Real Name: John Roger Tensen

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human paranormal

Occupation: Former agent of Narcotics Division of the US Justice Department

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with a criminal record

Affiliations: Leader of the Forsaken;
    former agent of the National Security Council (
Chauncy, Creeping Crud, Kleenex, Playback, Shudderbug) under Terrence Updike;
    All-American, Captain Manhattan,
Chrome, Dennis Foley, agent Kurtz (FBI), Medusa Web, Metallurge, Nightmask, Overshadow, Pit Bull, Psi-Hawk, Theodora Remsen;
Rebecca Chambers, Hoyt Pittman, Playback, Psi-Force, Red Sun, Reggie Wyschoff, Arnie, Sara, Edwards + Redpath + Wiley, Willie and Edna;
Endolana, Justice Warriors, Therion, Webstral (possibly only illusions);
    Quasar of Earth-616;
As the Net Prophet (all of Earth 2099): Father Jennifer D'Angelo, Xina Kwon, Sintilla, Spider-Man (O'Hara), Kenny and Loreen

Enemies: Glen Baker, Black Justice, Damon Conquest, Leon Crisp, Daedalus Darquill, Greg Gardner, Mr. Hanley (former employer), Hounds, James, Judge Mental, Amanda Jung, Rodney Jung, Justice Brigade, Malakite, Max, the Millennias, Nightmare Killer, Lonnie Pool, Psi-Force, Psi-Hawk, Quill, Eric Quinn, Rodstvow, Savior, Seraph, Everett Sloan, Malcolm Stokes, Tattoo, Villalobos gang;
formerly the Forsaken and Red Sun;
Skeletron and the Starblasters;
    formerly the Stranger, Ikaris and other superhumans allied with the Stranger
As the Net Prophet (Earth 2099): Roger

Known Relatives: Irene (wife, deceased), Angela (daughter)

Aliases: Justice Tensen, Justice Warrior, Net Prophet, Prophet of Thor, "Super-Tights," Whitey

Base of Operations: last seen traveling across the USA in the world of 2099;
    formerly Earth-New Universe
        formerly the Terminus, Coney Island, New York;
        formerly the Nationals Security Council headquarters, Washington, DC;
        formerly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;   
    formerly the "
Far Place" (illusionary/imaginary realm)

Place of Birth: Teaneck, New Jersey

Religion: Protestant (non-practicing)

First Appearance: Justice#1 (New Universe) (November, 1986)
    (Net Prophet): Spider-Man 2099#12 (October, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Justice is able to psionically create two forms of energy: From his right (or "sword") hand, he releases blasts of energy which are of high intensity and heat. He can vary the size of the beam from that of a flashlight to at least six feet in diameter. He can also use this hand to release dazzling bursts of light.

    From his left (or "shield") hand, he is able to create force fields of varying sizes and shapes. These fields are resistant to both physical and energy attacks. They can withstand the impact of a bullet, but can be made to also absorb the impact of a person falling from great heights without injury to the person. Only the scythe of Seraph has ever been seen to shatter one. He can project these shields around himself and other people. It requires great energy and concentration to use these shields, and it is thus difficult for him to maintain them for an extended amount of time, or to use them over a large area. He can create small shields, which he can send into someone's mouth, choking them, and he can also use shields as rising platforms to climb to great heights. 

    Each of Justice's powers are guided by the opposite hemispheres of his brain. He is most adept with using the right and left hands for sword and shield, respectively, but he can, with effort, use either hand for either power. However, he cannot use both powers simultaneously.

    Justice can perceive the aura around people to determine if they possess paranormal powers. He initially believed this ability to allow him to tell good from evil, but this may be part of Darquill's illusions. In addition, Justice can somehow perceive Miriam Morse, Playback, when she is observing past events. He can sense her presence when she is looking back, from the future, at what he is doing now...hmmm...hard to explain.

    Justice once demonstrated the ability to grow back a severed hand, but this, too, may have been a manifestation of Darquill's dream world.

    Justice is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, he is well coordinated, and athletic.

