Real Name: Miguel O'Hara

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth 2099) human/mutate

Occupation: former scientist at Alchemax; later CEO of Alchemax Research & Development;

Group Membership: Alchemax

Affiliations: Jade Bixby; Jordan Boone (later Loki 2099 and Halloween Jack); Captain America (Steve Rogers); Captain Marvel (Genis) of Earth-616; Anna Coye; Carrie Coye; Dana D'Angelo; Dash 2099; Angela Daskalakis; Doom 2099; Duke Stratosphere; Fantastic Four 2099; Father Jennifer; Ghost Rider 2099; Hulk (John Eisenhart); Xina Kwan; Lyla; Carmen Lynch; Dr. Morrow; Kasey Nash; Packrat; Net Prophet; Nostromo; Conchata O'Hara; Gabriel O'Hara; Gedde Ohara; Punisher 2099; Ravage; SHIELD 2099; Spider-Man of Earth-616 (Peter Parker); Spider-Man (Max Borne) of Earth-2211; Strange 2099; The Throwbacks (Raff, ); Uproar; Wulf; Xi'an Chi Xan;
    Kenny; Loreen; Winn; Winston;

Enemies: Alchemax; Bloodsword/hammer/mace; Boru; Cathode Ray; Chernobyl; Corporate Headhunters; Corporate Raiders; General Dagim; Data Pirate; Aaron Delgato; Discord; Sergeant Rico Estevez (Travesty); Flipside; Ghost Rider 2099; Giganto 2099; The Goblin 2099; Heimdall 2099; Hobgoblin 2211; Major Jones; Jumpcut; Dargo Ktor ("The Once and Future Thor"); the Maestro of Earth-Dystopia; Magus 2099; Man-Spider; The Maryjanes; Mutagen 2099; New Atlanteans; The Phalanx 2099;
Public Eye; Risque 2099; Roman the Sub-Mariner; "666" biker gang; the Specialist; Stark-Fujikawa; Tyler Stone;
Thanatos; Theatre of Pain; Thor 2099;  Venture; Venom of Earth-616 (Eddie Brock); Venom 2099 (Kron Stone); Vlad The Impaler 2099; The Vulture 2099;
Captain America 2099 (indirectly); Raff (Unintentionally); also

Known Relatives: Xina Kwan (wife); Conchata O'Hara (mother); Tyler Stone (biological father); George O'Hara (father); Gabriel O'Hara (half-brother); Kron Stone (half-brother);

Aliases: "Miggy"; "Mike" (only Tyler Stone calls him that); "The S-Man";
    DON'T call him "Spidey";

Place of Birth: Nueva York, USA of Earth-928

Base of Operations: Babylon Towers, 252 East, Uptown, Nueva York;
    Temporarily the Savage Land;
Earth 2099

Education: Advanced degree in genetics

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#365 (August, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Originally just a geneticist with a bad case of Heroic Age nostalgia, Miguel O'Hara later gained super powers similar but very distinct to the Spider-Man of the Heroic Age, Peter Parker. Miguel gained enhanced human strength, roughly Class 10, as well as enhanced speed, vision, and reflexes. Many of Miguel's powers were very different from Parker's, however.

Miguel grew spinnerets on his forearms, giving him the ability to shoot natural webbing by contracting his muscles. This webbing was exceptionally strong, able to support both his weight and even the weight of passengers while swinging from rooftops. Talons grew from his fingertips and toes, allowing him to walk on walls, and even slice through sturdy metallic objects. Miguel originally had trouble controlling when the talons would pop out, but he eventually got control of them. Miguel also grew fangs, which could inject hallucinogenic and temporarily paralyzing poison into a victim.

Miguel's Spider-Man costume was made of Unstable Molecules, making it nearly impossible to rip or tear. Pretty impressive for a store-bought superhero costume, indeed. Later, Miguel attached some lite byte cloth to the costume, giving the costume a bit of an air foil which would slow him down on a freefall. Using the old super-hero trick, Miguel would often conceal his costume by wearing his normal clothes over it. Miguel had also taken to insuring his mask wouldn't be torn off by webbing it to his face, while in costume.

While Miguel possessed the Heroic Age Thor's hammer, he gained many similar powers to Thor, and his aging was retarded to the point where he could live a millennium while only aging roughly 70 years in the time.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (Spider-Man 2099#10 (fb) ) - As a child, Miguel was always much more studious than his brother, Gabriel. One day their father, George O'Hara, came home, telling Miguel that he was sending him to study at Alchemax's top school. Miguel's mother, Conchata, started a loud argument with George, while Miguel tried to calm down Gabriel.

(Spider-Man 2099#18/2) - Conchata told her son goodbye, as she walked him to the limo Alchemax had sent for him. Miguel was surprised to see that Tyler Stone himself was escorting him to the school, and Tyler wasted no time getting on Miguel's nerves by calling him "Mike" ("Miguel. Spanish for Michael.") When they arrived at the school, Tyler introduced Miguel to Angela Daskalakis, his future teacher. As Miguel turned to enter the school, he was drenched by water tossed from a window.

(Spider-Man 2099#19/2) - At the Alchemax school, Miguel met Xina Kwan for the first time. Angela then showed him that Alchemax had salvaged much of the technology left over from the Heroic Age, which many believe to have disappeared. Miguel was less than enthused.

(Spider-Man 2099#20/2) - After class, Miguel and Xina talked for a bit, before Kron Stone confronted Miguel. After Kron left, Xina told Miguel that she was going to the pool, and asked if he'd like to join her. Miguel eagerly accepted her offer. Arriving before Xina, Miguel jumped into the pool alone. As he floated along, Miguel was startled by a hand holding his head underwater.

(Spider-Man 2099#22/2) - Luckily for Miguel, Xina found him floating face down, pulled him out, and rescued him by performing CPR. Later, they agreed that it was probably Kron who tried to drown Miguel.

(Spider-Man 2099#23/2) - Miguel's family came to visit him at the school, and proceeded to embarrass him to death.

(Spider-Man 2099#26/2) - During the visit, Kron attacked Miguel, forcing the O'Hara and Stone families to pull them apart. Xina tried to console Miguel, telling him that he needed to fight back, but Miguel admitted he'd rather not fight at all.

(Spider-Man 2099#27/2) - While playing soccer, Miguel outmaneuvered Kron, but Kron got back at Miguel by pantsing him. Embarrassed, Miguel ran away, but Xina followed him. She once again tried to convince him to stop being a victim.

(Spider-Man 2099#28/2) - Walking down the hallway at school, Miguel heard Xina scream in the girl's locker room. Rushing in, he found Kron holding a knife to her, and he finally fought back. Finding that tennis balls weren't much of a match for a knife, Miguel tried to run, but cornered himself in the showers.

(Spider-Man 2099#29/2) - Kron advanced on Miguel in the showers, but Miguel managed to knock the knife out of his hands. That didn't stop Kron from using Miguel as a punching bag, but Angela arrived and broke up the fight.

(Spider-Man 2099#30/2) - Angela tried to convince Miguel to testify against Kron to get him kicked out of school, but Miguel was too scared, and ran away once again.

(Spider-Man 2099#32/2) - Miguel eventually decided that walking wasn't getting him anywhere, and gave hitchhiking a try. A taxi pulled over and let him in, but the driver, Dash, told Miguel that he didn't have to pay as long as he told him why he was running away. Dash eventually talked Miguel into standing up for himself, and Miguel returned to the school and testified against Kron.

(Spider-Man 2099#33/2) - Miguel outsmarted Kron, making him confess for his crimes. Angered, Kron jumped to attack Miguel, but Tyler Stone pulled the boys apart.

(Spider-Man 2099#34/2) - Miguel and Xina eavesdropped on Angela as she told Tyler Stone that Kron was expelled.

