Real Name: Victor Pasco

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human paranormal

Occupation: currently unknown;
    former agent of the National Security Council under Terrence Updike

Group Membership: Forsaken

Affiliations: former agent of the National Security Council;
    ally of Chauncy,
Justice, Playback, Shudderbug
    boyfriend of
Angie Tensen

Enemies: Psi-Force and Rodstvow (indirectly)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: the Terminus, Coney Island, New York;
        formerly the Nationals Security Council headquarters, Washington, DC;
    Earth-New Universe

First Appearance: Justice#21 (July, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Kleenex is allergic to paranormals, who cause him to become congested and to sneeze. Paranormals can block this sense with a special type of perfume.
    He also has above average strength, though it is unknown if any he has any particular combat training.

BTS -  <7/22/1986> - The White Event occurred. Like everyone on Earth, Victor was exposed to the energies released from a manifestation of the Starbrand power.
        At some point after this he began to develop an allergy to paranormals.

(Justice#21) - Victor accompanied Terrence Updike to Philadelphia to free and recruit John Tensen, Justice. He sneezed upon meeting Justice's daughter, Angie Tensen. When Angie became upset at Updike's allegations that her father was a murderer, Kleenex stopped Justice agent  Mr. Hanley from getting involved.

(Justice#22) - Victor was present at a meeting of Updike with Col. MacIntyre Browning of the army, mayor Huntly, and others trying to decide how to handle the Justice situation. He was seated between Playback and Angie Tensen, which made him rather sneezy. He was also present in the background when Angie talked Justice back to reality.

(Justice#23) - Victor used his allergies to direct Updike to Justice. He helped Updike back up after Justice through him to the ground. He spent some time with Angie and asked her out to a movie between sneezes. She agreed, but only if they sat on opposite sides of the theatre.

(Justice#24) - Victor gave Angie a bottle of perfume that covered up her paranormal scent and cleared his congestion. He then took her out to see a display at the Air and Space museum, but they ended up getting caught in the middle of struggle between Psi-Hawk and Rodstvow. Victor was injured by debris when they burst through the roof.

(Justice#25) - Victor was hospitalized with a broken right leg and left arm. Angie got him a glass of water and he sneezed it all over her.

(Justice#26) - Victor received another hospital visit from Angie.

(Justice#28) - Victor saw Angie getting wheeled into the hospital after her traumatic experience with Quill. He notified Updike, who notified Justice.

(Justice#29) - Victor stayed with Angie as she recovered, admitting to himself that he loved her.

(Justice#31) - Victor was present at the NSC headquarters as Justice returned from his encounter with Rodstvow and Psi-Force.

(Justice#32) - Victor went out for a sandwich and so was absent when Impact blew up the NSC building. He later headed out to Coney Island and met up with Angie, who invited him to stay with her with the Forsaken. She planted a big wet one one him and he appeared to be quite interested in staying.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Lee Weeks.

    Kleenex' power was not described clearly right away, but it was just hinted at, so we might guess that Angie Tensen was a paranormal. His power was confirmed in Justice#23.

images: Justice#21


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