    Tensen suffered some sort of permanent brain damage from the long amount of time he spent with Darquill's paranormal hallucinatory world. Because of this damage, Justice is extremely susceptible to any form of drug which interacts with his brain. If a drug is used on him, it may cause him to revert back to his hallucinatory state. In this state, all beings, both real and imagined, will take on different, often fantastic forms. Justice will also have a vastly different perception of himself when hallucinating.

    As the Net Prophet, his abilities were altered. Rather than forming physical shields, he warped space around himself, so that anything contacting the field was warped away to parts unknown. He could transport whole cars with this power. He could also fire concussive eyeblasts.

Height: 6'2"                Weight: 205 pounds                Eyes: Blue                Hair: White

History: John Tensen was born 4/25/50 in Teaneck, New Jersey in the alternate earth dimension known as the New Universe.

(Justice#17(fb)) - Even as a youth, John Tensen dreamed of being the good guy, the man with the white hat.

(Justice#17(fb)) - In high school, Tensen earned the nickname "narc" when he beat up some other students who had offered him drugs.

(Justice#17 (fb)) - Tensen married his girlfriend Irene, right out of high school.

(Justice#17 (fb)) - A year later, their daughter, Angela, was born. After the baby was born, Irene worked while John went to college.

(Justice#27 (fb)) - When Angela was six years old, John tried to comfort her by proving there were no monsters in her closet. He was quite shocked when he opened the door and was flattened by a mass quantity of toys she had stuffed in there while cleaning her room.

(Justice#17 (fb)) - After graduation, the Tensens moved to Washington, DC, where he landed a job in the Justice Department, narcotics division. John worked his way up and became one of the top investigators. He broke countless operations and made countless enemies, but he seemed and felt invincible. However, one day one of Tensen's enemies placed a bomb in his car, which took the life of Irene.
After Irene's death, Tensen tracked down and busted those responsible, but he withdrew from his personal life and his daughter, whom he could barely look at because she reminded him of Irene.

(Justice#17 (fb)) - Shortly after Angela went to college, Tensen was placed in charge of taking down the druglord Daedalus Darquill. He was sent in undercover.

(Justice#17 (fb)) <7/22/1986> - The White Event occurred. Like everyone on Earth, Tensen was exposed to the energies released from a manifestation of the Starbrand power. That same day, John Tensen began to develop fierce migraines.

(Justice#15 (fb) / 17 (fb)) - Tensen tracked down Damon Conquest, the head of a drug cartel. However, Conquest was an agent of Darquill, and he brought Tensen to him. Darquill targeted Tensen with his hallucination power, intending to transform him into one of his "Hounds." Tensen managed to partially deflect Darquill's mental attack with his shield, so that rather than become one of Darquill's slaves, he instead became part of his imaginary dreamworld, the Far Place.
Tensen came to believe that he was a native of this otherdimensional realm. There he was a Justice Warrior for the Land of Spring, which was opposed by the Land of Winter, which was ruled by Darquill. The Far Place was a world of magic, and Tensen served under the king, Therion, but had a secret affair with the queen, Endolana.

(Justice#1(fb)) - As a result of a struggle against the agents of Darquill, Tensen was apparently transported to Earth.

(Justice#1) <8/6-7/86> - Justice seemingly arrived on Earth. He was bewildered by the strange customs of Earth, but uses his "aura power" to determine the good from the bad. In Manhattan, New York, he tracked down a drug ring working out of the Factory. He executed Chango Villalobos (the head of the drug ring) and Martin Roth (the corrupt owner of the Factory), as well as Jean-Paul, a corrupt member of the NYPD. During this encounter, he also met Rebecca Chambers and Hoyt Pittman, two other cops, who saw him as the murderer of an innocent policeman. They arrested Justice and sent him to prison.

(Justice#2) <8/8/86> - As Rebecca Chambers questioned Justice, they were attacked by "Hounds" (believed to be soul-less warriors of Darquill). Justice slew the Hounds and managed to make a connection Rebecca so that she let him go. He then hired a cabbie, Arnie, to take him to Los Angeles so he could confront Damon Conquest, who was the man behind the Factory. He paid for the cab with money he took from some small-time drugrunners.

