The MC2 universe represents one potential future of the mainstream timeline. Its core continuum designation is Earth-982. One interesting thing to note about this timeline, is that it is set in the modern era, and works from the premise that the original Marvel Universe "modern era" stories took place over 15 years ago.

Aftershock (Spider-Girl foe; Electro's daughter) - by OmegaTherion

Apox the Omega Skrull (Spider-Girl/Fantastic Five foe) - by Future

Argo the Almighty (Avengers ally) - by OmegaTherion

Beanstork, Edwine (Jack's mother)

Beanstork, Jack (J2 character) - by Grendel Prime

Big Julie (J2 foe) - by Grendel Prime

Binder (Wizard's Warriors)

Bitter Frost (Spider-Girl foe) - by Minor Irritant

Bullet (Wizard's Warriors)

Carpenter, Julia (Spider-Girl character) - by OmegaTherion

Claw (Spider-Girl foe) - by Minor Irritant

Crazy Eight (Spider-Girl foe) - by Future & Zerostar

Deadspot (Spider-Girl foe) - by Minor Irritant

Doc Hackem (J2 character)

Dr. Doom's Killer robots (Fantastic Five foes)

Dominator (Wizard's Warriors)

Dragon King (Spider-Girl foe) - by Future

Dragonfist (Spider-Girl foe) - by Future

Drew, Jessica (Spider-Girl character) - by OmegaTherion

Earthshaker (Spider-Girl foe) - by Future

Electro (Aftershock's father, Spider-Girl character)

Forest, Mr. (Spider-Girl character)

Freefall (Wizard's Warriors)

Grandma of Earth-982 (MC2, Little Red's grandmother)

Groote, Leonard (Spider-Girl character)

Hercules (Argo's father)

Howard the Duck (J2 character)

Hunt, Jerry (Jessica Drew's ex-husband)

Impact (Wizard's Warriors)

Iron Despot (Wild Thing (Rina) foe) - by Future

Legion of the Unliving (Avengers foes)

Little Red of Earth-982 (MC2, J2 foe) - by Grendel Prime

Living Tribunal (multiversal judge)

Misery (Spider-Girl foe) - by Future

"mission commander" (Kree captain)

Mr. Abnormal (Spider-Girl foe) - by Future

Mister Nobody (MC2, Spider-Girl foe) - by Minor Irritant

Parody (J2 foe) - by Grendel Prime

Reiner, Biff (Tag Team)

Reiner, Todd (Tag Team)

Rollerblast (J2 foe) - by Grendel Prime

Savage Six (Spider-Girl foes) - by Future

Sentry #666 (Kree robot, Avengers/Earth Sentry foe) - by Prime Eternal

Shaky (MC2, Spider-Girl foe)

Slippery Sam (J2 foe) - by Grendel Prime

Spider-Man (Gerald Drew, Spider-Girl character) - by OmegaTherion

Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin, Spider-Girl character) - by OmegaTherion

Spike Yi (Spider-Girl character)

Steel Spider (Spider-Girl ally) - by Prime Eternal

Sylene (Avengers foe) - by OmegaTherion

Tag Team (J2 foes) - by Zerostar

Thrash Bandit (Wild Thing (Rina) foe) - by Future

Three Pyggs (J2 foes) - by Grendel Prime

Ulik the Troll (Avengers foe) - by OmegaTherion

Ultron Extreme (Avengers foe) - by OmegaTherion

unidentified alien (Wild Thing (Rina) character)

Wayne ?? (Spider-Girl character)

Weasel Whoanellie (J2 character)

Wizard (Fantastic Five foe) - by Omega Therion

Woodhill, Mr. (Sentinel, Wild Thing foe) - by Grendel Prime

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