(of Earth-928)

Official Name: New Atlantis

Continent: Beneath the oceans

Population: Unrevealed

Capital City: Unrevealed

Government: Kingdom; formerly independent colonization

Major Languages: English

Monetary Unit: Unrevealed; presumably former surface credits

Major Resources: Unrevealed

National Defense: Bio-engineered mutate soldiers

International Relations: Atlanteans (enemies), the entire surface world (enemies); formerly Alchemax (benefactor)

Extraterrestrial Relations: None

Places of Interest: Nova Atlantea colony

Domestic Super Humans: Dragonklaw, Sub-Mariner ("Roman the First")

Non-Human Population: Dragonklaw, Sub-Mariner ("Roman the First"), bio-engineered mutates

Prominent Citizens: Dragonklaw, Sub-Mariner ("Roman the First")

Superhuman Residents: Dragonklaw, Sub-Mariner ("Roman the First")

Domestic Crime: Dragonklaw and his soldiers captured New Atlanteans to experiment on them. The bio-engineered mutate slaves later staged a rebellion and violently overthrew their human slavers.

International Crime: Dragonklaw and his soldiers attempted to capture surface humans to experiment on and later, Attuma and the warriors of the original Atlantis invaded the Nova Atlantea colony in New Atlantis and destroyed it, claiming its ruins in an attempt to rebuild the original Atlantis.

First Appearance: Ravage 2099 I#5 (April, 1993)

History: (Spider-Man 2099 I#43 (fb) - BTS) - Alchemax, aided by Stark-Fujikawa, developed the New Atlantis Project, for undersea exploration and colonization. As humans began living in small undersea communities in New Atlantis, bio-engineered mutates did all of the heavy outside work, essentially acting as slaves.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#46 (fb) - BTS) - When Alchemax head Tyler Stone proposed starting an extraterrestrial Earth colony on Mars, dubbed the Ares Project, the Alchemax board of directors scoffed at the idea and suggested Stone continue his focus on their New Atlantean Nova Atlantea colony, laughing Stone out of the boardroom.

(Fantastic Four 2099 I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Unbeknownst to Alchemax, their Nova Atlantea colony within New Atlantis was built on the site of Namor's tomb.

(Ravage 2099 I#5) - In New Atlantis, the aquatic Dragonklaw ran experiments in an attempt to adapt Atlanteans' bodies to breathing air on the surface. While experimenting on two subjects, Dragonklaw and his men deprived the two subjects of oxygen but they began to suffocate, forcing Dragonklaw and his men to insert more liquid into the New Atlantean test subjects' tubes. Realizing his tests had failed, Dragonklaw insisted that they all keep trying for the sake of all of New Atlantis and when his men asked what their next command was, Dragonklaw realized that they were never learn to breathe air with Atlantean test subjects and suggested they needed human test subjects to learn how humans breathed air. Dragonklaw then ordered his men to contact their probe ship, which reported that the surface was within strike distance. Dragonklaw announced that they only needed to find two humans that would not be missed, reiterating that the New Atlanteans had to learn how to breathe air if they ever hoped to conquer the surface world. From New Atlantis, Dragonklaw then watched as Dack and Tiana Sikoski escaped Alchemax on the waterfront. Feeling as two humans on the run would not be missed, Dragonklaw gave the order to seize the two.

(Ravage 2099 I#6 - BTS) - Dragonklaw's warriors arrived at the waterfront and prepared to capture Tiana Sikoski and Dack. When Tiana referred to the warriors as Mutroids, one of them announced that they were not Mutroids but rather, warriors of New Atlantis.