(Justice#3) <8/12/86> - Justice and Arnie stopped at a rest stop in Oklahoma, where he confronted and joined up with Rebecca Chambers and Hoyt Pittman, the Justice agents who had been tailing him. Darquill sent his agent, Tattoo, after them. Tattoo "infected" Pittman with a serpentine creature which later burst forth and killed him, and then attacked Justice. Tensen was forced to generate the sword with his left hand when the creature bit onto his right hand--blowing off his right hand in the process. They returned to the rest stop and found everyone there dead, and they failed to stop Tattoo from escaping.

(Justice#4) <10/3/86> - Justice recovered from his injuries, regrowing his right hand. He then went to LA and confronted Damon Conquest. During the course of the battle, he began switching back and forth between reality and the Far Place. He was reunited with Endolana, but their affair was discovered by King Therion. However, he continue to switch back and forth between realms, enabling him to dodge attacks from Conquest and Therion. He succeeded in defeating both, although Conquest escaped.

(Justice#5) <11/1-5/86> - On the Mexican Day of the Dead, Justice and Rebecca had Arnie drop them off in Baja, and began to head towards Darquill's estate. Two bribed policement tried to bring them in, but Justice incinerated one, and Becky shot the other. They were then attacked by Tattoo, but by working together they were able to drive him off. Eventually they made their way to Darquill who transformed into a giant creature and attacked Justice when he refused his offer to join him. Darquill proved immune to Justice's power, but Tensen then attacked Damon, forcing Darquill into a stalemate. However, Tattoo then grabbed Becky, and they, Darquill, and Conquest all passed through a portal into the Far Place. Within that realm, Darquill revealed his plans to convert her to his side.

(Justice#6) <12/18-19/86> - Back in Manhattan, Justice found and rescued a young girl, Sara, who had been fed drugs by a street gang. He used his powers to heal her, but when he took her out to get something to eat, the gang members managed to capture her again. The gang members killed her before Justice could stop them, and so he killed them--all except one, whom he took as an informant.

(Justice#7) <12/19-24/86> - After learning of the drug dealer's source, Justice killed him. He then tracked down the Villalobos organization and slaughtered them.
Justice was approached by agents of the Justice Department for questioning on the murder of Rebecca Chambers.

(Justice#8) <12/27/86> - Justice was thrown in jail, where he quickly rose to the top of the pecking order, both among the guards and the other prisoners. Justice met his lawyer, Danielle Towson, who was actually another agent of Tattoo's. Tensen recognized Conquest's aura on her, but decided to play along initially. Meanwhile, Tattoo had altered a female corpse to appear to be Rebecca Chambers, and framed Justice as the murderer. Danielle had Tensen's bail arranged, and then tried to seduce him. However, when Justice heard the news about the recovery of Rebecca's body, he took off.

(Justice#9) <1/5/1987> - Justice tracked Leon Crisp, a serial killer. He temporarily became ill and lost the use of his sword, but bought a gun and shot and killed Crisp.

(Nightmask#8 (fb) - BTS) - The brother of a drug dealer slain by Justice (in Justice#1) lapsed into a catatonic trance. Keith Remsen (Nightmask) helped him to overcome his fear and return to life, but the man's terror of Justice transferred into Remsen, who began having dreams that Justice was stalking and slaying Remsen and his allies.

(Justice#10) <2/17/87> - Darquill apparently transported Justice to the desert, where he was attacked by Klane, Black Justice. As Darquill had planned, Klane manipulated Tensen into killing him in rage, seemingly corrupting his aura. Darquill and Conquest's agents drew the energy of this corruption into the Far Place, where they enhanced the powers of their Night Warriors, preparing them for the conquest of the Land of Spring.

(Justice#11(fb)) - Justice, still wandering the desert, was confronted by the badly injured Webstral, who told him of the slaughter of the Land of Spring. Webstral channeled the last of his life force into Tensen, rejuvenating him.

