Real Name: Terrance Updike

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human

Occupation: agent of the National Security Council

Affiliations: National Security Council;
Chauncy, Creeping Crud, Justice Kleenex, Playback, Shudderbug (agents);
    loose affiliation with the Medusa Web;
Angie Tensen (associate)

Enemies: Colonel MacIntyre Browning, Forsaken, Impact, Quill, Rodstvow

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: formerly the Nationals Security Council headquarters, Washington, DC;
Earth-New Universe

First Appearance: Justice#18 (April, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: No superhuman powers. Updike is intelligent and skilled in espionage and manipulation of others.

(Justice#18) - Updike met Justice when he came to investigate the newly formed Pitt. He called off the military and allowed Justice to approach the massive crater.

(Justice#19) - Updike learned that Tensen had killed Savior, and thought he'd make a valuable addition to the NSC.

(Justice#20) - At the Pitt-Aid concert, Updike approached Miriam Morse, Playback. He convinced her to join the NSC by telling her that she was at risk from others, and that his offer came free of threats and without strings attached. After she accepted, he had the tail on her called off.

(Justice#21) - Updike confronted Hanley and Captain Chafin, insisting that Justice be turned over to the NSC. After Justice broke out, he then met with Angela Tensen and convinced her that her help was needed to calm her father down.

(Justice#22) - Updike opposed Col. Browning's efforts to gain approval to bring his Army Special Forces in to take out Justice, claiming that direct combat will turn the city into a crater. Browning agreed to twelve hours before moving in. Under Updike's direction, Playback led his forces to Tensen. Browning's forces attacked Tensen prematurely, but Angie managed to bring him back to reality. Updike then shot Browning with a tranquilizer dart, and walked away as Browning threatened to get him back.

(Justice#23) - Updike oversaw Tensen's indoctrination into the NSC and introduced him to Creeping Crud. When Tensen considered putting Crud out of his misery, Updike chastised him and made it absolutely clear that he was in charge and Tensen was to follow his orders. Then Tensen threw him up against the wall and made him clear who was really in charge.
    Later, Updike informed Tensen of the existence of the Justice Brigade and kindly requested that he put a stop to their activities.

(Justice#24 - BTS) - Updike sent Tensen to Duncanville, Texas, to investigate a potential paranormal, Dennis Foley.

(Justice#25) - Updike questioned Tensen when he told him that Foley turned out to not be a paranormal, but Tensen promptly halted the conversation and moved on. Updike then told him about Rodstvow and tried to pressure him to go after the Russian paranormal, but Justice stared him down and walked out.
    Updike was also present when Quill shot and killed Creeping Crud while aiming for Justice.

(Justice#26) - Updike attended the funeral of Creeping Crud and later helped in the search for Quill.

(Justice#27) - Updike sat with Justice while they waited to hear from Quill, and received the call telling Tensen where to meet Quill.

(Justice#28) - Updike led Justice to the hospitalized Angie. Justice later used his powers to coerce Updike into bringing him into contact with the Medusa Web, so that he could go after Rodstvow.

(Justice#29 - BTS) - With Justice in Russia, Updike sent Chauncy, Playback, and Shudderbug to investigate reports of paranormals around Coney Island.

(Justice#31) - When Justice returned from Russia, Updike informed him that the other agents had disappeared while investigating Coney Island.

(Justice#32) - Updike was in the NSC headquarters when Impact showed up and blew up the building. His fate was uncertain.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Lee Weeks.

Updike has white streaks on the sides of his hair, despite the fact that the image above is without them.

no connection to other "Up" or "Dike" characters

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