florinda, a cop living in the same house, was shot by Mary. He lost consciousness after being stabbed a few more times by Grace.

  Huff woke up in Belleview Memorial Hospital where Deadpool (disguised as hospital personal via his holo technology) visited Huff and wanted to know everything he knew about the twins. Huff knew that Deadpool just wanted the reward and didn't tell him much.

(Deadpool III#53) - Detective Fonti phoned Huff before they stormed the Mercy's apartment, but the sisters weren't there. Huff soon left the hospital and went to the apartment to help in the investigations. He asked the building's superintendent Mr. Grant if the Mercy's had a storage room and he led Huff to it. Inside Huff found the corpses of the Mercy's parents and immediately called Fonti to tell him that they were dead.

  Two hours later Huff arrived with Fonti and a whole police squad at the Mercy's summer residence in Southampton. They found Mary's corpse and several of the twins' victims in the house's barn.

  Back in NYC Huff got a call from Deadpool, who asked Huff to call off the cops, so he could take out Mary without endangering more people. Huff gave him one hour to finish the job.

--Deadpool III#52 (Deadpool III#52-53

Killer Dick

Killer Dick was a rapper in a Heavy Metal/Reggae Band. His parents were used to be treated differently because of that. He had a wife and three children.

(Deadpool III#52) - At a concert in the Ritz Club he saw the Mercy Sisters and gave them backstage passes. Three gin tonics and some illegal substances later Killer Dick was in the back of his limousine with Grace, who flipped out when Killer Dick told her that he was married. He didn't think it was a problem, but for Grace it was. Mary, who had taken over the job of the limousine driver after killing him, heard the bad news too.

(Deadpool III#52 - BTS) - Killer Dick was murdered by the Mercy Sisters. They mutilated his body and cut off his fingers, which were seemingly later sold at a Hot Dog vendor.

  Killer Dick's record label and his parents put out a 100,000 $ on the head of Killer Dick's murderers.

--Deadpool III#52


Sarah Moreels

After a lengthy absence from school by the Mercy Sisters, the school district sent Sarah Moreels to the Mercy's home. The doorman let her take the elevator to the Mercy's apartment, where Sarah only met the Grace and Mary, who told her that their parents were out of the country. Sarah wanted to wait until some other legal guardian arrived. Sarah started a conversation with Grace while Mary went to her bedroom to get something. She was still talking when Mary returned and killed her with a hockey stick.

--Deadpool III#51







Mr. & Mrs. Peters

They were Killer Dick's parents. They met with Detective Huff to talk about the murder of their son. They wanted to see their son's body and Huff rather wanted to talk to them about it the next morning. Mrs. Peters was still in shock when she learned outside the police station from the waiting media that their son's fingers were chopped off and seemingly served at a Hot Dog vendor. Mrs. Peters added another 20,000 $ to the official reward for the animals who stole her son's pinkies.

--Deadpool III#52





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Deadpool III#53, p3, pan3 (Detective Fonti)
Deadpool III#52p11, pan4 (Florinda)
p5, pan1 (Arnold Huff)
p3, pan2 (Killer Dick)
Deadpool III#51, p4, pan5 (Sarah Moreels)
Deadpool III#52, p7, pan4 (Mr. & Mrs. Peters)

Deadpool III#49 (February, 2001) - Jimmy Palmiotti & Buddy Scalera (writers), Michael Lopez (pencils), Jon Holdredge (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Deadpool III#50-51 (March-April, 2001) - Jimmy Palmiotti & Buddy Scalera (writers), Darick Robertson (pencils), Jon Holdredge (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Deadpool III#52-53 (May-June, 2001) - Jimmy Palmiotti & Buddy Scalera (writers), Anthony Williams (pencils), Andy Lanning (inks), Mike Marts (editor)

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