(Justice#11) - Justice made his way back into town, where he killed some Hounds who attacked him. After killing some drug dealers, he found his purpose once again clarified.

(Justice#12) - Justice assisted FBI agent Kurtz (despite his wishes) in tracking down and terminating a group of criminals who had slaughtered everyone in a fast food restaurant.

(Justice#13) <7/87> - After several months in Los Angeles, Justice posed as the bodyguard of Reggie Wyschoff, the owner of the club Razzle. Damon Conquest sent his agent, Max, to kill Andrew Markham for refusing to distribute their drugs. Max killed Markham at one of Wyschoff's parties, after which Justice attacked him. Justice managed to determine Max's weakness and destroy him, and he then convinced Markham's son, Peter, to give up his own drug habit.

(Justice#14) <8/3/87> - Back in the midwest, Justice broke up a child pornography ring, killing member Eric Sloan in the process, but was bitten by a rattlesnake. He recovered from the venom, but lost the use of his aura-reading ability. He got involved with a group trying to prevent the further development of Glen Canyon. Tensen had a hard time trying to determine who was in the right in this situation: the group trying to set explosives for the construction crew, or the police trying to stop them. Ultimately, the group was killed fighting the authorities, and Tensen's abilities returned in time to prevent him from killing the police officer, whose aura was pure.

(Justice#15) - Justice began to have vision's of his past life, making him question his memories. He sought aid from Nightmask in Washington, DC. While Justice was sleeping, as part of Nightmask's therapy, Darquill sent Rebecca Chambers to kill him. However, Justice awoke in time to stop her, and she was killed when his shield reflected her bullets. Then Darquill sent his agent Malakite and some Hounds after him, but Justice vaulted over them and through the portal into the Land of Spring. There he fought and slew Damon Conquest, and then attacked Darquill himself. Again, his powers were useless against Darquill, who blasted him out of existence--or perhaps, more accurately, into existence. Tensen returned to reality alongside Nightmask outside of Darquill's estate in Baja, California. Nightmask explained to Justice that the Far Place was only a creation of Darquill's mind. Rather than risk getting caught up in Darquill's dream again, Tensen killed him in his sleep--terminating the reality of the Far Place, and restoring Tensen to his true appearance.

(Justice#30 (fb) - BTS) - In order to prevent himself from ever being mentally manipulated by another, Justice spent about a month with Nightmask, learning mental discipline.

(Justice#16 (fb1-3),#16) <> Tensen, now back in reality, but still lacking memory of his true past, went on a spree--killing a series of paranormal criminals: Greg Gardner, Malcolm Stokes, and Lonnie Pool--earning the name, the Justice Killer, b/c he drew a scale of balances in their ashes.
A post-cognitive paranormal, Playback, investigated the murders, and he gave her a warning to not abuse her powers. A composite sketch described by Playback was shown on the news, revealing Tensen's survival and current existence to his daughter, Angie, and to his former superior, Terrence Updike.

(Justice#17(fb)) Tensen slew another paranormal who had been abusing his powers, Eric Quinn. However, Quinn's power enabled him to transfer his own mind into Tensen's body before dying.

(Justice#17) - While Quinn's mind took over control of Justice's form a few times, Quinn eventually faded from existence.

(Untold Tales of the New Universe: Justice#1) - Tensen tracked down Rodney Jung, a paranormal using his powers to create addicts. After killing Rodney, he saw the aura of Rodney's daughter Amanda become evil, hating Justice for killing her father. Justice tricked her into thinking she had killed him so that she could be purified.

(Justice#18) <12/22/87> - Justice located Glen Baker, a paranormal precognitive, who was using his powers for his own benefit. Justice attempted to warn him to use his powers to help others, but, as Baker predicted to him, they were both suddenly caught up in a powerful backwash of winds caused by the nearby explosion that created the Pitt. Justice managed to save a nearby toddler, though she was deafened by the explosion. He placed the toddler with a middle-aged couple--Willie and Edna--whose children had been killed in the Pitt.