(Spider-Man 2099#38/2) - Tyler Stone apologized to Miguel about Kron, and Miguel begrudgingly accepted.

(Spider-Man 2099#22/1 (fb) ) - Years later, Xina was with Miguel when he signed the deal for his new apartment. Xina showed her tattoo to Miguel, then... (This is a PG site)

(bts) Xina created Lyla to be Miguel's holo-servant.

(Spider-Man 2099#37 (fb) ) - On a double-date, Gabriel introduced Miguel to his girlfriend, Dana D'Angelo. Miguel was instantly attracted to her, despite being with Xina. Xina would later find Dana naked in Miguel's room, and Miguel's only explanation was that they "clicked."

(Spider-Man 2099#10 (fb) ) - While walking around town with Dana, Miguel bumped into his father, who was fixing a streetlight. George tried to goad his son into a fight, but Miguel simply walked away, telling him he'd dance on his grave. Despite what he said that day, when his father died, Miguel cried at his funeral.

(2099 Unlimited#9/2 (fb) ) - [2098] Miguel and Gabriel enjoyed the Mexican Day of the Dead festivities, where Miguel bought and wore a death's head (Not the Marvel UK one[s]!) costume.

(Spider-Man 2099#1 (fb)) - At Alchemax, Miguel O'Hara headed the genetics program, where he was pressured by his boss, Tyler Stone, to work on the development of superhuman agents. Forced to work alongside Aaron Delgato--whom he both despised and constantly belittled--Miguel had come up with the idea of trying to develop the powers of the legendary vigilante from the age of heroes, Spider-Man. When pressured into testing the system prematurely on Mr. Sims, a convict seeking to commute his sentence by consenting to experimentation, the genetic manipulation process proved fatal.

Disgusted, Miguel tendered his resignation to Stone, who instead exposed him to the ultra-addictive hallucinogenic drug Rapture, which would make him dependent on Alchemax for a continual supply. Miguel tried to fight its effects, but ended up punching his girlfriend, Dana, in the face when he thought she was a monster. In an effort to cure himself of his addiction, Miguel exposed himself to his own process (which had used some of his own genetic material as its base template). The process might have had the desired effect, had not the jealous Delgato happened along and sabotaged/overloaded it in a effort to kill Miguel so that he might take over his spot. Rather than kill O'Hara, the process mutated him, and he turned to Delgato, fangs and talons bared.

(Spider-Man 2099#2 (fb)/Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1 (fb) ) - Miguel O'Hara had gone numb, his ears were buzzing and his vision was distorted. Aaron Delgato pulled a gun on him and started shooting wildly - a stray shot set off an explosion which tore a hole in the side of the building. Miguel grabbed Aaron's arm to prevent him from falling to his death, but his new claws ripped the skin off the arm and Aaron fell. Miguel noticed his claws for the first time. As Public Eye burst in shooting, Miguel realized that he had been transformed by the spider-program. Considering himself a freak, he leapt out of the building wanting to die. However, survival instincts kicked in and he clung to the wall with his claws. Climbing to the roof, he met Kenny, a Thorite on a skykite (looks like a hang-glider!) and hitched a ride. His claws damaged the skykite and they crashed, but the Thorite offered Miguel some of the cloth to make a crude mask.

(Spider-Man 2099#1/Amazing Spider-Man I#365) - Spider-Man encountered and escaped a squad of the Public Eye in Uptown. Returning to his apartment, his computerized assistant, Lyla, noted the changes in him, and he began to dictate to his personal journal what had happened to him.

(Spider-Man 2099#2) - Miguel woke up in his apartment the next day and found his bed sheets ripped to shreds, but no claw marks on his body. He realized that the claws retracted as a safety reflex when he touched his own skin. He then tried to retract them consciously, but failed. His brother Gabriel arrived, but Miguel had to get rid of him fast when he saw the cyborg tracker Venture approaching on the streets below. Miguel picked out the death's head costume made of unstable molecules fabric that he'd bought for the Mexican Day of the Dead festival and attached light byte cloth from the Thorites skykite. He leapt out of the window and, using a combination of updrafts and his spider-like agility, glided down towards Venture, kicking him

(Spider-Man 2099#3) - Forced to retreat from the battle, Miguel returned to his home, where he told Lyla what had happened. But Venture followed him, and Miguel was forced to jump out of his window. Catching him by surprise, Spider-Man managed to destroy Venture's rocketboots and webbed up his eyes, sending him crashing to the ground. Angered, Venture prepared to shoot Spider-Man's brains out. Extremely opportunistic, Spider-Man grabbed a Maglev (Magnetic Levitation?) car, and used it's thrusters to knock Venture's gun away. Their battle continued until the magnetized gun rebounded, smacking Venture in the back. This distraction gave Miguel the time to steal Venture's rod from him and jam it into his exposed leg, short circuiting the mercenary.

(Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1/1 (fb) ) - On his way home, Spider-Man ran into a fight between a gang of local Thorites and a group calling themselves the Spiderites, who worshipped him. Spider-Man took care of the violent Thorites, then went on his way...

(Spider-Man 2099#3) - Back at his apartment, Miguel began a discussion with Lyla, when Tyler Stone arrived.

(Spider-Man 2099#4) - Tyler asked Miguel for a truce, but Miguel attacked him, threatening to finish him and Alchemax off... But then he woke up from his daydream. Tyler promised he wouldn't test Rapture on human subjects until Miguel gave it the okay. Tyler then told Miguel that he knew who Spider-Man was... Aaron Delgato.

On his way to work, Miguel was pulled into a car, where his brother, Gabriel, asked him for help in rescuing his girlfriend, Kasey Nash. Miguel tried to stay out of the situation, but when he arrived at work, Kasey took him hostage to escape from Alchemax. Miguel then watched the corporate samurai, The Specialist, chase after Kasey, and decided to let him go. Realizing that she really did need his help, Miguel changed into his Spider-Man attire. Catching up to the Specialist, the two engaged in battle. The Specialist eventually got the better of Spider-Man, and told him that it was dishonorable to fight a man behind a mask..

(Spider-Man 2099#5) - The Specialist began to pull the mask off Miguel's head, but it was stuck (A little extra webbing for safety.) Their fight gave Kasey enough time to escape, but after Spider-Man saved The Specialist from a very nasty spill and was thanked with a kick to the gut, he lashed out. Going into a rage, Spider-Man slashed the Specialist across the throat. As the Specialist fell, the Public Eye opened fire on Spider-Man, who fell off the platform.

(Spider-Man 2099#6) - Coming to under a pile of trash in Downtown, Miguel rescued a mother and her son from a group of thugs, despite being injured from his fall. Commandeering the gang's car, he told it that he needed a doctor, and it took him to the nearest one. When he awoke, he was in a Dr. Morrow's office. Morrow told Miguel that he broke some ribs, but Miguel just left. When he reached the alley, he saw that the car had been sending distress signals, as someone other than it's owner had been using it. Injured and cornered by the thugs' gang, Miguel was saved by a man calling himself the Vulture.

(Spider-Man 2099#7) - While the Vulture flew away with Spider-Man, Kasey Nash flew in on her motorcycle and tried to rescue him. The Vulture swiped at one of the stabilizers on Kasey's vehicle, sending it crashing to the ground. Coming to, Miguel was confronted by the Vulture with a proposition. The Vulture wanted to work together with Spider-Man to take the skies back from the Public Eye. As he considered it, Spider-Man noticed all the bones around the Vulture's lair... Human bones. The Vulture then asked Spider-Man if he'd ever heard of "finger foods", which drove Miguel over the edge.

