Spider-Man (Gerry Drew)


Real Name:  Gerald "Gerry" Drew

Identity/Class:  Extratemporal (Alternate timeline, Earth-982 (MC2) ) human mutate

Occupation:  Costumed hero

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations:  Darkdevil, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man (Peter Parker, MC2)

Enemies:  Angel Face, Canis, Crazy Eight, Funny Face, Mister Nobody

Known RelativesJessica Drew (mother), Jerry Hunt (father, estranged), Jonathon Drew (grandfather, see Comments), Merriem Drew (grandmother, see Comments)

Aliases:  None

Base of Operations:  New York City, New York of Earth-982

First Appearance:  Spider-Girl#32 (May 2001)

Powers/Abilities:  Gerry Drew possessed a range of spider-powers, due to exposure to the same treatment that gave his mother, Jessica, her abilities. He was superhumanly agile, with enhanced strength (exact limit unknown, but apparently no greater than Class 10), and the ability to leap great distances. He discharged organic webbing from his wrists, in the form of both strands and heavier "web-missiles." He could cling to surfaces, holding himself there against strong opposing force. He did not possess any form of Spider-Sense, and could be caught unawares, unlike members of the Parker family. He wore a costume similar to the original Spider-Man's, but with a darker blue/black color.


(Spider-Girl#39 (fb), 40 (fb), 42 (fb)) <14 (approx.) years before the main story> - Jessica and Jerry Hunt had a son, Gerry, who was diagnosed with rare blood disease. Trying to save him, Jessica submitted her son to the same treatment that had saved her.

Jerry in stasis

(Spider-Girl#40 (fb), 42 (fb)) - After years of treatment, Gerry emerged with spider-like powers, although his disease was not cured. While he was within the treatment tube, his mother had told him many stories of heroes, including the original Spider-Man; Gerry idolized Spidey, and modeled his costume and identity after him.

(Spider-Girl#32) - An unnamed version of Spider-Man, in a costume similar to that of the original, appeared at the offices of J. Jonah Jameson, surprising Jonah and Peter Parker (whom the costumed character referred to as his "favorite photographer"). He claimed that Spider-Man had "finally returned," insinuating that he might be the original (much to Peter's shock and dismay, of course).

(Spider-Girl#33) - When Spider-Girl tried to stop two muggers from robbing an old woman, the new version of Spider-Man, real identity still undetermined, burst in and took out the thieves, webbing them up. When Spider-Girl confronted him, he used her father's "great power... great responsibility" line on her, then easily escaped (at the time, with most of her powers on the blink, she was using a Goblin Glider to get around, and could not match his agility and speed). Later, Spider-Girl surprised him as he swung through the city (revealing that he did not have a Spider-Sense to alert him of her approach). They tussled, and he showed off his wall-climbing abilities and web-missiles (another difference from the original). The Spider-Man copycat then accidentally crashed Spider-Girl into a generator; when he tried to apologize, saying that he was only kidding around and that he admired the original Spider-Man, she beat him down, revealing that the shock had re-activated and even enhanced her powers. (Note: this event makes some sense, since she had temporarily lost her abilities following a powerful electric shock from Killerwatt in Spider-Girl#25.) He then webbed her up again and fled back to his home, where he recounted the events to his mother (face and identity unrevealed at the time), who implied that she knew something about Spider-Girl's real identity, and assured her son that he was "destined to be the next Spider-Man."

(Spider-Girl#34) - Peter Parker complained to members of the Fantastic Five about the new copycat version, and thought about coming out of retirement to stop him. At his home, the new Spidey complained to his mother about Spider-Girl; she said that she would check with a friend in order to find out Spider-Girl's real identity. The copycat vowed to confront Spider-Girl and get even.

(Spider-Girl#35) - The new Spider-Man continued to complain about Spider-Girl, and revealed that his mother once had a costumed identity as well. Saying that she was going to contact an "old friend," his mother called the Parker home, but could not get through to anyone. Later, Spider-Girl came across the new Spider-Man in the process of apprehending one of Canis' gang. Spider-Man revealed that a contract had been taken out on her, just before her Spider-Sense saved them both from being shot by more gangsters. The two teamed up to battle Canis' men, but were attacked by Funny Face. Together, they drove the villain off, and Spider-Man swung away.

Spider-Man (Drew, headshot)

(Spider-Girl#36) - Peter Parker fumed about the new Spider-Man, whom the Daily Bugle insinuated might be to blame for a recent gang war, and Phil Urich hypothesized that he was actually Normie Osborn. On patrol, Spider-Girl spotted the copycat, and followed him to a waterfront warehouse where they came across Funny Face, working to recruit some of the Kingpin's gang to Canis' side. Rushing precipitously into battle, Spider-Man fell clumsily amidst the criminals, and Spider-Girl swung to help him. Surrounded by the thugs, they were bailed out when a mysterious benefactor (later revealed to be Mr. Nobody) smoke bombed the warehouse, just before the police arrived. Spider-Man and Spider-Girl pursued the fleeing Funny Face, but he escaped, and the two heroes went their separate ways.

