MEMBERSHIP: Doug, Eisenstein, Galt

PURPOSE: To emulate Justice (or to attack out their aggressions, justifying them as doing so under the will of Justice);
    formerly to serve the will of Savior

AFFILIATIONS: worshipped Justice
    formerly led by

    formerly Justice

ALIASES: Millennias;
    also considered Justice League, Justice Society, Justice INC, Justice Machine, Captain Justices, Hooded Justices

BASE of OPERATIONS: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Universe

    (Millennias) Justice#19 (New Universe) (May, 1988)
    (Justice Brigade) Justice#21 (July, 1988)

(Justice#19 (fb) - BTS) - The Millennias were a cult following the paranormal Savior, who were fearful of the approaching millennium, as well as the recent emergence of paranormals and other events. With the occurrence of the Pitt, December 19, 1988, fear and paranoia reached a new high, and the cult swelled in size. Savior told his followers that the time of judgment was upon them, and that Pittsburgh had been judged as unworthy and had been destroyed by god. He told his followers to surrender their worldly possessions to him, and then encouraged them to convert others, by taking their worldly possessions. If the people could not be converted, then they were making the city impure, and must be killed.

(Justice#19) - Bernie Switz, a reporter, infiltrated the Millennias, spent a few weeks with them, and then planned to write an expose'. However, Savior saw through Switz and led the Millennias to kill Switz and burn his cabin to the ground.

    Later, some of the Millennia tried to convert Angie Tensen, but were...dissuaded by her father, John Tensen. Justice then forced one of the members to reveal the Savior's location, and confronted him. Savior had heard of the Justice killings and new that Justice's code would not allow him to use his powers to slay him, since he had not actually used his powers to form the Cult--people flocked to him of their own free will. However, Justice's advanced combat training allowed him to outfight the much stronger Savior, and he beat the big man to the ground.

    As the Millennias looked on, shocked at seeing their Savior defeated, Savior raised his head and told them to kill the false one. They rushed past Justice and attacked the Savior, beating him to death with their bats. The Millennias then turned and kneeled before Justice, seeing him as the true chosen of God. Unbelieving, Justice scared them into fleeing. He then raided the Savior's safe and used the money to set up a trust fund to pay his daughter's tuition for the next several years.

(Justice#21) - After Justice was captured by the police, Galt gathered many of the group to reorganize in order to force his release. It took them several tries, but they finally came up with a new name: The Justice Brigade. Two members used a pair of flame-throwers on a pimp, Lenny, in front of a television camera, after which they announced their demands: "Today it's the pimps. But if our leader, Justice, is not released within 24 hours, we start frying everyone."

(Justice#22) - After Justice broke himself out of prison, the Brigade continued their work, searching for Justice as well.

(Justice#23) - The Justice Brigade took hostage the family of Philadelphia policeman Captain Chafin, who had formerly held Justice. They demanded to know Justice location--which was now Washington, DC, as he'd relocated there with the National Security Council. Another member, Eisenstein, torched a Palestinian ambassador along Embassy Row. Eisenstein and his partner then set fire to a man stealing a television. They were observed by the police, and when the cops caught up with one of the Brigade members, he set himself on fire, rather than harm a police officer or allow his own capture.

    Reports of the Justice Brigade made headlines, and Justice correctly reasoned that one of them would be waiting to meet him outside of the Supreme Court (though they also had people at the Justice Department, and a few other places).  The Brigadier led Justice back to their temporary base, where they revealed themselves to be the former Millennias and expressed their desire to serve him. Appalled at the group--especially since Galt had included his own son, Doug--still too young to give up his Teddy Bear, into the group. Justice ordered them to disband. When Galt argued, Justice became furious: "Consider this a warning. I have judged you and found you wanting. I want a complete cessation of your activities forever. The Justice Brigade must cease to exist. Is that understood?"

    Misinterpreting Justice's intentions, they took it as instruction to commit mass suicide. Three members chose to walk out, but the rest piled up their flame throwers and then blew themselves up.





COMMENTS: Created by Peter David and Lee Weeks.

    Justice, after recovering from Darquill's mental manipulations, came to believe himself to be--like the Blues Brothers--on a mission from God. He was relentless and single-minded, carrying out a series of murders, the Justice Killings, on paranormals who abused their powers. When his actions caused the deaths of the Brigade, including young Doug, Justice finally began to come back to his senses. Though harsh, he once again became open to reason.

Unlike the Justice Brigade, the Millennias were uncostumed. As no members were identified by name, I say no point in picturing them.

Any of those alternative names sound familiar? They should!

Published by: DC Comics
First Appeared: The Brave & the Bold#28 (Feb-Mar 1960)
Creator: Julius Schwartz

Published by: DC Comics
First Appeared: All Star Comics#1 (Summer 1940)
Creator: Unknown (possibly editor Sheldon Mayer)

Published by: Street & Smith
First Appeared: The Avenger#1 (September 1939)
Creator: Paul Ernst (as Kenneth Robeson)

Published by: Noble Comics
First Appeared: The Justice Machine#1 (June 1981)
Creator: Mike Gustovich

First Appeared: "Once a Hero" - ABC Television (1987)
Writer: Ira Steven Behr
They were
the team of operatives working with the pulp-hero
Avenger, sort of like the Famous Five were to Doc Savage.


Published by: DC Comics
First Appeared: Watchmen#2 (October 1986)
Creator: Alan Moore

Thanks to Joe Littrell (and Ron Byrd) for putting this list together!

Updike: "How do you propose to find them?"
Justice: "It shouldn't be difficult. They think like me, after all...and I've been thinking like me for quite some time."

Millennias: Justice#19
Justice Brigade: Justice#22, p14,p1;#23,p16,pan4

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