Despite his rage, Spider-Man was forced to retreat when the Vulture's gang opened fire on him. Finding himself in the one place he really didn't want to be, Spider-Man realized he had backed himself into the Vulture's meat locker. Still being chased, Spider-Man kept running until he found his way to an elevator shaft. The Vulture followed him in, and Spider-Man cut the cord to the elevator, sending it crashing into the Vulture. But just as Spider-Man had time to catch a breather, the Vulture came flying up after him.

(Spider-Man 2099#8) - In her church, Father Jennifer was praying when Spider-Man and the Vulture came crashing through. The two battled and generally smashed up the church, before the Vulture threw Miguel to his army, the Freakers. Before the numbers got to be too much, Kasey Nash returned to rescue him again. This time, Kasey brought firepower with her, namely her gang, the Throwbacks. Their arrival gave Spider-Man the opportunity to go one on one with the Vulture. The two brawled higher and higher, until Spider-Man knocked the Vulture out. As the Vulture fell, Spider-Man tried to catch him with his webbing, but not being anchored, the webbing did nothing to stop his descent. It did prevent him from using his wings, however...

(Spider-Man 2099#9) - When Miguel finally made his way back to Uptown, he was confronted by a member of the Public Eye. Easily taking care of the hired gun, Miguel proceeded to steal his uniform. Hearing that Spider-Man had been found over the Public Eye radio, Miguel followed a group of Public Eye agents to investigate. They found a group of Spiderites, kids who believed Spider-Man to be their new savior. As the Public Eye beat the kids down, Miguel found one and told him to go home... But a talon popped through his glove.

Miguel told the kid to go home again, but the kid was so happy to see his idol, he fainted. Returning to his apartment, Miguel was welcomed home by Lyla, but the two get into a bit of an argument. Lyla yelled at him, saying he never paid any attention to her feelings, but Miguel reminded her that she didn't have any feelings other than what was programmed into her. He then settled in for a much needed bath.

(Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man) - Miguel woke up in a bed and was surprised to see someone was riding shotgun with him. Mary Jane Parker was equally surprised, and screamed. Miguel grabbed his costume and made a hasty retreat. Realizing he's in the real Manhattan from before it became Downtown, he headed for the Daily Bugle building. He convinced the staff to help him catch up with the day and possible reasons why he'd be there, but he also encountered J. Jonah Jameson, who accused him of being Spider-Man with a costume change.

Unbeknownst to Miguel and Peter Parker, who was currently stuck in 2099, Fujikawa (modern) and Stark-Fujikawa (2099) were running experiments on an extra-dimensional energy generator, which has had the odd reaction of linking the two timelines they were stuck in with a third. Parker defeated the Vulture in 2099 while Miguel defeated Venom. The two were drawn to the locations of the temporary energy fluxes (fluxii?) and met. Peter recommended they skip the obligatory fight scene and go straight to the team-up. The Spider-Men found themselves in a demolished NYC that neither recognized, and were attacked by the Hobgoblin of 2211. The higher-tech Goblin boasted a lot and tried to kill the heroes, but was interrupted by Spider-Man 2211. The web heads trashed the Goblin, and each returned to his original time/dimension.

Reaching his home dimension, Miguel knew that he just helped avert the major catastrophe that wiped out most of the heroes of the Marvel Age, though when he returned to 2099, there was no record of such an event, and the disappearance of the heroes was now a big mystery...

(2099 Unlimited#1) - Along with his co-worker, Anna Coye, Miguel took a lunch break at the Alchemax commissary. Later, the two visited Anna's sister Carrie, who was at ESU hospital, suffering from a rare genetic deformity. Their conversation was interrupted by Mutagen, who was at the hospital, trying to kill all the "impure" people born with birth defects. Miguel changed into the Spider-Man costume and attempted to stop the madman, even zapping him with electricity, but his hyper-adaptable powers kept him from getting too injured. Deciding this wasn't the smartest way to go about his agenda, Mutagen retreated, threatening to return with a better plan next time.

(Spider-Man 2099#10) - Miguel, along with his girlfriend Dana, and his brother Gabriel, went to the asylum where his mother lived. She pretended to have died, but then stomped off when Miguel yelled at her. They argued some more, before Conchata showed him her shrine to Spider-Man. Miguel called her crazy, then told her HE was Spider-Man. She broke down laughing, then thanked him for trying to be a better son. On his way home, Miguel saw a group of Thorites being harassed by the Public Eye. Miguel beat down the Public Eye, then told them to go tell Alchemax that he's not messing around anymore.

(Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1/3) - Tyler Stone brought Miguel with him to inspect a Soviet sub left over from the Cold War. They found the crew of the sub to be superhuman agents left in case the Cold War got out of hand, but one of the agents, Chernobyl, awoke. Hearing everyone speaking English, Chernobyl believed the war to have fully started, and attacked the crew. Spider-Man and Chernobyl fought for a while, until Chernobyl's exoskeleton began to overheat. Chernobyl flew into space in the hopes that it would cool his exoskeleton, and Spider-Man could only watch as Chernobyl exploded in the atmosphere. Spider-Man then returned to the sub, where, as Miguel, he erased all the important data it held, so Alchemax couldn't have it.

(Spider-Man 2099#11) - Noticing a graffiti artist being beaten down by a Public Eye officer, Spider-Man interceded and helped the man escape. The officer activated his new SIEGE armor, and began to fight Spider-Man. The officer eventually caught Spider-Man by surprise and wrapped a rope around his neck, hanging him from the sky. Just when things looked to be at their worst, an energy burst blasted through the officer's chest, freeing Spider-Man. Spider-Man barely got a look at the symbol on the man who shot the officer's vehicle, an Omega sign. Back at his apartment, Miguel talked to Lyla about the symbol, then asked her what she thought about the situation. She told him she couldn't think, since she wasn't human, but he told her to give it a shot anyway. She then told him that if she was human, she thinks she'd be in love with him. Shocked, Miguel decided to go to work instead of deal with this revelation. Back at his office, Miguel met his new partner, Jordan Boone.

(Spider-Man 2099 Special#1/1) - Along with Dana, Miguel met up with a fellow Alchemax scientist, Antoine Tarantella. The three discussed the monster that had wrecked Tarantella's lab earlier, but Miguel was quite annoyed with Antoine constantly hitting on Dana. Miguel later did some research on the skin he had found of the "monster", and found it was actually Tarantella. Spider-Man tracked Tarantella, mutated and calling himself the Man-Spider, to the sewers, where he had taken Dana. The Man-Spider got the better of their battle, but was emotionally hurt when Dana tried to help Spider-Man, giving Spider-Man enough time to knock him out. Man-Spider fell into the water, and was never found again. Miguel later deleted Tarantella's files, saving only a single disc for himself.

(2099 Unlimited#2/2) - In Downtown, Spider-Man rescued a woman being attacked by a group of men, then returned home. When he got there, Lyla gave him a message sent by a Dr. Carmen Lynch. The message contained a virus that forced him to do whatever she wanted him to. The message was meant as a double-cross to her research partner, Damian, who had actually killed her first. Not in control of himself, Spider-Man stalked and advanced on Damian, but was stopped when a group of corporate raiders burst in, trying to take Damian themselves. Spider-Man fought them off, but one of them ended up shooting Damian, killing him.

(2099 Unlimited#3/2) - Miguel met up with Anna Coye again, this time to check on a DNA Scanner Helix Corp had been testing. Unfortunately, Mutagen attacked Helix at the same time as they were visiting, and Miguel was forced to fight him without his mask on. Anna watched Miguel rip into Mutagen with his talons, but she was knocked unconscious by flying debris. Miguel eventually knocked Mutagen into another experimental project, setting him on fire and possibly killing him. When Anna awoke, she had no memory of the fight or Miguel being Spider-Man... Or so she said.