(Justice#19) - In search of the paranormal responsible for the Pitt, Justice traveled to Philadelphia. There he encountered Savior and the Millennias. Withholding his sword and shield power, Justice beat the Savior to the ground, and his disillusioned followers mobbed over him and beat him to death. Tensen used the money which Savior had obtained illegally to serve as a trust which would pay his daughter, Angie's, tuition.

(Star Brand#16 - BTS) - Nightmask escaped from the mindscape of the "Nightmare Killer" by taking the form of Justice, which terrified the killer.

(Star Brand#18/2) - Justice was pulled from a dream into the mindscape of the "Nightmare Killer," a psychotic who killed others in their sleep. The killer toyed with him and then cast him out when he had proved himself immune to Justice's power.

(Justice#20) - Justice attended the Pitt-Aid concert, where in an effort to stop a paranormal named James from harassing Angie, he ended up in a fight with Seraph, who had made it his mission to protect paranormals. Seraph's scythe could overcome either of Justice's weapons, but Tensen managed to choke him with miniature shields. Just then, however, a stampede caused by people fleeing from the fighting paranormals threatened to trample Angie. Justice used all of his power to protect her, leaving himself open to the security guards, who beat him into submission

(Justice#21) - Aware of Tensen's powers, the police kept him heavily sedated and in chains. The drugs interacted with the damage previously done by Darquill's manipulations, causing Tensen to believe he was back in the Far Place. Hallucinating that almost everyone he encountered was an agent of Darquill, he broke free from the prison and went on a rampage.

(Justice#22) - Neither police nor the military could bring down Justice, who destroyed their weapons and turned their firepower back on them. Finally Angie Tensen came forward and tried to reach him. Though she appeared to be a monstrous creature to him, Tensen recognized her voice and trusted his instincts, and her soothing voice brought him back to reality.

(Justice#23) - Back to his senses, Tensen agreed to work with the National Security Council, with liaison Terrence Updike. His first mission was to put a stop to the Justice Brigade (formerly the Millennias), who were using blow torches to kill the guilty, in the image of their idol. Tensen located one of their agents and followed them back to their base, where he tried to put an end to their mission by telling them that the Justice Brigade must cease to exist. Not realizing they would take him quite so literally, he was surprised when the building blew up seconds after he had left. The deaths of all the misguided souls, and most especially a young boy, the son of a member, shook his belief in his mission.

(Justice#24) <4/15/1988> - The NSC sent Justice to Duncanville, Texas, to investigate a paranormal ex-con, named Dennis Foley. As the town prepared to lynch Rabinowitz for his former crimes, Tensen and he made a plan whereby Rabinowitz came across as a hero by fighting him off when Justice seemingly tried to convince him to destroy the town.
    Justice felt great psychic pain when Rodstvow destroyed Psi-Hawk, not fully realizing that Angie had been nearly crushed while they two had fought in the sky above her.

(Justice#25) - Tensen told the NSC that Foley had turned out not to be a paranormal after all. Meanwhile, the Forsaken (allies of Seraph) sent the assassin Quill to exterminate Justice. Tensen narrowly escaped death when another paranormal, Creeping Crud, stepped into the path of Quill's sniper fire. Quill escaped Justice.

(Justice#26) - While Justice and Playback followed Quill's trail--which ended in failure, Quill abducted Angie Tensen.

(Justice#27) - Justice followed Quill's orders to try and get Angie back, but Quill became enamored of Angie and tried to force himself on her. She fled into a graveyard, where her own paranormal powers--the ability to animate the dead--first made themselves apparent, and an army of corpses slew Quill.

(Justice#28) - Angie was left in a deep state of shock after the recent events, and Justice blamed himself. Seeing his failure to go after and kill Rodstvow and Psi-Hawk as his crime, and Angie's trauma as the lord's punishment, he made plans to correct his previous failure. Via Updike's connection with the Medusa Web, Justice embarked on a trip to Siberia, to aid them against Rodstvow.

(Psi-Force#29) - <10/5/1988> - With the Medusa Web, Justice invaded the Siberian Project, freeing Psi-Force. Justice's shields protected Skybreaker from hostile fire, allowing him to plow through a squadron of Russian soldiers unharmed.

