Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (New Universe) Human paranormal

Occupation: Cult leader

Affiliations: former leader of the Millenias

Enemies: Justice (Tensen), Bernie Switz

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Chosen of God

Base of Operations: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Universe

First Appearance: Justice (New Universe) #19 (May, 1988)

Powers: The Savior had superhuman strength (enhanced human) and durability. He is approximately seven feet tall.

History: The man known as the Savior received his powers from the White Event, which occurred July 22, 1986. His powers surfaced sometime after this.

(Justice#19 (fb) - BTS) - Using his imposing size, claims of god-given strength, and fear--over the approaching millennium, the sudden emergence of the paranormals, and other events, he soon developed a cult following. He served as the protector, or savior, or his cult, which took the name, the Millennias. With the occurrence of the Pitt, December 19, 1988, fear and paranoia reached a new high, and his cult swelled in size. He told his followers that the time of judgment was upon them, and that Pittsburgh had been judged as unworthy and had been destroyed by god. He told his followers to surrender their worldly possessions to him, and then encouraged them to convert others, by taking their worldly possessions. If the people could not be converted, then they were making the city impure, and must be killed.

(Justice#19) - Bernie Switz, a reporter, infiltrated the Millennias, spent a few weeks with them, and then planned to write an expose'. However, Savior saw through Switz and led the Millennias to kill Switz and burn his cabin to the ground.

Later, some of the Millennia tried to convert Angie Tensen, but were...dissuaded by her father, John Tensen. Justice then forced one of the members to reveal the Savior's location, and confronted him. Savior had heard of the Justice killings and new that Justice's code would not allow him to use his powers to slay him, since he had not actually used his powers to form the Cult--people flocked to him of their own free will. However, Justice's advanced combat training allowed him to outfight the much stronger Savior, and he beat the big man to the ground.

As the Millennias looked on, shocked at seeing their Savior defeated, Savior raised his head and told them to kill the false one. They rushed past Justice and attacked the Savior, beating him to death with their bats. The Millennias then turned and kneeled before Justice, seeing him as the true chosen of God. Unbelieving, Justice scared them into fleeing. He then raided the Savior's safe and used the money to set up a trust fund to pay his daughter's tuition for the next several years.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Lee Weeks.

The Millennias went on to become the Justice Brigade, and will receive an entry under that name, in a month or two.

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