(Spider-Man 2099 Special#1/3) - Blackmailed by a vid-dealer named Cathode Ray, Spider-Man was forced to protect him from a mercenary named Jumpcut. Spider-Man battled Jumpcut through Cathode Ray's headquarters, destroying much of his equipment. Spider-Man eventually webbed up Jumpcut's eyes, causing the villain to fall back into some monitors, electrocuting himself. Spider-Man destroyed the video Cathode Ray had of him taking off his mask, then left.

(Spider-Man 2099#12) - While Miguel walked down the hallways of the Alchemax building, a large explosion went off in the Virtual Unreality room. Running into the room, Miguel tried to help Jordan Boone up, but Boone met him with insults. Boone apologized (in his own way), telling Miguel he was just a little angry about his project blowing up in his face. Later, Spider-Man had to rescue Tyler Stone and Dana from Thanatos, and even offered to take Dana's place as Thanatos' hostage. Thanatos accepted, and Tyler and Spider-Man took him to the Virtual Unreality project, which Boone had just perfected. Boone began to insult Thanatos, but he was knocked into the Unreality portal. Spider-Man could only watch, as a figure pulled itself through the portal. Nobody was sure who it was, but it sure wasn't Boone.

(Spider-Man 2099#13) - Thanatos taunted the returning Net Prophet, and began to advance on him. Spider-Man jumped to the Net Prophet's defense, and was knocked into the Virtual Unreality portal with Thanatos. Inside Virtual Unreality, Spider-Man began to hallucinate. Thanatos attacked him again, this time in a monstrously huge form, but an unmasked Miguel bit into his hand, poisoning him. Hearing a voice, Spider-Man reached towards it, and was pulled from Virtual Unreality. He woke in his apartment, believing all that had transpired to be a dream. But when Miguel looked over he realized there was a bleeding Net Prophet in his living room.

(Spider-Man 2099#14) - Forced to perform a little home surgery, Miguel patched the Net Prophet up. The Prophet then asked to be taken to where the truly broken down and despondent were, so Spider-Man took him to St. Patrick's Cathedral in Downtown. When they arrived, they saw a group of Bloodsword's men threatening Father Jennifer. Spider-Man had little trouble getting rid of them. The Prophet thanked Spider-Man for introducing him to this world, then told him that he must experience it for himself, before leaving.

(Captain Marvel V#27-30) - Spider-Man encountered Captain Marvel and Starfox when they were sent to 2099. The S-Man got in the middle of a battle between the pair and the authorities of the time. Captain Marvel wanted him to serve as their guide, but he escaped during the battle. Captain Marvel traced him back to his apartment, and after a brief skirmish, Miguel agreed to lead them to Alchemax and help in the battle against his old foe, Thanatos.
    When they arrived at Alchemax, Thanatos sent Marvel and Spider-Man into the alternate future ruled by the Maestro. There they battled the Maestro to distract him while Starfox stole Dr. Strange's cloak and amulet. The pair held their own against the Maestro until Thanatos teleported Captain Marvel away. Left on his own, the Maestro had the S-Man at his mercy when the other heroes defeated Thanatos, returning everyone to their own time.

(Spider-Man 2099#21) - In Downtown, Spider-Man found a group of thrill-kill black card (credit cards with no limits, I believe) girls calling themselves the Maryjanes. The girls were so rich that they had no need to even worry about the law, and were simply killing the poor for the fun of it. Spider-Man took them down one by one, then ripped up their black cards, making them the same as the people they had hunted.

(Spider-Man 2099#15) - Still in Downtown, Spider-Man beat down more of Bloodsword's gang, before fighting the man himself. Bloodsword swung his giant sword at him, but Spider-Man caught it. Spider-Man then sliced it into pieces with his talons, before punching Bloodsword out. A group of Thorites who were watching the battle began to chant "Praise Thor! Praise Spider-Man!" and a woman asked Spider-Man to heal her son. Spider-Man told her he'd ask Thor for her, then departed for Uptown. Miguel was then taken to Alchemax's newest project, Bifrost, the massive floating city. Some of the Thorites who worked on it gave it the nickname "Valhalla", the place where dead heroes go. While touring the city, Miguel and Dana witnessed the return of Thor and Heimdall.

(Spider-Man 2099#16) - Up on Bifrost, Miguel argued with Thor, and the angered "god" attempted to punch him. Miguel grabbed his fist and Thor remarked that Miguel was more than he appeared to be, to which Miguel replied "You're less!" Thor then threw Miguel as far as he could, tossing him completely off of Bifrost. This gave Miguel enough time to change into the Spider-Man costume, and he soon returned. Upon making his presence known, Spider-Man narrowly avoided Heimdall's sword, and caught it for himself.
    Thor and Spider-Man fought hammer to sword, before Thor disarmed him. Spider-Man let loose on Thor, giving him two straight unprotected punches to the face. Thor managed to just shrug the blows off and threw Spider-Man off of Bifrost again, This time tossing his hammer after him. The hammer helped speed up Spider-Man, but he managed to get free of it before it smashed him into a nearby building...

(Thor Corps#2-3) - Meanwhile, Dargo, the Thor of the 26th century, was sent to Manhattan 2099 by a dimensional rift created by Ellene, the wife of Demonstaff. The S-Man saw him and, believing he was tied to Valhalla and the faux Thor, attacked him. After defending himself physically and verbally, Dargo departed using Mjolnir to enter the void at the crossroads of time and space. Spider-Man watched, thinking to himself, "This is too crazy... even for me!"

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#2) - Miguel and Lyla were transported to Earth-616 for the Monster Island Party after the Infinity War.

(Spider-Man 2099#16) - To make matters worse, Spider-Man then found a gun to his head, and Punisher 2099 telling him not to move.

(X-Men 2099#5) - Spider-Man and the Punisher discussed the Thorites on their way back up to Bifrost.

(Doom 2099#14) - Upon reaching Bifrost, Spider-Man and the Punisher met Loki, who Spider-Man instantly recognized as Jordan Boone. Loki was confused as to why Spider-Man would know him, but left for more important business. Later, Spider-Man and the Punisher met up with Doom and Ravage, as Bifrost/Valhalla began to fall.

(Punisher 2099#13) - Doom sent the Punisher and Spider-Man to cause a distraction, and the two ended up fighting Thor (Lucky them.) The Punisher eventually defeated Thor, after knocking his hammer away from him.

(Spider-Man 2099#17 (fb) ) - Departing from Valhalla, Spider-Man hitched a ride with the Punisher. Spider-Man suddenly realized that Doom was a little too interested in getting everyone off of Bifrost/Valhalla, but it was too late. Doom made his intentions for Valhalla known, and the Punisher dropped Spider-Man off so that he (The Punisher) could go confront Doom.

(Spider-Man 2099#17) - In Downtown, Spider-Man saw Bloodsword, now with the hammer of the false Thor, calling himself Bloodhammer and commanding a large crowd. Miguel's mother, Conchata, was amongst the onlookers. Miguel tried to pull her away from the crowd, but she started screaming. Noticing the disruption, Bloodhammer and his goons strung Miguel upside down. Using his talons, Miguel escaped his binding, then distracted the crowd ("Look! Up there! It's Thor!!"), before one-punching Bloodhammer. A riot broke out, but Conchata pulled her son away from the crowd, and the two left for higher ground.

(Spider-Man 2099#18/1) - Miguel and Conchata met up with Gabriel and Dana (who believed Miguel to be dead) at Miguel's house. Miguel told them that Spider-Man and the Punisher saved him from Thor's volley. After Gabriel and Conchata left, Miguel prepared to spend some special time with Dana, when he got into an argument with Lyla. Miguel ended up telling her to shut herself off. Later that night, while Dana showered, the water just kept getting hotter and hotter, and the door seemed jammed. Miguel overheard Dana's screaming and woke up, but was attacked by two security droids, sent by a VERY pissed Lyla.

