Real Name: Jane Dixon

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Newscaster

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Jim, NFL SuperPro (Phil Grayfield), Ken Reid

EnemiesLaura Eagle, Sanction

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An apartment somewhere in New Jersey;
formerly a townhouse in North Bergen, New Jersey (see comments)

First Appearance: NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1 (September, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Girlfriend in peril! She was allegedly intelligent enough to finish college and help her superhero boyfriend in his investigations.


(NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1 (fb) ) - In college Jane was Phil Grayfield's girlfriend and they stayed together after they had both finished college. She inspired Phil to get back in shape after he injured his knee at the Eagles's training camp. Jane got a job as a newscaster at WOR Channel 9 in New Jersey and wasn't around for Phil when he got in shape again after his second knee injury.

(NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1) - Jane waited at her table at the North Bergen Restaurant for Phil, who arrived a little bit late. During dinner she asked him why he was late and he told her that he was working one of those boring sports profiles.

  Jane had a Sunday brunch with Phil and watched with him his most recent report on Sports Illustrated. She ate a bagel and talked at the same time with Phil. She planned to find out how Phil got all the inside scoop on his stories.

(NFL SuperPro#1) - At 1:00 in the morning Jane got something to drink and some cookies from the kitchen. Phil called her from Los Angeles and she knew that it was him because nobody else knew that she was up that late in the night. They talked about the Pressman case and Jane promised to help Phil find evidence that Pressman was innocent by checking a few things for Phil.

(NFL SuperPro#4) - Jane was in Trenton, New Jersey with her cameraman Jim to cover a tax protest rally. She began the broadcast when she was suddenly kidnapped by Marco Sanzionare in his Sanction armor. The police couldn't stop Sanction, who flew away with Jane in his arms.

  Sanction brought her to his apartment in New York City. He told Jane that her boyfriend Phil Grayfield was the superhero NFL SuperPro, who had caused him a lot of trouble. Sanzionare bound Jane as bait for SuperPro to the field goals' bar on a boobytrapped football field. SuperPro arrived, saw Jane and called her by her name. At that moment Jane knew that SuperPro really was her boyfriend. SuperPro passed all the weapons, ripped the whole field goal out and took Jane to the roof. Sanction followed them. Jane attacked Sanction when he was ready to drop SuperPro from the building. Sanction just pushed her away, but in the end Sanction fell from the building as well. Five minutes later Jane, SuperPro and Ken Reid were back on the street. They found Sanction unconscious, but alive on the street. Phil then asked Jane about their future together and Jane told him that she would stay with him and help him like Ken.

(NFL SuperPro#5) - After Phil was beaten up by members of the Head Hunters, Jane gave him a massage at her apartment and asked him to call the cops or someone like Spider-Man the next time. They heard on the news about the kidnapping of several NFL players and Phil found out who the next victim would be. Jane complimented Phil's investigative work.

(NFL SuperPro#6) - Phil knocked at Jane's door after midnight. Jane was mad not only because it was so late, but also because Phil brought Ken and the beautiful Laura Eagle with him. Tired she listened to Laura's story. Phil decided to go with Laura to her people and Jane showed how jealous she was and told Phil to make sure that he only covered the story in Arizona.

(NFL SuperPro#11) - Jane and Ken visited a charity basketball game which NFL SuperPro won single-handedly against Clinton University's Gulls.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza (writer), Jose Delbo (pencils) & various inkers

In Special Edition and issue #1 of the regular series she had a townhouse, but in SuperPro#5-6 she lived in an apartment. Did she move or did she own a house and an apartment? I don't know!

In issue #6 a framed poster of the Musical "Cats" was seen at Jane's house/apartment. Not an important info, but it says something about her personality. (not important either, but I don't like Musicals)

Jane went through all important stages for a superhero's girlfriend. Unaware of her boyfriend's secret, kidnapped by his nemesis, learned her boyfriends secret and then she became insecure and hostile towards other women. At some point it would've been decided that SuperPro would attract more readers if he was single and Jane would've been killed, kidnapped or something like that. Months later she could've returned as a mind-controlled pawn of SuperPro's current No.1 foe Interception (this would've been a good name for a SuperPro foe). Unfortunately the title was cancelled before this could happen.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Jane Dixon has no known connection to:

images: (without ads)
NFL SuperPro#4, p1 (main image)
NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1, p45, pan4 (head shot)

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