Real Name: Gerald Bernardson

Identity/Class: Extra-Temporal (Earth 2099) Human/Mutate

Occupation: former geneticist; current "genetic cleanser"

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Spider-Man 2099; Carrie Coye; Anna Coye; people born with hereditary diseases

Known Relatives: unnamed ex-wife; Anthea (daughter; deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Nueva York, Earth 2099

First Appearance: 2099 Unlimited#1 (July/Summer, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Once a brilliant geneticist, Gerald Bernardson discovered that his daughter died because of a rare genetic flaw that she inherited from him. Because of a failed suicide attempt, Gerald found himself highly adaptable, able to change his body to fit almost any situation he would run into, usually by taking over the characteristics of an animal. Both powerful and insane, Mutagen believed it was his duty to guard the human race against genetic impurity.

History: (2099 Unlimited#1-fb) A driven and brilliant geneticist, Gerald Bernardson could only watch on as his daughter died from a mysterious illness.

Becoming obsessed with his daughter's death, Gerald began to spend all his waking hours checking for genetic anomalies in her DNA. When he found that it was a flaw in his own DNA that he had passed down to his daughter, Gerald became unglued. His wife left him, but he didn't even care anymore. Finally, he reached his limit, and, in a suicide attempt, injected himself with an irradiated syrum. However, due to his unique DNA, Gerald became something more...

(2099 Unlimited#1) Donning a costume, Gerald became Mutagen, and began to "clean" the gene pool, breaking into hospitals and murdering any patient he found with inherited genetic deformities. Making his way to ESU Hospital, Mutagen continued his rampage, but Miguel O'Hara, who was visiting Carrie Coye, a friend of a friend, happened to be there as well. Hearing the sirens going off as Mutagen killed more patients, Miguel changed into his Spider-Man costume and confronted the madman.

Preventing Mutagen from killing another patient, Spider-Man tried his best to fight him off, but Mutagen's constant physical changes made that a difficult job. Mutagen eventually got his hands on the S-Man, and punched him through the wall, breaking a water pipe and knocking him into Carrie's room. As Mutagen read Carrie's chart and declared her condition fatal, Spider-Man knocked him back into the puddle from the water pipe, and grabbed Carrie. Spinning a web at a nearby high-voltage device, Spider-Man pulled it into the puddle, electrocuting Mutagen. But Mutagen's body had adapted just in time, saving him from any serious damage. Mutagen began to rethink his methods, then jumped out a window.

(2099 Unlimited#3) Having heard rumours of a high-speed DNA scanner at the Helix laboratory, Mutagen realized this would make his job much easier, as he could just walk down the street and find his targets, instead of having to go into the hospitals themselves. Mutagen set off to find the device.

Ripping his way through security, Mutagen tore through the Helix building, where he ran into Miguel O'Hara and Anna Coye, Carrie's sister. Looking at her nametag, Mutagen realized that Anna and Carrie were indeed sisters, and that Anna probably carried the same genetic flaw as Carrie. Miguel jumped to Anna's defense, but Mutagen simply swiped him away. Either having to protect his secret identity or Anna, Miguel jumped at Mutagen, cutting him with his talons. Miguel yelled for Anna to run, but Mutagen quickly caught her and knocked her out. Miguel went into a rage, slamming Mutagen through a wall, then threw him into a machine, setting him on fire. Miguel quickly grabbed Anna and escaped the flaming lab, while Mutagen, still on fire, reached the object he desired. When Anna awoke in the hospital, Miguel told her that the police couldn't find his body.

Comments: Created by Evan Skolnick and Chris Wozniak

Because of the trauma she received from Mutagen's blow, Anna lost the memory of seeing Miguel using his Spider-powers... Or so she said.

Profile by: Zerostar


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