    Miguel eventually destroyed the droids and broke the door to the bathroom open, but Lyla told him there were many more droids to come. He asked her why she would do this, and she replied "You always hurt the ones you love."

(Spider-Man 2099#19/1) - Miguel, after changing into his Spider-Man costume, grabbed Dana and escaped his own apartment through a window. After setting Dana down, Spider-Man noticed the city breaking into chaos, as the cyber hacker Discord took over the city's computer systems. During the mess, Spider-Man even saved Hikaru-Sama, head of Stark-Fujikawa, before going to Gabriel's (a prominent Netglider in his time) apartment. Upon arriving, Miguel found that Gabriel was trapped in the net. Miguel followed him into the net, and came face to face with Discord.

(Spider-Man 2099#20/1) - In cyberspace, Discord showed Miguel that he had trapped his brother, Gabriel. Miguel attempted to fight him, but didn't get very far with this. Suddenly, the "ghost" of Gabriel told him to "pull the plug." Miguel sped away and found what looked like a giant sinkplug, which he pulled, releasing all the information that Discord had trapped. Miguel found himself pulled through a giant power outlet, with Discord not far behind. But Gabriel pulled up on his cyber-car and threw a screwdriver into the outlet, frying Discord. Miguel claimed that plugging in to the net is an addiction for Gabriel, but Gabriel replied that at least he wasn't climbing walls and saving the world like his brother, Spider-Man.

(Spider-Man 2099#22/1) - Still logged on, Gabriel told Miguel that he had known he was Spider-Man since the beginning, and that Lyla had basically told him so. The two then met the Netgliding legend, Duke Stratosphere, who had high praise for... Well, himself. The two pulled themselves free from the net, and Spider-Man went out on patrol. After taking care of some crazy gang members, Miguel and Gabriel met up at Miguel's apartment, where Gabriel told Miguel his only chance at bringing Lyla back was to swallow his pride and ask for help from his ex, Xina.

(Spider-Man 2099#23/1) - While swinging around, Spider-Man barely avoided getting shot by Risque 2099. Later, he went to Xina's apartment, where they held a semi-civil conversation. Miguel finally asked Xina to fix Lyla, and she reluctantly agreed to do so.

(Ghost Rider 2099#7) - After stealing a canister of Triclorizide from Alchemax, Ghost Rider found himself being chased by Spider-Man. Ghost Rider lucked out by inadvertently destroying a nearby house, which forced Spider-Man to rescue the squatters living inside, giving him enough time to escape.

(2099 Unlimited#9/1) - Under Tyler Stone's supervision, Miguel was taken into protective custody by the Public Eye, after rumors that an O'Hara was being targeted by some corporate headhunters came out. The mercenary, Vlad The Impaler, ripped Miguel away from his guards, and the two fought until Vlad realized he wasn't the right O'Hara. Miguel rushed to Downtown, where he found his brother was being held by some thugs. Spider-Man made quick work of the thugs, warned Gabriel, then left to find out what was really going on, as Miguel prepared to get back at the thugs with a trusty 9-iron.

    Spider-Man quickly stumbled upon Vlad, who had kidnapped a child. Spider-Man and Vlad tore into each other, and after the child caused a distraction, Spider-Man was able to defeat the android. Spider-Man asked the kid his name, and the kid replied "Gedde Ohara"

(2099 Unlimited#10/1) - Gabriel dragged Miguel to Woodstock 2099. Miguel wasn't exactly enjoying himself, so when he saw someone freaking out from a bad drug trip, Miguel rushed into a portable toilet to change costumes. Spider-Man rushed to defend a woman that the man was threatening, but the guy's features changed into more that of a bull's. He rushed Spider-Man, but when Spider-Man punched him, he turned into a mouse, and someone mistakenly stepped on him - ending his life. The Public Eye then arrived to break things up, and Spider-Man was lucky to run into a pack of Spiderites, who caused enough of a distraction to let him change out of costume.

    As they drove away, Gabriel told Miguel that the guy was using a new drug called Chameleon, and Miguel set out to find out more about it. Spider-Man headed to Downtown, where he asked Father Jennifer about it. She pointed him in the direction of Major Jones, a local dealer. Spider-Man confronted Jones, but Jones sent a group of junkies after him. Spider-Man took care of them, then knocked Jones into a table covered with Chameleon. Having so much Chameleon in his system, Major Jones transformed into a liquid form, and Spider-Man left, vowing to find out who was responsible...

(Spider-Man 2099#24) - Gabriel convinced Miguel to talk to his ex-girlfriend, Kasey Nash, while dressed as Spider-Man, in the hopes it would convince her to stop her attacks on Alchemax before she got hurt. Miguel asked Gabriel why being Spider-Man would change her mind, and Gabriel told him that she was in love with Spider-Man. When Spider-Man did catch up with her, she had been suited with power armor by Stark-Fujikawa.

    Spider-Man eventually got her to stop shooting missiles randomly, and began to give her the "With great power.." speech, when Risque shot her off the platform they were standing on. Risque and Spider-Man began to fight, but eventually Risque got the advantage, and used it to pull his mask halfway up... Before kissing him. While they kissed, Spider-Man sank his fangs into her tongue, knocking her out. Spider-Man searched for Kasey, but found a beaten Gabriel instead. Gabriel told Miguel that Alchemax had taken Kasey, and convinced him to chase after her, but Venture's return put a halt to that.

(Spider-Man 2099#25/1) - Spider-Man was much more aggressive with this battle with Venture, and caught the cowboy merc by surprise. After shocking Venture, Spider-Man was caught by surprise by his removable hands, which held him to the ground. Venture got up and told Spider-Man that if he didn't come out swinging, they probably could've ended up friends, and that he was just going to thank him for pounding on his sister a little bit. Finding they had no real problem with each other for at least a little while, Spider-Man left.

    Deciding that following Tyler Stone was the best way to find Kasey, Miguel tracked him to his house. Arriving at the scene, he found that his mother was there as well. Conchata talked Tyler into releasing Kasey, and Tyler told Conchata that the Rapture that Miguel thought he was addicted to was just a simulation, and that within three days it would have completely left his system. Conchata then said that every day she saw Miguel, she saw more and more of his true father, Tyler Stone.

(Spider-Man 2099#26/1) - Returning to his apartment, Miguel was greeted by Lyla, who apologized for trying to kill him. He then called Hikaru-Sama and attempted to threaten him, but it barely phased the mogul. Once the connection closed, Dana knocked on Miguel's door, and they got into an argument that ended with Miguel yelling at her to leave him alone.

(2099 Unlimited#8/2) - Deciding he should get Xina something to thank her for fixing Lyla, Miguel went to an auction where several 20th century nostalgia items were being sold. The auction was crashed by the Data Pirate, who stole the loot. Miguel changed into his Spider-Man outfit and followed the Pirate home, where he realized his powers were electrical based. Spider-Man broke an eight-ball and poured the water over the Pirate's electrical beam, electrifying him and exposing his "family" as nothing more than holograms. Spider-Man returned the items to where they belonged, and hoped that he would never become as attached to Lyla as the Pirate was to his family.

(Spider-Man 2099#26/1) - Later, Miguel met Xina and gave her a gumball machine he won at the auction as thanks for fixing Lyla. Xina noticed that Miguel looked to be rather depressed, and offered to take him on a little road trip.

(Spider-Man 2099#27/1) - In the city of Nightshade, Miguel and Xina met their old teacher, Angela Daskalakis, again. Angela had to brush off Miguel, as, being employed by Alchemax, he was a direct competitor to her company. While he wasted his time around town, Miguel found that the place was being attacked by a group of metallic men who called themselves the Corporate Headhunters. Just as things were starting to look bad, a massive shadow was cast behind Spider-Man, and someone told him that he'd been waiting a long time for revenge...

