Real Name: Major Arkady Valentinov

Identity/Class: Extra-Temporal (Earth 2099) Human/Technology user; later Mutate

Occupation: Soldier

Affiliations: The Soviet Union; Doktor October 2099; Red Dawn 2099; The Bear 2099; Hammer 2099; Sickle 2099

Enemies: Spider-Man 2099; Alchemax

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Knight Of The Soviet People"

Base of Operations: Siberia, Russia, EARTH 2099

First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1/3 (1994)

Powers/Abilities: Chernobyl wore an exo-skeleten that heightened his strength and left him basically bulletproof, though Spider-Man 2099 did cut through it with his claws. He also wore a jetpack that granted him flight and gauntlets that allowed him to fire energy
blasts from his hands. Later, he was seen as a being of pure energy.

History: (Spider-Man Annual#1/2 -bts-) During the height of the Cold War, Major Valentinov, along with several other Russian military agents were augmented and placed into suspended animation. Left in a sub off the coast of New York, the Soviets were to be activated in case the Cold War heated up a bit much.

BTS- The Cold War ended and everyone either forgot about Major Valentinov and his comrades or left him frozen just in case.

(Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1/2) While excavating the Atlantic, some Alchemax workers uncovered the sub. Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man 2099's alter ego, was brought in to investigate the sub by Tyler Stone, due to his knowledge of the 20th century. Stone considered the positives of waking the Soviet agents, but before he could get too far, Chernobyl blasted out of his capsule and attacked Stone after hearing him speak English and thinking the war had fully started. Luckily for Stone, some Alchemax security shot at Chernobyl. Unluckily for some Alchemax security agents, they shot at Chernobyl to protect their boss. Chernobyl raged on for a while, before Spider-Man 2099 jumped into the battle. Chernobyl mistook the 2099 counterpart for the current Spider-Man, before getting pounded a bit by Spidey. After a slash from Spidey, Chernobyl's exo-skeleten was compromised and began to overheat. Finally taking a halt from the fight, Chernobyl realized that Spider-Man was right, and this was not the 20th century. Flying into the atmosphere, Chernobyl hoped the change in atmosphere would cool his system. Unfortunately, it didn't, and he exploded. Later, Chernobyl found himself in Russia, seemingly a being of pure energy now.

Comments: Created by Ian Edgington and Malcolm Davis

A group of angry, frozen Soviets with a link to the modern age, waiting to be woken up for a war... Could be an interesting Cap or (regular) Spidey story there.

Profile by: Zerostar

Doktor October, Red Dawn, The Bear, Hammer and Sickle were all fellow Soviet military agents. Although Chernobyl awoke, they didn't. After discovery of the sub, they were probably kept somewhere in the Alchemax building. @Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1/2


Bear 2099, Sgt. Mishka Gudonov, is not to be confused with...

Doktor October 2099, Dr. Stephan Butchatsky M.D., is not to be confused with...

Hammer 2099, Cpl. Yuri Lysenkovitch, is not to be confused with...

Red Dawn 2099, Capt. Petra Renko, has no known connection to...

Sickle 2099, Cpl. Eva Lysenkovitch, is not to be confused with...

Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1 (1994) - Ian Edginton (writer), Malcolm Davis (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor)

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