Real Name: Hugo

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-New Universe) mutate/paranormal

Occupation: former agent of the National Security Council;
    formerly employed in a bookstore

Affiliations: agent of the National Security Council;
Chauncy, Justice, Angie Tensen, and Terrance Updike


Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: National Security Council headquarters, Washington, D.C.

First Appearance: Justice#23 (September, 1988)





Powers/Abilities: Hugo was thoroughly infected with a flesh-eating disease that caused his body to constantly rot and decompose, though it also constantly replenished itself so that he survived this process. Anyone who touched him would contract this flesh-eating disease and would die in seconds. Plants and any other organic materials were similarly affected.
    Crud gave off a nauseating odor, and he could easily detach his own body parts, though they would soon grow back. Apparently his brain was the only part of him with any true vulnerability.




    Hugo is a paranormal whose powers surfaced at some point after the destruction of Pittsburgh, aka the Black Event (12/22/1987).

    At some point he was recruited by the National Security Council to be used as a potential weapon, and they promised to take care of him and find some way for him to be useful. In reality he was just contained within a room and isolated from contact with others.

(Justice#23) - In early 1988, Terrance Updike, the head of the NSC, introduced Justice to Creeping Crud, telling Justice that he had someone who would not be afraid of him. Justice decided that Crud was suffering and offered to end his torment, by Updike stopped him.

(Justice#25) - Hugo futilely expressed his wishes to see the outside world, explaining that he couldn't handle living alone anymore. When Chauncy tried to tell him why he had to stay, Hugo detached his own rotten arm, and used it to kill a fly. Nauseated, Chauncy darted out of the room and Hugo took the opportunity to escape. While others tried to force him to stay, but Justice heard his impassioned plea, and offered to accompany Hugo outside and make sure he stayed out of trouble.
    Just as Hugo left the building, the sniper known as Quill fired on Justice. Hugo took the bullet to his head, which exploded from the impact. Hugo's body blocked the doorway, allowing Quill to keep firing at the others within the building. Suddenly, Hugo's body got up and crawled out of the way, allowing the others to close the door.
    It was later revealed that Angie Tensen's reanimation abilities were surfacing, and it was she who had directed Hugo to move after his death.

(Justice#26) - Several members of the NSC were present at Hugo's funeral.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Lee Weeks.

No known connection to:


Justice#23 (September, 1988) - Peter David (writer), Lee Weeks (pencils), Mike Gustovich (inks), Howard Mackie (editor)
Justice#25-26 (November-December, 1988) - Peter David (writer), Lee Weeks (pencils), Mike Gustovich (inks), Howard Mackie (editor)

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