Thor: Thrall of Seth

Type: Alternate (divergent) Earth

Environment: Essentially Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Same as Earth-616

Significant Inhabitants: African Gods, Asgardian Gods, Buluku, Caber, Celtic Gods (including two unnamed), Chinese Gods, Council of Godheads, Dagda, Eriskigal, Fandral, Heliopolis Gods, Hindu Gods, Hogun, Igron, Izanagi, Kami (Japanese Gods), Karnilla, Leir, Loki, Mephisto, Odin, Olympian Gods, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl, Pluto, Sagbata, Seth, Seth's warriors, Sif, Thor, Tyr, Vishnu, Yu-Hang, Zeus, numerous unspecified Death Gods

First Appearance: What If ? II#38 (June, 1992)

(What If ? II#38 - BTS) - The
Time-Twisters (posing as the Time-Keepers) were attempting to destroy the nexus beings of various realities in order to ensure their own existence. In Earth-9260, that nexus being was Odin.







(What If ? II#38) - Odin succumbed to the coils of Seth during the final battle between Seth's warriors and the forces of Asgard. Soon after, both Fandral and Hogun met their end against Seth's warriors, while Sif was slain by Grog the God-Crusher. Thor himself fell before Seth and the forces of Asgard were conquered. Odin was not slain outright, as Seth had him hooked up to machinery that drained his power to make it permanently Seth's. Thor was imprisoned, Karnilla was soon captured and imprisoned, and Loki and Igron worked as allies of Seth, with Loki being promised domain over Asgard in exchange for his support.
    The Council of Godheads convened, agreeing to enter Asgard to drive off Seth's forces if the Asgardians did not soon overpower them. Mephisto was in attendance at this meeting, and he spoke for the various Death Gods, who had agreed not to act in Seth's defense if the various pantheons engaged Seth.
    The Whisperer (actually Immortus, who was opposing the Time-Twisters), brought his agents--Dr. Doom of
Earth-772 , Irondroid successor of Earth-90110, Wolverine of Earth-9250 --to Asgard to save Odin. Wolverine slew Grog, and the Irondroid defeated Igron, who had nearly overpowered Thor (who had just broken free, but was weakened from his ordeals). The Whisperer's agents joined forces to free Odin, while the remaining Time-Twister dispatched the Protectroid from the Citadel at the End of Time to stop them. Loki defeated Dr. Doom, but then teleported away to escape potential death or vampirization at the hands of Wolverine. The Protectroid greatly overpowered the Irondroid, but during the course of battle a loose wire was exposed in the Protectroid's armor, and the Irondroid was able to use that to short circuit the Protectroid. Thor then slew Seth and freed Odin.








(What If ? II#38 - BTS) - All three Time-Twisters briefly faded from existence as the nexi were preserved.

(What If ? II#38) - Immortus revealed his true identity as he was filled with the nexus power. As Immortus departed, his former pawns realized that they had been had.



(What If I#39 - BTS) - Uatu the Watcher of Earth-616 met with the Time Variance Authority, debating methods to prevent Immortus from taking over all time.


(What If I#39) - The Assistant Deputy Secretary#2 of the TVA, being unable to think of anyone else, dispatched the Whisperer's former agents--Dr. Doom of Earth-772, the Irondroid of Earth-90110, Thor of Earth-9260, and Wolverine: Lord of Vampires of Earth-9250--to Limbo to try to alter the origins of Immortus to prevent his becoming a threat. The four were opposed by Tempus, a multitude of robot servants of Rama-Tut, the Space Phantoms, and the Dire Wraiths. Though initially the four were quite successful (Thor flattened Tempus), Immortus' power was such that he was able to reset time to the very moment before the four agents' arrival in Limbo. While Uatu and the TVA continued to attempt other methods, Dr. Doom was slain by a Dire Wraith which shot its tongue through his eye, and the Irondroid was destroyed by a powerful cannon fired by the Space Phantoms. When time was reset again, Immortus' agents were refreshed, but the TVA were left with only Thor and Wolverine.
    Ultimately, Uatu's recommendation succeeded in neutralizing the young Nathaniel Richards (future Kang)'s ability to accumulate large amounts of chronal energy, and Immortus was reduced to his normal form. Thor was restored to existence and returned to his native Asgard on Earth-9260.









Comments: Created by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Roy Thomas (writers), Marshall Rogers & M.C. Wyman (pencils), and Same Delarosa with Rod Ramos (inkers)

This reality diverged from Earth-616 during Thor I#400.

Earth-616 counterparts of Buluku, Igron, Izanagi, Osiris, Seth, Vishnu, and Yu Huang can be seen at the respective links.

This was the penultimate story of the brilliant Timequake story. What If II#35-39 are definitely the high point of the series.

By the way, the fact that the Thor from What If II#39 remembers the Protectroids and the Citadel at the End of Time from his adventures in Thor#245 is actually a mistake. When He Who Remains terminated the Time-Twisters-to-be before they were born, he retroactively erased all of their effects on history. As a result, Thor's teaming up with Zarrko to oppose the Time-Twisters in THOR #243-245 was an adventure which was made to unhappen and thus Thor should not have remembered it.
--Donald Campbell
I disagree....primarily because that's wrong.
The events happened, but were reversed. Throughout comics, characters have retained faint memories of events as they originally happened, despite reality changes. AND, despite the fact that the Time-Twisters appeared in the very issue of this profile I am supposed to believe that they just never existed? Here's your answer: 

(What If II#39 (fb) - BTS) - It was revealed that in actuality, two final divergent branches of reality were created at the very end of time. In one branch, He Who Remains aborted the Twisters and created the Keepers. However, in another, he did not abort the Twisters, and thus never created the Keepers. The two divergent branches of reality have shifted back and forth in dominance ever since, with the Twisters and the Keepers competing for dominion at the end of time, and thus being able to shape the next reality.

Profile by Snood.

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What If ? II#38 cover
    p4, panel 3 (Odin defeated by Seth)
    p20, panel 1 (Odinpower being drained)

What If? II#38 (June, 1992) - Roy Thomas, Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier (writers), Marshall Rogers & M.C. Wyman (pencils), Sam De La Rosa & Rod Ramos (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
What If? II#39 (July, 1992) - Roy Thomas, Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier (writers), Gavin Curtis (penciler), Ian Akin w. Don Hudson (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)

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