(Spider-Girl#37 (fb - BTS (SG#36))) - Peter Parker was tired out after a long night working the warehouse crime scene where Spider-Girl and the new Spider-Man had fought Funny Face. Peter revealed that the copycat's webbing was actually organic in nature. Funny Face and Canis discussed those events, as did Mr. Nobody and Crazy Eight. Later, Spider-Girl is mistaken for the new Spider-Man, and then returns to the scene of the battle.

(Spider-Girl#38) - Mayday Parker observed the new Spider-Man swinging by overhead. She meant to pursue him, but had forgotten her costume.

(Spider-Girl#39) - Despite his protests, Spider-Girl aided the new Spider-Man in a battle with some gangsters. During the fighting, his arm was wounded by a gunshot; despite the fact that the injury was very minor, he over-reacted, worried about infection, and swung off in a panic. Later, as he was about to respond to screams coming from Canis' kennels, his injured arm flared up, and he collapsed in agony on a nearby rooftop.

(Spider-Girl#40) - Told by her father about Gerry's identity and disease, Spider-Girl confronted him near Canis' kennels. When she told him that she knew he was ill, Gerry confirmed it. He told her about his birth, disease, and abandonment by his father, followed by his mother's attempt at curing him, which failed while giving him his powers. Spider-Girl tried to talk him into retiring from heroics to find a cure, but he refused, storming into Canis' HQ at the sound of gunfire. Having promised to stay out of danger, Spider-Girl initially watched while Gerry battled Canis, Mr. Nobody, Funny Face, and Crazy Eight; however, when the villains were about to kill him, she saved his life, pushing him out of the way of Mr. Nobody's bullets. The shots then hit and killed Crazy Eight.

(Spider-Girl#41 (fb (SG#40)) - Very upset, Spider-Girl recalled the prior events, when her actions in saving Spider-Man resulted in the accidental death of Crazy Eight.

Gerry Drew

(Spider-Girl#41) - Following the accidental death of Crazy Eight, Spider-Man contemplated his wall of clippings (dedicated to the original wall-crawler). When his mother came to discuss the events with him, she found that he had left the house. He proceeded to Canis' kennels, where he attacked the crime-boss. Canis beat him into unconsciousness, but Spider-Girl intervened. Canis turned Spider-Man over to her, and she swung off with him; when he came to, he angrily brushed her aside, and swung away.

(Spider-Girl#42) - Spider-Man pursued Funny Face and his mother, Angel Face, who had been on a rampage across the city. He attacked an underworld bar where they had been spotted, looking for leads. There, he encountered Darkdevil, and pestered him into teaming up in pursuit of the villains.

(Spider-Girl#43) - Spider-Girl and the New Warriors tracked Darkdevil and Spider-Man to a warehouse, where they were beating up some criminals, in search of information about Angel Face and Funny Face. The Warriors wanted to team up in pursuit of the villains, but Darkdevil was unwilling. Spider-Man and Darkdevil then tracked Mr. Nobody to a junkyard (based on information spread by his former boss, the Kingpin). They battled Nobody, who got the drop on them; however, they were saved when the original Spider-Man (Peter Parker) arrived, knocking the villain unconscious. Initially angry at what he considered yet another person getting in on the wall-crawler act, Drew was thrilled to learn that this was in fact his childhood hero. While he wanted to team up, Peter revealed that he knew Gerry's real identity, and urged him to retire. Later, Gerry, now unmasked, took Spider-Man's advice and went with his mother to seek treatment from Reed Richards; before he left, he was very enthusiastic to meet Peter Parker, whom he idolized as the former photographer of Spider-Man.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Pat Olliffe, Al Williamson.

Gerry's grandparents are never seen, nor named, in the MC2 Universe; however, his mother's origin story is revealed to be the same as the 616 version, and her father (Gerry's grandfather) is mentioned. I am presuming that Gerry would thus have Jonathon and Merriem as grandparents, since the MC2 is supposed to be an alternate future of the regular Marvel Universe. Whether or not those grandparents are deceased, as in 616, is unknown, however.

The timeline for the flashback events is based upon events shown in Spider-Girl#49. There, it is established that the new-born infant, May Parker, was returned to her parents on the same night that her father interrupted Norman Osborn's Gathering of the Five ceremony, where Mattie Franklin gained her Spider-Woman powers. Since Jessica is shown retiring from heroics in the presence of a costumed Mattie, this retirement has to occur after the previous event. Finally, since Mayday Parker is about 16 at the time of these later stories, the time-frame for other events is based on that. Gerry's age is never established, but he must be a few years younger than Mayday, making him about 13-14.

Profile by OmegaTherion.

Spider-Man (Gerry Drew) should not be confused with:

Spider-Girl#32, p22, pan1 (Spider-Man)
Spider-Girl#40, p13-14, pan6 (Young Gerry in stasis)
Spider-Girl#33, p6, pan1 (Spider-Man headshot)
Spider-Girl#43, p21, pan4 (Teen Gerry)

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