Real Name: Willie March

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (Earth-90110) Human/technology user

Occupation: Employee of Stark Interplanetary

Group Membership: The Cosmic Avengers

Affiliations: Ultra-Vision; Guardians of the Galaxy (Vance Astro; Charlie 27; Martinex; Yondu); The Whisperer (Immortus); Dr. Doom (Earth-772); Wolverine (Earth-9250); Thor (Earth-9260)

Enemies: Korvac of Earth-90110;
    Igron of Earth-9260; Protectroid; Space Phantom's people;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, Earth-90110 (Earth-Ultra-Vision (Utopia) )

First Appearance: What If II#36 (April, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: This Irondroid was an employee chosen and trained by Stark Interplanetary to wear the Irondroid armor after the death of the original. The Irondroid armor had mini-fusion generators that empower it. It could also fire energy blasts from it's palms, and likely held an oxygen tank of some sort to allow it's user to live in space without oxygen. This Irondroid spoke in an overly analytical way, and was ever-cautious about going into new situations.

History: (What If II#36 - BTS) - After the death of the first Irondroid, a new one was sent to the Cosmic Avengers by Stark Interplanetary.

(What If II#36) - Irondroid was with the Cosmic Avengers, as they captured a ship of Skrull Raiders. But when the group entered the ship, they were captured by the cyborg Korvac and his hypnotized slaves, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Korvac told him that he was going to take over the Ultra-Vision, then hypnotized them as well. Using the starship Henry Pym as a Trojan Horse, Korvac and his minions attacked the Ultra-Visions main terminal on Deimos. Korvac was able to hook himself up to the Ultra-Vision, but John Fury Jr.and the Space Commandos were able to wake the Irondroid and his teammates from their trance, and the Irondroid outwrestled Charlie 27 until Fury could break the Guardians mind control as well.

Free of Korvac's control, the two groups headed back to Korvac, but found that he already had taken control of the Ultra-Vision's systems. While the rest of the Cosmic Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy destroyed Korvac's Murdermeks, Yondu found a plan for the Ultra-Vision, who plugged himself into Korvac's cybernetic body, which was still hooked up to the Ultra-Vision's systems. Duplicating and amplifying Korvac's unique mental patterns and sending them back at him, cancelling them both out. Korvac's faces screamed on the Ultra-Vision's monitors, and the Vision returned... Dead.

While the Cosmic Avengers waved goodbye to the Guardians, the Irondroid was plucked away by the mysterious Whisperer.

BTS - The Whisperer introduced the Irondroid to the Wolverine of a world where he became lord of the vampires and the Dr. Doom of Earth-Fantastic Five Spider-Man. He then primed them on the next journey they were taking...

(What If II#38) - In Earth-Thor-Thrall of Seth, a world where Seth had taken over Asgard, the Irondroid was one of the displaced heroes who rescued Thor from a beating from Igron. Later, the group helped Thor attack Seth, with the Irondroid attacking the Protectroid (who had been sent by one of the Time-Twisters). The Protectroid was getting the better of this battle, until the Irondroid realized a spare piece of wiring was sticking out of the Protectroid's armor. Grabbing it, the Irondroid sent a jolt of electricity through the armor, electrifying it's wearer. Thor also found success, finally defeating Seth and freeing Odin.

As another of the Time Keepers blinked out of existence, The Whisperer made himself known to the group he had assembled. The Whisperer then revealed himself to be Immortus, and thanked the group for defeating his enemies, allowing him to finally become the one true master of time, before exiting for Limbo.

(What If II#39) - Sent to Limbo by the Time Variation Authority, Irondroid and the other 3 heroes duped by Immortus were sent to stop him (Timequake). The Irondroid tackled the Space Phantom's people, but they knocked him from the sky with a cannon. However, with the injection of a symbiont into Nathaniel Richards by the Reed Rocket Group, Immortus began to receive too much Nexus power, to the point he no longer existed. The threat of Immortus gone, the TVA revived Irondroid and sent him back to the Cosmic Avengers and his own time.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, RJM Lofficier and Dave Hoover

The Tachyon Torch joked around that this Irondroid wasn't exactly a human wearing a suit anymore, but given his speech patterns and that he never took off his armor, it's possible he was right. His eyeholes have shown skin before though.

