Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Alternate timeline, Earth-MC2) extraterrestrial robot

Occupation: World conqueror

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Colin Brewster, Cameron Bryce-Jones, unnamed alien, Wild Thing (Rina)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a New Jersey swamp;
    formerly unnamed planet on the far side of the galaxy;

First Appearance: Wild Thing II#5/1 (February, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: The Iron Despot couldn't properly function without a living being inside the cockpit in its head, but the Despot was capable of mind-controlling said living being. The Despot could fly, despite its gigantic size, survive the rigors of space, and possessed superhuman strength (Class 50?).


(Wild Thing II#5/1 (fb)) - An unnamed alien created a robot that needed to be piloted by a living creature to be fully operational. The alien tried to operate the robot, but it refused to be subservient, and mind-controlled the alien. The robot then conquered his entire planet, becoming the Iron Despot. The Despot went into deep space, seeking more world to conquer.

(Wild Thing II#5/1) - The Iron Despot crash-landed on Earth, and was discovered by Colin Brewster, who was forced to be it's new operator. The Despot wanted to conquer Earth, but it had a hard time controlling Colin, especially when it tried to step on Colin's girlfriend Cameron Bryce-Jones. Wild Thing confronted the Despot, and offered to be its' new operator. The Despot accepted, only to be tricked into walking right into a bottomless sinkhole. Wild Thing escaped the Despot's head, and it swore revenge as it sunk into the ground.

Comments: Created by Larry Hama, Ron Lim & Al Milgrom.

The Iron Despot was only named on the cover of Wild Thing II#5.

This story was published shortly after the Iron Giant movie, about a benevolent giant robot.


The Iron Despot has no known connection to:

Unnamed alien

The unnamed alien created the Iron Despot and possessed the power of telepathy. After his homeworld was conquered by the Despot, he tricked it into traveling into deep space. He knew he was dying, and hoped to strand the Despot without an operator. Unfortunately they landed on Earth, and with his dying breath, the alien told Wild Thing all about the Iron Despot.

--Wild Thing II#5/1(fb) (5/1





Wild Thing II#5/1, p13, pan3;
(unnamed alien) Wild Thing II#5/1, p8, pan4

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