(Ravage 2099 I#7/Ravage 2099 I#8 (fb)) - Dragonklaw's warriors returned to Dragonklaw's New Atlantis domain and the captured Tiana was led into the Oxygen Chamber, unaware that Ravage and Dack had followed to rescue her. Dragonklaw's soldiers revealed that the Oxygen Chamber was where experiments were done to allow the New Atlanteans to breathe air in preparation for their surface world invasion. The soldiers then led Tiana into the experiment room, where New Atlantean scientists scolded the soldiers for not bringing more subjects since the subjects' death rates were so high. Once Tiana had been strapped onto the operating table for dissection, Ravage and Dack appeared and fought off some of the New Atlantean soldiers. Dack then freed Tiana while Ravage battled the soldiers, eventually blasting out the lights and destroying a New Atlantean tank as they attempted to escape Dragonklaw's domain. As they escaped, one of Dragonklaw's soldiers demanded that Dragonklaw give the order to flood the tunnels but Dragonklaw refused, remarking that Ravage had fought a valiant fight and earned his least until Dragonklaw conquered the surface world.

(Ravage 2099 I#8 - BTS) - Once on the surface, Dack recounted their rescue mission to New Atlantis, remarking that Dragonklaw and his New Atlanteans were not likely to attack the surface world after they were defeated by one man.

(Spider-Man 2099 I Annual#1/2 - BTS) - When the Net Prophet was speaking to Father Jennifer about the various types of worship, he mentioned splinter groups worshiping creatures in New Atlantis.

(Spider-Man 2099 I Annual#1/3) - The Alchemax Atlantis deep-water development program mined a section of New Atlantis, uncovering a forgotten Cold War-era Soviet submarine.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#43 (fb)) - The New Atlantean mutates eventually became bothered by their slavery and they rallied around one of their number, Roman the First, revolting and attacking the human settlers. Any settlers who fought back were killed and Alchemax soon lost touch with their colony on New Atlantis, prompting Tyler Stone to send Alchemax soldiers as a counter-offensive.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#43 (fb) - BTS) - When Alchemax lost touch with their employees, Miguel O'Hara sent more Alchemax employees to check on the situation, only to lose contact with them as well. With the violence surrounding New Atlantis, many investors in Alchemax grew concerned that the New Atlanteans mutates would attack the US/Europe Tunnel and that any ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean would be fair game for another attack. The New Atlantean mutates eventually declared independence from Alchemax, putting pressure on Alchemax to rectify the situation with the revolting mutates.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#43) - Investigating on his own, Spider-Man (actually Miguel O'Hara himself) arrived near the Alchemax colony just in time to rescue an Alchemax counter-offensive employee from the explosion of a shattered undersea base. After saving the employee, Spider-Man learned of Tyler Stone's New Atlantis Project and related the pressure Alchemax was under to resolve the mutate revolution. The employee asked if Miguel O'Hara (unaware Spider-Man WAS Miguel) would leave New Atlantis alone but Spider-Man admitted that he didn't think that was an option and that he would have to somehow force the mutates to relinquish control of New Atlantis back to Alchemax. When the employee remarked that the mutates would never give up control, Spider-Man explained that they would have to, as New Atlantis was not their property to begin with and assured the employee that it was not his concern. The employee responded by revealing that he had been experimented on by the mutates and had become loyal to them. The employee then yelled "Long Live New Atlantis! Long Live the Sub-Mariner!," removed the helicopter door and dove into the ocean, promising that he would inform the Sub-Mariner of Spider-Man's answer to their problems.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#43) - Before Spider-Man could explain that his solution wasn't any sort of official answer, the man had returned to New Atlantis and informed the Sub-Mariner of Spider-Man's impression of what would happen. The Sub-Mariner admitted that the legendary Namor had dealt with a similar issue during the heroic age and when the employee asked what Namor had done, the Sub-Mariner remarked that he had taught the surface world a lesson they would never forget. Returning to Alchemax, Miguel O'Hara proposed setting up peace talks between Alchemax and the New Atlantean mutates but before peace talks could be made, the Sub-Mariner flooded New York and summoned a sea monster, announcing that the New Atlantean mutates had only wished to be left alone.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#44 - BTS) - The New Atlantean mutates' attack on New York continued with Spider-Man eventually gaining a horn that controlled the sea monster. When the Sub-Mariner demanded the horn back, Spider-Man refused in an effort to save lives but the Sub-Mariner explained that no lives would be lost, as his New Atlantean mutates would see to that. Spider-Man eventually captured the Sub-Mariner and later spoke to the angry Sub-Mariner in his civilian identity of Miguel O'Hara, remarking on how he had wanted to give New Atlantis an even break but the Sub-Mariner's attack had forced his hand to issue an ultimatum for the New Atlantean mutates to surrender or else. Unfortunately, the Sub-Mariner soon escaped and rampaged into the Alchemax room containing the Venom symbiote, which bonded to the Sub-Mariner as he returned to New Atlantis, promising that Miguel O'Hara would rue the day he had crossed the Sub-Mariner.