(Spider-Man 2099#28/1) - The horribly mutated Sgt. Estevez--now known as Travesty--began to attack Spider-Man, and Miguel had to attempt to fight 2 enemies at that point. Eventually the numbers became too much and he was forced to retreat. Estevez caught him by surprise again, and they fought back to where the Corporate Headhunters were at. Estevez began to tear into the Headhunters, who had planted a bomb in the R&D Center. One of the Headhunters told Spider-Man that someone was trapped in the R&D Center, and Spider-Man had to go investigate. Spider-Man found Angela there, but before he could pull her out, Estevez grabbed her, and the building exploded.

(Spider-Man 2099#29/1) - A roving gang led by a man named Packrat found Spider-Man and Angela in the wreckage of the building. Spider-Man was still alive, but despite the webbing cocoon he built around them, Angela was dead - Estevez was nowhere to be seen. When Spider-Man came to, the gang showed him a robot they had found. Spider-Man didn't recognize it, but the robot, now activated and calling itself Flipside, jumped into his arms and told him they were gonna be best buddies from now on.

(Spider-Man 2099#30/1) - After rejecting the robot's affection, Spider-Man was forced to try to stop him from killing the entire gang. Flipside (rather creatively) decided to shove Spider-Man's head into his own chest, then ran around the gang's base. This did manage to give Spider-Man some time to think, and he ripped himself free with his talons, then wrapped a cord around the robot's neck, spinning Flipside around until it's head popped off. The gang was overjoyed at the destruction of the annoying robot, and let Spider-Man go on his way.

    Back in Nightshade, Miguel found Xina, who informed him that Angela was found dead. Xina offered to take him home, but Miguel told her that he wasn't ready yet. Xina left, but Miguel continued on his journey.

(Spider-Man 2099#31) - While hitchhiking on Route 666, Miguel got a woman in a red sports car to pull over and let him have a ride. When Miguel got in the car, she sprayed him with a hallucinogen and stole his bag, before kicking him to the side of the road. Later that night, a cargo truck driven by a familiar face pulled up next to Miguel, and Dash, an old acquaintance, asked him if he needed a ride. Miguel accepted, but thought he heard a voice from the back. Dash told him to take a look for himself, and Miguel was surprised to see that Dash's cargo was people ("Not people, 'zactly" according to Dash.) Among these people was Angela, who seemed to be working as a sort of stewardess on the bus.

    Miguel began to ask Dash what was going on, when a group of bikers attempted to board the bus. Dash yelled for Miguel to change into Spider-Man, which made Miguel wonder how he would know that he's Spider-Man... Spider-Man fought the batlike biker gang from the roof of the bus, and ended up defeating them all, before blanking out. When he woke up, Xina was looking over him. Xina helped him up and told him she didn't want to see him alone, and the two set off for destination unknown.

(Spider-Man 2099#32/1) - Miguel and Xina found themselves in Mexico City for the Day of the Dead festivities. While Xina walked off for a shower, Miguel looked out at the street through his window, but when he looked over, he saw Gabriel doing the same. Miguel, Xina, Gabriel and Kasey Nash all went out to the street to join in the celebration, but after seeing a blinding yellow light, Miguel had to go off to investigate. While swinging from rooftops, Spider-Man met the young Strange 2099.

(Spider-Man 2099#33/1) - Spider-Man and Strange broke in to the apartment of Morgez, the man who had unwittingly unleashed a horde of zombies on Mexico City. Morgez told them that he didn't mean for it to get this far, and that he just wanted to help his dead sister. He then handed the talisman he used to wake the zombies to Strange, who turned into a strange beast-like version of herself. Spider-Man was forced to fight the young magician, and eventually returned her to a more normal form.

    Strange went off to try to get Morgez to change everything back to normal, while Spider-Man helped the people on the street escape the zombies, even saving Kasey's life. After seeing the zombies returning to their graves, Spider-Man found Strange, who told him that Morgez killed himself. She then stomped on the talisman, making sure this situation would never happen again.

(Spider-Man 2099#34/1) - On their way home from Mexico City, Miguel was abducted by Doom's SHIELD agents. Brought before President Doom himself, Miguel was told that Tyler Stone was Doom's new Corporate Minister, and Tyler offered Miguel his old job as Vice President of Research & Development at Alchemax. Miguel told him that he'd think about it. Later, Spider-Man had to break up a near riot between SHIELD agents and Spiderites.

(2099 AD) - Spider-Man was amongst the heroes sent by Doom to take down the Theatre of Pain.

(Spider-Man 2099#35) - Back at home, Miguel called Xina to tell her he was okay. Doom then made a personal appearance at Miguel's house to tell him that Tyler Stone had been shot. Miguel met Dana at the hospital, where Tyler was in critical condition. But as they talked, Venom 2099 entered the room, and Miguel was forced to retreat to change into his Spider-Man costume. He returned just in time to stop Venom from crushing Tyler's skull.

(Spider-Man 2099#36) - After battling through the city, Venom disappeared. Later, Miguel was at his new office, where he was filling in for Tyler Stone. He told Tyler's old assistant Winston to get him all files that mentioned Venom. Miguel then told Conchata and Xina that he had accepted the position. Both had very negative reactions to this. As Miguel began to read about Venom, he heard screams from the hallway, where Venom stood above Winston's dead body, with Dana and Xina held above his head. Venom then told Miguel to choose which he wanted to save.

(Spider-Man 2099#37) - Xina yelled out for Miguel, and Miguel yelled her name back. Venom took that as him choosing Xina to live, but before he could kill Dana, Miguel cut her free with his talons and helped her escape. Despite that, Venom quickly kidnapped her again, and dragged the two women away. A group of SHIELD agents found them and opened fire on Venom, but their bullets went right through him, hitting Dana instead. Spider-Man held her as she died, and she told him that she was glad he shaved when she asked him to all those years ago, because it tickled when they kissed.

(Spider-Man 2099#38/1) - Back at Alchemax offices, a scientist told Miguel that they had a piece of the Venom symbiote in their possession. Angered by just it's appearance, Miguel yelled that he wanted it dead. Noticing that it flinched at the sound of his voice, Miguel got an idea. Spider-Man had a high-pitched wail broadcast over the town, and when he found Venom, he nearly beat him to death. Thinking about Dana forced Spider-Man to stop, just before he was going to finish the monster off.

(Spider-Man 2099#39) - At the Alchemax office, Miguel released Kron Stone, his half-brother, and the man who was using the Venom symbiote, from his cage and proceeded to beat him to a bloody pulp. Putting him back in the cage, Miguel told the Alchemax scientists that Kron should be more willing to share information now. Miguel then went to talk to Xina, and later met with Father Jennifer, who revealed she was Dana's sister. Gabriel then made a call to Miguel, telling him that he needed to meet him Downtown. While Spider-Man swung around, he failed to notice he was being followed...

(Spider-Man 2099#40) - Attacked from behind by a mysterious man who called himself the Goblin, Spider-Man was hit by an energy beam which caused him to hallucinate into thinking everyone around him was a Goblin. He attacked Kasey Nash's friend Raff, who happened upon the scene with Kasey. After beating him down, Spider-Man realized he was attacking the wrong guy, and decided to close his eyes and go purely on instinct. Like this, he beat the Goblin down, until Kasey had to stop him.

The Goblin then showed the crowd everything he knew about Spider-Man, including him accepting Doom's offer for a government post, Miguel O'Hara telling the Public Eye to keep off Spider-Man, and Spider-Man's rescue of Stark-Fujikawa's Hikaru-Sama. The crowd began to turn on Spider-Man, to the point he had to hide from their gunfire.