His real name was revealed by Jean-Marc Lofficier and published in the Avengers Assemble Handbook.

What If II#35-39 was a multi-part story called Timequake, where a group called the Time Keepers tried to destroy the Nexus points of 4 realities, whose existence would prevent them from being created in the future. These Nexus points were

Timequake alsoinvolved Nathaniel Richards (not Reed's dad, but rather the man who would become Kang), Immortus, a group called the Time Keepers (Twisters), and several other What If worlds, and was all around way too confusing for me to sum up better than that.

In What If II#38, Irondroid recalls from reading the files of the original Avengers the events that took place in Avengers West Coast#62. That last bit seems a bit curious, as the Irondroid’s world diverged from Earth-616 long before the events of AWC#62. - Per Degaton
That IS weird... but it's not the only anomaly. Note the US Agent's presence in What If? #19 as supervisor of one of the Vision's construction projects in space. I find it exceptionally hard to believe that the events that caused Johnny Walker to take that particular name (He refers to himself as US Agent!)could have happened in a world where the Vision ruled. Call it an error and call it a day, I'd say.
    Still, the events of Avengers West Coast #62 would be likely to still occur, as Immortus needed Wanda's power at that point for his scheme to work. Adding in the Avengers Forever retcons, which state Immortus desperately wanted to keep Wanda away from a man she could have a child with, and they'd possibly happen even sooner due to the effects of a stable Vision being removed from Wanda's life that much earlier.
    --TJ Burns

    --Despite the changes present in the worlds, it is possible that many of the same conflicts still did happen, they were likely just taken care of much quicker, with help from the Ultra-Vision--Zerostar.

A flashback to Reed Richards’ Rocket Group’s meeting with Nathaniel Richards in What If II#39 occurs in Avengers Annual#21/7 (1992). In that story, a new light gets thrown on what occurred in this issue. Ravonna/Terminatrix reviews Kang’s history tapes, as Kang himself has gotten placed in suspended animation after a serious injury. As she enquires of Kang’s servant robot as to whether or not Doctor Doom or Nathaniel Richards served as Kang’s ancestor, as Kang at one point in his video memoirs refers to Doom as his ancestor, she gets this response. "So it was believed in the master’s native timeline. He was even named after Nathaniel Richards. But the Fantastic Four of an alternate reality once visited the master long before he became Kang. Of course he knew who the Fantastic Four were from historical records but he feigned ignorance to learn their plan. This Reed Richards sought to convince the master that they were related so he could help them destroy Immortus. The master decided to humor Richards so he claimed his genetic analyzer proved they were related. But the master had already lied about recognizing him. Perhaps he lied about what the analyzer said. Perhaps Doom also traveled to Kang's timeline in the past." When Ravonna asked "And did he?" the servant robot responded "I cannot say".

This story also showed Immortus still alive, as he observes (presumably from Limbo) Ravonna’s questioning of the servant robot. When Immortus’ companion (another version of Ravonna) comments that "That poor woman, Immortus. She truly believes that Kang is no more", Immortus responds "Yes, Ravonna, just as many believe that I too am dead, or the Avengers believe me to be their enemy". Immortus has later appeared in the mini-series Avengers:Terminatrix Objective and Avengers Forever, so presumably the Time Keepers resurrected him at some point after Timequake. - Per Degaton

Profile by: Zerostar


The Irondroid from What If II#36 is the successor to...

What if? II#36 (April, 1992) - Roy Thomas & Jean-Marc Lofficier (writers), Dave Hoover (pencils), Ian Akin & Michael Bair (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
What if? II#38-39 (June-July, 1992) - Roy Thomas & Jean-Marc Lofficier (writer), Marshall Rogers (#38), M.C. Wyman (#38) & Gavin Curtis (#39) (pencils), Sam De La Rosa (#38), Rod Ramos (#38), Ian Akin (#39) & Don Hudson (#39) (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)

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