(Fantastic Four 2099 I#6 - BTS) - Miguel O'Hara watched an A/V log of Alchemax's Nova Atlantea colony within New Atlantis was invaded by what appeared to be Atlanteans from the original Atlantis. Worried that the entire New Atlantis settlement would be overtaken by "real" Atlanteans within an hour's time, Miguel asked his computer to play back any remaining A/V logs that were made from New Atlantis. The computer did as programmed and displayed the final A/V log from New Atlantis, in which one of the New Atlantean mutates transmitted that New Atlantis had been hit with a surprise attack and Roman, the Sub-Mariner, had been killed. The original Atlantean warlord Attuma then appeared on the A/V log and announced that the New Atlantean territory rightfully belonged to him and that the world would also belong to him in a matter of days. Thinking that Earth-928's Fantastic Four might be able to help with the New Atlantean Nova Atlantea colony, Miguel donned his Spider-Man costume and set off to recruit the Fantastic Four's help against Attuma. Arriving to learn that the Human Torch had disappeared at coordinates that were directly over the New Atlantean colony, Spider-Man immediately remarked that the Torch might soon find himself in hot water.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#45 (fb) - BTS) - Attuma and his original Atlanteans completely destroyed the Nova Atlantea colony on New Atlantis.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#45 - BTS) - Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic decided to check on Alchemax's New Atlantis colony, only to see via video screen that the colony had been totally destroyed and was in ruins alongside a crashed Fantasticar.

(Fantastic Four 2099 I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Attuma claimed the remnants of the New Atlantean colony for his recreated original Atlantis empire. Once ruling over the area, Attuma ordered an attack on Alchemax for building their New Atlantis colony over the site of Namor's tomb.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#46 - BTS) - During the Atlantean attack on Alchemax, one of the Atlantean soldiers accused Spider-Man and Alchemax of not only encroaching on Attuma's territory with Alchemax's previous creation of their Nova Atlantea New Atlantis colony but also of desecrating the sarcophagus of Prince Namor by building the colony over Namor's burial site. As Spider-Man fought the soldier, he admitted that he had no idea about the desecration of Namor's burial site. The soldier responded by accusing Alchemax of purposely building their New Atlantis colony over the site before the soldier was killed by the arriving Vulture. As Nueva York flooded, Alchemax head Tyler Stone attempted to escape in a ship to Mars but the Atlantean General Dagim confronted Stone and accused him of being responsible for the creation of the Nova Altantea colony in New Atlantis. Thinking how he refused to die over a colony he wanted nothing to do with, Stone argued with the Atlantean until Spider-Man, who was helping evacuate the explosive-filled Alchemax tower, arrived. 

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Paul Ryan, Keith Williams and Bud LaRosa.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
Spider-Man 2099 I#43, p7, pan2-3 (New Atlantis after the mutate revolution, main image)
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Ravage 2099 I#5, p16, pan2 (New Atlantis before mutates took over)
Spider-Man 2099 I#43, p11, pan2 (New Atlantis-Roman's domain)
Spider-Man 2099 I#45, p2, pan1 (destroyed Nova Atlantea colony within New Atlantis)

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