(Justice#29) - The Medusa Web's helicopter was shot down as they tried to flee,  and together with they and Psi-Force, Justice fought against Red Sun, the paranormals of the Siberian Project. He was clawed across the face by Shivowtnoeh, but then stopped Thomas Boyd from beating the nearly mindless beast to death. When the members of the Project fled, the Web tried to load up another chopper and take off again, but Justice resisted, wanting to confront Rodstvow. Be careful what you wish for...Rodstvow then appeared above them, planning to kill them all.

(Psi-Force#30) - Linked through the mind of Wayne Tucker of Psi-Force, the rest of that group, Red Sun, the Medusa Web, and Justice combined forces against Rodstvow. Justice's sword was one of the powers that damaged the powerful Russian's containment armor, and his shields helped to pry open that rent, destroying the armor. Justice's power, along with that of telekinetic Kathy Ling and pyrokinetic Johnny Do helped to destroy the remaining skeleton of Rodstvow, slaying him at last.
    Too late, post-cognitive Lindsey Falmon got a flash of Justice's intentions, and as the group prepared to return home, Justice blasted Tucker from b ehind and announced his plans to slay the members of Psi-Force to fulfill his promise to Angie.

(Justice#30) - Justice managed to establish a psychic link with the members of Psi-Force. His previous training from Nightmask allowed him to control the situation, and he swiftly had the team of psis at his mercy. He placed them on trial and was prepared to execute them, when Lindsey Falmon told him that he was dead on the inside. Shaken by what she'd say, Tensen released Psi-Force and headed back to the US.

(Justice#31) - Returning to the US, Tensen took a LONG nap to regain his wits, and then went out to rescue some of the NSC's other agents who had been captured by the Forsaken. Unbeknownst to him, Angie, having recovered completely, joined Justice on his flight out there.

(Justice#32) - Justice and Angie traveled out to Coney Island, where they made their way into the Terminus, the base of the Forsaken. Wishing to meet the leader of the outfit, Justice allowed himself and Angie to be brought before Judge Mental. As the leader of the Forsaken bragged of his projecting telepath powers, Justice realized that he couldn't simply read minds, as he didn't know that he had a gun in his pocket. Well, he didn't know until Justice shot him through the heart, killing him. Justice then led Seraph to the top of a Ferris Wheel and knocked him off, causing him to fall to his death.

    Meanwhile, the NSC headquarters had been blow up by another member of the Forsaken, Impact. Justice, along with Angie and her boyfriend Victor (aka Kleenix), Shudderbug, and possibly Playback,  stayed in the Terminus. As Justice Tensen, he presided over all disputes and provided guidance as the new leader of the Forsaken.

(The War#4) - Justice was amongst the many paranormals spoken to by the Starchild, who saved the world from a nuclear war and warned them not to make the same mistakes again.

(Starblast#3) - Over a year later--and back in his original costume (complete with mullet hair-style), Justice was recruited by Nightmask to help oppose the threat of the Starblasters.

(Quasar#56) - Justice was present, alongside All-American, Captain Manhattan, Chrome, Metallurge, Nightmask, Overshadow, Pit Bull, and Psi-Hawk to discuss the threat of the Starblasters. Kayla Ballantine then appeared and revealed the nature of the threat.

(Starblast#4) - Justice and the others were teleported by Quasar to oppose the agents of the Stranger and Skeletron. Justice's power proved insufficient to stand against the power of Ikaris, who was working with the Stranger. However, all battles ceased when the Stranger trapped Skeletron in the New Universe dimension, while simultaneously bringing Earth-New Universe into the Earth-616 dimension.

(Quasar#57) - The Living Tribunal transported Kayla, Justice, and the rest of the heroes of the New Universe back to their earth, sealing it within an impenetrable force field to prevent the Star Brand from contaminating the universe again.

(Spider-Man 2099#13+14 (fb) - BTS) - Tensen had an unspecified battle with Thanatos, involving many beings from different worlds. This apparently took place in another reality in which Thanatos had slain a number of heroes of the modern era, including Thor.

