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This is no more a group than Scourge's victims are a group. It just seemed more appropriate than full entries for these guys. Shortly after escaping from the false reality and emotions created by Daedalus Darquill, John Tensen, aka Justice, remained in a bit of a haze. Lacking his full memories, he sought a purpose in life, and found it in punishing paranormals who abused their powers.
The Justice Killings, so called because he drew a set of scales into the ashes of the victims, took place across the country over three weeks. They drew the attention of Miriam Morse, another paranormal, code-named Playback. Miriam saw Justice's face and described it for a police sketch, which was then published in national news. Through this sketch, the "Justice Killer" was identified by his daughter, Angie Tensen, and his former employer in the Justice Department, Terrence Updike.

The Savior (and the rest of those who fought Justice) will receive his own profile.

No known connections to anyone not native to the New Universe. Specifically,

Greg Gardner has no known connection to:

Eric Quinn has no known connection to:

Malcolm Stokes has no known connection to:


Greg Gardner


Greg, who lived in California, was a pyrokinetic, able to generate flame at will. He used his powers as an arsonist for hire, until Justice tracked him down and blew him away.


He was Justice's first victim. One of his hands was outside of Justice's "sword" blast was the only part of him not turned to ashes. Justice decided to let the hand remain, so the victim could be identified, so that other paranormals could see what would happen if they, too, abused their powers.

--Justice#16 (16 (fb)


Malcolm Stokes


Malcolm was a former patient under the psychiatric care of Dr. Guntly, in Garden City, Kansas. He suffered from a personal identity crisis, which fit in nicely with his metamorphic ability, which when it developed allowed him to duplicate the forms of others. By taking on the appearance of others, Malcolm was able to commit robberies and then change appearance to avoid capture. He bragged about what he was doing to Guntly, knowing that what he said would be protected under doctor-patient confidentiality. He then walked away laughing, but was incinerated seconds later by Justice.


He was Justice's second victim. He was the first one in which Justice deliberately preserved both of the victims' hands and the entire head. He may have been the first one in which he drew a set of scales/balances.


--Justice#16 (16 (fb)


Lonnie Poole


Lonnie, who lived in Chicago, Illinois, could mentally manipulate women, and he used his power to love 'em and leave 'em by the score. Not only that, but he also knowingly passed on a sexually transmitted disease (presumably HIV) to his partners, uncaring of the fatal consequences for them.


He was Justice's third such victim, and was 28 years old at the time of his death.
When Playback used her powers to view his death, she was somehow detected by Justice.

--Justice#16 (16 (fb), 16

Eric Quinn

Eric was a lawyer in Chicago. He developed the ability to transfer his mind into the body of others, and could thus control them. After his girlfriend, Kelly Brewster, broke up with him, he transferred his mind into that man's body and forced him to commit suicide. Justice came to kill Eric, and did so, incinerating his body, except his head and hands. However, Eric transferred his mind into Justice at the last second. On a few occasions, his mind took over dominance of Justice's form. Justice knew that Quinn's mind would eventually fade without its body, but indulged him by sharing his origins, and then allowed Eric a chance to explain himself to Kelly. Kelly, however, after accepting it really was him speaking through Justice, cursed and screamed at him, which was his last memory of her before his mind faded completely.

He was Justice's fourth known victim in this fashion.


--Justice#17 (17(fb), 17

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