Real Name: Mr. Chauncy

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human

Occupation: former personal assistant to Terrence Updike

Group Membership: formerly the National Security Council

Affiliations: Col. MacIntyre Browning, Creeping Crud, Justice , Kleenex, Playback, Shudderbug

Enemies: The Forsaken

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: formerly the Nationals Security Council headquarters, Washington, DC;
Earth-New Universe

First Appearance: Justice#19 (May, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Chauncy was well-organized and a dedicated employee.

(Justice#27 (fb) - BTS) - Chauncy grew up on a farm

(Justice#19) - Chauncy reported to Updike that Justice had been spotted in Philadelphia, PA. Updike instructed him to keep an eye on Justice. Chauncy later reported Justice's probable involvement in the death of the Savior.

(Justice#23) - Chauncy informed Justice and Updike of the Justice Brigade's assaults.

(Justice#24) - Chauncy introduced himself to Colonel MacIntyre Browning, informing him that Updike was out of town. Browning punched out Chauncy, telling him to pass the message on to Updike, in return for shooting him with a tranquilizer gun in a previous encounter.

(Justice#25) - Updike instructed Chauncy to explain to Creeping Crud why he could not leave the NSC building. Despite his efforts, Creeping Crud left anyway.

(Justice#26) - Chauncy attended the funeral of Creeping Crud. Later that day, Justice caught Chauncy and Playback getting busy.

(Justice#27) - Chauncy, Updike, and Justice discussed Quill's abduction of Angie Tensen.

(Justice#28 (fb)) - Chauncy and Updike awaited Justice's call on the fate of Angie. They later visited her as she lay in a hospital, in shock over recent events.

(Justice#29) - With Justice out of the country, Chauncy accompanied Shudderbug and Playback in the investigation of paranormal sightings in Coney Island.

(Justice#30) - Playback was abducted by Figurine while Chauncy and Shudderbug had their backs turned.

(Justice#31) - Chauncy called Updike with an update, and he missed when Horny Toad captured Shudderbug. Chauncy was then captured by Seraph, and he was present when Shudderbug tried to cheer up he and Playback with a joke. Seraph later brought the trio before Judge Mental.

(Justice#32) - Chauncy witnessed as Captain Brooklyn was killed by Seraph in the process of trying to rescuing he and his friends. Judge Mental later informed him of the destruction of the NSC building. Justice arrived and saved them, after which Chauncy told Justice that he owed him one. Justice immediately called in the debt by telling Chauncy to conceal the information that he would be relocating to Coney Island.




Comments: Created by Peter David, Lee Weeks, and Mike Gustovich.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Justice#19, p25, panel 2
Justice#32, p11, panel 3

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