Real Name: Carl Bradford Bennings

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Football Player

Group Membership: Chicago Bears
     (formerly) New Jersey University

Affiliations: JAKOBS Pharmaceutical Corporation (especially Henry Morrison, allegedly not Paul Latham)

EnemiesRon Macedon, NFL SuperPro, Ken Reid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance: NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1 (September, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: He was a trained football player on the position of a linebacker, but most of his muscle mass was grown with the help of steroids. After taking the final stage of Morrison's steroid compound Bennings gained superhuman strength and durability. He also grew to giant proportions and was in the end far over 10 feet tall.

Weakness: Due to year-long steroid abuse his heart was damaged.


(NFL SuperPro SE#1 (fb) ) - Bennings started to play football in high school. He continued to play in college at New Jersey State University where he started early to take steroids given to him by his academic advisor Professor Henry Morrison. Over the following years the steroids increased his muscle mass, but he also gained the typical facial distortion of steroid abuse. In his senior years Bennings worked as an intern at JAKOBS, where his treatment continued. After college he became a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

(NFL SuperPro SE#1 (fb) - BTS) - One day Ron Macedon overheard Bennings talk about a steroid delivery.

(NFL SuperPro SE#1) - Giants Stadium in New York: Chicago Bears rookie player Bennings made a few rough hits until his trainer told him to save it for their game against the Giants. After the game Bennings met Henry Morrison on the parking lot, who gave him the final combination for his steroid treatment. Bennings told Morrison that he better felt a difference after taking them.

The next day in his hotel room Bennings took the final combination. Three pills and an injection later Bennings began to transform. His muscle mass increased within seconds and his shirt ripped apart, but his transformation didn't ended there as his muscles didn't stop to grow. He hit his roommates and jumped through a window to the street. With his increased muscle mass nothing could hurt him and the car he landed on was smashed by his weight. Reid and SuperPro, who learned from Morrison that Bennings had to take the combination five hours before the game, arrived on the scene and Grayfield attacked Bennings as NFL SuperPro. The colossal Grayfield was tackled by SuperPro and then started to take swings at the hero. A kid fell from an upper floor and SuperPro had to save it before he could return to his fight with Bennings. The fight continued and Bennings, who couldn't speak anymore, tossed cars at SuperPro, but after some time Bennings dropped to the ground due to a heart attack. He died on scene.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils), Tom Morgan, Mike DeCarlo & Kim DeMulder (all inks).

Not too long after this incident a body-builder named Wolfgang was mutated by an artificial steroid. Perhaps he got his stuff too from the JAKOBS Corporation.

Real NFL players mentioned in the story are topical.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Carl Bennings has no known connection to:

JAKOBS Pharmaceutical Corporation has no known connection to:

Paul Latham has no known connection to:

Henry Morrison has no known connection to:

JAKOBS Pharmaceutical Corporation

It was a big pharmaceutical firm. Morrison worked for them as a researcher and consultant. In New Jersey Morrison and a few other JAKOBS scientists invented a steroid compound. It proofed to be deadly when Carl Bennings died. Morrison was arrested and JAKOBS' president Paul Latham denied any knowledge about the experiments.

--NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1


Paul Latham

Latham was the president of the JAKOBS Corporation. He denied any knowledge about the illegal activities within JAKOBS and stated that it was done by a select group of researchers without the company's awareness.

--NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1



Henry Morrison

Morrison was a specialist for biological chemistry. He became Bennings academic advisor at New Jersey State University and gave him experimental steroids. They worked so well that Bennings became a player for the Chicago Bears after college, but Bennings wanted more muscles and together with JAKOBS Pharmaceuticals he created a steroid compound that could increase reflexive action and physical strength. He gave it to Bennings one day before his game against the New York Giants. Reporter Phil Grayfield saw him and followed Morrison to New Jersey State University where he learned his name. With his name Grayfield got his connection to JAKOBS where he found Morrison and other scientists working in the middle of the night. The next day Grayfield and his partner Ken Reid confronted Morrison at his university. He asked them to turn their camera off and told them the whole truth about Bennings and the steroid compound. When he told them that Bennings had to take the final stage five hours before the game they had to leave immediately because Bennings would soon take the steroid. Bennings died and Morrison was arrested for providing steroids that caused Bennings' death.

--NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1

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NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1, p38, pan4 (main image)

p29, pan2 (head shot)
p12, pan1 (JAKOBS Corporation)
p45, pan3 (Paul Latham)
p33, pan2 (Henry Morrison)

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