Real Name: Shana Peters

Identity/Class: normal human

Occupation: Helping Colleen and Misty to free herself

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Daughters of the Dragon (Colleen Wing & Misty Knight), Penny O'Neal (Nightwing Restorations secretary)

Enemies: four kidnappers

Known RelativesMr. Peters (father), Mrs. Peters (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: somewhere in New York City
in this story: hideout near Broadway and 89th Street, New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#80/3 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: None. She was a "smart" and fearless kid.



(Marvel Comics Presents#80/3) - Shana was kidnapped by four bad men, but they were too stupid to and she got away. When Colleen Wing and Misty Knight came to free her, Tok helped them to find the kidnappers. She told them everything she remembered about the kidnappers and watched the heroines beating up the kidnappers. One kidnapper told Misty that they didn't have Shana Peters anymore. Colleen and Misty didn't believe him until his last partner came in with Tok and told the heroines that they now had Shana Peters again. Shana bit his hand and Colleen took away his weapon. Shana's parents arrived and she ran happily to them while Misty and Colleen were angry with their secretary because she didn't tell them that Shana was nicknamed Tok. Shana now dreamt of becoming a detective herself when she grew up.

Comments: Created by Jo Duffy, Chris Tsuda & Joe Rosas.

Nightwing Restorations is the name of Colleen's and Misty's firm. Penny was their secretary at the time this story happened. Penny's full name was revealed in OHotMU 2006#3.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Tok has no known connection to:

Mr. & Mrs. Peters have no known connection to

Tok's parents

Shana's parents hired Colleen Wing and Misty Knight to find their daughter again. When they heard that Misty and Colleen got help from a girl named Tok they immediately drove to their location because Tok was none other than their daughter Shana. They arrived at the kidnapper's hideout and were happy to see their daughter again.

--Marvel Comics Presents#80/3


Marvel Comics Presents#80, p17, pan1 (main image)
  p18, pan5 (head shot)
  p18, pan3 (parents)

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