(Spider-Man 2099#40/Doom 2099#33) - After escaping the mob, Spider-Man looked up to see the remnants of Valhalla falling to the ground.

(2099 AD Apocalypse) - Miguel returned home, where Lyla told him she taped something for him. Spider-Man was shocked and dismayed to see the Punisher die (see comments).

(2099 AD Genesis) - Spider-Man is seen swinging around.

(Fantastic Four 2099#2) - On his way to work, Miguel watched Stark-Fujikawa's publically broadcast explanation about the return of the Fantastic Four.

(Spider-Man 2099#41) - Miguel oversaw the excavation of the White House, but Doom was nowhere to be found. Later, he went to Downtown, where an angry group of Thorites, incited by the Vulture, had crucified a Spiderite. Spider-Man chased the Vulture and his goons away, and realized he remembered the now dead Spiderite, even though he never got his name. At Dana's funeral, Miguel got up to say some words, but couldn't get anything out, and left. At the graveyard, he saw Loreen, the Spiderite who died's girlfriend, and went over to console her. Later, Miguel told Tyler Stone that Alchemax was now his, and to get out of his office. Tyler dropped the bombshell that he was actually Miguel's father, but Miguel simply replied "I know."

(Spider-Man 2099#42) - Miguel went to see Xina, but her robot servant, Jack, told him that she'd left and might not be coming back. Later, at his office, Miguel found that his mother was looking to take the job of his secretary. Conchata admitted to Miguel that she had shot Tyler Stone. He didn't believe her at first, but he didn't have much time to think about it, as a man named Boru led a large group of striking workers on the streets below. Boru and Spider-Man fought until Conchata forced him to make an appointment to meet Miguel. Boru agreed, then said she had more heart than Spider-Man.

(Fantastic Four 2099#4) - After your usual superhero mistaken identity fight, Spider-Man helped the Fantastic Four run tests on their DNA to see if they were the true Four. Despite the advanced technology, there was no conclusive proof either way. Later, Miguel called Hikaru-Sama of Stark-Fujikawa and told him he was sending an observation crew over to make sure Stark-Fujikawa's operations were on the up and up.

(Doom 2099#39/2) - Spider-Man looked up at the disturbance in the sky, as Doom sent himself back to the past.

(Spider-Man 2099#43) - Spider-Man rescued a researcher who was working on New Atlantis from some sharks, and the man told him about the people occupying it. Spider-Man told him that he couldn't just let them have it, and the man revealed himself to be a double-agent, as he swam back down to alert Roman. Later, Miguel told the investors that he'd be opening peace talks with the New Atlanteans, but Conchata reminded him that he was to meet Boru today. In Downtown, Boru and Miguel met, but Downtown began to flood. Spider-Man went off to fight Roman the Sub-Mariner.

(Spider-Man 2099#44) - Roman and Spider-Man fought, while Giganto, a giant whale monster, ran through the city. Spider-Man found the horn that Roman used to control Giganto and called him off. Roman returned to fight some more, but Spider-Man knocked him out and captured him. Returning to Alchemax, Miguel found his mother with a gun to Tyler Stone's head. Distracted by Roman's escape, Miguel was too far away to stop his mother from shooting at Tyler, but he shot a webline at the gun, making her miss. Tyler revealed that he always knew Miguel was Spider-Man, and Miguel shot at him, or the holovid version of him in his office, anyway.

(Spider-Man 2099#45/Fantastic Four 2099#6) - Miguel helped Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four (2099) hack into Tyler Stone's personal satellite, then left when he found out Downtown has been flooded again.

(Spider-Man 2099#45) - In Downtown, Spider-Man dived underwater, and began to search for survivors, not finding many. He did spot Father Jennifer, but before he could check if she was alive or not, he was attacked by the Goblin yet again. Spider-Man got the better of this fight, and the Goblin revealed himself to be the one person Spider-Man never thought would turn against him... Gabriel, his brother. The Goblin escaped, and Spider-Man went back under to see if he could find Father Jennifer again, but she was nowhere to be found. Returning to the surface, Spider-Man watched as Atlantis attacked again.

(Spider-Man 2099#46) - Fighting his way through the enraged Atlanteans, Spider-Man found the Vulture, who had an unconscious Father Jennifer as a hostage. The Vulture told Spider-Man that the Goblin told him that he was Miguel O'Hara, and that he had rigged the entire Alchemax building to blow in 10 minutes, before flying off. Father Jennifer and Miguel met up with Conchata on their way out of the building, but on their way they saw General Dagim of the Atlantean army shoot Tyler Stone. While Spider-Man attacked Dagim, Conchata was shot by an Atlantean and appeared to die. Miguel tossed his mask on his dying father, before escaping the building with Father Jennifer, just before Alchemax went up in flames.

(Fantastic Four 2099#8) - Miguel tried to talk Father Jennifer out of leaving for outer space with Smith, Twilight and December of X-Nation and the Thing of the Fantastic Four, but she didn't listen.

(2099: World Of Tomorrow#1) - In the Savage Land, Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four suggested Miguel take over as President of the new haven of humanity, but Miguel turned down the offer. Later, a dying man found his way to the council, and warned the heroes of a "city in the sky." Miguel went off to find the city by boat, but soon found former X-Nation members Wulf and Uproar on the ship. The group found that they were being followed by Wulf's old friends the Wild Boys, who blew Spider-Man's ship up.

(2099: World of Tomorrow#2) - Waking on a lab table, being probed by robots, Miguel jumped to action, but came face to face with his old friend Xina. Xina told Miguel of the mysterious techno-organic virus that had been found, and how despite their searches, they hadn't been able to find Uproar or Wulf anywhere. She told Miguel the dangers of the Contaminated Zone, where Uproar and Wulf were probably at, but Miguel went anyway. When he reached the area, he met up with Doom once more.

(2099: World of Tomorrow#3) - Doom told Miguel of the Phalanx invasion, and his plot to defeat them. Miguel was skeptical, but Doom told him that if he didn't agree to it, he'd kill his brother, Gabriel. Forced to agree, Miguel studied the virus, but didn't get very far before he was confronted by the Magus.

(2099: World of Tomorrow#4) - Spider-Man and Doom jumped to attack the Magus, but Spider-Man was quickly absorbed by it. This gave Doom enough time to grab Xina and escape. However, due to treating his costume with an electromagnetic dampening agent, the Techno-Organic virus couldn't be passed on to him, allowing Miguel to escape as well. Reaching Xina, Miguel watched her infect Doom with the Techno-Organic virus.

(2099: World of Tomorrow#5) - With Doom's re-awakening and defeat of the virus, the group departed to fight the Phalanx threat. But when they reached them, they were soon outnumbered by the aliens, who included Winn and former X-Nation member Nostromo.

(2099: World of Tomorrow#6) - While Doom fought, Miguel and Xina regrouped and attempted to come up with a plan. Xina eventually convinced Miguel that he had to take out the Phalanx's scout, Nostromo.

(2099: World of Tomorrow#7) - The S-Man, now covered in weapons, jumped into battle with the Phalanx, and eventually caught up to Nostromo. Nostromo begged Spider-Man to kill him, but just before he got his wish, Doom told them to stop. Doom then activated a trojan virus in Nostromo, infecting the Phalanx. Winn attacked Magus, proving to be a traitor to the Phalanx cause. Miguel grabbed Nostromo and Xina as the Magus exploded, taking Doom with him as well. Later, the three watched as the Phalanx ship in orbit crashed into the ocean.

(2099: World of Tomorrow#8) - Xina and Spider-Man attempted to find Doom in the wreckage, but only found his mask. Later, Miguel watched on as Winn and Nostromo argued. Finding Doom's mask left a message (several messages, actually), Miguel was given a disc that would give him the location of Gabriel, and he soon departed. Before he left, Miguel gave his Spider-Man costume to Nostromo.

