Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans

Significant Inhabitants: Calypso, Billy Connors, Martha Connors, the Lizard (Curtis Connors), Spider-Man

Significant Locations: Midtown General Hospital

First Appearance: What If? II#53 (September, 1993)

History: (What If? II#53/3) - When Calypso decided to torment Spider-Man by sending the Lizard after him, Spider-Man killed the Lizard three seperate times with Curt Connors dying his final death the third time. Days later, Spider-Man visited the apartment of Martha and Billy Connors to explain what had happened. Martha explained that she had expected something like this every since her husband had first become the Lizard. Billy, on the other hand, blamed Spider-Man for his father's death as Martha tried to explain that Billy had idolized his father. One week later, Spider-Man arrived Midtown General Hospital where he found Martha Connors, who explained that during his father's funeral, Billy had been very silent and for days after, Billy had just sat in his room staring. She then told Spider-Man that earlier that morning, she had went into his room to find it empty and then had recieved a phone call explaining that Billy had lost his right arm. Later that night, in his hospital room, Billy Connors was confronted by Calypso, who offered him a drink that would make him "just like daddy."

Comments: Created by Simon Furman and Dane McCart.

This reality diverged from the events seen in Spider-Man#1-5 (August, 1990-December, 1990).

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After his father's death, Billy Connors tried to become like his dad in every way, even managing to lose his right arm in an "accident." Blaming Spider-Man for his father's death, Billy was soon confronted by Calypso, who offered Billy an elixir that would allow him to become a human lizard, like his father.

--What If? II#53/3


When Calypso transformed Curt Connors back into the Lizard, she sent him against Spider-Man where she, at first, would not let him be destroyed. Spider-Man had to kill the Lizard three times for it to be final.

--What If? II#53/3 (#53/3d,


When Spider-Man was attacked by a seemingly immortal Lizard, he had to kill the Lizard three times for it be final. He then presented the news to Martha Connors, who took it well, but her son, Billy, blamed Spider-Man for his father's death. In the weeks that followed, Spider-Man was tormented by the guilt caused by Billy Connors's desires to be like his father. After Billy had lost his right arm, Spider-Man visited Martha at the hospital. That night, Billy was offered an elixir that would transform him into a human lizard, like his father.

--What If? II#53/3

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What If? II#53, p21, pan3 (Lizard)

 p22, splash page (Spider-Man w/ dead Lizard & Calypso, main pic)

 p24, pan3 (Billy Connors)

 p25, pan2 (Spider-Man)

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