Real Name: Rudy Leialoha

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human paranormal

Occupation: former field agent of the National Security Council

Affiliations: possibly the Forsaken;
    former agent of the National Security Council (
Chauncy, Creeping Crud, Justice, Kleenex, Playback) under Terrence Updike;

Enemies: Judge Mental, Seraph, Troublemaker (more of an antagonist)
    formerly the Forsaken

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth-New Universe
        formerly the Terminus, Coney Island, New York;
        formerly the Nationals Security Council headquarters, Washington, DC;

First Appearance: Justice I#26 (December, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Rudy can generate waves of seismic force, sufficient to cause moderate tremors, able to knock someone off of his or her feet. He had minimal combat experience and was in poor physical condition, but did maintain a good sense of humor and read comic books,

(Justice#26 (fb) - BTS) - Rudy's past history is unknown, but he developed paranormal powers from the energies of the Star Brand, via the White Event. He eventually joined the NSC to avoid being drafted into the Paranormal Platoon.

(Justice#26) - Rudy met Justice, who ridiculed him for reading comics, but Rudy just pointed out that Tensen was the one with the lightning bolt on his chest. He later demonstrated his rumble power to Justice and Playback.

(Justice#28) - Troublemaker of the Medusa came by NSC headquarters for a meeting with Justice, during which time he taunted Rudy for being fat. Rudy burped, rumbling the ground in the process and almost knocking Troublemaker over. "Probably a munchkin disagreed with me."

(Justice#29) - Playback, Chauncy, and Shudderbug were sent to Coney Island to investigate stories of paranormals there.

(Justice#30) - While they continued the search, Playback was abducted by Figurine.

(Justice#31) - Rudy and Chauncy saw Augur run out from underneath the boardwalk. While Chauncy was calling in a report, Horny Toad snagged Rudy around the neck by his tongue and dragged him under the boardwalk. After Chauncy had been captured as well, Playback told Rudy he was the only one with offensive powers and he had to do something. He told a joke, which at least allowed them to get past their terror over what might happen to them. They continued to use the joke to relieve tension, even when they were brought before Judge Mental.

(Justice#32) - Judge Mental charged the three with contempt of court for their continued antics and sent Seraph to kill one of them. Captain Brooklyn arrived to save them, but Seraph killed him. Now with the trespasser's complete attention, Judge Mental questioned them again. Justice then arrived to rescue them, and Rudy, Chauncy, and Playback were put at the top of an amusement ride to keep them out of Justice's reach. The supports for their car were partially slashed by Seraph in the process of fighting Justice, but they remained otherwise out of the struggle.
    Afterwards, Rudy apparently chose to remain in the Terminus with the Forsaken, under the new leadership of Justice.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Lee Weeks.

    If you're too young, or English is your second language, you may not appreciate the weak pun behind his name. A shutterbug is a nickname for camera enthusiasts, based on the shutter used to allow focal amounts of light to hit the film. Since Rudy could make things tremble, or shudder, he chose the name Shudderbug as a play on words.

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