Real Name: Claudio Juarez

Identity/Class: Human technology user (Brazilian)

Occupation: Planet's Superhero
formerly: Soccer player

Group Membership: Protectors of the Forest
formerly: Brazilian National Soccer Team

Affiliations: NFL SuperPro, Protectors of the Forest (Felicita Oliveri, and many others), Ken Reid

Enemies: Brazilian Logging Enterprises (including Antonio Matias), Repulsor (Carlos Carago), Ripsaw, Roxxon Oil Company, Roxxon investors;
formerly: NFL SuperPro

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Amapa, Brazil
formerly: Mobile around the world as soccer player

First Appearance: NFL SuperPro#7 (April, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Without armor Claudio was one of the most gifted soccer players on the world. He spoke Portuguese and English and believed in protecting the rainforest by all means necessary. While wearing the armor Claudio possessed superhuman durability and it seemingly also increased his strength. It also gave him the ability of flight. The armor's gauntlets were able to shoot powerful repulsor blasts that could easily destroy buildings.


(NFL SuperPro#7 (fb) ) - Claudio Juarez gained worldwide attention since the 1990 World Cup Tournament. (see comments)

(NFL SuperPro#7) - Soccer star Claudio Juarez gave the Brazilian national team in a friendly against Argentina in Rio de Janeiro the 2:1 lead after a nice spin around kick. The match ended 3:1.

The next day Juarez met American journalist Phil Grayfield and his cameraman Ken Reid in Macapa. Juarez and his fiancée Felicita Oliveri brought them in a jeep to the rainforest near Amapa. He taught the Americans about the destruction of the rainforest and showed them how he and his friends the Protectors of the Forest tired to protect it. Juarez fled in his jeep when Ripsaw attacked, but Juarez returned with the jeep to help NFL SuperPro by running over Ripsaw. Because Reid's camera got destroyed by Ripsaw, Juarez gave him the camcorder of one of his friends to still give Reid the chance to film the interview.

(NFL SuperPro#12 (fb) ) - Antonio Matias, president of Brazilian Logging Enterprises, was working in partnership with the Roxxon corporation and acquired a new armored thug named Repulsor, who was far worse than Ripsaw. Juarez and Felicita decided to steal Repulsor's technology, but they interrupted Carago while he was suiting up for another assignment. They overpowered him, but when everything seemed already over Repulsor killed Felicita. Juarez still managed to steal the armor. After he learned how to control it he started to pay Matias back for Felicita's death by attacking all B.L.E. operations in the rainforest.

(NFL SuperPro#12) - As Repulsor he attacked B.L.E.'s HQ in Macapa and injured Antonio Matias, hospitalizing him for several months. After that he went to the United States where he attacked WRGN Channel 23 in Newark, New Jersey. He took hostages to the channel's news center and introduced himself live on air to the public by telling them about his goal to protect the environment. He knew that his actions were extreme, but to him it seemed like explosions and injuries were the only language his enemies understood. The footage was seen by Phil Grayfield, who was very surprised when Repulsor told everyone that NFL SuperPro would support him. After that Repulsor broke through the ceiling and flew away. His next stop was a Roxxon meeting with some of their partners. He overheard from outside the window that they would visit a baseball game and also heard them talk about Matias. When he heard Matias's name he remembered how he became Repulsor.

The next day Repulsor flew to the game mentioned in the Roxxon meeting and attacked one of Roxxon's Middle Eastern associates. He dropped him from the sky, but SuperPro, who was there as Grayfield to report about the game, saved the poor guy and tossed a baseball at Repulsor. Surprised that SuperPro was against him, Repulsor fought him. After he was nearly knocked out by SuperPro Repulsor took off his helmet and revealed that he was Claudio Juarez. SuperPro remembered him, but he was disappointed by his actions. Angered by SuperPro's behaviour he attacked him again and told SuperPro that he knew that he was Phil Grayfield and that he was disappointed as well because SuperPro didn't start to do something for the rainforest's protection when he returned to the US. Reid and SuperPro tried to talk some sense into Claudio and they succeeded when SuperPro told him that he was no killer. On SuperPro's device Claudio took off the Repulsor gauntlets and surrendered to the police. Before Claudio was brought away SuperPro declared to the media that Repulsor's actions were wrong, but his message was right.

Comments: Created by Evan Skolnick (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils), Mike DeCarlo (inks).

1990 is a topical date in this case. It should be more like 2002 (Brazil won this tournament) or maybe 2006. BTW the 1990 tournament was held in Italy and Germany won. 2006 was held in Germany and Italy won.

Repulsor? Maybe the technology was stolen from Tony Stark.

NFL SuperPro is filled with football themed one-liners and stupid remarks by the title's hero. Half the time somebody has to help him to stay alive like Claudio did in #7 and his secret identity is one of the worst kept secrets ever (NFL SuperPro appears in the rainforest). Add to this his heroic acts like lying to Claudio Juarez and endangering countless innocents on live TV. SuperPro really dropped the ball and Juarez should've just kicked his butt instead of listening to him.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Both Repulsors have no known connection to:

Felicita Oliveri has no known connection to:


(All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #9) - The Repulsor armor was built by Roxxon at their Bolivian facility.

(NFL SuperPro#12 (fb) ) - Carlos Carago terrorized the Protectors of the Forest with the armor for Antonio Matias. He was worse than his predecessor Ripsaw and the Protectors suffered terrible losses. One night Claudio Juarez and Felicita Oliveri broke into his HQ and tried to steal the armor, but Carago was suiting up for another attack on the Protectors. The armor wasn't online yet and he was overpowered by Felicita and Claudio. The second it went online Felicita was killed by a blast, but the armor was still stolen by Claudio Juarez.

--NFL SuperPro#12 (fb)





Felicita Oliveri

(NFL SuperPro#12 (fb) ) - At some point Felicita became Claudio's fiancée.

(NFL SuperPro#7) - Felicita drove Claudio, Ken Reid and Phil Grayfield to the newest operation of the Protectors of the Forest. Like most others she fled when Ripsaw attacked.

(NFL SuperPro#12 (fb) ) - Together with Claudio she tried to steal the Repulsor armor, but they interrupted Carago while suiting up for another terrorist attack and Felicita was killed in the struggle.

--NFL SuperPro#7 (NFL SuperPro#7, #12 (fb)


images: (without ads)
NFL SuperPro#12, p2, pan1 (main image)

p18, pan3 (head shot)
p11, pan4 (original Repulsor)
#7, p11, pan1 (Felicita Oliveri)

NFL SuperPro#7 (April, 1992) - Evan Skolnick (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils), Mike DeCarlo (inks), David Wohl (editor)
NFL SuperPro#12 (September, 1992) - Evan Skolnick (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils), Donald Hudson (inks), David Wohl (editor)
All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #9 (September, 2006) - Mark O'English (writer, Roxxon entry)

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