(2099: Manifest Destiny - BTS) - Miguel decided to reopen Alchemax, and to use it for good this time. He also married his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Xina Kwan.

(2099: Manifest Destiny) - After a meeting with Xi'an Chi Xan, Miguel once more met with his brother, Gabriel. The two joked about how eventually their mother (who had gotten better), would find the shapeshifting Goblin who was claiming to be Gabriel. The two, along with Xina, woke the Heroic Age's Captain America from his stasis, and were shocked to hear how the Heroic Age ended - not from some superpowered threat, but through mistrust and greed. Miguel once more asked Steve Rogers to be a hero, this time giving him the true hammer of Thor.

Along with a large group of surviving heroes gathered by Uatu, Miguel and Cap tried to destroy a spatial barrier. Unfortunately, this attack cost Uatu his life, and Steve Rogers was once more lost in space. As he floated off into the void, Rogers threw the hammer of Thor to Miguel, telling him to take charge of the future. Miguel was shocked that he was able to lift the weapon.

(Avengers Forever#12) - Spider-Man appeared as one of the many alternate universe Avengers during the climactic battle at the end of the Destiny War.

(2099: Manifest Destiny) - [3099] Throughout the past millennium, Miguel O'Hara helped humanity grow and evolve into what it should have always been. Even with the hammer of Thor, Miguel's body deteriorated, and after Steve Rogers was once more found floating in space, a very old Miguel gave Steve Rogers Thor's hammer back.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi.

There may be another appearance in the Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow trilogy, but I'd have to re-read it--Snood.

So Miguel bought the Spider-Man costume for the Day of the Dead celebration that he and Gabriel attended years ago...? Good job with the secret identity there, Miguel.

2099 Unlimited#9/2 had a story narrated by Miguel which explained his origin and powers, but wasn't necessarily in-continuity. There was also a pinup of the S-Man in the 2099 AD Genesis special.

Chronology isn't my strong suit, and some of the issue sequenes may be slightly off on this profile. There are very few actual breaks in the core Spider-Man 2099 series, so much of the outside appearances (2099 Unlimited, guest shots, etc.) had to be grouped together. I'm pretty sure I mostly have it right, but some appearances might be a little off.
    The biggest question I had was with the Captain Marvel stories. Zerostar had had the issues following Spdm 2099#23, but they featured Jordan Boone, who had already become Loki 2099 (and later Halloween Jack) by that point. I moved them to before the "Fall of the Hammer" Crossover, but I'm open to debate on this.
    Also, I'd have thought the Spdm meets Spdm 2099 issue would have occurred later in Miguel's chronology (like b/t#41 + 42), but I don't have any data to back that one up...it's just what I had thought.
    Lastly, though Miguel's fate seems to have already been written in Manifest Destiny, I'd consider that one potential future for him. There are still tons of stories to be told anywhere in his chronology, and b/t 2099 and the 3099 future seen at the end of that issue.
    Anyway, hat's off to Bill on a kick-@$$ profile! He did the whole thing almost entirely by himself.

The letters column in Spider-Man 2099#34 revealed that Lyla's insanity was due to Discord messing around with Nueva York's computer systems.

Whether the actual Punisher 2099 was the one who died in 2099 AD Apocalypse is very debatable, as he later showed up in 2099 Manifest Destiny and potentially wasn't even on Earth when Apocalypse took place anyway. I personally believe that the robot Goldheart was using his identity (possibly due to malfunction) when the Wavespider destroyed him.

The Goblin being revealed as Gabriel O'Hara is something Peter David never intended. You can find more information from the man himself here and here. More information on the Goblin and many other 2099 characters can be found at 2099 Comics Dot Com.

Miguel really did a terrible job keeping his secret identity secret, as at least Dana, Gabriel, (potentially) Anna Coye, Cathode Ray, Jumpcut and Doom knew or found out who he was. He took his mask off in plain view a couple times, and Mutagen even saw him without his mask on, but wouldn't have any way of knowing who he was.
Ultimate Spider-Man's got that number beat already. Everyone's seen him unmasked, including SHIELD, the X-Men, Electro, Green Goblin, Kingpin, and Mary Jane...plus probably a few more!--Snood.

Spider-Man 2099 has a profile in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#1.

Profile by: Zerostar, Changeling, Chuck J, Crazy Ivan Schablotski, and Snood


Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, shouldn't be confused with...

The Heroic Age in this profile refers to the modern era of Earth-616.

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Marvel Swimsuit Special#2 (1993)
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X-Men 2099#5 (February, 1994) - John Francis Moore (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Jim Sanders III (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Doom 2099#14 (February, 1994) - John Francis Moore (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils), John Nyberg (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Spider-Man 2099#18 (April, 1994) - Peter David (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Greg Adams (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)

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Spider-Man 2099#19-20 (May-June, 1994) - Peter David (writer), Rick Leonardi (pencils), Al Williamson (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Story 2: Peter David (writer), Chris Batista (pencils), Ralph Cabrera (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Story 3: Ian Edginton (writer), Malcolm Davis (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Story 2: Peter David (writer), Chris Batista (pencils), Don Hudson (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Spider-Man 2099#27 (January, 1995) - Peter David (writer), Joe St. Pierre (pencils), Jim Palmiotti (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Story 2: Peter David (writer), David Boller (artist), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Spider-Man 2099#32 (June, 1995) - Peter David (writer), Roger Robinson (pencils), Jim Palmiotti (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Story 2: Peter David (writer), David Boller (artist), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
2099 Unlimited#9 (July, 1995) - Matthew Mora & Nancy Colllins (writers), Joe St. Pierre (pencils), Brad Vancata (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Story 2: Peter David (writer), David Boller (artist), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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2099 AD Apocalypse (December, 1995) - Warren Ellis (writer), Mark Buckingham & Kev Sutherland (artists), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Story 2: Peter David (writer), David Boller (pencils), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Spider-Man 2099#41 (March, 1996) - Peter David (writer), Andrew Wildman (pencils), Stephen Baskerville (insk), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
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Spider-Man 2099#43 (May, 1996) - Peter David (writer), Andrew Wildman & Ron Lim (pencils), Stephen Baskerville & Harry Candelario (insk), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Fantastic Four 2099#6 (June, 1996) - Ben Raab & Terry Kavanagh (writers), Pascual Ferry (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), James Felder (editor)
Spider-Man 2099#44 (June, 1996) - Peter David (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Harry Candelario & Ralph Cabrera (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)
Spider-Man 2099#45 (July, 1996) - Ben Raab & Terry Kavanagh (writers), Mike McKone (pencils), Harry Candelario, Al Milgrom & Matt Ryan (inks), James Felder & Mark Powers (editor)
Fantastic Four 2099#8 (August, 1996) - Ben Raab & Terry Kavanagh (writers), Pascual Ferry (pencils), Art Thibert & Jaime Mendoza (inks), James Felder (editor)
Spider-Man 2099#46 (August, 1996) - Ben Raab & Terry Kavanagh (writers), Mike McKone (pencils), Harry Candelario, Matt Ryan & Mike Miller (inks), James Felder & Mark Powers (editor)
2099: World of Tomorrow#1-8 (September, 1996 - April, 1997)
2099: Manifest Destiny (March, 1998) - Len Kaminski (writer), Mike McKone (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers Forever#12 (October, 1999) - Roger Stern & Kurt Busiek (writers), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Jesus Merino (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain Marvel V#27 (March, 2002) - Peter David (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain Marvel V#28 (March, 2002) - Peter David (writer), Chris Batista (pencils), Rich Perrotta (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain Marvel V#29 (April, 2002) - Peter David (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain Marvel V#30 (May, 2002) - Peter David (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez & Rich Perrotta (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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