(Spider-Man 2099#12) - Tensen was pulled into the world of 2099 by the reality warping Virtual Unreality machine of Jordan Boone.

(Spider-Man 2099#13 / 14(fb)) - His memories damaged by the dimensional travel, Tensen nonetheless recognized his old for Thanatos. However, as his powers had been altered, he could not stand against Thanatos, and he was saved from death by Spider-Man 2099. Other scientists present recognized Tensen as "The Prophet of Thor."
    Alchemax CEO Tyler Stone had both Thanatos and Spider-Man 2099 blasted into the portal into the Virtual Unreality machine, but Tensen, beginning to regain his power, formed a great shield around himself, protecting him both from blasts from the Alchemax agents and the energies of the VUR machine. He then reached into the VUR machine and pulled Spider-Man 2099 to safety. He warped space, teleporting himself and Spider-Man into Spider-Man's apartment. However, he then collapsed from a wound from Thanatos' blade.

(Spider-Man 2099#14) - Spider-Man 2099 used a heat-sealer to fuse Tensen's wounds shut. Spider-Man then took him for a tour of New York's Hightown, and Tensen racked his brains to remember fragments of his past, though not his own name. Spider-Man then took Tensen to Lowtown, where they saved father Jennifer D'Angelo from an assault by Ogun and a group of the Thorite group, Fenris. Spider-Man introduced Tensen as the Net Prophet, the Prophet of Thor, and they subdued the attackers. Tensen then thanked Spider-Man for the introduction and went off to explore the world on his own.

(Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1/2) While stopping by Father Jennifer's church in downtown, the Prophet met a woman named Loreen who told him of her husband's obsession with Spider-Man, and how he formed his own cult around the Spider-Man of the time. The Prophet promised to talk to her husband, Kenny, for her, then teleported back to Uptown. Finding himself in the middle of a large crowd, the Prophet looked up to find Kenny falling from a rather large building, trying to provoke Spider-Man into showing his greatness by saving him. Miguel O'Hara, trapped in the crowd, could do nothing but watch, but the Prophet opened a portal under Kenny, dropping him into the ocean.

When he pulled himself out, Kenny's faith didn't waiver a bit, as he asked the Net Prophet if he was sent by Spider-Man. The Prophet kicked him and called him a fool, telling him that Spider-Man was just a man, like the both of them. Kenny, finally a bit deterred, asked the Prophet what he should do, and the Prophet teleported them both back to Father Jennifer's church, where Kenny ran into Loreen's arms. Before the Net Prophet teleported away, he remarked to Father Jennifer that he had saved one person from their ignorance, just several billion to go.

(Spider-Man 2099#25/3) In a bar he frequented in Cyberspace, Holy Row, the Net Prophet found his attention diverted by a blonde semi-nudist. The girl, Sintilla, sat down to take a drink, when her abusive boyfriend, Roger, approached her. Roger wouldn't take no for an answer, and when some Sysops tried to seperate them, Roger burnt them to a crisp with his flamethrower. The Prophet, finally having enough, interrupted the man, only to get shot with the flamethrower and skewered with Roger's sword as well.

Simply pulling the sword out of his chest, the Prophet began to get back to his feet. This scared Roger so much that he threatened to fry Sintilla's brain. Having a Monty Python flashback, the Prophet shot Roger's cyberspace arms and legs off, then told him that when he returned to the real world, he would find that it wasn't just in cyberspace that this occurred. Roger jacked out, relieved that he had escaped the situation, but when he began to sit up, his torso was all that moved forward, as his arms and legs simply fell off his body. As he looked up, he saw Justice looking down on him, and began to scream in terror.

Back in Cyberspace, Sintilla asked the Prophet what he did to Roger, and he replied that he stuck him in a loop that he'd come out of... Sooner or later. Sintilla then planted a kiss on The Prophet's lips, and while locked in the embrace, the Prophet's past began flooding back to him. But just as soon as they embraced, Sintilla was gone. A large crowd of netgliders ran over to congratulate/thank the Prophet, but he ran after Sintilla. Feeling she had jacked out of Cyberspace, the Prophet tried to envision her, but his tracking abilities failed him...

(Spider-Man 2099#41 (fb) - BTS) - The Net Prophet visited Father Jennifer on several occasions, learning from her. The two became closer over the series of visits.

(Spider-Man 2099#41) - Around the 10th or 11th visit, the Prophet and Jennifer grew to romantic involvement.

(Spider-Man 2099#42) - The Prophet then headed out on the road, where he was picked up by Xina Kwon, who had headed out to figure out her own life.

(Spider-Man 2099#44) - Tensen recalled his last name, which he revealed to Xina. As they talked she nearly crashed into an large uncoming vehicle, but Tensen warped their vehicle to safety on the far side of the other one, and they continued their journey...


Comments: Created by Archie Goodwin and Geoff Isherwood.

Justice received a profile in Justice#22. A large amount of information in this profile is derived from that one.

    If you read Prime Eternal's primer on the New Universe, you'll see that in the first year, a lot of the writers and creative teams missed the point entirely. The team(s) behind Justice were the biggest offenders, as they used a large group of alternate dimension, magic-based characters. This was all revealed/ret-conned to have been a warping of reality by Daedalus Darquill. This occurred in Justice#15, by Peter David, who brought Justice into line with the NU's stated properties and premises.
That being said, all info behind Tattoo, who appeared during the reality warping issues, should be regarded as uncertain. He was supposed to have had magical abilities, presumably granted by Darquill or Conquest, but this should not be the case. He may have been a real paranormal of the NU, or he may have been made to appear to have powers, or he may not have existed as anything more than an illusion of Darquill.

    Anything which took place in the first 15 issues should be taken with a grain of salt. Tensen (and apparently the writers, as well) was under the influence of Darquill, and so anything he saw or did was affected by this. It was never clearly established what exactly took place, but I would ASSume that the events on Earth were real events, although the characters within them may have been altered by the hallucinations, or may have been hallucinations altogether. Any of the beings he fought against may have been paranormals, or they could be normal people, made to appear differently and to possess powers by Darquill. The events taking place in the Far Place strike me as being closer to pure hallucination, although there may have been touches of real people and events in there, too.

    Changing Writers Syndrome: Goodwin-->Englehart-->Isherwood-->Conway...before the title was brought into line with the New Universe, by Mark Gruenwald and Peter David, and then remained in the able hands of Peter David--who also wrote him as the Net Prophet in Spider-Man 2099.

    As far as the Net Prophet, there were cryptic clues at the beginning of his true nature, such as commenting that the scales must be balanced, that he had a daughter, and that he remembered a flash of white light. The clues as the end were less cryptic: "My name is Tensen. John Tensen."
    Unfortunately, Spider-Man 2099 was cancelled just a few issues later, and that's all we saw of the Net Prophet. Thanatos showed up later in Captain Marvel, which took place shortly after Spdm 2099#12-14, but the Prophet was nowhere to be seen.

    Now, technically, the last appearance of Justice would be in Quasar#57, and the Net Prophet might be his alternate future version, but as this appears to be the definitive version, I'm just including it here. I'd be very happy if Peter David brought back the Net Prophet, or showed his battle with Thanatos in Captain Marvel, or anywhere else!

Lastly, with regards to the Goblin "revelation(s)", per Bill Lentz:

A website, containing the background of the character, and ongoing fanfic can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/tensen2099/No_Justice/tensen.html

Thanks to Zerostar for contributing the images and some of the issue summaries for the Net Prophet.

No known connection to:

Irene Tensen

She was the high school sweetheart of John Tensen. They were married right out of high school and had a baby, Angela, a year later. Irene worked while John went to college, and then they moved to Washington, DC after he graduated. Sometime later, she started taking courses and studied to be a teacher. Her plans were cut short when she was killed by a car bomb placed by one of Tensen's enemies from his line of work

--Justice#17 (17(fbs), 27(fb), 17(fb)




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